I Am Angry And Disgusted With Steve Isdahl And His HowToHunt YouTube Channel

Update 10/5/22: In the past several days, this blog post article has been receiving an unusual number of hate and threat comments. I discovered that some of Steve Isdahl’s fans have convinced themselves and have tried to persuade others that this article and this website are owned by a female wildlife advocate in Canada named Kelly Carson. I am not a female, I am not a wildlife advocate, and I don’t live in Canada. Upon reading the title of my website, “Living In Dickinson North Dakota”, and reading some of my articles, it kind of indicates that I live in Dickinson, North Dakota. I believe that Kelly Carson’s website is https://legislatekindness.com/

To Steve Isdahl, his fans, and legal counsel: I understand what slander, libel, and defamation are. It requires stating something as FACT, that is both UNTRUE and DEFAMATORY. In this blog post article, there is no statement that meets this criteria. There are opinions and beliefs expressed which may be critical of Steve Isdahl, but there are no statements of FACT that are UNTRUE and DEFAMATORY.

***In general Canadian defamation judgements against Americans are not collectible in the United States under the SPEECH Act, and have to be re-proven in an American court in the state where the defendant resides.***

Please note that in North Dakota, if a civil suit is brought without the expectation of being able to prove and win the lawsuit, the plaintiff is responsible for ALL COSTS of the defendant, especially legal costs. This law is meant to prevent lawsuits that are intended solely to cause defendants litigation costs.

I am 52 years old now. Since I was nine years old I have been reading about and learning about Bigfoot. In the 1970s as a child, the information that was available to most people regarding Bigfoot was just a handful of books in local libraries, a few television shows, a few movies, and an occasional newspaper article or news report. Back then about half of the televisions shows, movies, and news reports on this subject were handled in a joking manner because the producers did not want to be ridiculed for treating Bigfoot as if it were real.

In the late 1990s with the growth and accessibility of the internet, most people who used personal computers began looking up their favorite subjects online. People who had had a difficult time finding very much information on paranormal subjects such as Bigfoot, UFOs, alien encounters, alien abductions, ghosts, cryptids, reincarnation, life-after-death, clairvoyance, telepathy, and other subjects began to find a great deal of information online, which was a big help to them and very much appreciated, as printed material in local libraries was very limited.

In 1995 the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization was founded. The BFRO was a nationwide organization that allowed anyone who had a Bigfoot sighting to report their sighting, it would be followed up on by an experienced investigator, and if credible the report would added to the publicly viewable BFRO database. The online BFRO database listed every credible Bigfoot sighting and organized it by State and County. The BFRO began receiving a steady stream of Bigfoot reports from almost every state since the BFRO database was created. People became convinced that this was the correct thing to do because of the legitimate and scientific approach of the BFRO.

In the following first fifteen years after the BFRO was created, there were some complaints from Bigfoot witnesses that had tried to make a report with the BFRO, that the BFRO investigators did not want to accept their report if it was particularly out-of-the-ordinary, especially if the witness was attributing very, very human-like behavior to the Bigfoot that were witnessed. It kind of came to appear to some people that the BFRO had an agenda to collect Bigfoot evidence that would lead to the eventual discovery and acknowledgement of a North American Great Ape, and disregard evidence that pointed to Bigfoot being more closely related to humans.

The second and more upsetting suspicion about the BFRO, was that in a way it began serving as an “Animal Control Complaint Center”. It came to be believed that when reports began to pour into the BFRO from the same exact location, describing Bigfoot in people’s yards, looking in people’s windows, taking livestock or family pets, chasing people, apparently having lost their fear of humans, that special U.S. Department of Agriculture predator eradication teams were dispatched to that area to get rid of nuisance Bigfoot. You can look up and read these stories for yourself. It makes one stop and think if reporting a Bigfoot sighting to the BFRO is the right thing to do, if overly friendly behavior by Bigfoot towards humans is going to get them killed for losing their fear of humans.

On the internet, especially YouTube, there were a number of Bigfoot researchers who came to have a great deal of credibility because of their many years of research, success of their research, how they presented their methods and results, and how they conducted themselves in public as logical, responsible, competent people. One of these researchers was an engineer from Alabama named Tim “Coonbo” Baker who had worked in the aerospace industry and NASA for most of his professional career. Tim “Coonbo” Baker presented his detailed evidence for a least four distinct types of Bigfoot in North America, acknowledging the separate type of Bigfoot known as “Dogman” which has a very canine appearance in many ways, but often walks completely upright on two legs.

A couple of years ago, a big-game professional hunting guide in Canada named Steve Isdahl began to emerge as possibly the best hope for final definitive evidence of Bigfoot, through either irrefutable video evidence or an actual body.

Steve Isdahl was about 50 years old, and had been hunting throughout Canada since his teens. He had worked assisting established big-game hunting guides in Canada for many years, before he became a professional hunting guide himself. In his profession, throughout the year, for many, many years Steve had tracked the whereabouts and movements of Elk, Moose, Big Horn Sheep, Bear, Wolves, and Deer. During these many years, Steve accidently came across Bigfoot several times.

In the past couple of years, Steve Isdahl began to talk about his Bigfoot sightings on his YouTube channel HowToHunt. Due to a great deal of interest in the Bigfoot subject, Steve began to read on his HowToHunt channel, letters from viewers about their Bigfoot encounters. The number of letters about Bigfoot sightings became so numerous, that Steve had to split his YouTube channel into two channels, “HowToHunt” and “The Facts by HowToHunt”.

From the very beginning of his talks on the Bigfoot subject that he posted on his HowToHunt channel, Steve spoke about being honest, no bullshit, no misinformation.

One of the things that spiked viewers’ interest in Steve Isdahl’s HowToHunt YouTube channel, was that Steve often spoke about every one of us being sick and tired of the lies and bullshit. Steve often said, “Why can’t the government and the powers-that-be just be honest with us? What are they hiding? What are they trying to hide from us? Why can’t they just give us the truth?”

Steve Isdahl swore and promised in many of his YouTube videos that he would never be silenced by the government, or anyone, that he was just going to speak the truth no matter what.

During the past year, there were some things that Steve Isdahl did that made me begin to question his seriousness sometimes, such as him going a little too far, too often proclaiming that “he had everyone’s back” and that “no one was going to silence him”, which appeared to me like grandstanding and playing on people’s emotions.

Where Steve really started to lose credibility with me, and show me that he was doing a great amount of harm to the Bigfoot subject, was approximately one month ago when Steve read a very long letter from a viewer expressing and explaining that Bigfoot was the Nephilim, the fallen angels and the offspring of fallen angels, demons that needed to be rebuked in the name of Jesus.

For stupid, ignorant people who have not spent very much time learning about Bigfoot, this Nephilim theory may seem very insightful, even epic. The person who wrote this many-page letter to Steve Isdahl, which he read, admitted that he hadn’t known anything at all about the Bigfoot subject until 2017. Thousands of commentors to this letter that Steve read on his YouTube channel agreed, that yes, Bigfoot is a demon that must be rebuked in the name of Jesus.

Since Steve Isdahl read this letter as if it was a viable explanation of Bigfoot, and so many commentors agreed with this letter that Bigfoot was Nephilim and demons, now when actual Bigfoot whether an undiscovered primate or more closely related to man, is trying to survive in the forests, it is more likely to cause stupid, ignorant people to try to shoot them, harm them, run them off, chase them like an angry mob. Thank you for this, Asshole Steve Isdahl.

The next thing that Steve Isdahl did to lose all credibility with me, and for me to believe that he is doing a great deal of harm to Bigfoot and Bigfoot research, is a couple of days ago Steve read a long email letter from a mentally-ill person where this person tried to explain their close, intimate relationship with Forest Beings.

This person began their letter by stating that there was a history of schizophrenia in their family, their older brother was schizophrenic, and he had to be treated, therefore when Bigfoot and Dogman used to chase after his car on the way to school everyday (which apparently only he could see) he didn’t talk about it. This person claimed to have had years and years of special intimate close contact with Bigfoot, because of his special abilities, that he had all kinds of evidence, and here are the pictures. (The included pictures showed absolutely nothing.)

Steve Isdahl’s YouTube viewers mostly just gushed with enthusiasm for the chance to hear more about this person’s special intimate relationship with Forest Beings covering many years, but Steve should have known better than to read this stupid, made-up bullshit.

From the vast amount of research and evidence that has been gathered on Bigfoot, they are most likely either an undiscovered primate or related to human beings. There are sometimes some reports of glowing, floating orbs or UFOs seen in connection with Bigfoot, but most of the time Bigfoot is seen hunting, fishing, gathering food, trying to drink water, playing in water, looking in people’s windows, crossing roads in front of motorists, taking livestock, stealing feed from corrals or barns, or being curious about people,…….doing the same things that all animals do.

There are some very legitimate, well-documented, and well-studied reports with many witnesses of Bigfoot taking, harming, or killing people going back more than one hundred years. Steve Isdahl knows about the many reports of Bigfoot taking, harming, or killing people, plus he has been a big-game hunting guide for many years, and he knows that a person should not walk up to any large wild animal trying to make friends and pet it, so why would he read the email letter from the mentally-ill person claiming to have a close intimate relationship with Bigfoot?

Once I saw that most of Steve Isdahl’s viewers of his “The Facts by HowToHunt” YouTube channel were so eager to believe the one email letter that Steve read explaining that Bigfoot were Nephilim demons, and the other email letter about a mentally-ill person’s close intimate relationship with Forest Beings, I realized that Steve Isdahl is doing way more harm than good, making a circus of Bigfoot, muddying the waters, and ruining the progress that has been made on learning about this subject.

142 thoughts on “I Am Angry And Disgusted With Steve Isdahl And His HowToHunt YouTube Channel

  1. Hi, I understand your frustration; but, I don’t think you can blame Steve for it. I have witnessed a very large sasquatch myself. I believe there are kind ones and mean ones out there. I don’t believe they are Nephilim. Steve just reads what he gets. Just because someone gets a medical label doesn’t mean anything. Sasquatch are real and there are many that have said many things about them and there are many that share good and evil traits just like humans. I could go on just be okay with the messanger. Dave


    1. Dave,

      When Steve took the time to read the very long explanation that Bigfoot were Nephilim, the offspring of fallen angels, evil demons, letting people get this idea in their head also means that Bigfoot should be hunted down and killed. Is that what you want, thousands of stupid, ignorant people trying to hunt down and kill Bigfoot?


      1. to name withheld, I guess you are right. Reading some emails can get you into trouble. He has also said he stays away from them if he can, I don’t think he agrees with killing them. I heard a experience about someone shot at one. 4 close people he knew died within a month, this guy ended up having bad luck afterwards. All I can say is they are possible part of the Cain clan, not Nephelim. I also believe that if anyone kills one they are next on the list. These grand beings are very intelligent they know if some ones out to get them. Steve may have made a mistake; but, I think he is trying to help in his own way. People think wrong things when they experience these grand beings; but, fear is created in the human from something unknown to them. I could go on; but, I have experienced some intresting things after (gifting) feeding one. Dave


      2. At no point has Steve ever said that Bigfoot should be hunted down and killed. He has time after time said that it would be very unwise to kill one or hurt one unless they were actually trying to do harm to you or your family. And besides demons cannot be killed so . . .
        What Steve does is offer a safe place for people to tell their own experiences. You referred to a certain person as being mentally ill because they say they have a personal relationship with these beings. Well guess what, there are lots of people who live in the country that have known these beings for generations. The First Nations people have interacted with them from the beginning. So are you saying all those people are crazy too?
        Steve is just offering a venue for people wanting to tell their story and for those who want to get information and to learn from other’s experiences. And he is right, programs like Finding Bigfoot are just stupid. No amount of people wandering about the forest banging sticks and rocks together and trying to imitate their yells is going to tell you a single thing about them. And he has a great point, why are our governments trying to hide the truth about these beings from us?


      3. Steve’s an absolute liar and his emails are all written the same way, he lies to get views, he possibly saw a Sasquatch as child and he re tells it like it just happened to gain sympathy from stupid people, he just as bad as Todd standing..Sasquatch is real, I’m Cree, I would know, not some white man who drinks and drives.


      4. That’s going to happen no matter what and has been happening long before Steve. He reads what he gets and believe everyone should have a voice. That’s why everyone likes his channel and writes in because they feel comfortable. And don’t think he will read an email and say oh this is shit , I’m not going to share it. That’s the whole point . Who the hell are you to say what that gentleman wrote in was due to his mental state, which by the way he stated that he realized he wasn’t crazy. In fact mental illness usually skips generations so for him and his brother to be is highly unlikely.


      5. You sure are angry . Almost as angry as an out of control linch mob. If you truly believe that anything Steve reads is going to cause harm to the big guys, you are out of your tree. Those redneck idiots that are now going to hunt this thing down ? They are going to do it no matter what Steve says. Fortunately our giant friends are a lot smarter than their pursuers. Steve is a good man and I promise you that 99% of the people that have read your rant think you are way out of line. These light minded people have been hunting this being for way longer than Steve has been on youtube. He reads an e- mail and says take from it what you will or not. You know what , after seeing how much you went through to make your message be seen . You can’t possibly be able to listen to reason. You shouldn’t slander people . And you know what ? Just the fact that they exist . And God exists and we all exist makes just about anything possible. And even your expert opinion is still nothing more than just your opinion. Your words started off good . But the ending.. wow . Im embarrassed for you.


      6. In reply to Ps,

        No, you are wrong. It is very unhelpful for Steve to have anything to do whatsoever with suggesting or mentioning that Bigfoot are the Nephilim or fallen angels. Millions of people do not know what Bigfoot are, they just don’t know, don’t have much information, haven’t spent much time researching information. One of the few times that these low-information people hear about the subject, is Steve Isdahl talking about Bigfoot being Nephilim or fallen angels, and now they’ve got the wrong idea.

        If you did any research, and paid attention, you would know that Bigfoot are shot and killed, and are injured and killed by being struck by vehicles. A very telling source of information about how vulnerable Bigfoot are, is the many first-hand accounts from firefighters and emergency personnel during the Mt. St. Helens volcano eruption in the 1980s where many Bigfoot were killed and injured. Another source of information about how vulnerable Bigfoot are, comes from military bases where personnel are instructed to leave the Bigfoot alone that come pick through the garbage dumpsters at night. Same thing at National Parks, the Park Rangers know and see the Bigfoots going to the garbage dumpsters at night.

        What is just as bad as people mistakenly thinking that Bigfoot are the Nephilim, are people like you who have gotten the misinformation that Bigfoot are super-human, with special other-worldly powers like invisibility or teleportation. There are many witness accounts of male Bigfoot sodomizing cattle or horses, raping women, killing people, stealing livestock, stealing livestock food, picking through garbage at dumps for food. They are not super-human, enlightened advanced spiritual beings.


      7. The idea behind reading emails is to give people a venue to tell their story without ridicule The ones claiming to have studied on a subject like this are an expert of nothing.. Also No need to worry about thousands of idiots hunting down and killing a bigfoot. The bigfoot continue to elude the most skilled outdoorsman on earth.A thousand idiots and a couple armchair researchers are no match.


      8. In reply to Greg Ballard,

        Why not try to stick with truthful, accurate, credible, reliable, trustworthy reports? There is way too much disinformation, misinformation, lies, and made-up stories already.


