Gretchen Carlson’s Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Fox News

I haven’t had a lot of time to watch television this year because I have been busy with three jobs.  When I am eating, doing paperwork, or paying bills, I will have the television on Fox News so that I am aware of what is happening in the world.

I like Fox News, especially “The Five”, which comes on at 3 p.m. in Dickinson.  I don’t want to write about it at length right now, but Fox News has given many people the chance to say what they think, without censorship, more so than the other networks.  Lou Dobbs the financial analyst left CNN to come to Fox News so that he could say what he really thought was the truth.  So did financial analyst Maria Bartiromo.  Jaun Williams lost his job at NPR, but Fox News hired him.  Fox News also hired Geraldo Rivera.  Jaun Williams and Geraldo Rivera are invited to give opinions that are different from typical conservative opinions.  Bill O’Reilly is permitted to say whatever he believes, so is Greta Van Susteren.

I thought that Fox News was giving its program anchors, expert commentators, and guests the chance to state their opinions and beliefs more so than the other networks.  Bill O’Reilly, Greta Van Susteren, Sean Hanity, Megyn Kelly, I thought that they were being allowed to report the truth, and search for the truth, even if it made important, influential, or wealthy people uncomfortable.  I thought that all the Fox News hosts and reporters were given the highest professional respect, by being allowed to perform their jobs without interference or censorship.

I thought that one of the reasons that Fox News was so successful, was because they hired good people, good reporters, good journalists, people with good personalities, and then got out of their way and let them do their jobs.  People like Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, Greta Van Susteren, and Lou Dobbs really appear to be happy and thriving at Fox News.  The content, arrangement, contributors, and tone of their shows are set by these anchors, and each anchor has their own unique personality and character.

I saw Gretchen Carlson on Fox News from time to time.  She was attractive.  I thought that she was in her forties.  Everybody that watches Fox News notices that many of the women hosts are attractive, and that they wear short skirts.  Just as an example, there is a morning Fox News show called “Outnumbered” that has about three or four attractive female hosts.  These female hosts all wear short skirts and sit on a sofa.  They have to keep their legs crossed in order for their underwear not to show.  On the internet, there are many websites, that show every female Fox News host that was wearing a short skirt that forgot to keep her legs crossed, or uncrossed her legs showing her underwear.

The reality and the truth is, this is one of the reasons why Fox News has such high ratings.  Many men watch Fox News because they enjoy seeing attractive women that are reporting news from a conservative point of view.  The reality and the truth is, that since it is not illegal for women to wear short skirts, and the male viewers like it, the female hosts were wearing very short skirts.

I thought that the attractive female Fox News hosts were wearing skirts that were so short, that they were impractical.  On many of the Fox News programs, the women’s skirts were short to begin with, then because of the way they were sitting, their skirts got pulled up more and more, and they didn’t care to adjust them, so they might as well just have worn their underwear without a skirt.  I don’t think they cared.  They were all attractive women, and they were proud of how they looked.  I think that they were all happy that they were getting high ratings, people liked their shows, and they knew they would probably be paid more and more.

Gretchen Carlson was one of the attractive Fox News hosts that always wore a short skirt and did not care to adjust it as it got pulled up more and more.  I thought that she was O.K. with it, because this is what she always wore.  I thought that she was proud of the way she looked.  I thought that Grethen Carlson was in her forties, she was attractive.  However, there were some weeks that I thought that her health was not good.  Time would pass, and she would appear to be in O.K. health again.

I did not know until a couple of days ago that Gretchen Carlson’s contract with Fox News was not renewed when it ran out on June 23, and that she then filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Roger Ailes, the founder and head of Fox News.  This made me mad.

I read that Gretchen Carlson had been Miss America in 1989, which I never knew.  I read that Gretchen Carlson had been hired at Fox News in 2005, and that she had worked at Fox News for eleven years.  In a recent book that Gretchen Carlson published about herself in 2015, she wrote that Roger Ailes had given her more opportunities to host her own programs than anywhere else she had previously worked.

Now Gretchen Carlson is complaining that Roger Ailes said something to her in the past year like, “You and I should have had sex a long time ago.”  Roger Ailes is now about 76 years old.  Gretchen Carlson is now 50 years old.

I want to point out to everybody, that men and women have been having sex for thousands of years.  I want to point out that now, in modern times, it is necessary for men to ask permission of women to have sex with them, rather than just starting to have sex with them without asking.  This means that the man has to ask to have sex first.  I don’t know if it would have been better for Roger Ailes to have said to Gretchen, “Gretchen, can I have sex with you?”  I believe that Gretchen probably would not have liked this either.  I imagine that Roger Ailes was trying to talk around the subject, rather than directly asking Gretchen.  Roger might have thought that if he said, “You and I should have had sex a long time ago.”, that Gretchen might have replied, “Well, it’s not too late.”

It makes me mad that one of the reasons why Gretchen Carlson was a Fox News host, was because she was attractive, and Gretchen sought to have high ratings by being one of the Fox News hosts that always wore a short skirt that was revealing, she was O.K. with using sex appeal to get good ratings for eleven years, and now that the old man Roger Ailes expresses that he is interested in her sexually, one time in eleven years, she is appalled and outraged.  I think that Gretchen is in fact tired of trying to get high ratings through sex appeal because it is hard when she is 50 years old and has been having some health problems.  But don’t go trying to say that Roger Ailes has ruined you.  I can’t believe that you would do this to Roger Ailes after he has given you so many opportunities during the last eleven years.

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