The Most Thorough, Comprehensive, And Insightful Information On Women

Over the past fifty years women have become more and more insane, irrational, and irresponsible, to the point that our society does not function anymore.  This is the truth, this is reality, whether you want to accept it or not.

In the United States, 40%-50% of first marriages end in divorce.  The divorce rate for subsequent marriages is even higher.  Besides women becoming more and more dissatisfied in marriage, they expect their future ex-husband to continue to pay for everything for them, just as if they were still married, even if this will leave him unable to pay for himself to live.

Family and marriage used to be the most important building block in a civilized, safe, law-abiding society.  Now, marriage is just a legal tool for women to try to confiscate money and wealth from men.

Outside of marriage, women still try to confiscate the money and wealth of men by becoming pregnant, or making claims of rape and sexual assault, even after more than twenty years have passed.

If you don’t believe that society is not functioning anymore, not only are most men beginning to realize that marriage, children, and relationships with women are not worth the cost, things like imitation-women sex-dolls are becoming more widespread and normalized:   This would be funny, until you stop and realize that more and more men would rather have sex with a synthetic doll than have anything to do with women.

In the last several years there have become more and more men that are discussing and writing about their decision to attempt to no longer deal with women under any circumstances, to the greatest extent possible.  This is the MGTOW movement, Men Going Their Own Way.

A reader might say that there have always been men who expressed their decision to not be involved with women anymore, such as philosophers, monks, or French Legionnaires.  The difference is, with MGTOW these men are not disengaging from normal life, they just believe that having any involvement with women will likely ruin their life.

For me, some of the MGTOW writers which make the most sense are “Hammer Hand”, “RPM”, “Coach Greg Adams”, “Better Bachelor”, and Tom Leykis.  Though these writers, YouTubers, and broadcasters make a great deal of sense to me with their ideas, observations, and arguments, each of them has a certain amount of anger which gets them sidetracked and distracted.

Recently, I began watching a YouTube channel called huMAN from Australia, that is to me like a synthesis of all MGTOW knowledge, observations, and arguments.  This channel was created by a man in his late forties four years ago, and it has about 250 videos.

This YouTube channel creator is a good speaker, he is calm, he remains focused, and he maintains a steady brisk pace.  Women can not say that he is a loser, because he is handsome, physically fit, very intelligent, well-spoken, and probably professionally, socially, and financially successful.

As an introduction to huMAN, I will share a video where he explains that women don’t want to be understood, they just want to be heard, be the center of attention, and waste your time:

Because huMAN stays on track so well, he often gets so far down a mental path that I don’t really want to go any further, I have heard enough, I can’t take any more.  I am not saying that his videos are too long or that he belabors a point, it’s that his analysis is often so thorough that I don’t need or want that much information.

I was glad to know, that his conclusions are ultimately the same as mine, Hammer Hand’s, RPM’s, Coach Greg Adams’, Better Bachelor’s, Tom Leykis’, and all the other MGTOW practitioners :

The way that things are now will ultimately come to an end, and women won’t like it.  When men walk away, the strong independent women will think that they will be O.K., but soon they will find out.

Men will stop paying child support, alimony, and taxes.  The military, law enforcement, corrections officers are mostly men.  They will not do their job, they will not arrest men, they will not incarcerate men, they will not respond to women’s 911 calls.  They will not help women, they will not listen to women, they will ignore women.

Collectively, men are sick of women’s shit.  When all men feel this same way at about the same time, it’s over for women.  Men may or may not go to work, but they are not going to listen to or respond to women, as they are all fed up with women’s schemes of child support, alimony, sexual harassment claims, false accusations, affirmative action, lies, deceit, trickery, and treachery.

When the electric power goes out, the gas utilities go out, the water quits running, the sewer backs up, there are no lights, no heat, no running water, backed up sewer, no food deliveries to the grocery store, no fuel deliveries to the gas station, no one responding to 911 calls,  when women plead for help, men will say, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle, go fix the shit yourself you stupid cunt.”

9 thoughts on “The Most Thorough, Comprehensive, And Insightful Information On Women

  1. As a woman, who supports, agrees with, and looks forward to your writing….

    Where do us at strong, independent woman stand?
    I must also ask, why not highlight the men who are equivalent in nature to the women you describe?

    In my experience… I have encountered men, just as stupid as the women you describe. Men who are full of self pride and false admiration. Men who are threatened by anyone smarter or more experienced then themselves. Men who are literally threatened by an educated and experienced women’s presence.

    These men deserve a blog post.

    For every deceitful woman, there is a man stupid enough to fall for for it. So, that being said, why not practice ownership and responsibility?

    Is a man mad because he knocked a woman up and and now owes child support? Or is he really just mad that he nutted in the wrong bar fly?


    1. dryercat,

      I knew when I wrote this particular blog post that it would offend and anger women readers. I knew that there were some women readers who up until now might have agreed with what I wrote, but this would be the last straw, and the limit at which they would now discontinue reading my blog posts. I weighed it out in my mind, “Do I want to alienate everyone?”, and I went ahead and wrote it because I felt that I had to. In addition to possibly alienating everyone, and angering everyone, I am now experiencing a great deal of real-world retaliation that is growing, so I had to decide “Is this what I want to continue doing?”, and the answer is yes.