      9. Sir, you sound the more ignorant one between you and Steve. Least not In any manner the expert that you either wish you were, or have proclaimed to be l. some thing Steve has never even entertain claiming because you refuse to open your mind to other possibilities, you’re only capable of limited knowledge and you’ll never available to the full truth.
        The Nephilim theory is nothing new nor the first time it has been presented to the Channel . it’s right there black and white in the Bible and other religious texts available for anyone. do you think the Bible is Promoting people to go off into the woods abs start shooting at biblical characters? Like many religious and other transcripts, much is open to interpretation. And how some people interpret the Nephilim to be .so where do you get off wedging yourself between their pages and beliefs system, knowing full well none of this is promoting shooting anything, you were just trying to find an angle that made you sound like you cared about something .the audacity, scolding people for their religion and their beliefs system ensuring that with others not force-feeding it or cramming you down anyone’s throat and then to attack someone who is merely reading someone else’s beliefs neither condoning or condemning that’s not what he does . see this what his channel works because he is giving them a voice that something you would never read would never put it on your page so right there is where the buck stops. he has an open mind he is a bully everything he reads he takes everything with a grain of salt Nick considers it when he lets people speak and say what they need to say. that is why you are you and he is him. and he continue as promised to voice peoples views, opinions, experiences, ideas, thoughts whatever they may be in a safe environment. And you can continue to offer people your control of their narrative, experiences and beliefs. good luck with that. your view, your words, your attack and your entire opinion is way out of place. and self-serving, promoting your personal interests and whatever underground backhanded deal you’ve made with whatever devil Owns you now. it reeks to high hell of governmental. Don’t you get we’ve had enough, we are sick of it and this is just one topic. the lies are unbelievable. Weather you’ve confirmed, or threatened or you were paid out, you caved. you are now just a puppet And we have no respect for that kind of person in any topic. your credibility within the broad scope of this subject is shot to tell. You are a has been that remains in the dark ages with your research. The glory days over there past in you offer nothing new Or of value to this topic. you are old news, just keep doing what the government tells you and quit trying to belittle and hold other people back. you have no claim in the subject matter you do not own nor have the patent on peoples personal experiences in the voicing of said experiences . you own no rights to the subject matter. You’ve only showing your unwillingness to work with other groups of people and their stories. Your unwillingness to listen to any other information, narrative or story only shows your incapacity to grow, seek truth and lmove forward With an open mind.
        It is recognized that your work is part of it’s rich history and that can’t and will not be taken from you, but that is all you’ve got.
        Are you sure you want to continue to taint that in such a negative manner? For what ?more glorifying attention that you seem to crave? watch out , that stuffs poison.
        Leave the rest of us to Sick or a nose as we see fit as we continue to grow and learn t in the safe environment with like-minded people of our choice . quit trying to harm good people for their word, their beliefs, their path. We know you’re all about “making money”, but no one here is taking food out of your mouth . And give people some credit, people aren’t so stupid that they’re going to go off and try to shoot some Demon creature or the Nephilim. They’d more than likely have better luck going out to shoot some undocumented North American Ape, The very thing you promote it to 100% be. something tangible that you can actually physically shoot. oh that’s so much easier. if it existe. stop picking all hunters as uncivilized killers. most hunters actually respect nature and animals and their conservation . going out and shooting anything unlawfully, wrongfully or immorally is not something that’s condoned on Steve’s channel whatsoever.
        So it’s time to give it up. Your accusations hold no water. it is a febile attempt to keep your name in the game, on somebody else’s back, to serve your own personal agenda.
        it’s time for a retraction statement on your part if you’re any kind of man at all. Which isn’t saying much these days. At this point it’s starting to become very clear that man’s ego is the thing that goes bump in the dark, And the thing we should fear the most.


      10. You assume to make fun of the person’s letter that Steve is reading shame on you. Who are you to judge what happen to Steve during his sightings of the Forest Beings. Stop judging how Steve felt and how the person felt about their encounters. You should redact your hateful words. Steve has a right to share his ferlings about his encounters, along with those who send in their encounters. Along with those who send in encounters that may or may not have truly had an encounter. Who are you to judge that persons email sent in to Steve. Look lady you have never met a dogman that had ripped a head off a human just to kill it. You have never seen a Forest Being kill dogs just to silence them. So I ask you what is your problem. Your hate must go so deep because you have never had an experience to call your own. Until you have 100% proof that any email or any sightings along with knowing our govt are 100% proof Forest Beings exhist. You are truly shooting yourself in the foot looking like you have lost your mind. You need to stay off social media sights if you can’t handle what you watch. Maybe you should start your own channel on how to knit or whatever suits your style. If you don’t like a channel don’t watch. Just go away because you are causing your own headaches


      11. In reply to Lisa,

        During the past several days I have received an unusual amount of hate & threat comments to this blog post article. I discovered that some of Steve Isdahl’s fans are trying to claim that this article and this website are owned by a female wildlife advocate in Canada named Kelly Carson, who is in a conflict with Steve Isdahl. This article and this website have nothing to do with Kelly Carson, I’m not female, I’m not a wildlife advocate, I don’t live in Canada, I am not alleging that Steve abused women, I don’t have any photographs of Steve Isdahl.


      12. Where are these thousands of ignorant people that are now hunting them fown and kill I ng them? Quite the dramatic reaction. Did not hear the story of the Nephilim but it’s always a possibility. Even if some of them have an evil bent or are more apt to kill humans in their territory or if there are various entities, creatures out there, like demons and the such. The last thing that comes to mind is to go out and hunt them down. Steve offers a firum for those who have gone through these types of encounters can share and help others who have hone through it. I think it is fascinating, not at all surprising. The #1 thing Steve teaches is simply to be aware…pay attention especially if you are out in an area of vast land w few human inhabitants. I will not likely ever encounter one of these beings and have no n desire to seek one out. The kind of people interested in Steve’s stories are not the crazy, ignorant or evil type- but I do know a heck of a lot of politicians and large corporations that are! Enough said. Thanks.


      13. In reply to Brenda,

        During the past several days I received above average view numbers for this blog post article, and an unusual number of hate & threat comments regarding this article. If you were referred to this article by people claiming that this article and website are owned by a female wildlife advocate in a conflict with Steve Isdahl, it isn’t me or this website.


      14. FYI you know Steve reads them all. And “take from it what you will” l didn’t think then or now he believes that. I have had 2 experiences myself. I don’t go with that theory either. I am 64 and have researched the subject extensively. I would NEVER contact BFRO. I live 70 miles from Faulk AR. He has helped many just by reading. Shame on you. ” Take from what you will” If you don’t like it, don’t watch.


      15. I read this article to see what S. I. did to upset you. I do not have any ill will towards you or S.I. but I am a no b.s. person and call it like I see it. While reading the article one thing stood out that I had to comment on. Out of all the videos Steve has read he always tells folks to “take from it what you will” it’s clear to me that he isn’t trying to spin any emails or cause anyone to lean a certain way or do anything; he just allows folks to tell their stories in their own words. He includes “EVERYONE”, he doesn’t discriminate. Btw, most folks who listen to his videos are not gullible enough to hear one (or hundreds) of other’s emails and then make it their mission to go hunt down BF & destroy him/her. Not sure why this article was written this way. Peace & Blessings 🙏🏻


      16. In reply to Lilmama53,

        For people 100 IQ and lower, probably the majority of Steve Isdahl’s audience, all it takes is for Steve to read a sentence, and his viewers believe it.

        Steve could be talking about his trip, his girlfriend, his house, then start reading an e-mail, stop to make a comment, then begin reading again, “…Bigfoot are the Fallen Angels, the Nephilim mentioned in the Bible…” And a few thousand of Steve’s viewers just heard Steve say Bigfoot are Fallen Angels, he just said it, Bigfoot are Fallen Angels, they heard it.

        Steve needs to edit and consider what he is reading, because his viewers are so dumb, they will believe whatever he says.


    2. I have offered many times for Steve to come over and for us to discuss what has transpired at my house which is across the drainage canal that runs east to west in South Wichita Kansas. Mr macaroni is the name that my nephew gave my brother whenever he was 2 years old. Not many people are called Mr macaroni. He’s saying that my brother is his brother. But I have never heard of Steve. In addition my brother was apparently murdered. Either that or he had a heart attack. I am thinking that he was murdered . Steve is associated with the people that did this to my brother somehow. In addition he works for the sheriff’s department in Kansas. He is also associated with the CIA FBI ATF DEA DCF. DCF did everything they could to destroy me including continuously putting fraudulent charges on my name. About 6 months ago there was an advertisement for a oil filter adapter is what it was called on YouTube. You could take this oil filter adapter and drill a hole through the center of it and you would be able to use it for a silencer on a gun. But it would not work at all on a firearm. Ben is how you drilled a hole in it, made you have to go through a process with the ATF in order to get it registered with the ATF along with paying a fee for the registration. I purchase one of these things but not to put on a firearm. I purchased it for my 2300KT crossman pellet gun. If it was going on pellet gun it’s not illegal and I don’t have to register because a pellet gun is not a firearm. A firearm requires fire, gunpowder. Where a air gun uses air or CO2 which is pressurized carbon dioxide. The ATF came to my house to seize my firearms because they tried to say that I intended to put this solvent trap on my AR-15 of which I did not have any intention to do so. I knew they was coming so I had the local police department pick up me and my firearms. the ATF went to the police station in that gained access to my firearms. Two local police officers observe these ATF officers attempting to make my AR-15 appear as if it was modified by me. The police officers hate man what are you doing you can’t do that. At that point they seized my firearms and had them destroyed. They did this because the police officers observed them trying to make my AR-15 look as though I had modified it in a way that was not compliant with ATF. they took my firearms and destroyed them. There has been a whole bunch of very strange occurrences happen to me in the last 3 years. my son is 4 years old and I haven’t seen him in over a year now. I don’t know if he’s alive or dead I haven’t seen my wife either same thing I don’t know if she’s alive or dead. Steve has something to do with it because in one of those videos he’s leading a horse with a child on that horse that child is my son. I am extremely upset about what has transpired here at my house. And I am sure the $70,000 worth of stuff missing from my house along with I don’t know how much money that has been stolen from my accounts is somehow connected to Steve. I haven’t done anything to anybody but any heinous crime that you can think of they have tried to pin on me. Along with trying to make me be a drug dealer and all manner of awful things. The police department will not help me. I asked them if they would do a welfare check on my son. They refused and didn’t get back with me at all. They told me I had to figure it out for myself. In which I have almost figured everything out. But


      1. In reply to Jason Str,

        I edited your full name because I did not know if you intended your full name to appear, or if someone was using this name as a trick.

        I know a little about Steve Isdahl’s explanation of how he came to have Law Enforcement identification in Kansas or some other U.S. state. It would not surprise me if Steve Isdahl’s Big Game Hunting Guide business is a front for something else, to disguise the work that he actually does for other agencies. Steve sure is making a mess of Bigfoot research and Bigfoot documentation by continually reading people’s fantasies and made-up stories to the point that many people have a hard time discerning what is true and what is not true anymore. The U.S. government used to pay people to spread misinformation about UFOs, so that no one could know what to believe.

        What is the first name of your wife? Did your wife flee with your child to Canada? If so, why did she do this?

        If you think that Steve was involved in your brother’s death, and is involved in the relocation of your son to Canada, Steve is probably not going to come to Wichita to look at the Bigfoot who live on the other side of the canal from you.


      2. Brother, the story you tell is a story that most people are taught to disregard as crazy or something like that. So are some of my accountings to f my experiences. So I don’t blindly believe or disbelieve anything as our programming would have us do. I don’t know what to think except that if your story is true in spite of what we’re taught to think of such stories and claims, that I can suggest it’s often better to play the energies that influence a person than to engage the person him or herself. There’s much import in this and only a few will understand how to do this effectively. God bless you man, be at peace when possible. Be blessed in your endeavors. I’m the biggest fool around but have found some wisdom in my pursuits of folly….in seeming pursuits of folly more accurately. Play the one who plays the participants, only seemingly engage the players of the game.


    3. Dear Dave,
      I think Steve Isdahl has an agenda in line with ridding the wilds of humans with extremely scary stories and his own supposed experience with bigfoot. Many have written in to him explaining the fear they feel as if there is some extra level of fear being projected by pheromone or ultra sound regardless the fear is explained as sheer terror before seeing or knowing bigfoot is present, Steve lies by saying he has experienced that fear but has slipped up a few times and got tounge twisted trying to fit himself in that bracket trying to appear more credible and knowledgable than he actually is. He clearly has either been paid or threatened in some way as he has a very comfortable lifestyle recently moving into lush accommodation, his over patronisation of bigfoot experiencers is very obvious to see. In onw of his videos he admits to working with conservation groups and basically blames the viewers of causing the imbalance in nature which he then goes on to say he is trying to fix, its easy to piece together his not so bright Fraudien slips or fraudulent slips. His storys regarding nuclear scientists, military if genuine would have gotten him a very serious visit or warning from the gov/military authority, think about it, he is part of a larger push to dehumanise humans and frighten the living daylights out of people regarding entering the wilds probably enriching himself aswell, ever wonder why he doesnt just move onto the rumble channel, chink, chink, dollar dollar on the wall who the dumbest fool of all, certainly not Steve Isdahl, could he and David Paulides Scott Carpenter be working for the same paymaster, destroying all competition with fear based questions which are never answered and no further forward except the fear is continually increased, dont worry, a few have there eyes on this and when he slips the long rope hes wound out will be his undoing.


      1. In reply to Marcus Reebus,

        I have been a little suspicious about the amount of time Steve Isdahl spends in the outdoors, fishing, hunting, hiking, tracking, setting up cameras, WITHOUT A PAYING CUSTOMER. I have wondered, is it possible for Steve to earn at least $80K per year, because he appears to only have enough time left over to do only four-five guided hunts per year? Are these $50K guided hunts, where Steve gets $20K per week-long guided hunt?

        If you have noticed, there are at least a dozen people on YouTube whose channels are based on reading viewer submitted e-mails of other people’s Bigfoot/Dogman encounters. Half of these YouTube channels appear not to care whether these stories are true or not, they could not care less. I’m sorry that Bigfoot/Dogman has become entertainment, example “Yeti Soap” or “Yeti Coolers”.


      2. Hello Marcus, In reply to your statement. I personally think Steven is quite interested in subject and what ever he finds or says does change. I didn’t start talking about my sighting til after seeing it a couple years later. I was skoofed at and called names and many negative things were said about me etc. I personally don’t care as I believe there are good ones and mean ones, just like humans. I realized this when I found signs of these grand beings and left gifts for them, intresting results. Steven can’t do any more harm then those that want to go out and murder them. My idea is to communicate with them and talk to them or leave them natural food or maybe a chocolate bar. Treat them with goodness and I believe they will do the same and I may be wrong; but that’s what I believe. Steven is right about the stupid know nothing so someone has to talk about these grand beings. Dave


      3. Are you a bit jealous? Steve has real people of military and scientists. I was a medical provider that introduced a few things such as vibrational frequencies, magnetic frequencies, spacial resolutions,as well as many other hypothesis! The emails that Steve reads,for the most part are experience that I have had.So, we the people have the right to know what and understand what is going on. People need to hear, that we do not have to just sit back and take the lies of others that believe they are in charge!


      4. There is some extra level of fear being projected, by what means I don’t know. If you’ve never experienced it you can’t understand it and if you have experienced it, it is something you will never forget.


    4. Well said Dave. Steve always makes it clear that he is just saying it how it is and “take it or leave it” – he does not censor the emails he receives so this is why sometimes the ones that probably should have been missed, are read out. But again, I don’t think anyone should blame Steve. He is not a professional psychologist so it’s probably not so easy to spot who is unwell. I, for one, am new to HTH and I am enjoying it very much. Take it or leave it…….


      1. Thanks Katie M, I have been intrested in this subject for many years, When we had the sighting after experiancing; a massive fear fear every day going to school. When the sighting happened we experianced the fear again, the same type of fear. I believe that that fear was not created by this grand being, it was created by our selves. I think it was showing us that it was not a town drunk, troll or anything that we called it during the past year. I have later discovered that they are very intelligent and they are tellipathic. Later moving down island, when I started gifting one of them showed me that they or it showed it had brains and showed it had intresting talents, and thought abilities and it gave a kinda thanks on a mental level by its later actions. To my thought when returning, They have feelings too, as I have learned from stories told by others and I have heard many happenings told to me by others, too. They are beings from the great spirit just like us. Have a beautiful day… Dave


    5. To know the absolute truth about the Bigfoot Forest People you need to read the two books by Dr. Matthew A. Johnson, Clinical Psychologist: Bigfoot, A Fifty Year Journey Come Full Circle; and Xanue, Befriending the Bigfoot Forest People. You will learn who they are, where they come from and what they want. They are beings of light created by God, with the ability to shapeshift, mind speak and heal with God’s permission. Their natural state is on a dimension that cannot be seen by human eyes….only animals and cameras….unless they choose to reveal themselves. We can, however, see them as Orbs. I have seen, heard and felt them and have interactions daily with my local Xanue. This has been a life changing experience and has brought me closer to my God and Jesus Christ. I encourage you to read Dr. “J”s
      books. I promise you won’t be sorry!!!


      1. In reply to Sharon,

        Sharon, I really hate what you are saying, it’s like here we go again, you are giving people wrong, incorrect information about Bigfoot as “Forest Beings, Beings of Light”. There are many, many well-documented incidents of Bigfoot savagely attacking people, beating people to death, ripping people apart, raping women to death.

