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I Am Angry And Disgusted With Steve Isdahl And His HowToHunt YouTube Channel

I am 52 years old now. Since I was nine years old I have been reading about and learning about Bigfoot. In the 1970s as a child, the information that was available to most people regarding Bigfoot was just a handful of books in local libraries, a few television shows, a few movies, and an occasional newspaper article or news report. Back then about half of the televisions shows, movies, and news reports on this subject were handled in a joking manner because the producers did not want to be ridiculed for treating Bigfoot as if it were real.

In the late 1990s with the growth and accessibility of the internet, most people who used personal computers began looking up their favorite subjects online. People who had had a difficult time finding very much information on paranormal subjects such as Bigfoot, UFOs, alien encounters, alien abductions, ghosts, cryptids, reincarnation, life-after-death, clairvoyance, telepathy, and other subjects began to find a great deal of information online, which was a big help to them and very much appreciated, as printed material in local libraries was very limited.

In 1995 the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization was founded. The BFRO was a nationwide organization that allowed anyone who had a Bigfoot sighting to report their sighting, it would be followed up on by an experienced investigator, and if credible the report would added to the publicly viewable BFRO database. The online BFRO database listed every credible Bigfoot sighting and organized it by State and County. The BFRO began receiving a steady stream of Bigfoot reports from almost every state since the BFRO database was created. People became convinced that this was the correct thing to do because of the legitimate and scientific approach of the BFRO.

In the following first fifteen years after the BFRO was created, there were some complaints from Bigfoot witnesses that had tried to make a report with the BFRO, that the BFRO investigators did not want to accept their report if it was particularly out-of-the-ordinary, especially if the witness was attributing very, very human-like behavior to the Bigfoot that were witnessed. It kind of came to appear to some people that the BFRO had an agenda to collect Bigfoot evidence that would lead to the eventual discovery and acknowledgement of a North American Great Ape, and disregard evidence that pointed to Bigfoot being more closely related to humans.

The second and more upsetting suspicion about the BFRO, was that in a way it began serving as an “Animal Control Complaint Center”. It came to be believed that when reports began to pour into the BFRO from the same exact location, describing Bigfoot in people’s yards, looking in people’s windows, taking livestock or family pets, chasing people, apparently having lost their fear of humans, that special U.S. Department of Agriculture predator eradication teams were dispatched to that area to get rid of nuisance Bigfoot. You can look up and read these stories for yourself. It makes one stop and think if reporting a Bigfoot sighting to the BFRO is the right thing to do, if overly friendly behavior by Bigfoot towards humans is going to get them killed for losing their fear of humans.

On the internet, especially YouTube, there were a number of Bigfoot researchers who came to have a great deal of credibility because of their many years of research, success of their research, how they presented their methods and results, and how they conducted themselves in public as logical, responsible, competent people. One of these researchers was an engineer from Alabama named Tim “Coonbo” Baker who had worked in the aerospace industry and NASA for most of his professional career. Tim “Coonbo” Baker presented his detailed evidence for a least four distinct types of Bigfoot in North America, acknowledging the separate type of Bigfoot known as “Dogman” which has a very canine appearance in many ways, but often walks completely upright on two legs.

A couple of years ago, a big-game professional hunting guide in Canada named Steve Isdahl began to emerge as possibly the best hope for final definitive evidence of Bigfoot, through either irrefutable video evidence or an actual body.

Steve Isdahl was about 50 years old, and had been hunting throughout Canada since his teens. He had worked assisting established big-game hunting guides in Canada for many years, before he became a professional hunting guide himself. In his profession, throughout the year, for many, many years Steve had tracked the whereabouts and movements of Elk, Moose, Big Horn Sheep, Bear, Wolves, and Deer. During these many years, Steve accidently came across Bigfoot several times.

In the past couple of years, Steve Isdahl began to talk about his Bigfoot sightings on his YouTube channel HowToHunt. Due to a great deal of interest in the Bigfoot subject, Steve began to read on his HowToHunt channel, letters from viewers about their Bigfoot encounters. The number of letters about Bigfoot sightings became so numerous, that Steve had to split his YouTube channel into two channels, “HowToHunt” and “The Facts by HowToHunt”.

