The Discovery And Exploration Of RoseAnne Okumura

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a YouTube channel called “IRL Rosie”, which stands for “In Real Life Rosie”.  This channel features an attractive young lady named Rosie, who has made half a dozen videos of herself prank calling telephone-scam call centers.

Rosie is not mean or confrontational with the telephone-scam call center operators, she is pleasant and nice sounding, and she is funny.  Before long, the people on the phone who are experienced scammers, they begin to suspect that something is not right, that Rosie might be trying to play a game with them and waste their time.  Sometimes they begin trying to hurry up and conclude the phone call with her, other times they are so bored at their job that they are entertained and interested to see where she is going with this.

Here is one of my favorite examples of Rosie’s prank call videos:

The way that Rosie acts in the video above wanting to play and have fun, I used to know women and girls who acted like this, but not since moving to North Dakota six years ago.  In North Dakota there is a shortage of women, and a scarcity of attractive women.  Because there is nowhere to go and nothing to do in North Dakota, and no women, I spend a great deal of time on the internet.  When I do see an interesting woman or girl on the internet that I like, I look them up, but in a way that most people would call going too far.

When there is a girl that I like or am interested in, I want to learn about her, I want to learn details of her life, I want to know what she is like, I am curious, I want to understand her.  These women that I see on the internet that I like, there is no way for me to meet them face-to-face and ask them one hundred questions about themselves, nor would they answer me on the phone, or on the internet, especially when they think that you are no one important, or anyone that they would be interested in.

It is typical for both men and women to respond to beautiful or talented people with praise, admiration, compliments, deference, being in awe.  In turn, beautiful or talented people often begin to expect to hear nothing but praise, admiration, compliments, flattery, and obsequiousness.  Partly because of her beauty, which she has always had, perhaps because of her talent, and now because of her 182,000 YouTube subscribers, Rosie is difficult to talk to or have a conversation with.  The comments that I post to her YouTube videos are deleted.

For the reasons given above, and because I’m mean, I want to now present my biography of Rosie:

RoseAnne Kearthen Okumura was born in November of 1985 to Susanne Clark Okumura and Miles Dunn Okumura.  Her mother Susanne is of German ancestry, and her father Miles is of Japanese ancestry, though he lives in Hawaii and appears to be Hawaiian.  Her mother Susanne is pleasant looking, but rather plain.  Her father Miles is a handsome fellow, with strong features, a bit of a peacock.

Rosie grew up and attended high school in Evanston, Illinois, where her father attended Northwestern University.  There is some evidence that she was a geek, which probably saved her from early promiscuity and a bad reputation.  She attended Michigan State University in Lansing, but did not graduate.  After college Rosie moved to the Los Angeles area and pursued a career in entertainment and media.

Rosie has an excellent speaking and singing voice.  She is able to imitate many different accents and manners of speaking and singing, which besides enabling her to imitate other people, allows her to work doing radio commercials, video voice-overs, public service announcements, and portrayals of cartoon characters, teens, pre-teens, and children.  She records automated assistance and phone prompts for corporations.  She does some video advertising work too.  Here is an example of her work:

Rosie has done a small amount of television and movie acting.  She appeared in “Rising Dead” 2007, “To The Portal” 2014, and “The Majority” 2015.  Here is a video montage that she made in 2014:

Rosie is the co-lead performer in a band called Moderns.  Her voice and style resembles Bjork and Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries.  Here is one of Rosie’s band’s songs:

In her current personal life, Rosie was engaged to be married to actor Jamie Martz, also from Evanston, Illinois, in September of 2019, but it is not known if this will still happen.  Rosie lives in a fairly nice small apartment in Santa Monica, which costs a shit-ton of money, with her two cats, Juniper and Colby Jack.