      The reason why I felt that I had to write this particular blog post article, is because women have gone way too far, to the point of insanity, total irresponsibility, and absurdity in their actions and behavior, that is in fact destroying the World. I’m not going to repeat everything, but the basic building block of civilization is a family unit, with a mother, father, and children that they raise at home. Women have become so crazy, so out-of-their-mind, so stupid, so irresponsible, so illogical, so treacherous, that there is no way that a man should become involved with them because it would be completely detrimental to him.

      In short, women now expect for someone else to pay for them, whether it be their father, boyfriend, husband, some passerby, or working men through taxation and government programs, marriage, alimony, child support, sexual harassment civil lawsuit, rape lawsuit, theft, blackmail, fraud, deceit, or treachery.

      What I wrote should serve as a warning about what is going to happen, and a notification that men are at their limit of tolerance for this type of behavior by women. What is going to happen, is women are going to lose all of their rights, the ability to vote, to hold political office, to own property, to travel freely, to hold most types of employment, to receive higher education, because letting women have freedom, women have just caused chaos, havoc, and destruction. Chaos, Havoc, and Destruction is what women have caused when allowed rights and freedom.

      To answer your question about why I don’t find fault with men, I do, I wrote a couple of blog posts recently about “The Mistake That Lower Class And Middle Class Women Make In Mating” and “The Mistake That Women Make In Assessing Their Boyfriend’s Earning Potential”, which were about the foolishness/stupidity of men that women fail to recognize. I have written about the foolishness/stupidity of men using 1-2 weeks of their pay to buy oversize truck tires, 1-2 weeks of their pay for a truck lift kit, removing or belling their vehicle exhaust so that it is loud, buying a 1-ton diesel truck when they don’t own anything to tow and live in an apartment, the thousands of dollars that men spend on hunting gear to hunt deer and pheasants when most people have a hard time not running into a deer or pheasant on the road without trying or looking for one. Living in the most vacant and least populated area of North Dakota and the U.S., and the foolishness/stupidity of local men buying a new $60K-$80K travel trailer to “get away from it all”, when they already live on a farm out in the middle of nowhere, they couldn’t get somewhere with less people if they tried, any campground would be more populated than where they are currently living.


  2. What you are writing about is true, and it is part of a large project to destroy the family unit ( look at the Harry Potter movie franchise!), sabotage heterosexual relationships and separate the the sexes by relentlessly pushing the “men are pigs” and “LGBTxxx” propaganda.

    And the majority of women have fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

    Why? Quite simple–heterosexual and family relationships are autonomous biological units that are been capable of survival and even happiness without interference from government and big corporations.

    But that is not what your megarich owners want, because happy people spend much less money and are much more independent than unhappy people.

    They want you unhappy, psychologically screwed up and dependent on them, so that you spend big money on their products and services, mainly psychoanalysts, other medical treatments and pharmaceutical products (antidepressants) but extending to stuff like clothes and cosmetics.

    And they want you to die early as well.

    None of this is new or or original from me, this guy has been writing about it for years. Couple of examples:

    Click to access clarke.pdf

    Click to access potter.pdf

    The whole collection of papers here


    1. Abba E,

      As far as “New World Order”, “One World Government” long term plans to destroy the traditional family unit by many different methods, in order to make people dependent on government and easier to control, under a totalitarian form of government like Socialism, the writer and radio broadcaster William Cooper spoke about this five nights a week from 1993-2001 on his radio program “Hour Of The Time”.

      However, it seems like from the beginning of history, men sought to build structures, villages, towns, castles, defenses, roads, ports, ships, cathedrals in order to try to improve and advance, and to do things like exploration, and the creation of philosophy and science. Whereas women seem to always sow dissent, problems, treachery, destruction, and not ever build anything.

      Currently women seem to be greatly enjoying the destruction and chaos they have caused: Eagerly seeking the attention of men from a young age to get men to spend time and money on them; soliciting an expensive engagement ring; coaxing their father to spend all he has on her wedding; causing her husband to spend more than he can afford on housing for her; having children, then divorcing, making up lies about their husband to block his visitation; forcing their husband to pay more for child support than he can afford; Then Repeat; and cackle about the destruction, misery, and chaos they have caused.


      1. Dickinson:

        Points well taken. What Mathis adds to Cooper’s analysis in my view is the identification of the “controllers” as families of a certain ethnicity going back many centuries. You would not find these people in the usual “richest” lists because at least 3 powers of 10 would have to be added to the $ asset scale.

        Some MGTOW authors could actually be a part of the project described above because they cement the division of the sexes rock-hard, rather than attempting a reconciliation. That could explain why even you became fatigued by the material in the huMAN video.

        The only way out is that men and women realize they are being played and attempt to communicate in a civilized fashion. In that respect I am not quite as pessimistic as you are.


    1. Barrza,

      You are correct about migrants from Hispanic, Muslim, and African cultures being able to have children within a traditional family.

