Dixie Cryptid YouTube Channel

About a week ago I began watching YouTube videos from a YouTube channel called “Dixie Cryptid”.  The narrator and producer of the videos, Cameron, is from Mississippi.  Cameron reads Bigfoot and Dogman stories that were given to him by friends, acquaintances, and viewers.

I enjoy hearing stories about Bigfoot and Dogman, and the stories that Cameron tells are interesting, entertaining, colorful, funny, and sometimes amazing or terrifying.  I am going to include three videos below from Dixie Cryptid, which range from an example of friendly Bigfoot behavior, to slightly frightening Bigfoot behavior, to very frightening Bigfoot behavior.




6 thoughts on “Dixie Cryptid YouTube Channel

  1. I’m hoping this message is being forwarded to Cameron @ Dixie Cryptid. Hi Cameron, it’s Mike in Pascagoula. I’ve become a big fan of yours, regardless of how much truth is in any of your story telling. What you’re doing has become a lost art and I wish there were others like you who knew how to tell a story and make it a masterpiece. When I heard you were from Mississippi, I thought I might ask where you’re from in Mississippi. The reason being, I was born and raised in Alabama, right on the Gulf Coast but I spent most of my time in Mississippi as the state line was just a mile away. Like I said, I grew up in Alabama but my folks sent me to Mississippi to play football in high school and then on to Scooba where I played at East Mississippi. You may have heard that once you get to Scooba, which was back in the woods to me, one of the first things you were told about was “the Scooba hairy man.” On two different occasions, late in the evenings during football practice, myself and a few teammates saw the Scooba hairy man with our on eyes. He must’ve been 9 feet tall and you have to keep in mind, I was playing with guys 6’3 to 6’6 and what we saw watching us during practice was at least two feet taller than any player on our team. Most people just called me “The Scooba Greek” while I was in college there and I’d love to hear you put together a story about the Scooba hairy man and how he stalked us at practice. In all honesty, that really did happen and many of the players at practice would stay on the practice field, which was by the woods, rather than take a break on what we would’ve called the sidelines because many were afraid you’d get snatched by the hairy man! Keep up your stories Cameron. We love em!


  2. Dear Dixie,

    I love your videos and your narration of cryptid stories are absolutely powerful and enjoyable. But, I can honestly say one of your hallmarks of what catches your listeners’ fancy is your opening music. It is great. Dixie, could you put together an hour or preferably two a compendium en toto of the music you play. It is that good. I am quite sure that your listeners would be ecstatic to have a soundtrack.

    Huge fan,


    P.S. Dixie, just remember to credit in your music video those artists that you choose. This will protect you from liability.


    1. Clay,
      I just shared the Dixie Cryptid YouTube videos on my website, because I thought that my readers would like to see them. The guy who makes these Dixie Cryptid YouTube videos, his name is “Cam”, and he lives in Mississippi. If you go to his YouTube channel and look right underneath each video, there you should see his e-mail address, you might have to click on the “Show More” button, this also may show who the music artist is for each video. I sometimes forward reader comments to him that were left on my website, but he is so busy receiving e-mails, that it might be better if you e-mail him directly.


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