        A 40-year career electrical engineer from Alabama, who worked all over the U.S. for the military and NASA, Tim “Coonbo” Baker, has personally been to crime scenes with Law Enforcement, Game & Fish Officers, and Dept. of Agriculture investigators where incident #1) A very large and robust adult man in his 40s was beat nearly to death, broken bones, finger bitten off by a Bigfoot inside his home, home wrecked. #2) Man and woman having sex at a lake, Bigfoot ripped the man apart, raped the women, then killed the woman. #3) Land Between The Lakes region of Ohio/Kentucky, Dogman/Bigfoot ripped apart a husband & wife, their daughter & son.

        The “Carter” family of Tennessee documented their 50-year relationship with a clan of Bigfoot who lived in the area of their farm. Although there were many peaceful interactions with various Bigfoot over the 50 years, one of the members of this Bigfoot family raped a 14-year old girl who was walking home from school, long and thorough investigation of the rape by local community members, girl spent the remainder of her life in a mental institution.

        Don’t go giving people the idea that Bigfoot are benevolent, spiritual, humanitarian Forest Beings, they are primitive and potentially very brutal and dangerous.


      2. Dave how you say she is giving out misinformation!!!! No one’s anything for sure . What they are all we can do is take an educated guess. So no one can say what is or isn’t when it comes to these beings. People say apes , I mean how many DNA test are contaminated with human DNA. I believe it’s because they do have human DNA. The male side is missing. No no one can say what is right and wrong. True or false.


    6. Where in Gods name are you getting your ridiculous information. Clearly you are one of the naysayers he always talks about. Never has Steve ever said anything about killing them.


      1. In reply to Linda,

        When Steve reads emails from people who state that Bigfoot are the Nephilim, the Fallen Angels and offspring of the Fallen Angels, Steve is giving validation to this idea. Do you understand that once you give credibility to the idea that Bigfoot are the evil spawn of Satan, that people are going to try to hunt them down and kill them?


      2. Linda say what you wiil, I have seen one and have gifted to them also. You have a lot to learn. I have nothing against Steve or anyone else on this blog,insulting me shows your stupidity.


  2. Name withheld, No I don’t want them hunted down. You have to realize that people will do what they will . The military are doing that already if they get a chance, do you like that, I sure don’t. There have been massive child killings that have been going on. The ones wanting to kill the sasquatch are stupid, ignorant people to which I believe. Dave


    1. In reply to Dave,

      Dave, if you are getting your information from Steve Isdahl, his clickbait YouTube video titles, and his nutty viewers who make shit up and email Steve, you would believe that the military is hunting down and killing Bigfoot.

      If you were to find, read, and watch some of the lectures given by Tim “Coonbo” Baker who has worked at many, many U.S. government and military facilities, the military personnel and security personnel are given orientation briefings explaining & identifying the Bigfoot which reside inside and around the perimeter of the base, to not harm them, and to leave them alone.


      1. In reply to name withheld., For one I have been on my own on this subject since 1976. I’m like you I have seen some of Steve’s videos, I don’t agree with it all. Regarding the military there are good units and bad units. The one I mentioned was not from Steve. You are right they are people and they have feelings just like you and I. When I seen one of them I was full of fear; I didn’t blame the sasquatch, I blamed myself for the fear; because, it was unknown to us. I now know different. You can stand up for the military all you want; but, for many years they have lied about the sasquatch. I have been told by some personal that if they talked about their experience they would be stuck away and or stationed in Alaska. Maybe they are trying to come clean. I have had some very interesting happenings with Sasquatch after gifting them with fresh apples and walnuts, they appear to like pizza. Anyway hope they live peaceful and longer lives then I. Dave


    2. Could anyone tell me how so many people witness such strange happenings involving the Sasquatch and how do the detractors of these people know them to be liars or insane? I’m just curious as to the thought processes on both sides of the equation. It seems that some people criticize and belittle the seemingly odd accountings of the Sasquatch by so many witnesses so easily, but I’ve noticed over the years that the detractors also never actually have any encounters or dealings with the Sasquatch. I wonder if the detractors have ever had any seemingly odd experiences in their lives, not including Bigfoot. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZY9QkM8ygGUtjPHf8


      1. Adam, This is Dave I never thought you to be crazy. I have had a sitting of these grand creatures. I have met a fella that met a family of 4 when he was young on Vancouver island. I have come to the realization that those that see these beings are more sane then those that don’t. People that disbelieve say nasty things about you or I; because they are brain dead. They insult people because of their stupidity and lack of knowledge, that’s why these creatures only show themselves to a limited few. There could be other reasons, too. From the actions I have seen proves to me they are quite intelligent ;but, some may not. Just like there are a few dumb humans. You take care Adam. Dave


    3. jack ass i shot one to save a mans life and these comments are out in left field, ive been an outdoorsman for 40yrs or more hard core these comments are laughable and steve makes tall cash on just bs nephilum my ass


  3. Hi there, you may be interested in reading The Psychic Sasquatch by Jack “Kewaunee” Lapseritis. His other books are also valuable resources on the true nature of our Sasquatch friends. I’ve had a couple experiences myself, one in the Indian Heaven Wilderness in Skamania County, WA and one at my chicken coop in Clark County, WA. They are psychic, telepathic, multidimensional beings. They are in no way nephilim, demons, apes, etc. An incredibly fun read on the matter is Soul Snatchers: A Quest for True Human Beings by Robert Morgan, a well known Bigfoot researcher from the 70s. I could talk for hours on this subject, it’s very near and dear to me. I went to an incredible conference in 2019 in South Dakota called Consciousness and Contact on Pine Ridge. The Lakota people around Yellow Bear Canyon reported many Bigfoot sighting in the couple weeks leading up to our arrival at the conference. I have many stories from this conference. There were a few people I really enjoyed meeting while there, one attendee was a nice man who grew up in and still lives in Dickinson. Never fear there are some decent, enlightened humans in Dickinson lol. Of course, meeting Whitley Strieber was an extreme highlight of the conference. I lived in Williston for the year of 2015 and went to Dickinson once for the town parade/fair. I loved the little jail cell in the old school, have a silly picture of myself in it. Ha!! Strangely enough, I found your blog by doing a random search for info on Isabel Paige. You might like Elsa Rhae and Barron’s channel too. Elsa used to do body painting, she’s super cute. Anyways, I’ve read about 7 of your blogs today after discovering it this afternoon. You write interesting stuff, I’m enjoying it. Thanks and cheers!


    1. In reply to Stephanie F,

      Thank you for your comments and your compliment. If you keep reading my blog post articles you will probably find a few that are offensive to you. I am sorry to drive readers away, but I can’t and won’t avoid speaking the truth about some subjects just because the truth is offensive, ugly, hurtful, unpopular, or not politically correct.

      Regarding Bigfoot, there are some researchers who have spent a great deal of time observing Bigfoot, and a few people who have spent many years living along side Bigfoot, who report mostly primitive, child-like, impulsive behavior from Bigfoot. Not so primitive that Bigfoot are entirely ape-like, but primitive as in indigenous people who don’t possess reading, writing, tools, and technology.

      If true historical accounts of Bigfoot were made more widely public, the truth is, in some areas Bigfoot have been known to be cannibalistic towards humans, kidnap humans, sexually rape humans, murder humans, and so forth. Bigfoot have also been known to help or assist humans who are lost, injured, stranded, or threatened by other animals in the forest. In my understanding, Bigfoot behave mostly like indigenous, primitive, tribal humans.


      1. Says the guy who’s never had any real experience of his own. What’s your name? I’m Adam Bennett, pleased to meet you. You’re welcome to come and see if my neighbors care to know you or not, just give advance notice so I can prepare for your visit. I just also wonder what makes you believe one type of encounter over another? Do you always have this omniscient judgement of who’s right or wrong on every subject you have no real experience in? I’m not angry or mad, I’m just curious and will always have time to have thoughtful conversation, I also love debate but can’t accept opinion as fact. I am so tired of people who’ve lost their ability to debate with reason and thoughtful process. You do know that the Pentagon has fully disclosed UFO and therefore aliens, cryptid species and more I presume. I hardly see the stretch in logic and processes from this to the fact that Sasquatch are skilled in the ways of old. On what logic would you say you base your reasoning on? I’d appreciate facts, sources and will consider good circumstantial evidences. I don’t think opinion matters in true debate. Thanks for your time, AB


    2. You’re an incomplete researcher if you really are trying to run that “no evidence” game. Fact is there’s plenty. Come to pass a time with me in southern ga, it’ll change you completely. I promise you this and will stand by my word, but if you continue to be an incomplete researcher and lend yourself to the bullying of your fellow man, please allow me to engage you in debate. I can’t accept opinion as anything but that. I’d appreciate reason and sources for your information to be included, and also no ranting and belittling of any statement if you can’t provide good reason or evidence for it. Circumstantial evidence will be considered thoughtfully. Or come to South ga and let’s get you some experiences under your hat to consider. Thanks for your time, AB


    3. I have to assume there’s a strong possibility that the blogger of this site, site manager or whatever the term blocks anything that’s not a compliment. Nice. I see that you’re a complex person that isn’t interested in anything but your own opinions and I appreciate that. I don’t blame you for wanting to stay within the safe confines but hope your mind your assertions to keep from riffling feathers of people that may be less understanding than I am. This is a serious topic. I’ve had so much don’t to me to keep me from studying, talking about and or pursuing the greater truth within this area. It’s personal for me at this point. I asked for a greater truth from our creator because if there was nothing more to glean from this experience than just the silly way in which we allow the powers that be to set us upon each other, as if it’s supposed to be this way. We as people need to understand that were constantly looking at the wrong people when we look to our present problems. How can we look to the without first looking within? We can’t, it’s just the way it works. I hope you understand and or hear the message I’m sending you in it’s most complete and deepest way of self discovery. We all need to work on mastering ourselves. Speaking I’ll of people and or their different beliefs and experiences says more about the one extolling knowledge and virtuous endeavors than it does of the object of criticism that leads to marginalization and further problems and lends itself to the idea of us being set upon each other rather than looking at the real problem. We, collectively are the problem. Consider this: if one verbally lends a hand in being accusatory and or judging of a mentally ill person, which I’m not, then what does that say about the detractors? It seems that without objective reasoning ability, one is the very thing he or she detracts of and speaks of. Look within objectively and realize that anyone who engages and seeks to belittle or beset verbally a mentally ill person, then the detractor at this point becomes an abuser of the handicapped. I’m not mentally ill, but make no great qualms about it if I were. Many people have problems. I choose to make my own decisions about myself, I try not to judge others especially ant assertions of mentally ill or such from the flawed treatments and off logic presently within that community. Example, most mentalillnesses are a result of brain injuries, has been proven undoubtably to be so, yet still not many if any psychiatrist or psychologist will bother to do the associated scans to identify such related inputs when diagnosing. Also, it seems that most in the field will not do anything to lessen their pride in their education and it’s learnings, as if that would diminush them in some way. Egoic logic is detrimental. Any pride that discludes one from the greater truths is a bending of knee to the agendas that keep us from knowing ourselves, therefore our fellow man, therefore the world around us…seen or unseen. I hope you understand the inherent message within this response. Be blessed. Be at peace. ABi appreciate what you know of about the forest people and more appreciative of the fact that you used your name in a subject area that is so tricky. I’ve got so many good photos, stories, etc and have been looking for a person to help with the importing of the availings given to me. It’s seemingly wide ranging, however when content is viewed and come to terms with it isn’t as complex as it first appears. HMU if you’d like to check out some photos. I’m liking your style and fortitude. AB


  4. To name withheld… kind of ironic how much you sound like mr. Isdhal putting the truth is out there for people that need a voice or somewhere to open up, your credibility nothing for the name calling and the grandstand in your doing without getting the picture trying to get people to follow your blog if you don’t care for it go away it is that simple.


    1. Your right George. I have had my own ups and downs regarding this subject; but, I know these grad beings exist. Most appear to have had negative experiances and can’t except the truth. You can’t down the messenger, the truth is out there.The ones I experienced up island and mid island appeared to be a good batch of folks or massive beings. Dave


      1. Same here basically, I’ve not been to my spots in probably three months . I was in deep for so long. I needed a break, and was afforded one in which I’ve laid claim to a sweet little porch and three amazing pups as my preferred company. It’s about time to get back out though. Human, solar, cosmic….


  5. It’s hard to have credibility when you believe a little fat guy with a 1000 watt head lamp and a camera on a stick, along with a guy named BoBo,(oh how apropopo ), has more credibility than a man who has spent the last 3 decades exploring and researching the habits of numerous species of game animals, 4 seasons a year, in some of the most mountainous and remote wilderness areas in North America. I’ll take Steve over the BFRO and the hateful author of the above referenced letter all day long. Ed H.


  6. Oh what the heck! I’d thought I’d chime in here!

    Steve gets MOST of his money from the Guiding of other hunters who come from around the world for his services (i.e. at $25,000 to $75,000 USD per trip!), so doing this paranormal stuff on Youtube is NOTHING to him. His Youtube views barely get him above $10,000 USD in yearly income. He is doing this for fun and because he wants to know what’s going on.

    He presents his cases pretty convincingly and I can’t fault MANY of his viewers since I too have seen “things” that would scare the bejeezus out of most people due to our corporate work in Aerospace at the highest levels.

    Sasquatches, Aliens, UFOs, even Demons … etc, etc. Get Over It! They All Exist because modern science ALLOWS me to specify (aka dig deep to find out more) that such entities not only exist but have done so for MILLIONS (and even many BILLIONS!) of years both on Earth and OFF OF IT!

    When I see silently hovering black triangles in our YVR hangar, not only is it easy for me to believe the other stuff that Steve Isdahl is talking about, it’s actually all a foregone conclusion since half the stuff our MASSIVE parent Aerospace company researches and develops ain’t even FROM this planet! So it’s no stretch for me at all to believe all the things viewers have sent in to his Youtube channel!

    When I’m seeing MEM’s-based (Micro-Electrical Mechanical Systems) tissue samples being brought into our rather expensive labs that I know no modern human made, what is there NOT to believe? That’s an example of molecular machines right there!

    Add in DNA sequences on supercomputers that is done in mere HOURS denoting other samples that have unknown hominid with human male or female parentage and various cross-strains of combined human/simian DNA, what OTHER things are out there?

    Plus, I should also mention all that Quantum Chromodynamics and Mechanics research our multi-degreed in-house eggheads do that allow me to put my hands through solid walls effortlessly or float a 148,000 lbs hunk of composite triangular-shaped aerospace planform in mid-air and then race it in mere seconds out into space past geosynchronous orbit! To you it’s unfathomable magic! To me and my co-workers, that’s just merely part of our daily jobs doing black-budget science work which we have done for decades now!

    You’re just going to have to get over it. We humans can’t help or do anything about what some group of aliens who modded pre-human hominids over 650,000 years ago are doing even today! Accept that Steve and HIS VIEWERS are actually RIGHT and Sasquatch and the OTHER paranormal entities ain’t just merely diverged cousins of modern man. It’s a whole bag of something else in terms of he REAL explanations for that phenomena !!!! YUP! It’s a VERY scary proposition and belief to hold, but you and I ain’t going to be disagreeing with any great force with beings who have more than a few twenty trillion tonne well-hidden STARSHIPS floating about in our solar neighbourhood!

    We humans are mere amoeba sticking to a grain of sand on some single planetary beach in a VAAAAAAST frothing sea of universe-sized bubbles that bounce around in the even larger quantum foam! We just along for the ride until our bubble finally pops and dies out!

    Kinda depressing YES! …..BUT…. that is the ACTUAL TRUTH! Not some cokamaney story about Sasquatch merely being a semi-evolved cousin of humanity that YOU are thinking of!

    In 1979, U.S. President Jimmy Carter was given a still-unpublished and very classified TS:SCI updated EOS (Estimate of the Situation) report to read that goes on about what the various branches of our government REALLY know about all that which is going on in our part of the universe.

    Him, being a VERY religious man, actually put his head down into his arm and actually CRIED at his desk after he read that report. He did NOT LIKE any of the conclusions NOR any of the recitations and PROOFS of the true human history upon this planet that were given to us by others. That ONE report forever changed his life, his views and his perception of our TINY PLACE within the greater universe(s). I should ALSO note that his wife Rosalynn was NOT able to console him for quite some time afterwards!

    So again, get over what Steve and his viewers have to say!

    If you don’t like him….then don’t WATCH or READ ABOUT HIM !!!!

    and finally, NOW YOU KNOW the REST of the Story !!!!



    1. In reply to StargateSG7,

      You do know that Steve just looks at the emails on his phone, and he begins reading them, without pre-reading, screening them, or checking them? He shouldn’t be reading these emails “convincingly” if he hasn’t even pre-read them to see if they even make any sense.

