Watching Stephi Lee On YouTube

Several days ago, I began watching a young lady name Stephi Lee on YouTube.  Her YouTube videos were somewhat lumped together with the videos produced by people who live in motor homes, travel trailers, campers, and vans, though this is not really what Stephi is about.

When watching Stephi Lee’s YouTube videos, right away most people would say that Stephi is cute or attractive, but after that, opinions would vary greatly.  Some people dislike her or are irritated by her, because of the way that she acts, and some of the things that she does.

Fortunately, Stephi went ahead and made several videos explaining her circumstances, and why she is the way that she is.  I will try to re-tell, what she has already explained.

Stephi was born with cystic fibrosis, a medical condition where her body over produces mucous, which reduces her lung capacity by half.  She speaks with a quiet monotone voice, because it is difficult for her to speak, and it requires extra effort.

She was very shy when she was young, and would only speak to her mother and a few family members up until 4th grade.  Her mother died when she was 11 years old, and she says that both she and her father did not cope very well with the death of her mother.  She had some other problems in adolescence and as a teenager which I won’t repeat now.

Stephi attended college, and was interested in art.  With little or no money, she drove across the United States in her car, in order to arrive in Los Angeles.  In Los Angeles, she sleeps in her car on the street.

Partly because of how she feels, what she believes in, how she wants to live, and also because she does not have a job or money, she lives like a hippie.  She wears her hair in dread locks, does not wear make up, and dresses in minimal Bohemian, gypsy, or thrift store clothing.

Some people are mad at her, because they believe that she is an attractive young lady, who has chosen an unhealthy lifestyle of drug use, partying, promiscuity, self abuse, and self neglect, essentially throwing her life away.  But if you watch Stephi’s videos, which are mostly about her expressing herself through her words and what she is doing, you will see that she is not involved in drugs, partying, promiscuity, or behaving like a vagrant.

On Instagram and YouTube, Stephi met a very popular and well-liked hippie from England named Jason, who is a very energetic world traveler.  Jason helped Stephi begin creating and uploading videos to YouTube about a year ago.  Several months ago, Jason invited Stephi to travel with him through Thailand, Cambodia, and southeast Asia.  Jason and Stephi each uploaded about ten very excellent videos to YouTube showing their travels together in Asia.

Stephi is now back in Los Angeles, where she continues to live in her car, but she has made some friends who make it a little easier for her to survive.  She continues to live like a hippie, and associate with hippies, because this is how she prefers to live.

Though I like her, I like her manner, and I like her videos very much, Stephi is irritating to me.  I am not completely put off by her twenty tattoos, her dread locks, or that she does not shave her arm pits, legs, or pubic area, and walks around barefoot, but she seems to want to find a way to be unacceptable to people to keep people away, until she needs something or needs help from ordinary uncool people.

Here is one of Stephi’s videos:

1 thought on “Watching Stephi Lee On YouTube

  1. Stephi lee is living the life SHEwants to live and doing it with a terrible illness. Why do you have to pass judgment on someone simply living life the way they want? Maybe one day you’ll find peace and “Live and let Live”.


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