      I am picturing in my mind, life in a South American country, either in a rural village with farming, or a city with commerce. The father goes to work, and the mother stays home with the children, doing cooking, cleaning, and laundry. No way would the mother think that it was to her advantage to kick the husband out of the house, she needs him to bring home money, groceries, repair things, protect her and her children.

      Same thing in a Muslim country. The husband goes to work, the mother stays home and takes care of the children, does the cleaning, cooking, and laundry. No way would the mother think that it was to her advantage to kick her husband out of the house.

      The Big Difference is, in South American countries and Muslim countries, the Government does not reward women for kicking their husband out of the house. The Government does not try to take over the role of husband, head of household, provider, protector, teacher.


  3. The division created is unstoppable. Acting against it makes you evil to everyone else. But who is going to take over, when chaos breaks out?

    Who do we let rule us?


    1. In reply to Hugh Mann,

      I am going to respond to your comment, assuming that you are huMAN who lives in Australia. I need to give a brief history of the United States. The Spanish explorers, the conquistadors, made some discoveries, exploration, and established some early settlements in North America in the 1500s. But later, in the 1600s and 1700s, it was mostly Protestant Pilgrims, Huguenots, and others seeking religious freedom who left Europe to settle and establish the 13 original colonies along the east coast of North America.

      Please try to keep reading, I need to establish this background. The Catholic Church had been very successful in controlling the masses of people in Europe. But once the Protestant Reformation came about in the 1520s, where people began believing they could receive salvation through faith alone, the Catholic Church, Catholic priests, the Pope weren’t necessary any longer, the Catholic Church lost its grip. The translation of the Holy Bible into English for the first time in 1611, and Protestantism, not only allowed people to break free from the control of the Catholic Church, but it gave people the idea that they could think for themselves, learn for themselves, discover everything they wanted to know for themselves, and govern themselves.

      The Protestant Pilgrims, the Protestant Huguenots, and others, upon arrival in North America began the process and experiment of self-governance, self-rule. Picture this, by the 1700s, the majority of the people in the North American colonies had come to believe that they could live their lives, order their lives, govern themselves and their communities following the Christian principles in the Holy Bible, but also through their own knowledge and understanding.

      A large group of like-minded men, who believed that they could think for themselves, govern themselves, didn’t want British rule anymore, so they wrote the Declaration Of Independence, initiated the Revolutionary War, gained independence, formed the United States of America, and wrote the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

      The U.S. Constitution was designed to organize government, limit the power of government, define what powers the government would have, define how laws could be drawn up, passed, and enforced. The U.S. Constitution, its Bill Of Rights, and later Amendments to the U.S. Constitution were created to try to ensure fair & just government, avoid corruption and over-reach in government, guarantee individuals certain rights, freedoms, and protections.

      A great many principles in the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights were Bible-based. The people who wrote the U.S. Constitution were Bible-based people, even though historians can find some indications of atheist writings in the personal letters of some of the signers.

      Getting to the point of answering your question, who do we let rule us? For the United States, our creation, our governance, our founding documents, were created by men who were based in the Protestant idea of eternal salvation through faith, the belief that they could learn, understand, and know the truth for themselves, know right versus wrong, good versus evil, more from immoral, …and that these things mattered.

      Now, whether in Britain, the United States, or Australia, some of the principles of tolerance, acceptance, personal freedom, personal rights, over time these principle which were meant to allow personal learning, discovery, awareness, meaning, have instead lead to mere confusion in the masses, not knowing what to believe, or what to believe in, probably because of the absence of a belief in God and religion. With all of the advocacy and hype for tolerance, acceptance, and personal freedom espoused by the media, government, schools, and popular culture, there has been an abandonment in the belief in God, and consequently an abandonment in the belief fundamental right versus wrong, good versus evil.

      I believe that you already know what I am talking about, but I will give some simple examples: A 40 year old husband and father with both experience and good intentions, his instruction is not listened to by either his wife nor his son, because the ideas of personal rights, tolerance, acceptance are currently more popular than right versus wrong. Women become pregnant outside of marriage because the ideas of tolerance, acceptance, personal rights, personal freedoms are currently more important than the belief of right versus wrong. Illegal drug use is prevalent because the ideas of tolerance, acceptance, personal rights, personal freedoms currently outweigh the belief of right versus wrong.

      So to answer your question, who do we let rule us? Men who believe that they CAN KNOW right versus wrong, good versus evil, moral versus immoral, from their own learning and understanding, that it DOES MATTER, whether it means their own eternal salvation, everyone’s eternal salvation, or something equally as important.

      What we have now in the governments of Britain, Canada, Australia, and the U.S., is many people who truly do not believe in anything beyond their personal pay, comfort of themselves and their families.

      A man who truly believed like the original Protestants who wrote the Declaration Of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill Of Rights, it would matter to him whether a single household experienced a marital separation, or whether a single young lady had an out-of-marriage pregnancy, or a single young man died of a drug overdose. Now, elected government officials just look at people as livestock, not caring about individuals, but only if the herd is heading in the direction they want.

      Leadership has to be in the hands of men who believe that they can know right versus wrong, good versus evil, moral versus immoral, through their own understanding and learning, and that these things do matter, that there is a great deal at stake.


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