      I don’t see how you could read my blog post article and not understand that putting forward the idea that Bigfoot are the spawn of “fallen angels” who sided with “Satan” against “God”, is going to lead ignorant people to the belief that they should be killing Bigfoot on sight. Is that what you want?


      1. Steve reads SOME emails at home (i.e. whenever he gets there!) and YES he just reads them as-is without reviewing them before-hand. He has already STATED in his videos that he does so without any filtering of any sort AND he does state that it’s up to YOU the reader/viewer to make any judgements as to the content and/or veracity of the emails he has read.

        In terms of Sasquatch/Bigfoot being the SPAWN of demons/satan, technically it’s kinda true. I work as part of a MASSIVE Canadian-based under-the-radar Aerospace corporation that works on pretty much everything under the sun.

        148,000 lbs Spaceplanes that can silently hover in mid-air and then shoot off to 22,000 miles up in mere seconds! YUP! We Got It!

        The world’s ACTUAL fastest 128-bits wide GaAs 60 Ghz $250 Million Supercomputer that is 119 ExaFLOPS sustained that runs WBE (Whole Brain Emulation) software in REAL-TIME at an IQ of 200+ — Ooooooh Yeaaaaah! I even was the one who designed the super-chip’s GPU portion!

        A tonne of tissue samples from around the world examined by our internal eggheads and FULLY sequenced indicating Sasquatch/Bigfoot/Yowie/Yeti/Skunk Ape, etc etc has NUMEROUS parentages and origins. YEAH We got that too!

        The results from those internal studies are as follows:

        a) Unknown Male Hominid and Human Female parentage
        b) Human Male and Unknown Female Hominid parentage
        c) Unknown female and male hominid parentage
        d) Cross-breed human/Simian via chemically-fused chromosome-with-missing-codons-added-later parentage
        e) Flexible Polymer Outer Shell Containing non-organic sub-millimetre machined ceramic and metal composite interlocked slabs containing internal extreme-short-length multi-spectrum networked communications and embedded computing device enacted as autonomous entity or remote controlled robotics system.

        Then we have to add-in some of the stuff we found in our secretive subterranean dig sites in the southwest portion of the Province of Alberta, Canada near Calgary and in the Kashmir District of India near China’s Border region indicating that 650,000 years ago, a spacefaring-capable technological civilization was able to make polymer-strand infused reinforced concrete slabs and blocks for damming and creating TWO massive artificial lakes on opposite sides of the Earth about the size of Lake Erie AND for creating the foundations of two super-dense 120 MILLION+ population lake-side cities that were twice the size of Tokyo containing extreme-height tower buildings that were calculated to be 20x the volumetric size of the Empire State Building in New York!

        Soooooo, what you THINK YOU KNOW is NOT the actual case! Sasquatch is NOT a natural being that’s equivalent to say pre-human Cro-Magnon man, but rather it’s a cross-bred construct created by a non-human technological and spacefaring civilization of AT LEAST 650,000 years old for who knows what reason!

        I can’t argue with scientists who have MULTIPLE examples of recovered quasi-crystal data cards (i.e. combo Metal/Glass material-based permanently-etched databits storage system) that contain moving and still audio-visual data from ancient beings that are tetrachromats (i.e. have Red, Green, Blue + Infrared vision and RGB+I colour data pixels) indicating they come from a sun that is smaller than ours within the stable red main sequence.

        We KNOW quite a lot because not only do we have a whole bunch of superb well-degreed eggheads working for us, but also we also have actual audiovisual PROOF of what the Earth environment was actually LIKE 650,000 years ago! (i.e. it was within a cool interstadial period colder than today’s Holocene)

        So while we do must admit, SOME of Steve Isdahl’s reader and email submitters are probably bat-sheisse crazy, whenever I see that dam spaceplane hovering silently in the hangar at YVR, I realize I just can’t refute anything said in his Youtube channel just BECAUSE of the stuff I work with almost every day is so techno-advanced / non-Earthly all by itself!

        Arthur C. Clarke, the famous astronomer who wrote the book 2001: A Space Odyssey once said “Any Technology, Sufficiently Advanced, is Indistinguishable From Magic!” — Wow! I have sooooooo realized just how TRUE that statement really is. It’s all just really advanced technology that we humans mostly just don’t know how to use and/or make for ourselves yet!

        Anyways, Steve is what he is….ignore his stuff if it bugs you so much!



      2. To me to have someone like Steve just “begin reading them” without “prereading them” as you state is not only a refreshing change. Given that how todays society is so pre-programmed into sensorship and control over others and to control ones thoughts and experiences. Your stating this only tells someone that you are in full acceptance of how society should control the propaganda and sensor what is able to be put out there. Why should Steve have to do this? Most free thinking people have had enough of the control and are sick of it. Who is anyone to say that what is about to be read may or may not be??? It gives a refreshing change to society in that noone is stopping the freedom of speech. And if that particular submission is in fact someones truth regardless how absurd or crazy it may seem, why should Steve submit to being the filter “prior” by prereading it and deciding if it is o.k. enough to be read on his channel. Noone has any right to control other people. We have been so preconditioned to accept this type of sensorship over the years that it should be considered the norm??? Really??? As he always says in his videos “Take from it what you will or leave it” allows the hearer to decide if it is bogus. It is not about one person putting themselves in a position of referee or sensorship. Why should people be allowed this type of power? Steve is only trying to break this propaganda type thinking and control and get rid of it for good. I for one am very glad he allows the free flowing information without feeling compelled to decide what passes onto the channel, it is completely refreshing to not supress voices from where our current society is today. Noone should have that ability or power to decide what is true, accurate, and what someone truly expereienced because it simply doesn’t fit our personal paradigm’s or fit into the little box that our puny human minds can accept. We make that choice and that is how it should be. Cudos to Steve for offering a platform for all to speak without this type of crap. The people have had enough of it in recent years. You my friend need to have your way of thinking deprogrammed.


    2. Just to be fair, he does have a book and another coming out that’s based on two momentary sightings, the rest of the book is filled with the stories and accountings of the people who’ve written into his channell to get it off their chest. I like what Steve’s doing for the most part. I think what he’s doing is of importance, as it normalizes the experiences and the ones who experience. However I find his rantings about the channell being a round table of knowledge and for the people isn’t supported in logic and process by filling his books to be sold for profit with these same stories and people. If it’s such a round table of true sharing, he should donate the profits to people who’ve been terribly wronged by their honesty in their own communities, or in the very least to make them aware their stories are going into his books, regardless of the legalities. Ok mean, I wanna like Steve, however it seems too loudly and strongly stated that it’s about the people, then to find out that many of the people had no idea they were even in his book. Proclamations spoken loudly mean not much when the tellings of others stories in book form come as surprise to them. I hope my message is clear, and I do hope I’m not in his next book. I’ve payed dearly for my knowledge. There’s more to the story, of course. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZY9QkM8ygGUtjPHf8


  7. For someone claiming to have been following the bigfoot phenomena so long, I’m surprised that you haven’t come to the same conclusion I have… that this is a huge pile of bovine excrement AT BEST, with absolutely NOTHING in terms of evidence to support the notion that there are evolutionary/alien/interdimensional throw-backs out there, stomping around, peeping in windows and leaving their footyprints and dead dogs all over, ostensibly for the purpose of fucking with us stupid humans, much like UFO’s and ghosts and other products of fevered minds. Really? C’mon!

    I’ve also been following this bullshit for as long as you or anyone and I’ve yet to see anything that could be considered proof that this thing exists. I do see, however, an evolution present in the way that this thing is portrayed in terms of it’s physical and mental abilities, having ‘evolved’ from merely a trespassing, oversized gorilla to a shape-shifting, psychic, 10-25ft. malevolent monster! Oh, yes… the stories are getting more and more dramatic and violent with every comment posted on HTH. Obviously, there is a competition on where people are trying to out-do each other in their “encounters”, vying for their guru’s (Steve) acknowledgement and praise. This is too blatant to ignore, though I realize the younger crowd won’t have the benefit of having had the time to witness these progressive changes in the big fella.

    I see my new buddy “StargateSG7” is here, too, cutting and pasting to his little heart’s delight! LOL! For a moment, I thought I’d clicked over to Steve’s YouTube channel by mistake, I’m looking at StargateSG7’s almost verbatim HTH musings! Well, you ought to feel honored our clandestine friend has bothered to clue you in on what his ‘organization’ is planning for the world. Myself… well… I think the boy’s a tad touched… but, then, again, I think you’re ALL touched!

    Steve’s a smart boy, he’s ca$hing in on this hoax for as long as he can. As has been noted, his income from these video postings is dwarfed by what he pulls down as a professional hunter. Still, it’s a pretty nice pay-off for the effort expended… and it feeds a pretty big ego!

    Despite my antipathy for this entire Bigfoot gong show, I have learned a few things… and you’re barking up the wrong tree on many issues. There is a historical tendency for government to use these kind of people to further it’s own ends. I don’t think Steve has to worry about being shut down by any black suits, he’s a valuable misinformation agent… along with most of his commenters/groupies, StargateSG7, included. You’ve switched allegiances pretty damned quick… anything YOU’D like to tell us? One day, Steve’s your buddy… the next… a case of literary clap!

    Anyway… it’s ALL bullshit, and, in the words of that esteemed comedian, George Carlin… “It’s bad for ya!”


    1. In reply to Harry Orchard,

      The Bigfoot subject is not bullshit. For what I estimate to be 1/300 to 1/500 people, in their lifetime they witness a Bigfoot crossing a road, a Bigfoot crossing a field, or a Bigfoot doing some other kind of activity briefly. Because these sightings are so brief, and the witnesses often can’t make sense of what they have seen, they either deliberately decide to not talk about it, or forget about it as time passes.

      In cases that are more rare, maybe 1/5000 people, these people may experience something more substantial or traumatic, like a Bigfoot reaching in through an open house window, or witness a Bigfoot stealing a pet or livestock animal.

      In these cases that I have just mentioned above, these events have been documented by old-fashioned journalists and researchers who visited these people in-person at their homes, to determine not only what happened, but assess the credibility, normalcy, background, education level, occupation, motivation, mental health of the witnesses. This was how information on Bigfoot was collected.

      What Steve Isdahl is doing, is reading emails from people without contacting them by telephone or in-person to first assess whether these individuals are telling the truth or if they are likely making up a story. In a phone call, if these individuals began talking about their ongoing abduction by aliens, working for the government as a spy, being the secret child of Princess Diana, being able to communicate telepathically with animals, then Steve might not want to read their story about their relationship with forest beings, because it is likely not true.

      It began to become obvious that is was acceptable to Steve Isdahl to read Bigfoot stories that were likely not true, because he didn’t care. Steve didn’t appear to care that giving people the idea that Bigfoot were the Nephilim, offspring of fallen angels, which could lead people to believe that they should hunt down and kill Bigfoot. Steve did not appear to care that giving people the idea that Bigfoot were forest beings that would share wisdom and enlightenment with people, that this would lead people to try to seek and approach Bigfoot.

      I became very angry because Steve was ruining the research that had already been done by other people, he was confusing people who were trying to learn about Bigfoot, he was endangering Bigfoot, and he was endangering people by reading false untrue stories.


      1. https://photos.app.goo.gl/V9eu1yyQ4MswZrdJ6 also, show these pics to ten people with no bias or leading. Watch the responses. If you’re not willing to prove yourself right or others wrong, I hope you can understand that this would out you exactly as a troll. Maybe less than, but that’ll be determined by wether you’re truly an answer seeker or just a lazy studier that proclaims much based on less than the minimal required to offer your opinion based as anything more. Only test others after you test yourself. It’s obvious you’re an incomplete studier. Here’s your chance to make up for that. I only accept fact, not opinion. Circumstantial evidence will be considered and weighted thoughtfully. Cite your reason for each assertion. Fuck opinion. Come with real game, ok? I’ll appreciate the time you spend on it, but will also point out the lack of if it seems blatant enough. Most researchers aren’t qualified to assert wether someone is or isn’t credible. The fact that any of them make an assertion of any sorts asserts their lack of credibility in the same breath. It’s rediculous. Sasquatch…the foresters that somehow influences and inspires people to judge each other, to debate endlessly, to drone on and on about them, all the while asserting how seriously we take ourselves. You wanna help? Get out there and do it, but do it well. Well on the sense that we don’t lose sight of ourselves objectively. How can we help anything when it’s we that need it, ultimately. So few have eyes and ears these days. So much so that a “mentally ill” man must be the one to point out our loss of our good human nature. Set to ridicule, set to harm verbally. Set more so to harm themselves with bemusings of grandeur even when a fellow man is used underfoot as a soap box on which to gain what? Nothing. To lose what? The exact thing they’re adorning themselves with. God bless and be wise.


      2. You are totally unjustified in your words he never suggest to anyone to hunt the forest beings. He simply tells you what he says when he enters the forest. Nothing more nothing less. Your not a researcher and they have already proven that the forest beings have been here longer than modern humans. Dr. Melba Ketchum you truly need to get your facts straight. There are highly rated people who speak to the cryptics and the forest beings and are truly respected in their field. You cut your tongue out before you spoke. Why in God’s creation would you do that, Why? You are a nobody in this field of research and until there is a law issued to protect these forest being people nothing will happen. They are dur rights which are being taken from them because of money. You are a nobody and what you are doing is causing more harm to the forest beings than any help. Think about your words and I am pretty sure that your words get you into a lot a nasty situations causing you to run your mouth. Sorry you have to live like this. Must truly be a miserable life to live.


      3. In reply to Lisa,

        During the past several days I have received an unusual amount of hate & threat comments to this blog post article. I discovered that some of Steve Isdahl’s fans are trying to claim that this article and this website are owned by a female wildlife advocate in Canada named Kelly Carson, who is in a conflict with Steve Isdahl. This article and this website have nothing to do with Kelly Carson, I’m not female, I’m not a wildlife advocate, I don’t live in Canada, I am not alleging that Steve abused women, I don’t have any photographs of Steve Isdahl.


    2. I thank the Lord every day that my life here and now isn’t based on belittling anyone who claims to have a different experience than mine. I hope that you’re gifted with an experience with the forest people’s, and also that your ranting doesn’t fall upon the ears of softer souls who are capable of and often are engaging with these beautiful people. Out of curiosity, would you have an experience with them if you could? Or is the highlight of your yearnings and want of new experiences solely limited to being a negative impact on your fellow man? Seriously, I’d gladly put you right in front of the foresters to see if they’d want to engage you in any way and wl guarantee in the least that you can cast tracks and explore their bedding areas . At most, face to face contact. Seriously. If you’re not interested, then exactly what are you doing engaging with this area of so much wonder? Please tell me you’re not another person who’s never had a lasting encounter with the Sasquatch, but somehow had time and energy to come to sites and tell everyone what is or isn’t possible….side, most trolls don’t consider themselves to be such, but when viewed objectively it’s blatantly obvious they are. Don’t be that man. Don’t be a hater of your fellow man. Or do, but let me know either way. I’m in southern ga, my name is Adam Bennett. Give heads up and come on down and let’s get you some real interaction. I think everyone should have this experience in their lives at least once before death. The fear response is hard to handle around them, especially the big males. If you’re game, I’ll gladly accommodate you. You provide your own food accomodations. I’ll let you stay on one of my spots seriously.
      Not engagityiu out of any anger or want for you to reconsider your stance on this topic. I just know that it’s a life changing situation. I’ve went through all the bulkshit and torment and I think I can save you the need for most of that part. I’d really like to see and witness the before and after change in such a negatively biased person. Thanks for your time, if you’d just rather debate about the topic than to experience it first hand, please know I can’t accept opinion as fact. I’d appreciate sources and reasoning for all your given thoughts and ideas. .


      1. Adam, Your the man … Thanks. You are so right. My first sitting was an awakening fear, included; I then realized their intelligence and later realized their beauty. I have experienced one of the worlds great wonders. Dave


    3. Steve is NOT my buddy! But I do want to hire him! We need a guide for our Extreme Environment winter expedition coming up in January 2022.

      If you have read my messages PROBABLY on various other sites, then you KNOW I have a technical background (i.e. advance autonomous vision recognition systems design and coding and high-speed GaAs DSP/GPU circuits design/verification).

