Brief Delay In Obama Transforming The United States

During the second term of President Barack Obama, I thought that it was possible that there would be a civil war or widespread rioting within the United States.  The causes could have been an economic collapse, where a large percentage of the population could not afford to pay for housing, food, and necessities.

I was not alone in recognizing the potential for a civil war or rioting within the United States at that particular time.  There are studies and research results that are publicized every few months, that show up to 50% of Americans live pay check to pay check, meaning they have absolutely no savings or very little savings in the bank to use in case of an emergency.

Many people in the United States get by when they lose their job or have an unexpected emergency, by staying with friends or family members, or by receiving some kind of help or assistance from friends or family members.  But what would happen if 20% of the pay check to pay check people suddenly and unexpectedly lost their employment at the same time?

The answer is, they would go to WalMart or another grocery store, fill up a shopping cart with food and necessities, and then head for the exit.  If a 150 lb retail worker who gets paid $12 per hour tried to stop them, the retail worker would be informed that they were going to get beat to death if they tried to stop them.  Yes, there would be some shoving, and arguing, and during this ruckus, about four or five other families would be headed out of the exits without paying, because they had no money.

If you stop and think about it, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, even if you are not a criminal, but you have absolutely no money left, you live in a city, and you, your wife, and your children are very hungry, you would probably try to get what you needed from the grocery store, somehow.  This might involve breaking the store windows at night when the store is closed, and quickly trying to gather and run away with as much as you could carry in a duffel bag.  Or it might involve breaking into or hijacking a food delivery truck.

In every city, there would be hundreds or thousands of residents thinking the same thing.  Leaving a grocery store without paying, smashing the store windows at night and taking as much as they could carry, or hijacking food delivery trucks.  Soon, the stores’ shelves would be empty, both from being looted at night, and from food delivery trucks no longer arriving.  There would be no point re-stocking store shelves, or having delivery trucks sent, if everything was just going to get stolen.

As a brief aside, this is what the “Preppers” were predicting would or could happen.  So for one thing, the Preppers sought to have enough food, water, medicine, and other necessities to sustain their families during a period of time in which they would be unable to obtain these things from grocery stores.  Secondly, Preppers could foresee that people from the cities would flee the cities, and end up in the suburbs, trying to take whatever they could find or steal in order to survive.  So Preppers realized that they needed to arm themselves also, in order to be able to keep their own supplies that they had purchased ahead of time for their family.

The U.S. Government’s reaction or solution to widespread looting or rioting in the cities, would be to declare Martial Law or a National Emergency.  When Martial Law is declared to be in effect, normal Civil Rights, and Constitutional Rights, are suspended, such as Due Process of Law, Right To An Attorney, Right To Travel Freely, or protection from Unlawful Search And Seizure.

During Martial Law, you could expect to have to stop at check points, have your person or vehicle searched, and be forced remain inside during curfew hours.

During a National Emergency, if you look up and read the laws and Executive Orders that have been signed, a number of new rules take effect such as:  All means of transportation whether public or private, such as vehicles, boats, planes, and trains, can be seized and controlled by the government;  All food production and food stores whether public or private, such as farms, ranches, livestock, crops, fisheries, and other can be seized and controlled by the government;  All energy sources and energy stores whether public or private, such as mines, coal, oil wells, natural gas, refineries, or fuel tanks can be seized and controlled by the government.

For the Preppers who have read the laws and Executive Orders that come into effect once a National Emergency has been declared, this is very troubling to them, because all of the food, water, fuel, and equipment that they have collected for their family, can be seized by the government, and redistributed to other people.

If you choose to continue to look into the laws that have been passed and the Executive Orders that have been signed regarding the declaration of a National Emergency, the U.S. can request United Nations forces to take control of certain areas.

So, for the Preppers, Militia, Red Necks, Hillbillies, Oath Keepers, Promise Keepers, Evangelical Christians, and Anti-Big Government people, they have long had the suspicion and nightmare that one day things would get so out of hand in the cities, with rioting and looting, that this would initiate the declaration of Martial Law, a National Emergency, which would result in the arrival of United Nations troops ordering them out of their own homes, farms, and ranches in order to seize and redistribute their property.

There are more laws that cover the evacuation, relocation, and assignment of civilians to work details as seen fit by whoever is enforcing Martial Law in your area, whether U.S. or U.N. forces.

As far as the intellectual and ruling elite are concerned, whether it is Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, or George Bush, it is inevitable that there will be a necessity for a One World Government, where all of the resources on Earth can be accounted for, managed, controlled, and distributed more effectively.

The intellectual and ruling elite have already considered such questions as:  Is it beneficial for one individual to own and control 2,000 to 50,000 acres of land in Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, or North Dakota, the wildlife, the timber, water, oil, minerals, solar and wind energy potential?  Does an individual have the right to own natural resources such as wildlife, timber, water, oil, minerals, solar and wind energy potential?  Don’t these natural resources belong to everyone?  Shouldn’t they be more equitably and responsibly managed by the government?

The intellectual and ruling elite have also considered what is wrong with you people.  Why are you so greedy, why are you so combative, why are you so ignorant, why are you so resistant to change, why are you so resistant to progress?  Is it because of the strange family values that you were brought up with?  Is it because of the religion that you were brought up in?

Once you understand that men can be women, women can be men, men can have sex with men, women can have sex with women, men asking women for sex is illegal, white people are bad, black people are good, black people have been disadvantaged, Hispanic people have been disadvantaged, Asian people have been overadvantaged, women are victims, women are weaker, women are superior, the government will provide for you, do not resist the government, then the world will be a much better place because you will all be so much more manageable.

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