140 Year Old Log Barn And Log House In North Dakota

In my previous blog post, I wrote that I have begun uploading videos to YouTube, and that these videos are not controversial.  However, some of the videos that I am uploading now will be controversial.

In a very, very remote area, I found a log barn and a log house that are approximately 140 years old.  The barn and the house were constructed in approximately 1880.  These are some of the oldest structures that you will find in North Dakota.

Beside the barn, there is a dozer, which had begun clearing a portion of the land adjacent to the barn.  It looks like the dozer operator made an effort to not damage the barn and the house.

Believe me, the old log barn and the old log house are inconsequential to what is being done at this location.  This location is very hidden, and the location has been improved at great expense to have constant, uninterrupted, and substantial amounts of water, enough for a community of people and animals.

Though many readers and myself, may think that this very old farmstead is something that should be preserved and protected for all North Dakotans, there are not many undisturbed locations like this, this is not going to happen.  As one of my friends put it, “In the middle of nowhere, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of nowhere”, that is where this is.

On your internet browser, type in “YouTube”.  Once you click on the YouTube site, in their search bar, type in “Dickinson58601 Living in Dickinson North Dakota”.  These videos are titled “140 Year Old Log Barn North Dakota”, and “140 Year Old Log House North Dakota”.

Here is the link below to this YouTube video:

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