James Bond Movie With Jason And Stephi Lee

For the past month I have been watching YouTube videos created by two young hippies named Jason a.k.a. VeeTwoEye, and Stephi Lee.

I like Jason and Stephi, they each make their own videos, but they went on a trip together to southeast Asia, and they made many videos of themselves having a good time together.

For as much as they did, climbing trees, rocks, temples, ruins, hiking through rivers and forests, playing with monkeys, turtles, crabs, and goats, traveling to island after island, playing on the beach, it was almost like half the scenes in a James Bond movie.

I took one of Jason’s videos, and one of Stephi’s videos, combined them, and added James Bond movie music.  I think that it turned out really well, though I didn’t spend a lot of time on it, to make this three minute video:

They could have done this with all of their videos, and people would have liked them, I think.

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