      It also means our parent company literally has a a few oil tankers worth of dollars that allow it to spend serious money on all sorts of esoteric subjects including Aliens, UFOs, Sasquatch, Angels/Demons, Ghosts/Paranormal activities, etc, etc,

      And since we also have REALLY FANCY supercomputing gear way beyond what’s on the T500 list, it also means we can examine and simulate almost anything we want. I can do a complete genome sequence in about an hour and a FULL CODON ENCODE ANALYSIS in less than a few days! That means I can find out what gene encodes what and the base HOW and WHY of hormone/enzyme/protein synthesis at a molecular and electro-chemistry basis.

      We humans have latent parapsychological abilities that were purposefully suppressed and in its place, a series of alkaloid receptors put in for general emotional/physical control purposes. We know WHAT was done but we don’t know WHY it was done to us humans.

      Sasquatch is only partially related to modern man and some of the tissue samples we have received, which included more-than-just-reasonable chain-of-custody controls, indicate human/non-human fusions and even full artificiality with MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) being seen at just only 1000 times optical magnification which any lab can do these days!

      Again, just because I get around on the internet does not mean we don’t have serious financial and technical chops. Like I said earlier, I can’t really argue with a bunch of eggheads who can make a triangular-shaped 148,000 pounds hunk of composite plastic silently hover in mid-air and then shoot itself off waaaaay past geosynchronous orbit in less than 5 seconds without killing the crew!

      Most people have a VERY LIMITED UNDERSTANDING what our Universe actually IS and WHY it is the way it is today in 2021. Because of my work and alongside the teachings of these multi-degreed Ph.Ds, I personally now have a much better understanding and appreciation of just how VAAAAAAAST this specific universe really is AND just how many actual space-faring civilizations exist in this neck of the intergalactic woods alone! (i.e. A LOT of alien civilizations exist — and — the Star Wars Coruscant Planet-sized Cities actually exist as do MASSIVE Dyson Spheres and Ring Worlds!)

      These eggheads ALSO have explained to me that we are a tiny universe bubble (i.e. at over 500 Trillion light years across and not just the currently posited 92 billion light-years!) that ALSO EXISTS WITHIN a massive quantum foam bubble bath with quadrillions of OTHER Universes existing simultaneously with ours, each having their own larger or smaller expanse of galaxies, alien civilizations and megastructures.

      Then we also have to add-in that “Ephemerals/God Beings” do exist who have survived or purposefully cared for all these growing/popping/merging “Bathtubs Full of Universes” inside of even larger megamansions containing many OTHER bathrooms that contain other types and examples of foam-bath-encased Universe Bubbles!

      We are talking about utterly UNFATHOMABLE time-scales and unimaginable levels of actual GOD-POWERS which just so shows-off how teeeeeeeeny tiny we measly humans actually are while living on this infinitely tiny speck of a planet called Earth!

      In case you don’t know, Earth IS REALLY BIG !!!! I’ve PERSONALLY flown over it at GeoSync and lower orbits… I have SEEN with my own eyes just how really it is with its laaaaaaaaaarge land masses and huuuuuuuuge oceans, and I must say out loud that I have only deeply explored just a few tens of square miles of it at a personal level!

      THEN I ALSO REALIZE that this pretty big living planet is just sooooooooooooo tiny, being a mere sub-atomic-sized particle compared to this Universe bubble and all the other Universes and Quantum Foam bathrooms that exist waaaaaay out there!

      Sasquatches in organic and non-organic form and ALL SORTS of paranormal beings and exotic systems exist! GET OVER IT !!!!

      As Steve says, do your OWN homework! Look at things for yourself!

      YOU need to become the EXPERT on a given subject matter.

      Your Mind is a Bank! Make a Deposit!



  8. There are some that might think you are as crazy as you paint conspiracy theorists for believing in something that, to date, has not produced ANYTHING in the line of evidence for it’s existence. Ever think of that? You base most of your own assumptions on the claims of others, deeming them more credible, because, they organize and create a website and/or write books, as opposed to Isdahl’s emailers’ claims. In the end, your basis for proof is no different than what Steve-O’s groupies claim for the emails he reads, it’s all on faith that they/you aren’t being lied to. I dunno… I hate to acknowledge the almost daily decline of intelligence in society, it’s soooo depressing! This kind of shit wouldn’t have been tolerated on the wholesale scale that it is, now, 50 years ago!

    Steve is no threat to your fantasies, in fact, it’s guys like him that keep this crap going! I hate to lend any legitimacy or support to this rubbish by saying this, but, if you clowns spent less time infighting, your cause would benefit greatly. I see this squabbling almost as providence, so that your lunacy doesn’t snowball out of control and subvert an already gullible, batshit-crazy public!

    Oh… and what is the difference between little green men, shape-shifting apes and dogmen as opposed to angels and demons and other supernatural entities? You suggest people that believe in the latter are nuts… have you looked in the mirror, lately? LOL!


    1. In reply to Harry Orchard,

      This is the last time that I am going to respond to you. There is a great deal of valid physical evidence and eyewitness testimony from very credible people regarding Bigfoot that has been collected over the past 100 years.

      I don’t know the reasons why you are trying to make every single truth and fact debatable and discredited, but you can do it someplace else.

      If you write any more comments, I will delete them and not allow them to be posted.


      1. Allow them their list. Don’t be like Facebook, you tube, etc. Never ever forget that his rights are as guaranteed as yours, therefore they’re also as easily list as yours. We must all support each other in this way, with no deference to one leaning or another in opposing directions. It’ll be the only thing worth saving in this country soon enough. Always take time to debate with the profane and ignorant, and be no less poignant and thoughtful with any one than with another. We are the whetrock against which we sharpen our edges, but we aren’t enemies. I hope we can embrace this thoughtfully and determinedly. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZY9QkM8ygGUtjPHf8


      2. At least Harry orchard puts his name with his words. I’ll respect him for that, and try not to disrespect anyone with less grir than Harry. Unless that’s not his real name, in which case I’d say fuck off troll.


    2. You’re an incomplete researcher if you really are trying to run that “no evidence” game. Fact is there’s plenty. Come to pass a time with me in southern ga, it’ll change you completely. I promise you this and will stand by my word, but if you continue to be an incomplete researcher and lend yourself to the bullying of your fellow man, please allow me to engage you in debate. I can’t accept opinion as anything but that. I’d appreciate reason and sources for your information to be included, and also no ranting and belittling of any statement if you can’t provide good reason or evidence for it. Circumstantial evidence will be considered thoughtfully. Or come to South ga and let’s get you some experiences under your hat to consider. Thanks for your time, AB


    3. If one looks at your last paragraph:

      “…..what is the difference between little green men, shape-shifting apes and dogmen as opposed to angels and demons and other supernatural entities?….”

      On a practical basis, they are all inter-related! If there’s a Sasquatch sighting anywhere, soon enough the glowing orbs and a few spaceships/aliens start showing up. Angels and Demons? Basically, a bunch of in-fighting alien brothers giving humanity a giant paranormal and hyper-exotic technological headache!

      God? A Nested set of Alien Multi-Big Bang Surviving caretakers/creators of entire Universes contained within the quantum foam of multiple bubble baths. Who’s the HEAD UPPER-MOST GOD? Who knows?! He ain’t telling me and I am not all that sure I really want to know!

      If he wants to have a talk with me, he/it can do so at ANY TIME and at ANY PLACE he sees fit in a mere blink of an eye and I cannot do a damn thing about it!

      aka Throw me a bone Big Guy! I’m all ears, eyes and an open mind!



  9. Hey y’all, I’m the guy that the author of this rant is speaking of, the mentally ill person who’s schizophrenic, according to this judgemental and soap box grand stands make thrusts at my assertions that are based in nothing but your opinion, no facts. I just hope that you used and verbally abused me for personal gain, at least for something other than just using me in your low minded rant to slam Steve. Hey, is this how you treat mentally ill members of your family? If you’ve not enough scope, scale and tactful thought to see that in your grandstanding of grand proportions you were simultaneously calling out a person that you can’t prove isn’t skilled in ways of the days of old. I appreciate your stance on the negative impact on the foresters. I assure you this from Steve is the least of their worries. I also see that in the same instant you’ve used someone you’ve deemed mentally ill to further your own actions that are actually more blatantly turned on a fellow man. All in an attempt to appear to be sympathetic to the forest people. You’ve drawn an arbitrary line of assertion that was supposed to bespeak of your righteous endeavor to help. Stroke of pen. Only to expose yourself. I doubt most will not agree that you’ve done anything wrong, and honestly I wouldn’t care if it weren’t so serrated and blindly done. I only say blindly because I don’t think you understand that you’ve attested to your thoughts on a mentally ill person. Save your grace for when you learn to use it. Don’t take this personally, but do accept the inherent message I’m sending you. Hopefully to everyone else too. Be at peace. Your words do nothing for the ones you wish to help by using them to slander a fellow man who’s payed a great price to do anything possible to help the foresters. Be blessed. AB what kind of world is it when the one you consider ill has to point out your rush to proclamation of Steve’s ignorance outs you as that and more.


    1. Hey y’all, I’m the guy that the author of this rant is speaking of, the mentally ill person who’s schizophrenic, according to this judgemental and soap box grand stands make thrusts at my assertions that are based in nothing but your opinion, no facts. I just hope that you used and verbally abused me for personal gain, at least for something other than just using me in your low minded rant to slam Steve. Hey, is this how you treat mentally ill members of your family? If you’ve not enough scope, scale and tactful thought to see that in your grandstanding of grand proportions you were simultaneously calling out a person that you can’t prove isn’t skilled in ways of the days of old. I appreciate your stance on the negative impact on the foresters. I assure you this from Steve is the least of their worries. I also see that in the same instant you’ve used someone you’ve deemed mentally ill to further your own actions that are actually more blatantly turned on a fellow man. All in an attempt to appear to be sympathetic to the forest people. You’ve drawn an arbitrary line of assertion that was supposed to bespeak of your righteous endeavor to help. Stroke of pen. Only to expose yourself. I doubt most will not agree that you’ve done anything wrong, and honestly I wouldn’t care if it weren’t so serrated and blindly done. I only say blindly because I don’t think you understand that you’ve attested to your thoughts on a mentally ill person. Save your grace for when you learn to use it. Don’t take this personally, but do accept the inherent message I’m sending you. Hopefully to everyone else too. Be at peace. Your words do nothing for the ones you wish to help by using them to slander a fellow man who’s payed a great price to do anything possible to help the foresters. Be blessed. AB what kind of world is it when the one you consider ill has to point out your rush to proclamation of Steve’s ignorance outs you as that and more. https://photos.app.goo.gl/V9eu1yyQ4MswZrdJ6


      1. In reply to Adam Bennett,

        Steve Isdahl appears to be very, very busy with all kinds of things to do. Have you ever thought of going to stay with Steve so that you can help him? Steve is too proud to admit that he needs help, but he could sure use you right now.


  10. Hey buddy, I need to get to the north country. Also Arizona. There’s a couple of spots that have been on my radar for a while. There’s so much more to all of this and it’s processes. It does lead to a point that is worth every moments, days and years of sacrifice. I’d gladly help Steve where I could but he’s raising awareness and normalizing the topic in a better way than I can, I’m too socially awkward for such. However I’m a master of this study now and do much different tasks than our friend Steve. If there’s some frequent flyer miles out there somewhere, blessings will be on order for the contributors. Thanks guy, be easy, Adam Bennett..https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZY9QkM8ygGUtjPHf8


  11. “Methinks thou dost protest too much”
    So you’d rather him be censored than unleash holy hell on the bigguns!
    Bravo for your misguided sentiment. Christians (like some other religions) sure can fuck some shit up!


    1. Christians get a bad rap because they’re source materials have been so terribly changed, exited and reduced by first Constantine, then a line of others that followed his censoring of the left out parts of the Bible in order to keep people from knowing the truth of our history and potential. Not many truly understand the import of the master jeshua and his accepting of the Christ’s consciousness in his fourth incarnation. It’s a greater story with so much more import than what most people of a higher standing would want commoners to know of or become aware of.


  12. That assertion that Christians can fuck stuff up applies to basically every group of people, every individual, and definitely me and you. Seems that many people confuse so much due to so many of the world’s religious groups becoming fuddled by the powers that be in a successful attempt to divide the people so we’re easier to keep off the path of completing life’s greatest work. I wish we all could at least find out and realize that, and in that realization come to the understanding that were controlled and manipulated by the higher ups that want to keep all greater truths hidden away, only to be used by them for their greater good which so often is for our diminishing of heart mind and soul. It seems a great time for many to realize this and to come together to regain some of our true history and our capabilities. To set us against each other is to keep our eyes from seeing the true problem. The true problem is our willingness to accept such leadings. Not to scratch the surface and not to have keen enough minds to at least test the logic and processes of the ones that steer us in endless nonsensical directions is our problem and will remain our problem until we’re capable of scratching the surface. It’s so very frustrating watching all these things affect us, and moreso when one realizes that it’s truly not the powers that be that’s our problem, but our own accepting of the agendas without at least testing and scratching the surface to reveal what is just beneath the surface. God bless. What can men with eyes do to help others to see? Not much when they’re convinced they’re righteous in their endeavors, also the cognitive dissonance factor is at times a very real and present threat to the ones who don’t see and the ones wishing to open their eyes. It’s a complex, mysterious and somehow still beautiful world. Such is the way.


  13. The difference is you believe in nothing. That this world and everything in it came from nothing and then suddenly there was something and you, me, the world, solar system, galaxy….all of it came out if that. Where as others believe that their is intelligent design behind everything, a creator of all, the Lord God. Your science of Evolution us riddled with more holes and assumptions than Swiss cheese. Yet you ridicule people for believing in things such as Nephilim or Spirits or God. These beliefs have been around from Day 1 around the globe which makes them far more credible than your Darwinian tale of frogs turning into people and or animals turning into different animals. Then you mention and admit to Orb’s being reported but give no explanation or even address what these might be. Many believe these are beings traveling thru our dimension. Maybe it’s your evolution theory going up in smoke? From all your work, time and effort I still dont see how you or anyone call themselves an expert. An expert of such a topic would certainly know wether these are Primates or Humans or something else.


    1. In reply to Isaiah,

      Did you understand the three main points of this article that I wrote, it appears that you didn’t. 1) Giving people the idea that Bigfoot are the Nephilim, would give people justification/reason for these people to go try to hunt down and kill Bigfoot. Is that what you want to happen? 2) Giving people the idea that Bigfoot are “forest beings” that have relationships with people, is like giving the people who visit Yellowstone National Park the idea that the Bison have relationships with people, go walk up to them. Would you give people the advice to go walk up to Bison? Why would you give people the idea to go walk up to Bigfoot? 3) There have been Bigfoot sightings, and Bigfoot body examinations by multiple credible witnesses in history, as recorded in newspaper articles since the late 1800s. Why would you encourage the spread of misinformation that appears to be made-up?


      1. Actually, I have actually done that! Walking up to a Buffalo in Alberta! If you handle them like you do cows and bulls, you just need to be aware of the horns! I turned it into a nice BBQ steak a few hours later….VERY TASTY if a bit dry!

        Anyways, Bigfoot are a MULTITUDE of entity types SOME of which are not fully corporeal (i.e. are partially ghost-like!) that sometimes DO NOT follow our current rules of physics.

        Any of you in computer science who understand the concept of Ring-0 and Kernel-mode privileges will understand that when you can change code on-the-fly and index yourself into ANY memory array index location and/or disk block, you can make your own rules and COMPLETELY BYPASS the rules of an operating system and its desktop and/or running applications (i.e. modify at will ANY part of our current physical environment and the people in it!)

        There is a REASON why Computer System Administrators call Ring-0 privileges God-Mode!

        When you are able to understand, access and use the base underlying substrate of the entire universe, YOU ARE A GOD by any and all definitions! And God(s) can do ANYTHING THEY WANT AND DESIRE unless a higher-level “god” (aka upper-most nested entity) has MORE power or is at a more “privileged” Ring-0 operational ability that can supersede any being (or person!) that has lower privileges!

        Bigfoot is one of MANY entities living and/or “working” here on Earth and we just have to live with it. The base reason of WHY we humans don’t generally know much is mostly due to WILLFUL ignorance (i.e. Covering My Ears! I just don’t wanna know!) and the sinister machinations of an ACTUAL and VERY REAL Global Power Elite who want to RETAIN their power and privilege over lower-echelon persons and nations! These Power Elite WILL stop at nothing to retain that power BUT one day some “Upper-Level Nested God Entity” will simple say enough and literally SMOTE THEM ALL with a mere wave of an ephemeral hand or a blink of an alien eye!

        AFTER THAT, we humans will have to reconcile the fact that YUP! we are mere peons in a multi-universe dance of personal priorities and upper-level God-like power plays!