In everyday life, Rosie’s attractiveness on a scale from 1 to 10, is about a 7, because she does not wear makeup or spend much time on her hair.  This suits her very well for getting around town without the nuisance of too much attention or harassment.  Though even in this condition, one could still appreciate her youthful and physically fit appearance, easily mistaking her for a teenager or a young woman in her early 20s, when in fact she is 33.

However, when Rosie cleans herself up, especially when she performs classical music, she is very beautiful and elegant with her pale white skin, dark hair, and dark eyes.  When you see this side of Rosie, it makes one wonder why she hasn’t had a more successful acting and singing career, because she is just as good or better than everyone else.

In the Pop Music industry, recording companies currently prefer to create a celebrity and then force everyone to listen to their music, rather than discover and support emerging artists.  In Country Music however, it is easier for a performer to gain a following which becomes obvious and hard to ignore.

Because Rosie has a good reputation, hasn’t ever done anything bad, is good looking and will probably keep her good looks for another ten years, she should probably try writing and recording some country songs.  Hopefully Christopher Fudurich of Moderns can do some banjo and pedal steel guitar arrangements on his synthesizer.

Here is the type of country song that I would like to see Rosie writing and performing:

Whoops, I found a country song that Rosie wrote and performed back in 2008 called “Tennessee”:

Though I can see that Rosie lives in a nice, safe, clean neighborhood in Santa Monica with a few shade trees here and there, overall, it is completely surrounded by concrete and asphalt.  I know that she needs to live in the Los Angeles area because of her work, but I can’t live in a place like that, so I can’t date her.

I will probably send Rosie a card with $20 in it so that she can buy a bottle of wine and write some country songs, or buy some cat food, so don’t rip up my card when you get it.

9 thoughts on “The Discovery And Exploration Of RoseAnne Okumura

  1. You’re a pretty toxic creep, and definitely need professional help. Beside the misogynistic undertones of your opinions on her “clean cut image” and views on her performing whatever lame country music that YOU would like to, the fact that you felt it was completely necessary to bless us with your opinion on what 1-10 attractiveness you find her is made only
    More disturbing by the fact you know where she lives.

    I hope you find peace in life, because it’s obvious yours is not an easy one.

    Also hope you can bring your views on women up to speed with modernity and stop this antiquated obsession with a clean cut image and looks.


    1. Paula,
      It has been a failed experiment, allowing women to have so many rights and so many freedoms, without the ability to use logic and reasoning like men, or without having a natural moral compass like men. The Arabs are correct, women should be required to cover themselves from head to toe, never be allowed to leave home without a male family member as chaperone, and the marriage of women should be arranged by the parents.

      I am working on correcting this, so that women can be brought back into their proper natural role as wives, mothers, and homemakers, and putting an end to their harlotry, perversion, and wickedness.


  2. I would ask for your email address so I could personally get at you and let you know how much a sick weirdo fuck you are, but I’ll just check the Megan’s Law Website for sex offenders, I’m sure you’re probably on there!! WEIRDO!!!


    1. Alec Acosta,

      I compiled the true biographical information about Roseanne, such as the names of her mother and father, where she grew up, where she went to college, details about her career. I included some of my thoughts and opinions, such as her being funny, entertaining, attractive, talented.

      My opinion, I think that you are probably low intelligence, uneducated, and that you probably work at a warehouse or a convenience store. You probably voted for, or believed in Obama, because the only way that you can see yourself getting anything, is if other people are forced to pay for it. You probably live in California, Portland, or Seattle, with thousands of people just like you.

      You can protest, loot, and riot right now with your buddies, get high, play video games, and watch YouTube videos. But pretty soon you’ll be starving, because you are a city ghetto rat, and your city will be in ruins.


  3. If you really want to help her and be a “creep” simultaneously, get me her number and I’ll get her on the Kelly Clarkson show, which I’m doing for Kali Nolan and Andy Dick. I do voiceover work as well, and my father is a producer, my mother a world famous singer/songwriter, and my sister is in charge of the band and is the other singer on Kelly’s show.


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