Prank Phone Call To Fake Microsoft Support Center In India

Several weeks ago, I wrote two blog posts about a Microsoft Warning Alert computer scam, where a pop-up screen would appear on your computer, saying that your computer had been infected with a virus, and that you needed to call the 1-800 telephone number to reach Microsoft Support.  This was a scam, because the number you were directed to call was not Microsoft Support.

A man named Russel, repeatedly telephoned the fake Microsoft Support call center in India, posing as an Arab named Abdo, whose computer had been infected with a virus from watching pornography with goats.  Russel, a.k.a. “Abdo”, wasted so much of their time, that the Indian customer support operators became exhausted and began yelling that they weren’t Microsoft Support.

There is some bad language in this video from the customer support operators in India who lost their cool:

Warning, Some Bad Language:


Here is one more prank phone call to a call center in India, with very little bad language:

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