You Can Now Stay In My Childhood Home, For As Little As $217 Nightly, (30 day minimum stay)

I was looking on the internet for some old historic photographs of the house where I lived in Edgewater, Florida from when I was about one year old through five years old, to include in my previous blog post.  I wished that my family would have never left this property, because it was one of the few houses remaining that started out as a homestead or small citrus farm, that happened to be on the Indian River.

Behind this house there were several very large mulberry trees, and many varieties of orange and grapefruit trees that had been planted both ornamentally, and in grove rows.  The riverfront houses on either side of this house were on very large, deep lots, but this house was still on a couple of acres of land, even after some of its original land had been sold off.

Once my father sold this house, it was torn down, and not long after, this property was divided into two or three smaller lots.  Even back then in the 1970s, it would have been difficult to find any house on the Indian River from Jacksonville to Miami that had more than one acre of land.

I looked and looked on the internet for anything that resembled this house and this property in Volusia County, Florida, when to my surprise I found this advertisement, with forty-six photographs, of the house where we moved when I was six years old, where my family lived until I was seventeen years old.  This is the house that I grew up in:

I have gotten used to the contrast of growing up and living in this house shown in the photographs, on the river in a small quiet town in Florida, to living in the barren, desolate, bitterly cold Dickinson, North Dakota with unfriendly people and nasty, mean, unattractive, overweight women.  It’s just like being in prison, like the gulag archipelago.

My sister and her husband still live on the Indian River, only further south, in a much larger house, with an elevator.  My father moved to the Blue Ridge Mountain area of North Carolina about ten years ago.

The house shown in the photographs is much different than the way it was when my family lived there.  It has been through at least two very major renovations, which probably cost maybe $350,000 to $600,000 in total, especially if you include the dock that was built, swimming pool addition, making the two-story garage into an apartment, and making the third-story attic into a guest bedroom with its own bathroom.

I was about to write that this is probably a $1 million home now, but then I thought, why not go look at Zillow, Trulia, or to see.  Sure enough, this home is currently for sale for $1,185,000.

On the Zillow website, it shows that this home was listed for sale at $1,375,000 in January of 2018, this must have been right after the most recent renovations were completed.  Because in March of 2015, this home was purchased for $500,000.

But wait, here’s the latest video:

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