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A Video Showing Everything Left Behind At A Mine In Nevada

About ten days ago, I shared a video from the YouTube channel Explore With Us, that showed a beautiful abandoned home on a mountain outside of Searchlight, Nevada.  At least the builder of this home, Mr. John Kay, got to enjoy his home for ten years after he finished building it, before he died.

Yesterday I watched another video made by the YouTube channel Explore With Us, that showed an abandoned mining operation in Nevada, that looked like it ceased operating in about 2002, due to the sudden death of the owner.

At the mining operation, was the mine owner’s personal home that he shared with his wife, an office building, several shop buildings, several large generators, many tools, and about ten vehicles, that were all left abandoned, just as they sat.

From some legal documents and personal items that were left half packed in the mine owner’s home, it looks like the heirs became so troubled, that they just left everything where it was.

This video is very sad, because it showed what looked like about twenty years of work to accumulate all of the equipment, material, supplies, vehicles, home, office, and shop buildings, and there it sat to go to waste once the owner died.