        Accept it and deal with it!


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  14. To the OP: Every time Steve posts a video or reads an email he reiterates that the viewers should make of them what they will, and take what is said or leave it and make their own judgments. You getting “upset” be him sharing this story or that story just proves you are an ignorant cry baby who whines when he doesn’t get his way. Steve always talks about who is any certain person or agency to decide what does or doesn’t exist or what is and what isn’t the truth. He simply puts what he receives out there for the rest to ingest and then form their own opinion. If you can’t handle that then take your sniveling ass somewhere else because you do not comprehend what he is trying to do. Your opinion doesn’t make you an authority on anything, and Steve could without a doubt not care less about what your take on what he is doing may be. More than anything it sounds like you are jealous of his following and subsequent success. Get over yourself and find something else to bitch about.


  15. The real truth is simply explained and always stays the same.
    There is no creator god. The blue earth is located on the periphery of a galactic arm of the milky way. The earth worms with their delusional beliefs would be a menace in space if they could get out of their own back yard.


  16. Sir, you forget that Steve is sharing the emails people send it & he always says it’s up to us to make up our own minds on the subject matter. It would take a naive and ignorant person to take every story submitted as truth. Fact is Steve always says “take it as you will” he Never says it true or that he believes every encounter. If anyone is hurting the research into Sasquatch it’s those fools at the BFRO. Fools like Matt “monkey maker”Moneymaker have ruined the opportunity for Scientist to take this subject seriously & research. The truth is that Steve is not the one ruining the subject on Sasquatch, it’s shows like Finding Bigfoot, In Search of and so on. We know for a fact that our government is working with major media to play to their narrative and put a spin on humor & entertainment on this topic and will never allow for the real truth to come out. Gosh! Even Freaking Ancient Aliens is putting in their own two cents. “ Could BF be the Nephilim? could BF be inter dimensional? Get my drift? That’s were idiots and ignorance comes into play & were some get their information and put their own spin on it. Real research and proof will never be accepted by Science & government. One thing is for sure, you are reading into people’s stories Way…. Too much, just sit back and take things a grain of salt at a time. Take It As You Will! Capish? Comprendes Mendes?


  17. I recall the letter read or numerous emails written in about Sasquatch being in the Bible blah, blah blah, never have I heard Steve push any agenda, dictating to anyone that he is the be all end all authority figure on this topic. He reads emails from people who have had experiences that has changed their lives so drastically that they have given up on outdoor activities and no longer enjoy their favorite activities. By these people writing in to Steve is a form of therapy for some and hopefully helps others decide to get their experience out finally without being made fun of. I don’t get the impression from Steve that he thinks he’s a tough guy and he will kick your ass for speaking against him. He is just doing what any man that is a man (That has a set of BALLS)not these sniffling whining crybabies who use social media to attack others hiding behind a keyboard and monitor or phone, whatever. He is telling us to think for yourself form your own opinion, find the answers that you need to solve your puzzle, never have I heard once say that he’s an expert on the the topic of Sasquatch ( BigFoot brings more jokers to the topic by using that name) Sasquatch or Sabe is the correct names. Steve is the type of person who is needed to tackle this topic and not backdown when the so- called authority figures from BFRO and those tree knocking, screaming in the night, caring cameras and looking for footprints group of idiots. Like Mr Isdahl has said they keep chasing their tales trying to find what has already been found. At How to Hunt he’s about the people and why we are being lied to, who is doing. I would’ve wanted to know that these things existed before I was smart enough to listen to others and eventually formed my own opinion on the topic. The Doctor’s, Military etc will never admit that there is a link to humans with these supposedly Apes. To admit the truth blows the lid off of everything they have been teaching us for decades and continue to teach our children the same. I think Steve is much more trustworthy than Todd Standing, Matt MoneyTaker and Jeff Meldrum. They are the ones feeding an agenda and making the topic of Sasquatch a joke still. Chasing the same evidence when it’s been proven by Patterson/Gimlin back in 1967. That’s all the proof you should need to at least believe they exist and they dont necessarily look like apes. I guess it doesn’t matter what you say or prove somebody will always say something negative about it and you. Unfortunately that’s the world we live in.


    1. In reply to Todd Wharton,

      To my surprise, in this past week Steve Isdahl in one of his YouTube videos said, “This channel is not for entertainment.” Wow, that was the first time I ever heard Steve say that. Maybe even Steve is tired of seeing 1,000 comments and 1,000 emails from people in the cities saying, “Hey Steve, I get up every morning, drink my coffee, watch your YouTube channel. My theory is that Bigfoot is one of the lost tribes of Israel.”


  18. It is my belief that what Mr. Isdahl does is provide an unbiased venue for people to share their experience in a method that prevents others from ridiculing and humiliating them either in private or public. A safe place, where they can either include their name, or remain anonymous. I also believe that the vast majority of these people truly believe every word they have written.
    It’s true that some of them must be cases where the person(s) are mistaken in what they actually saw, either due to a trick of the light (or darkness), or what they witnessed was distorted by heavy foliage or distance, but I also believe that with the tens of thousands of reports in the past and the hundreds of new ones every year that they can’t ALL be mistaken.
    Sure, there must be some folks out there that have some fantasy about living in harmony with supernatural beings and maybe they’ll write in to a platform like HTH and detail every little thing that they have imagined it would be like, but I don’t believe that is true of everyone that writes in about being on friendly terms with a family or group of Sasquatch. There are too many instances of people describing such a situation for them ALL to be false or made up.
    Do I believe EVERY story I hear about this subject? Not at all, but I at least have the courtesy to NOT go out of my way to publicly call the ones I don’t believe liars or nut jobs or insult them. I believe that is Mr. Isdahl’s attitude, as well. I notice he makes sure to thank the author of each e-mail that he reads, and I have never once heard him say or even infer that he didn’t believe something he had just read. He is obviously a very intelligent person, as evidenced by his ability to cold read the e-mails in such a fluid manner and the way he is able to extrapolate and interprate those with poor penmanship and/or lack of punctuation. He is observant, hard working and appears to have quite a good grasp of current events. Anyone who has ever owned (or, at least cared for) livestock can see by the way he interacts with his animals and the appearance of the animals themselves that he takes good care of them and keeps them healthy and happy. Do you really think someone like that would believe each and every account that was sent in to him?
    Even though he protests that no one out there would make up a story just to get their kicks, I don’t think he’s that gullible. I think he’s been raised with an old set of values that precludes him from calling someone a liar – or worse, mocking them – for sending in a story that he thinks is made up.
    The bottom line is this: Is every e-mail he reads 100% true and factual? I highly doubt that. Does Mr. Istahl have enough class to keep that fact to himself and NOT insult or humiliate the writers of accounts he doesn’t believe? Obviously, yes. That, in my estimation, makes him a much better person than one who trolls the internet, trying to find someone to insult just because they have related an experience that some people find hard to believe.
    On another note, to those people working with such highly advanced and/or alien technology, is there any research being done into finding a cure for cancer or the common cold? If so, can you let us know how close we are to finding a solution? I ask because a friend of mine has a butterfly tumor in his head, and I would like to know how close modern medicine is to curing him. The doctors have told him it is terminal.


    1. In reply to Bear Barre,

      I will try to point some things out using an analogy. The mega-church pastor Joel Osteen in Houston has a personal net-worth of about $50 million, and the mega-church pastor Kenneth Copeland in Fort Worth has a personal net-worth of about $200 million.

      The books of the New Testament of the Holy Bible are attributed to the twelve apostles that were personally instructed by Jesus. The books of the New Testament of the Holy Bible tell about the life, teachings, practices, and sayings of Jesus.

      In the lifetime of Jesus, Jesus chose to go poor and barefoot, to demonstrate such things as humility, lack of pretentiousness, absence of pride & vanity, giving to others in need WHENEVER POSSIBLE, seeking a reward in heaven over earthly reward, and other lessons about helping the poor versus the wickedness that accompanies the seeking of wealth.

      Besides the example of Jesus’s own life where he personally remained poor, Jesus taught and spoke against the attainment of personal wealth many times. For example, a wealthy man asked the apostles how he might enter the kingdom of heaven, the apostles asked Jesus, to which Jesus replied, “Tell him to give up all of his possessions and follow me.”

      It is very, very, very clear that Jesus, the originator of Christianity, taught and spoke against the accumulation of personal wealth. And, Jesus taught about helping the poor & needy WHENEVER POSSIBLE. So how can the Christian pastor Joel Osteen have a personal fortune of $50 million, and Kenneth Copeland have a personal fortune of $200 million?

      The answer is that this is lies and bullshit! Christians should call Joel Osteen and Kenneth Copeland out on this, this is all lies! But instead Christians praise Joel Osteen and Kenneth Copeland, continue to listen to them, continue to send them money.

      The people who watch Steve Isdahl devotedly, who gobble up every email he reads about what the Forest Beings told them in a dream, are kind of the same thing as people who follow Joel Osteen and Kenneth Copeland. They are the same because they CAN NOT WAKE THE FUCK UP to lies and bullshit!!!

      Is there truth about Bigfoot/Sasquatch? Yes, there is truth, but the truth IS NOT what a thousand different lonely, mentally-ill, attention-seekers make up in their own minds.


  19. To name withheld. Why would you bring millionaire pastors and their megachurches into this conversation… just because Mr. Isdahl read someones account and that person believes they are Nephilim? Now you’re telling us what the scriptures say while you attack another person…. hmm. I might suggest you spend some time in your prayer closet and seek humility. Mr Isdahl has simply made a place for people to be heard. If you can’t listen (and hopefully you don’t visit the channel anymore) and, as Mr Isdahl puts it, ‘Take what you want from it or leave it alone’, then just don’t listen anymore. Pretty simple. But you may continue doing what you’re doing. Your protesting is simply free publicity for him. Hope you find a way to shed the fear and anger. Peace.


    1. In reply to Greg,

      I mentioned the mega-church multi-millionaire pastors Joel Osteen and Kenneth Copeland, to use an example of people following a personality to an almost cult-like extent, with over-zealousness, in a kind of a trance or fervor, all the while the content or substance is questionable or bullshit, but people eat it up.


    1. In reply to Candizippie,

      Steve Isdahl is not just “the messenger”, he is looked upon as knowledgeable and experienced on this subject, maybe even an expert. Hopefully going forward, Steve will try to remember that he can confuse people, give people the wrong idea, and muddy the water of evidence by reading made-up stories or theories from people who have never seen, learned about, or researched Bigfoot.


  20. You dont seem to understand the meaning of equal. Its up to the listener to discern what they believe, not Steve.
    Letter comes from a physicist or a street sweeper it gets read. How do you know they arent a hybrid species? I think your letter says more about you than Steve.


  21. Steve provides a format that allows ALL people to share their trueths, period.
    No one is excluded.
    What don’t you get about that?
    I did not even catch your name or what your agenda is and now that I know you think some people’s trueth should just be silenced, I don’t care.
    If you want to pick and choose and change stories like the rest of them go right ahead,
    PS I see I am not alone.


      1. Would benefit you greatly to check out the guy in the mirror. Hatefulness says everything about you and absolutely NOTHING about anyone else. Peace.


      2. In reply to Joe Ravaioli,

        I hate that any kind of progress that could be made in the world, is undone by the majority of stupid people who can’t understand or discern anything. Once again Steve Isdahl is reading the mystical, magical forest-being/light-being/sabe spoke to me in my mind made-up fantasy bullshit again. Bigfoot is about as mystical as an opossum or a truck driver.

        There are Bigfoot reports recorded in local newspapers and official documents going back to the 1600s, of Bigfoot killing people, and people killing Bigfoot, captured Bigfoot, and dead Bigfoot. Here is a collection of these newspaper reports and official documents: https://web.archive.org/web/20130528082621/http://www.lawnflowersjerkyandbigfoots.com/Pages/BigfootShootings.aspx

        Why don’t you try reading real, actual accounts, instead of made-up bullshit.


  22. I know 2 things about isdahl that are very disturbing.
    My uncle went on a guided hunt with him in 2014 . My uncle fell of a horse and cracked his head wide open . Isdahl prevented my uncle from going to the hospital . Even though his scull was protruding with heavy bleeding Isdahl made his lady assistant apply stitches and forced her to talk my uncle how minor the gash was . This was all done to prevent the hunt from being called off pre maturely,and isdahl not getting full payment for the hunt . My uncle returned to Mexico where his injury became infected and he passed away . Steve isdahl later admitted to and made a joke out of the entire event on video it is on his Howtohunt the facts titled “ I could see his skull “.
    Paybacks are a bitch .I’ll leave it at that


    1. In reply to Mr. Shhh,

      I remember watching one of Steve Isdahl’s YouTube videos from 1-2 years ago where he told the story of one of his clients falling off a horse, hitting his head, and that he could see the man’s skull. I do not remember Steve saying anything about what happened to this man once the hunt was over. I do not know, if Steve found out or was told that his client later died from this head wound.


      1. he instructed the food prep lady to not tell the man how bad the cut was or that his skull was visible, that would have meant the hunt was over early and lost money so he could get to a hospital. the hunter got his kill and was satisfied but idk how hes doing these days. remember steve charges $50k for a hunt so he definitely doesn’t want to give that back. its pretty sick.


  23. Steve wants you to contact him to discuss this so you will learn the facts. Anyone who has a problem with what he posts can contact him. He would rather discuss the problem with you than having you posting s#!+ without really knowing the truth. Don’t read stupid posts and then make up some crap and post it all over. He’s a good man and he actually stated he wanted people to contact him with problems.


    1. In reply to Jayne Severs,

      As I wrote in this blog post article, when Steve reads emails from mentally-ill people, delusional people, people with no knowledge or experience with Bigfoot, reading their stories lends credibility and validity to stories that likely never happened, and theories that have no research behind them. This mixing together of stories that actually happened with stories that are made-up, and conclusions from long-time researchers with theories from people who have no experience or research, was making a HUGE MESS of Bigfoot research. And it was leading stupid people to believe that they should hunt down and kill Bigfoot because they were supposedly the “Nephilim”.

      In the past several months when Steve has begun to preface some stories with a disclaimer, that he doesn’t know whether this really happened or not, that he is just reading an email someone sent in, this is a more truthful way of presenting a Bigfoot story, not letting people believe that he is vouching for the validity of the story.

      For instance, in a recent email, a Native American claimed that he had been on a sniper-spotter team in the U.S. military for roughly 20 years, while in Afghanistan both he and his spotter witnessed about ten large Dog creatures emerge from a crack of light, begin killing a platoon of Afghanis, followed by about ten Bigfoot emerge from a crack of light and begin killing the Dog creatures, later the Bigfoot gave he and his spotter some special crystals. Before reading this story, Steve gave several disclaimers, saying that he had no way to know whether this was true or not. These disclaimers that Steve is giving are causing stupid people to begin to understand that not everything that Steve reads is true.

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  24. yeah i wouldnt get mad at steve per se, he says he reads prettymuch every story thats sent in to him and alot of times hes reading whatever email happens to be at the top of his unread inbox (i know its not live) he claims to not judge or discriminate. the fault here lies with the absolute bunch of morons in youtubes comment section. 1000 of em dont have 3 brain cells between the lot. youtubes comment section is absolutely pathetic, they say anything just hoping to be a little bit popular with the rest of the commenters. its truly sad, but its not totally on steve. i wonder if all the emails he reads are really from different people or is he writing them for views. i dont know for sure but im fairly sure the bs lies far more within the comment section than it does with steve.


    1. In reply to snarevox,

      I want to mention several things. Steve is a little bit guilty of NOT discouraging viewers from submitting fictitious stories. I wish that Steve would say, “Guys, we are trying to get to the bottom of this Bigfoot thing, it’s creating a mess if any of you are sending in stories that didn’t happen, stories that you made up. I’m not calling anyone a liar, we just need to focus on actual, real Bigfoot encounters.”

      There is no shortage of viewers trying their hand at creative writing. These wanna-be writers, probably have no idea that Bigfoot is real, and it doesn’t bother them in the least bit to make up a story. I am not even going to rant again about mentally-ill people sending in stories that there is no possible way that they could have happened.

      Lastly, I know that a bullshit, likely made-up story is coming when the writer starts talking about their “Glock” or their “AR-15”. Glock’s are just a lower-to-mid-price-range polymer/composite semi-auto pistol that could be chambered for 9mm, .40 cal, .45 cal, just the same as a High-Point, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Colt, Beretta, Kimber, etc. It makes no difference whatsoever whether they had a Glock or any other manufacturer, the writer is just showing their ignorance.

