Stupid Christians Fooled By The Da Vinci Code

One of the biggest tragedies in my lifetime is that many stupid Christians were fooled by “The Da Vinci Code”.  Without knowing it, without understanding what they were doing, they have denied that Jesus is the son of God, and have committed what may possibly be an unforgivable, unpardonable blasphemy.

“The Da Vinci Code” was a book written by British author Dan Brown and published in 2003.  Many readers have found the book to be intriguing and fascinating.  The book was made into a movie with actors Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou, and the story was introduced to many more millions of people.

Although Dan Brown’s telling of the story is new, the story itself is not new.  In order to build suspense, the author doesn’t get right to the point in the first paragraph.  There is writing about the secret order of the Knights Templar, the crusades, the Holy Grail, mysteries.  However, the main point of the whole book is that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene, and that they had children together, and that their children married and had children, creating a blood line that originated with Jesus Christ.

The Big, Big Problem, is that Christians believe that there is an almighty God, who created the earth, all the animals in the earth, mankind, and that God sent his only son Jesus Christ to earth to teach and to forgive the sins of mankind.  If anyone should say that the son of God, Jesus Christ, who performed miracles, who was in direct contact with God, who was without sin, who died on the cross, decided, “Hey, that’s a fine piece of ass, I’m going to get me some of that!”, this is denying that Jesus was the son of God and is a tremendous blasphemy.

There were many, many Christians, after reading “The Da Vinci Code” or watching the movie, wondered, did Jesus marry Mary Magdalene?  These people are so stupid, that they are unable to remember anything from the Bible.  God created us.  It is written that we are so inferior to God, that we would be unable to behold him without perishing.  It is written that God is so powerful, that when his presence was with the Ark Of The Covenant, that a bearer reached out to touch the Ark to keep it from falling and he was instantly struck dead.  It is written that we all are as filthy rags in the sight of God.  John the Baptist said of Jesus, that he would come and that he would be unfit to even latch his sandals.

If you are a Christian, you believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God, you believe in the New Testament of the Bible written by the Apostles.  Jesus performed many miracles that no man could perform.  Satan showed Jesus all the things that Jesus might have, and Jesus was not tempted.  Jesus sometimes went for forty days without eating.  He was betrayed by Judas, he allowed himself to be taken into custody, he knew that he would be crucified on the cross, he was tried, scourged, and crucified.

How can these stupid, stupid Christians believe, that a just as likely story is that Jesus wanted a piece of ass so bad, that he hooked up with Mary Magdalene, a former prostitute.  And from that point on, Mary Magdalene was saying, “Jesus, did you take out the trash like I asked you to?  Jesus, does this dress make me look fat?  Jesus, I like that house.  Can we have a house like that?  Can we have counter tops like that?  Can we have a sink like that?  How come we never go anywhere?  How come you never take me out anymore?  Can you get my cousin a job, he needs a job?  I lost my bracelet, have you seen my bracelet?  No Jesus, I don’t want to have sex right now, I have a headache.”

A lot of women would smirk and giggle at what I just wrote, the thought of having Jesus Christ under their thumb, and at their beck and call.  The women that think Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene, there is no hiding their thoughts from God.  If this is what they believe, there is no hiding from God their evil and wickedness, their wishing that God and Jesus would be subject to them, wishing and hoping that God and Jesus were a false myth.

All people, that like to consider that Jesus lusted to have sex with women, are denying that Jesus Christ was the son of God, without sin, immortal, who came to earth to save mankind.  Raising the dead, making the blind to see, making the lame walk, fasting for forty days and nights, refusing all temptation that Satan himself laid before him.  Yet Mary Magdalene bending over and showing Jesus her tits was just too much temptation for Jesus.  There have been hundreds of thousands of priests and monks on earth that have been celibate throughout their lifetimes, in order to be devout and holy.  The people that insinuate that Jesus had sex with Mary Magdalene, are implying that Jesus was no closer to God, no more devout, no more holy, no more sacred, no more a savior than any other mortal.  They are denying that Jesus was the son of God.  And they are attempting to deceive others into denying that Jesus was the son of God.

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