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Dickinson mayor Dennis Johnson resigning at the end of October 2015

I have written about forty-two blog posts trying to explain what Dickinson, North Dakota is like.  Maybe some of the people who have read my blog don’t believe me.  Please, please read the Dickinson Press newspaper article dated October 6, 2015 titled, “Dickinson mayor Dennis Johnson resigning at the end of October.”

Dennis Johnson became mayor of Dickinson in year 2000.  According to my research, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of MDU in 2001.  MDU, Montana Dakota Utilities is a a large utility company that provides electric and gas service in North Dakota.  MDU also owns a construction company called Knife River Construction.

I would have thought back in 2001, that being mayor of Dickinson, and being on the board of directors of MDU, would probably lead to conflict of interest accusations and suspicion.

In about 2013, MDU began constructing a refinery in Dickinson, called the Dakota Prairie Refinery.  Again, I would have thought people in North Dakota would have thought that Dennis Johnson as mayor, was not able to be neutral, objective, and unbiased concerning MDU’s activities in Dickinson.

In approximately 2014, Knife River Construction was awarded a large road construction project on State Avenue in Dickinson.  There are several civil construction companies in Dickinson: Northern Improvement, Martin Construction, Tooz Construction, Baranko Brothers.  Did a citizen, a city council member, or a construction company owner finally say, or make the accusation that there was something corrupt going on?

In the Dickinson Press newspaper article, Dennis Johnson said that he was resigning as mayor of Dickinson because MDU stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange, and the New York Stock Exchange has a rule that you can’t be a government official and be on the board of directors of a company that does more than 2% of that government entity’s business.

My personal opinion is that Dennis Johnson’s increased status as mayor of Dickinson in 2000, probably increased his potential for being appointed to the board of directors of MDU in 2001.  Being on the board of directors of MDU probably helped Dennis Johnson be re-elected mayor several times.  Being mayor of Dickinson and being on the board of directors of MDU probably also helped Dennis Johnson’s company, TMI cabinets, a manufacturer of cabinetry for institutions and facilities like schools and hospitals.

There are some other things that I would like to say, that I was told by people who are in a position to know, that I believe are true, that Dennis Johnson is a large stockholder in MDU.  How can you be mayor of Dickinson, where MDU is building a refinery, and Knife River Construction is awarded a large road improvement project, and appear that you are not personally benefiting every time an employee of the City of Dickinson makes a decision favorable to MDU or Knife River Construction?  Did City of Dickinson employees, city council members, and business owners feel pressure to give MDU and Knife River construction preferential treatment in order to not get on the bad side of the mayor, or win favor with the mayor?

I encourage readers to go look up other news articles about the City of Dickinson, in particular articles related to the arrest of the Trinity High School principal and his coerced confession, and also news articles about illegal practices at Dickinson State University.  You will get a much better understanding of Dickinson.

Corruption In Dickinson, North Dakota

I have previously written two posts about the Dickinson Mafia, which is a group of men who are business owners and city officials in Dickinson who determine amongst themselves what they want to happen in Dickinson, they tell themselves and each other that what they are doing is in the best interest of Dickinson, but they are advancing their own interests and enriching themselves primarily.  I stated previously that the Dickinson Mafia is similar to the Good-Old-Boy Network in the South, though the Dickinson Mafia members are Catholic, and the Good-Old-Boy Network are Protestant.

I believe that I have already stated that the Good-Old-Boy Network in the South, sometimes decides who will succeed in business in a small town, and who will fail.  Unfortunately, it has been my experience that the Mormons do exactly the same thing in Idaho, and the Dickinson Mafia do the exact same thing in Dickinson.  In this post, I want to describe some corrupt practices of the City of Dickinson Police Department, and Dickinson State University.

The City of Dickinson Police Department posts advertisements for a job opening not on Monster.com, CareerBuilder, Indeed, the “Dickinson Press” newspaper, or North Dakota Job Services, but instead on some obscure website that no one would think to look for.  Secondly, the City of Dickinson Police Department will not only hide the job opening where no one will find it, they will post the advertisement for only one week.  Why do they do this?  They do this so that the only people who will know to apply are the people that they personally tell ahead of time: friends, family members, neighbors, people they owe a favor to, people they want to owe them a favor.  Maybe, they don’t want to hire black people, Muslims, Jews, homosexuals, or people from out-of-state, who knows, this practice allows them to discriminate any way they wish because the only applicants will be the people they personally tell ahead of time.  If you should accidentally find out about the job advertisement, apply, and meet all of the criteria, they have other ways of eliminating you, like giving you one business day notice to provide your high school transcripts from a school you graduated from twenty-five years ago in a different state.  If you overcome that by asking a county archivist to do you a big favor and fax you your transcripts the same day without receiving the required payment, they have additional ways to obscure the fact that you are not being hired because you are from out-of-state.

What else do the City of Dickinson Police do that is corrupt?  They like to arrest people, take them to jail, have them post bail, and pay $3,000 up front to local attorneys to represent them in court, even though the person arrested has not committed a crime.  For instance, if you are stopped for a DUI in Dickinson, you will likely be arrested and taken to jail prior to having your Blood Alcohol Level tested, and you will still be processed into jail and charged with DUI even if your BAC is below the legal limit, you can post bail, and go pay a local attorney their “$3,000 minimum, up-front fee.”  This will happen to you because you are a piece-of-shit, out-of-state worker, this will not happen to local business owners.  This arrest process occurs for other offenses, where the arrested person has not committed a crime.  This happened once to a friend of mine for “providing a false address to the DMV”, he was found not guilty a couple of months later  because he had provided his actual, real address.  This happened once to a friend of mine who was arrested for “possession of stolen property”, but he was found not guilty several months later  because no item of his property was in fact stolen.

Dickinson State University will advertise a job opening not on Monster.com, CareerBuilder, Indeed, the “Dickinson Press” newspaper, or North Dakota Job Services, but instead on some unknown website, where the only people that know to look there are the people who have been personally told ahead of time.  The job will be advertised for a short period, like one week.  The only people who will know to apply for the job opening will be the people who have been told ahead of time.  This technique of hiding the job advertisement, and listing it for a very short time, limits the applicants to those who have been personally told about the details of the advertisement ahead of time.  This practice should be illegal, and I believe that it might be.  Why wouldn’t you want to broadly advertise a job opening, for at least two weeks, so that you would have the opportunity to have many highly qualified applicants?  Is it because if your family member, relative, friend, or neighbor had to compete against out-of-state workers, who have much more education and experience, for a job at Dickinson State University, your family member, relative, friend, or neighbor would never get the job, so you have to hide the job advertisement?  This practice of hiding the job advertisement makes it possible to discriminate against blacks, hispanics, homosexuals, Muslims, Jews, and out-of-state workers, by making the job advertisement known to only people that you personally inform, based on your personal preference of who you think should be hired.  I believe that this procedure is illegal.

What else does Dickinson State University do that is corrupt?  In approximately 2012, Dickinson State University received nation wide news coverage for awarding bachelor degrees to at least a couple of hundred foreign students who never completed the course work required for that degree.  Dickinson State University nearly lost its accreditation as a University because of this.  Dickinson State University has also been found guilty of falsely inflating its enrollment numbers.  The Dickinson State University Foundation has been found to have been involved in the mismanagement of funds, possibly criminally, and this organization has been ordered by the state to go into receivership.