      Same or even worse when the writer is boasting about having an “AR-15”. AR-15 are semi-auto rifles chambered for .223 cal. Much larger rounds are .30 cal, .308 cal, 7.62mm, .338 cal, which could be found in semi-auto rifles like a Ruger Mini-30, Heckler & Koch, AK-47, etc.

      I probably shouldn’t say this, but it gets old hearing writers saying, “I knew that the .30 cal rifle that I had with me wouldn’t do anything to it.” I own a couple of semi-auto rifles chambered for Winchester .308, with 20 round magazines. These Winchester .308 would go through a concrete block wall. Ten rounds at a Bigfoots head would at a minimum be going through both eye sockets, through mouth and out the back of skull, through throat and damaging if not severing spinal cord.

      It’s not a good idea to shoot Bigfoot, because they live and travel in family groups, you would have difficulty leaving, but I am tired of people saying, “The rifle that I had with me wouldn’t have done anything to it.” They should probably get a different rifle then.

      Because Steve Isdahl viewers are not going to believe me, here is short video clip of test firing a 5.56mm (.223 cal) at a HOLLOW brick wall. After the first two shots, the shooter confirms that although the HOLLOW brick shattered IT DID NOT GO THROUGH THE WALL. During subsequent firing, the 5.56mm (.223 cal) did not go through wall until the HOLLOW brick cracked and fell off the wall: https://youtu.be/hWSKIfAKY4k

      In this second video test firing 7.62mm (.308 cal), SOLID brick shattered, but HOLLOW brick was penetrated all the way through: https://youtu.be/m3NnY1VmEzk


      1. Of course some of the commenters are making up or embellishing bigfoot encounters but that should come as no surprise to anyone who has reached adult- hood and has ever watched TV or interacted with other human beings. To think Steve’s pleas for honesty would have any impact on people of questionable integrity or mental stability is naive at best. The claim that the fictitious posts are ” creating a mess,” in an arena that has already been muddied and ignored by the MSM, ridiculed by mainstream science, and denied by governments that have been covering up and sowing disinformation for the last 100 years is tenuous. The fact that a significant percentage of reported sightings come by hunters actively hunting lends credence to the inclusion of firearms in this discussion. I’ve shot Whitetail deer with a .308 through the heart or liver and watched them cover over 100 yards in seconds before they dropped. To think that a far larger, more muscular, smarter, and incredibly fast creature like a Sasquatch could not cover 100 yards and tear apart a hunter is ignorant. I would also defy even the best marksman to be able to fire ten rounds of ammunition in a few seconds and hit any charging animal in the head, eye sockets, and throat. Any honest hunter who has ever been in this situation knows that your “ten round” scenario is fictitious. These types of scenarios happen at speeds that dwarf human reaction time and don’t take into account that most hunters are not using AR15’s to hunt with. Furthermore it is unlikely that human beings often get the jump on a Sasquatch. Most likely they know a human being is in their vicinity long before, if ever the human being is aware of them. I’ve shot my 7MM Magnum clean through 3/8″ AR steel plating but that has as little relevance to a Sasquatch encounter as your brick breaking scenario does. Step back and chill out with the criticism of everybody else, and especially Steve. Contrary to what you might believe your voice is no more important than anyone else’s.


      2. In reply to Edward Hintze,

        I am complaining about Steve Isdahl’s HowToHunt YouTube videos where he reads viewer submitted stories, that both his viewers and his story-writers are using for entertainment, because they are creating a factual mess that is ruining the genuine authentic research and giving inexperienced, low-intelligence people information that is misleading and dangerous.

        Of the Bigfoot stories that are likely true, as determined by experienced & knowledgeable investigators and researchers, roughly half of the Bigfoot encounters are benign, non-threatening, just a sighting in passing, a brief encounter, a Bigfoot trying to remain hidden, a Bigfoot trying to leave quickly.

        However, of the Bigfoot stories that are likely true, roughly 10%-20% of these Bigfoot encounters are dangerous: Bigfoot taking & killing valuable livestock; Bigfoot taking & killing family pets; Bigfoot grabbing people out of their vehicles, sleeping bags, and tents, and carrying them a short distance; Bigfoot abducting children, women, and men and not bringing them back; Bigfoot killing people; Bigfoot raping people; Bigfoot sexually assaulting horses and cattle.

        The reason why I AM SAYING THAT MY OPINION OR VOICE IS MORE IMPORTANT, is because I am trying to tell people that do not know, that don’t even realize that they do not know, to watch out, look at the totality of the information, do not get the mistaken impression that Bigfoot are benevolent Forest Beings, higher spiritual beings, at times some of them do take people, eat people, rape people, kill people.

        Regarding rifles, yes, you can easily shoot four rounds per second with a semi-auto AK-47 7.62mm/.308 cal, or probably an AR-10, or M1A. Some/Most people don’t hunt with AK-47 or AR-10. However, if people choose to hunt with a rifle that can’t fire four rounds per second, I guess they are going to be the ones saying, “When I saw the Bigfoot, I knew that my rifle was useless.”

        You shot a deer through the heart with a .308 cal, and it ran a hundred yards before dropping. I bet if you shot it four times in the head with a .308 it wouldn’t be stumbling more than ten feet. The example I gave about firing ten rounds at the head of a Bigfoot, was to hopefully get a couple rounds through the eyes, one or more through the mouth and out the back of it’s skull, or at least one through it neck and spinal cord. Firing ten rounds, even just one of those hits from a .308 cal, just one through an eye, just one through the back of it’s skull, just one through the spinal cord in it’s neck would/should drop it to the ground. How is it going to attack you with a severed spinal cord, or a brain that has been exploded?


      3. ” One shot, one kill,” is the goal to achieve an ethical kill while hunting,” as opposed to, “…hopefully to get a couple of rounds through the eyes , one or more through the mouth and out the back of it’s skull, or at least one through its neck and spinal cord, ” sounds like the words of someone who has never fired a round at a running or charging animal. Firing 4 shots in a second might be possible with a semi automatic rifle but the recoil from the 1st and each subsequent round would guarantee that you would not be acquiring an accurate hold in a quarter of a second for each round but instead just pointing down range and “hoping” you might hit something. Your reaction time would be slowed as you thought that this really can’t be happening to me as the reality of your worst nightmare closed on you at an incomprehensible speed.( A charging lion covers 60 feet per second, I would expect a Sasquatch would close at a similar rate.) Add to that an animal that would be covering 15 to 20 yards a second headed straight for you with the most malevolent of intentions do you really think you would even hit it to say nothing about hitting it in the eye socket ? More likely your bowels would let loose and you would become a quivering mess milliseconds before it pulled your head off your shoulders and used the rest of your body like a baseball bat against the nearest tree. Furthermore it is understood among big game hunters that you never shoot at a charging bear’s head because the round will often deflect off its skull unless it is dead on. Most hunters fire over a charging bear anyway because in the time it takes to pull the trigger the bear has gotten significantly closer. (I would expect the skull of an 800 lb. Sasquatch would be similar in density and thickness to that of a Grizzly.) Even a mortally wounded large Black bear or average size Grizzly, which would be comparable in size to a mature Sasquatch, would probably be able to get on a lone hunter and cause grievous injuries in its death throes. On a different note a few years after my first encounter with a Sasquatch I had another experience with what I believe was some type of psychic or telepathic warning to vacate my hunting area. Over the course of several minutes the feelings intensified to the point where I felt a palpable danger, at which point I packed up and left, all the while checking my backtrail frequently. I never saw the perceived threat despite carefully scanning the 360 around me but whatever was going on was very powerful to the point of near dread. Thus I agree with your contention that these creatures have the potential for extreme violence. Anyway good luck and stay safe.


      4. In reply to Edward Hintze,

        For four consecutive years, I was required to pass a timed shooting test, to demonstrate proficiency in lethal hits on a human target, that emphasized and tested: shooting as quickly as possible from waist while standing; standing shooting using sights from close range and long range; shooting and reloading using weak side as if strong/dominant side was injured; shooting while kneeling as if injured; shooting laying on ground on side and reloading as if injured; all timed with target hits scored. This training and testing was not to shoot animals, but to shoot people who were armed and trying to shoot you first. I was required to carry a firearm that was chambered at all times, with the safety off, so that there wasn’t even a safety switch delay in shooting people, who would be trying to shoot me first. So I don’t like your comment that I would just stand there and shit my pants, not able to react if an animal was charging me, I had to practice, test, and work for years ready to shoot as quickly as possible and hit lethal shots.


      5. wow, your reply was extremely firearm-centric. that being said, i dont disagree with you in the least. i feel like alot of the pathetic mentally challenged idiots in those youtube comment sections just might overlap with the tryhard creepypasta authors sending steve bullshit just to possibly hear their name in a video with hopes they can maybe fool him into thinking the experience was real and giving the author some form of props or shout out or whatever. id imagine hes been fooled more than once by a work of fiction purported to be truth. its really a bit sad that some people need validation to the point of creating lies and clogging up the airwaves of what could have been a really cool and rare place to get information on things that is largely unavailable anywhere else. according to steve, hes got ‘so many’ unread emails he is simply overwhelmed. now if that truly is the case, i would almost guarantee quite a few bozos are gonna be able to slip their precious little attention grabs under his seemingly nonexistent radar/filter. it makes it super hard to maintain faith in the validity of ANY of the information being presented as there is really no way to discern a highly skilled author of fiction from a legitimate experience. if you get lied to enough times, you stop trusting everybody. it really sucks because i wanted to like it and feel like i had some kind of inside information, but now im to the point where i basically take almost all of it with a grain or two of salt.

        BANG BANG 😉


      6. In reply to snarevox,

        I do not want to get involved in arguments about firearms, especially mixing the subject of Bigfoot with how to shoot a Bigfoot. However, it has been bothering me for couple of years when people write emails to Steve Isdahl talking about how they were carrying their “Glock” or their “AR-15”, it’s almost a dead giveaway that they are trying to give authenticity or credibility to a fictional story. Like I said, a Glock is just a lower-to-middle price range semi-auto pistol that is no better than a Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Beretta, Kimber, Colt, etc. Regarding the AR-15, it is actually a 5.56mm/.223 cal, smaller round, not nearly as large or effective/damaging as 7.62mm/.308 cal AK-47, AR-10, etc. Lastly, if people don’t think that Bigfoot can be shot and killed, here is a link to some of the newspaper articles from the past where Bigfoot were shot and killed: https://web.archive.org/web/20130528082621/http://www.lawnflowersjerkyandbigfoots.com/Pages/BigfootShootings.aspx


      7. In reply to name withheld,

        i wasnt trying to start any kind of argument at all. i was just commenting on specifically precise your descriptions of firearms are. i totally agree with you that when people try super hard to make it sound like their experience was absolutely real and then go on to refer to carrying their glocks and ar15s (which at this point have almost become like some sort of go to generic names to reference a pistol or a rifle) theyre basically giving away or making obvious the fact that their whole story is probably bogus. and now if they were in fact really carrying an actual glock or ar15, they most probably wouldnt refer to it in such a way when recounting an actual experience. the abuse of the tems really shouldnt be considered an all bad thing, as they almost do sort of present an easier way to pick the phoney stories needle out of the overall stories haystack. sometimes blatant lies can be tricky to spot, but if you say you “drew down on a sasquatch with your glock” or “upped your ar” it dies make it easier to be more accurate in detecting which stories are probably fallacies.


      8. In reply to name withheld,

        i also noticed some of the posts/replies have a “reply” link at the bottom by the “like” and some of them just have the “like” and dont have the “reply” link… do you know anything about this or why it might happen or the best way to reply to a comment that doesnt have the “reply” link??


      9. In reply to snarevox,

        The only time that I personally saw that one of my blog post articles did not have a “reply” or “comment” icon/button/link, was for a blog post titled, “The Beautiful Chippewa Women Of Turtle Mountain”. In this article, there was nothing derogatory, defamatory, uncomplimentary, or off-color about the Native American women that lived in the Turtle Mountain area of North Dakota. However, there were quite a few comments expressing outrage over this blog post, alleging that it was “racist” or something like that.

        I think that my website hosting platform “WordPress” did receive numerous complaints from Native Americans alleging that this blog post article was racist, but upon review, WordPress staff could not find anything racist about it, but in order to cut-off further complaints, somehow, I don’t know how, the WordPress staff removed the comment/reply icon/button/link. I noticed this myself for this blog post article, there was no way to comment to it any longer.

        The only other thing that I noticed, is that when viewing my blog post articles on an Android phone, a simplified view is presented, with fewer features than if it were viewed on a computer browser.

        You could try to leave a comment/reply to the next nearest comment, or the next nearest blog post, stating what it is that you are referencing, and it will not seem too out of place, other commenters do that sometimes, leave a comment that does not pertain to the subject where it is placed.


  25. It seems like Steve is reading the letters for the first time when he does it for the video. Like you can send in any creepypasta crap about telepathic bigfoot and he’s going to read it and his fans love it. Then you have Steve calling detractors a “pussy” and saying he’ll fight them. Then you read the comments section and it’s a cross between a cult and everyone talking about how enlightened and loving and caring everyone in this group is. It’s so pretentious and elitist that it’s gotten to the point of being funny.


  26. Name withheld-
    Even the secret service protecting the president of the United States keep the safety on. They are taught how to toggle off the safety while drawing their pistol. I have to believe you are a joke and if you tried this you’d be a joke missing a foot.


    1. In reply to Nick D,

      No, I am not joking. I will go even further, because many people do not know or understand this either: I/we could only draw weapon from holster to “use deadly force” or “apply deadly force”. There was absolutely no use of firearm for dissuasion, show of force, warning, threat of force, and absolutely not for a non-fatal shot.

      I don’t know if you would or could understand the legal reasons for only being able to draw weapon to apply deadly force. It has to do with at a later time after the fact, an opposing attorney could ask during a deposition, hearing, or trial, “Why didn’t you shoot immediately? Was there a question in your mind whether deadly force was required or not? What doubts did you have?”

      What would be exponentially worse, would be an opposing attorney asking during a deposition, hearing, or trial, “Why did you shoot my client in the arm or leg? You obviously did not think that deadly force was required, because you shot my client in his leg. What gives you the right to shoot someone in the leg?”

      So to answer you question or suggestion that I was joking, the answer is NO I wasn’t. I/we were only permitted to draw firearm to use deadly force, not ever use firearm as a threat of force to dissuade someone, so no firearm safety on.


      1. I do know one thing and it’s a fact…people who eagerly share unsubstantiated opinions about others are inherently dangerous and should not be trusted…if ask, do I believe in Bigfoot… it’s been suggested they hate us…I believe that.


  27. Just wanted to give good thoughts towards your thoughts. I have also been watching howtohunt, Steve would be tickled that it started a conversation, he always says leave it or take it, it’s totally up to you. I’m just trying to read these to help people have an out, with people that want to listen to them, that have possibly had the same experiences.
    And by doing so, hopefully helping those people that can’t go back in the woods because of their new fear, one day soon to be able to go back in the woods.
    He always says, we don’t have to agree on everything. Let’s just start talking about it and together, we will one-day figure it out. He also always says, I would never shoot at one of these. That would be a big risk on your behalf is how I take that. He also says I would never feed or gift one, but that’s up to you.
    Again, I believe he would thank you for standing up and speaking your thoughts.
    However, I think you and most of the people are after the same thing. Try and remember, he always says he is just reading for the people. Maybe that helped the poor guy with mental issues?
    I have my own thoughts and questions about the really big guy. I always think though no matter how much good you hear about them. The people that were possibly killed, will never tell anyone what happened.


  28. I forgot the Steve always says, however if the come in your yard or house and are stalking the girls or the kids, or you. Game on, different story. He always says stand up for yourself, and never take crap from any bully’s! I really like that!


    1. In reply to Jeff Larson,

      I have been reading about Bigfoot for the past 40 years. Watched a dozen or so documentaries, listened to many, many hours of interviews with researchers and witnesses. Found other good resources for information, such as the collection of hundreds of historical newspaper reports compiled by a college professor, archived on the internet as “Lawnflowers, Jerky, and Bigfoot” probably so that he didn’t lose his professorship and employment for publishing about Bigfoot.

      I came to the realization a couple of years ago that Bigfoot are most like Native Americans. Bigfoot are nomadic, migrate to where the food is, depending on the time of year. They don’t own or covet property, possessions, land. They don’t farm, develop land, or build permanent homes. They try to live within nature, exist with nature, rather than try to subdue & conquer the Earth. Native Americans even describe Bigfoot as having coexisted with the tribes for as long as they can remember.