From the very beginning of his talks on the Bigfoot subject that he posted on his HowToHunt channel, Steve spoke about being honest, no bullshit, no misinformation.

One of the things that spiked viewers’ interest in Steve Isdahl’s HowToHunt YouTube channel, was that Steve often spoke about every one of us being sick and tired of the lies and bullshit. Steve often said, “Why can’t the government and the powers-that-be just be honest with us? What are they hiding? What are they trying to hide from us? Why can’t they just give us the truth?”

Steve Isdahl swore and promised in many of his YouTube videos that he would never be silenced by the government, or anyone, that he was just going to speak the truth no matter what.

During the past year, there were some things that Steve Isdahl did that made me begin to question his seriousness sometimes, such as him going a little too far, too often proclaiming that “he had everyone’s back” and that “no one was going to silence him”, which appeared to me like grandstanding and playing on people’s emotions.

Where Steve really started to lose credibility with me, and show me that he was doing a great amount of harm to the Bigfoot subject, was approximately one month ago when Steve read a very long letter from a viewer expressing and explaining that Bigfoot was the Nephilim, the fallen angels and the offspring of fallen angels, demons that needed to be rebuked in the name of Jesus.

For stupid, ignorant people who have not spent very much time learning about Bigfoot, this Nephilim theory may seem very insightful, even epic. The person who wrote this many-page letter to Steve Isdahl, which he read, admitted that he hadn’t known anything at all about the Bigfoot subject until 2017. Thousands of commentors to this letter that Steve read on his YouTube channel agreed, that yes, Bigfoot is a demon that must be rebuked in the name of Jesus.

Since Steve Isdahl read this letter as if it was a viable explanation of Bigfoot, and so many commentors agreed with this letter that Bigfoot was Nephilim and demons, now when actual Bigfoot whether an undiscovered primate or more closely related to man, is trying to survive in the forests, it is more likely to cause stupid, ignorant people to try to shoot them, harm them, run them off, chase them like an angry mob. Thank you for this, Asshole Steve Isdahl.

The next thing that Steve Isdahl did to lose all credibility with me, and for me to believe that he is doing a great deal of harm to Bigfoot and Bigfoot research, is a couple of days ago Steve read a long email letter from a mentally-ill person where this person tried to explain their close, intimate relationship with Forest Beings.

This person began their letter by stating that there was a history of schizophrenia in their family, their older brother was schizophrenic, and he had to be treated, therefore when Bigfoot and Dogman used to chase after his car on the way to school everyday (which apparently only he could see) he didn’t talk about it. This person claimed to have had years and years of special intimate close contact with Bigfoot, because of his special abilities, that he had all kinds of evidence, and here are the pictures. (The included pictures showed absolutely nothing.)

Steve Isdahl’s YouTube viewers mostly just gushed with enthusiasm for the chance to hear more about this person’s special intimate relationship with Forest Beings covering many years, but Steve should have known better than to read this stupid, made-up bullshit.

From the vast amount of research and evidence that has been gathered on Bigfoot, they are most likely either an undiscovered primate or related to human beings. There are sometimes some reports of glowing, floating orbs or UFOs seen in connection with Bigfoot, but most of the time Bigfoot is seen hunting, fishing, gathering food, trying to drink water, playing in water, looking in people’s windows, crossing roads in front of motorists, taking livestock, stealing feed from corrals or barns, or being curious about people,…….doing the same things that all animals do.

There are some very legitimate, well-documented, and well-studied reports with many witnesses of Bigfoot taking, harming, or killing people going back more than one hundred years. Steve Isdahl knows about the many reports of Bigfoot taking, harming, or killing people, plus he has been a big-game hunting guide for many years, and he knows that a person should not walk up to any large wild animal trying to make friends and pet it, so why would he read the email letter from the mentally-ill person claiming to have a close intimate relationship with Bigfoot?

Once I saw that most of Steve Isdahl’s viewers of his “The Facts by HowToHunt” YouTube channel were so eager to believe the one email letter that Steve read explaining that Bigfoot were Nephilim demons, and the other email letter about a mentally-ill person’s close intimate relationship with Forest Beings, I realized that Steve Isdahl is doing way more harm than good, making a circus of Bigfoot, muddying the waters, and ruining the progress that has been made on learning about this subject.