      In the 1600s, 1700s, 1800s, when settlers in the U.S. began interacting with Native Americans, some tribes were peaceful, helpful, while other tribes were combative. Over time, trade was established with some tribes, while other tribes attacked settlers.

      The interactions that people in the U.S. have with Bigfoot currently, can vary, just as the first settlers experienced when dealing with Native American tribes. The Bigfoot can be curious, benign, interact peacefully, or they can try to drive people away, attack people, kill people.

      I think that Bigfoot are more than animals, they are not a North American great ape, they are more like different tribes of Native Americans.


  29. I’m a Christian and had never seen a Bigfoot. I have seen a massive identified craft phenomenon, with 3 others, so I’m open to possibilities of expanding my reality. I doubt they’re Nephilm, due to their hairy characteristics, but who knows. If someone wants to hunt them, it won’t be a biblical Christian doing so. YES, we will call on Jesus if we’re scared, most people do, even non-believers call for God’s help when frightened. Blaming Steve is silly. He covers a range of outdoor topics and we all love in a free country to voice our opinions for now, at least. Don’t be one of those who tries to cancel him out because he doesn’t line up with your perspective. No one knows if they are demonic or just supernatural, either way, a dialogue is happening. As a Christian, I do find offense of how you think if we think they’re demonic we will try to hunt them and kill them. That’s not biblical to do so. We let God fight those battles for us. As far as the NT, you can “deliver” a demonic spirit, but at no time would we have anything else to do with them. It’s a Christian lifestyle choice to stay away from trouble. I do live in the woods in a log cabin, and when I moved here, I gave a respect out towards my woods to have a peaceful exchange. I do believe in having good intentions wherever you happen.


    1. In reply to Moon Oak,

      Since I wrote this particular blog post article, more people have come out and commented here and elsewhere, that Steve Isdahl needs to preview or edit what he reads. Within the past couple of weeks, I have seen Steve Isdahl himself come to a stop and say, “That’s it, I can’t do it, I can’t continue reading this email, it’s just going on and on, and going nowhere.”, to which several commenters wrote, “You need to edit some of these.”

      Regarding what Bigfoot is, I had not known that David Paulides of the CanAm Missing Person’s Project, and the Missing 411 Books & Movies, that prior to researching missing persons in National Parks, that he had spent several years as a paid Bigfoot researcher in the western U.S., primarily interviewing Native American Tribal members.

      The Native American Tribal members told David Paulides that Bigfoot were just another kind of Native American people. You can listen to this information here, where Coast To Coast AM host George Knapp interviews David Paulides about Bigfoot research and Bigfoot DNA. https://youtu.be/-VzP02_Btpc


    2. In reply to Moon Oak,

      During the past several days I have received an unusual amount of hate & threat comments to this blog post article. I discovered that some of Steve Isdahl’s fans are trying to claim that this article and this website are owned by a female wildlife advocate in Canada named Kelly Carson, who is in a conflict with Steve Isdahl. This article and this website have nothing to do with Kelly Carson, I’m not female, I’m not a wildlife advocate, I don’t live in Canada, I am not alleging that Steve abused women, I don’t have any photographs of Steve Isdahl.


  30. I used to be a big fan of HTH, but with the religious BS, and lately his political BS, I’ve come to find that it’s hard to watch. Shame, was a great thing he had.


  31. Funny how only the people who have NOT had spiritual experience, by their own choice, consider that lack of experience more powerful than those who have experience in that area. Doing that is simply the opposite response to all logic, science and law on the planet.

    The testimony and experience of a six year old on a farm is far more powerful than a lack of that same experience by anyone else no matter what qualifications they have. People with very high qualifications can’t even define a woman today due to their jacka$$ agendas, much less have a quality relationship with our Creator.

    Eric, stop trashing what you DON’T have experience in and offer what experience you DO HAVE if you want to be considered objective, rational and a contributor to what is good and true. Good people won’t trash you, even if they don’t agree with your analysis as long as you care about learning and sharing the Truth with humility and an open mind. As of today, you are considered a disinformation troll for the lying establishment cabal whose motives are less than truthful. That never ended well throughout all of history, so why go there?


  32. What the heck! Since it’s December 30, 2022, I might as well pontificate some more findings since some of my earlier posts sound kind of insane, deranged and/or out-of-this world.

    Steve’s HowToHunt channel is getting larger and larger because SOMETHING is going on with various Cryptids showing up sometimes literally on peoples’ doorsteps for whatever reason. Too many people are coming forth with their own stories and he is one of the FEW internet celebrities able to provide a non-judgemental platform for people of all creeds and cultures to showcase what was seen and/or happening TO THEM! Steve is a platform. Nothing More! You either ACCEPT the stories or you DON’T! Some are fake! Many are Real and some are even out-of-thsi world! Like he says: Take It Or Leave It As You Will!

    I personally come from a Science-oriented background that DESIRES practical real-world EVIDENCE of any given claim. I also like REPEATABILITY where if someone says If you do X then Y happens, I would like to REPLICATE what someone previously has done or said, so that I might obtain FURTHER PROOF of a given single event or set of experiments/phenomena!

    There is REAL WORLD EVIDENCE of modern Cryptids including Sasquatch/Bigfoot/SABE/Yowee/Yeti AND ALSO of ghosts, aliens, dogmen, skinwalkers, demons, ephemerals and other non-traditional entities.

    We humans actually ARE getting smarter by the year mostly due to the rapid advancements of Computer Technology which lets us examine at a closer level whatever real-world evidence pops into play.

    We can simulate, emulate, reformulate and even dis-assemble events, materials and structures to such an extent that we can either REFUTE or CONFIRM what was original told and/or postulated.

    What is Sasquatch? We have EVIDENCE that they are multi-faceted beings where some have ancient origins, some have near-modern-human qualities IN ADDITION to there being entities that are non-corporeal and/or even micro-machine-based (MEMS) artificial lifeforms!

    SOME such beings have non-traditional paranormal abilities that are EITHER natural in origin or are technologically enhanced. This means we humans LIKELY have the same abilities which were naturally devolved due to climate/environmental/social pressures OR were purposefully REMOVED from us by other beings of a high-technology ability.

    There is ALSO concrete evidence that we humans are NOT the native intelligent lifeform on this Earth! Our Circadian Rythm (aka Body Clock) is oriented towards a 25 hour planetary spin while Earth in its ancient past had a 22 to 23 hour rotational period. Ergo, we are ORIGINALLY from a planet that had a 25 hour spin!

    There is also CONCRETE evidence (literally concrete!) of ancient space-faring technological civilizations from multiple periods such as 280 to 220 million years ago, 180 to 160 million years ago and 100 to 70 million years ago that SEEM to indicate reptilian-like bipedal beings ARE the actual evolved natives of Earth but abandoned it once they became space-faring!

    During specially-operated mining and survey acivities, multiple persons/groups have found fibre-reinforced concrete megastructures and large-scale technological system that WERE NOT CRUSHED under tectonic activity located within deep underground regions in today’s western South America and Southwest Africa that were once part of ancient continents and low-land areas that WOULD HAVE BEEN protected via large mountain ranges and/or oceans/lakes which would have kept away the major Dinosaurs and other Carnivores of those eras, allowing the Saurians/Reptoids enough time and space to evolve and become technological and then spacefaring!

    Other deep underground found evidence indicates within the last one-million years, a very large humanoid species that is a close relative of modern humans had built multiple lakeside cities about TWICE the size of modern day Tokyo (tokyo is 60 million people today so ancient cities of 120 million people) to be present near todays India/Kashmir border region and what is now southwest of Calgary, Canada.

    These beings created massive fibre-reinforced concrete dams to create artificial lakes that then had built massive lakeside cities with buildings ten times the size of todays largest buildings with massive transportation/rail networks that were basically the size of modern day cargo ships traverse the ancient pre-glacial-era lands that are now the Canadian Prairies and a major Asian mountainous region!

    We SUSPECT that we modern humans are the product of a genetic engineering program to create self-replicating (i.e. disposable!) biological robots that were designed to mine precious or technologically-important metals and minerals that COULD NOT be otherwise obtained easily from local gas giants or other rocky planets.

    Probably, it was the usual technologically-important Gold, Silver, Platinum-group, Aluminum, Titanium and other metals and probably radioactive materials were what was mined during the interstadial periods around 600,000+ years ago.

    There is ALSO EVIDENCE of nuclear explosions due to the finding of common long-lived radionucleotides in uniform layers of sub-surface strata that only now have subsided to just above background levels which are by-products of nuclear warefare.

    We suspect, based upon OTHER technology found, that the large-stature humanoids that created modern humanity had a long-term war with another alien species and eventually abandoned Earth and left our modern-era human ancestors to their own devices! It looks like they INTENTIONALLY blew up their own cities and left quickly after a long period of space and terrestrial warfare that was initially non-nuclear in nature.

    We also have “Concrete Evidence” that these ancient cities were built and present upon Earth for at least 75,000 years BEFORE the final warfare with the other species. And that final warfare was long-term for at least 100 to 1000 years in duration before the final abandonment/self-destruction of those cities and the artificially created lakes!

    This evidence was predicated upon the obtainment of out-of-place artifacts being discovered and retrieved during 1950’s to 1990’s-era Oil & Gas drilling operations, deep mining operations and seismic surveys within the Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in Canada which then eventually led to similar exploration/archeology activities in the Kashmir/India border regions which indicated large megastructures located underground in both places which led to further technological artifacts being found which finally led to well-funded explorations and scientific analysis by groups funded by mostly petro-and-mining-related wealthy patrons, which is ONLY JUST NOW getting to be publicly disclosed within the 2020’s-era.

    We humans are NOT the native species on Earth! At least THREE other civilizations BEFORE US became technological and spacefaring! Today, we humans live with OTHER CRYPTIDS that are both native to Earth and are part of the genetically-engineered biology created by non-modern-human alien entities who did NOT evolve here but came from somewhere else in this Galaxy or elsewhere in the local universe!

    It’s a pretty scary thought as to WHAT ELSE has been found or researched by those in Government agencies, various militaries and private groups which has NOT YET been disclosed publicly!



    1. In reply to StargateSG7,

      Thank you for your comment. Though I don’t agree with everything that you wrote, because I don’t think that there is enough evidence for your specific conclusions, as a whole, there are a hundred different ways that the History, Religion, Science, and Medicine that we are taught is not the truth, not accurate, and incomplete.

      I am going to copy-and-paste your comment to a blog post article titled “Reader Comment About The History Of Earth”, where I will discuss a few of my own opinions.


  33. (Note: This comment is very highly redacted by the Dickinson58601.com website)

    How bout this one? This is my theory about Mr Steve.

    So have you ever noticed that on some videos Steve looks (wound-up)? Like always has something to do, can’t sit down for a second? He just acts all hyped up and blames it on the coffee….(redacted)….

    Then when he is (not wound-up), he just looks haggard! Like his face just looks like worn and tired. Yes, this could happen to anybody who looks tired, but stay with me here. The anger outbursts he displays and always wants to fight, is …(redacted)….

    He can’t stand being around people, always retreating into the mountains, aka, being non-sociable is ….(redacted)….

    Now y’all can say I’m full of it, but I’m getting there, bare with me. So now you see the way he acts and how it could be ….(redacted)…. Now there is more to this then just the outbursts and anger displays. He all of a sudden goes off-shore fishing for tuna outside into international waters. That’s something you plan for, not a spur of the moment thing ….(redacted)….

    (Several paragraphs redacted here)

    Now you might think I’m wrong, which you’re totally entitled to your opinion, but next time you watch his videos, keep that in the back of your mind. Follow the clues of how he acts and what he does. If you do, you’ll see everything falling into place ….(redacted)….

    (One paragraph redacted here)


    1. In reply to JustAnother,

      I read your comment several times in its entirety, and I considered what you explained. Several of the elements and circumstances that you elaborated on, I have had personal experience with from different points of view. In the back of my mind, I might have been considering Steve in this regard, but it was not in the forefront of my mind.

      Now that you have explained these things, it makes a great deal of sense to me, it fills in pieces to a puzzle that wasn’t making sense.

      Just one example: For a year or two, Steve spoke fairly often about creating a “roundtable of knowledge” where people could come together and discuss things over a beer sometime. As Steve was making his move to his new home, and showing the renovations to his new home, many viewers thought that Steve was creating a kind of place for people to visit. Then about one year ago, Steve interrupted his normal commentary suddenly, his demeanor changed, and he said very seriously, “Sarah was driving down the road not far from where we live. She came across two Native American women in a truck who said that they were trying to find me, because they heard I lived around here. DO NOT EVER COME TO MY HOUSE, O.K.!” This was in very sharp contrast to Steve always saying things like, “I’ve got your back” or “We’re a community” or “Maybe we’ll sit down and have a beer”. I didn’t expect Steve to get so upset about someone trying to come to his house, he’s much more vulnerable in the remote wilderness by himself.


      1. Not only is Steve vulnerable to uninvited visitors who very well may have bad intentions for whatever reason or for no sane reason at all, he must also insure the safety of his significant other who probably spends significant periods of time home alone. He also has businesses to run and a homestead to build and maintain. Allowing strangers to drop in uninvited and unannounced would be a very risky precedent to set for anyone, especially for a public figure like Steve for many obvious reasons.


  34. 1st off: I’m not on either side. IMHO, YOUR POINT IS VALID;
    I.e. It’s NOT good if ppl are encouraged to think of bigfoot as evil.
    2nd point: I have watched literally hundreds and hundreds of his videos, over YEARS, perhaps 1000s…
    The fact is he generally just reads ANY perspective.

    Problem i see with your point:
    You’re cherry-picking! (Natural human inclination to pick out points that validate, our own, preconceived notion)
    He’s read dozens of different ‘perspectives’/’theories’ emails.
    He generally gives NO PREFERENCE or priority to ANY of them, as far as i can tell!
    You’re presenting this ONE kind of perspective, as if he’s giving it more weight or credit than the others! He’s simply not.
    ^ This is simply not TRUE or FAIR.
    He reads MANY long e-mails, as you put it, ‘many-pages-long’ of the opposite theories too…

    In fact, he tends to lean towards e-mails from professionals, especially military, ranger, police etc – The kind of e-mails where they report scientifically about a creature, NOT the ones with theories based in legend, myth or religion.

    I get your concerns and they ARE VALID but it’s unscientific to censor SOME of the data!
    Being biased against some of the data, no matter how absurd, creates FAR more problems than the potential dangers of allowing a data-set you do not like!….
    This has ALWAYS been the way with FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

    History has ALWAYS proven that censorship is a slippery slope to TERRIBLE CONSEQUENCES! No matter how awful the subject, it’s better to counter it with a better counter-argument, than to try to censor the subject.

    Re ALL censorship, i suggest:


  35. Psychologically speaking, Isdahl is pretty transparent. I believe he started out with pure intentions, and he’s mostly honest, ‘warning people to be wary of frauds, or ppl seeking money or publicity. His whole approach is the redneck bravado thing, his “I wont be silenced” and “theres no turning back” rhetoric appeals to his fellow militants..and I agree, his approach is admirable overall, but his total lack of subjetivity is also reflected in his naivete’ where he seems to believe that, in an ‘unproven’ topic, everything and anything is plausible.
    His channel started with his normal followers, hunters, outdoorsmen (and women), many of whom were ex military/law enforcement..and some told their story for the first time on his forum,..and it was interesting, but then, as is the norm, he started attracting the loonies, and the attention got to his head. For someone who believes in Bigfoot to call someone a looney is a def. measuring stick.
    Where Steves entire attitude now is the gung-ho, militant “we wont be pushed around” talk, hes encouraging those Illuminati-Freemason-Flat Earth-Contrail-Conspiracy nuts and theyre coming out of the woodwork. For all of the talk on his channel about “the truth” and “everyone voice will be heard”, he seems to have no discernment for whose a nutter and who isnt. Another of his mantras is “Not an ape”, but he will more readily accept that “They” are using mind control and spending billions of dollars a year and dispatching black helicopters to track the lives/hack the browsing history of unemployed ppl whose only ‘crime’ is commenting on Bigfoot forums.
    I used to be a loyal listener but had to stop when he started entertaining all the conspiracy theory, anti-government nutters. He should stick with the encounters only. THAT IS ‘sharing knowledge’..and even IF one of the foil hat wearers who write in were right, what does that advance and good luck trying to espouse your credibility when your ‘sources’ are all cerifiably and measureably insane.


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