Parents, Watch Out For The “Sustainable Living” Scam From Your Children

Parents, watch out for the “Sustainable Living” scam from your children.

Up until approximately the year 2010, most parents looked forward to their children graduating from high school, and going out into the world to attend college, community college, trade school, a work apprenticeship, joining the military, or begin working. Some parents might have had a daughter who was planning on moving out and getting married to her fiancee right after high school.

When the U.S. economy is bad overall, or just bad in some areas, it is not unusual for adult children to be unable to afford to rent a place of their own, or rent a place together with several of their friends after high school. Some young adults may not be mature enough, confident enough, experienced, or knowledgeable enough to obtain a job that pays more than minimum wage. These circumstances are not a scam, many of these young adults would probably move out and live on their own if they were financially able to do so.

However, there is a scam that has been going on, that has become more prevalent since 2010 due to it being shown on the internet website “YouTube”. Young women who were plenty mature enough to leave their parents’ home after high school and begin working as a waitress, dog groomer, shacking up with their boyfriend, or go off to college with no intention of putting in any effort, have discovered through “YouTube” and word-of-mouth from marijuana users and drug addicts, the “Sustainable Living” scam.

The “Sustainable Living” scam overall, is a ploy or ruse, where young women try to disguise their laziness and unwillingness to work, by trying to pass off their behavior as virtuous, by using catch phrases such as “Sustainable Living”, “Living Off-Grid”, “Tiny-House”, “Eco-Friendly”, “Low Carbon Foot-Print”, while attempting to not work and have their parents and other people pay for everything for them.

How this scheme usually unfolds, is an adult daughter will begin talking to her parents about “Sustainable Living”, saving the planet, protecting the environment, returning to nature, and “Living Off-Grid”. At about this same time, the daughter will have made plans to quit her job, quit going to college, and move back home with her parents.

Next, after the daughter has moved back home with her parents, she will begin talking about the low-cost, environmentally-friendly, “Tiny-House” that she wants to build on either her parents’ property or some other property. And how she wants to begin growing her own food, and try “Sustainable Living”.

If either or both of this young woman’s parents stop and consider what their daughter actually has in mind, it consists of the father going to Home Depot or Lowes, purchasing about $12K in lumber, plywood, roofing shingles, electrical, plumbing, cabinets, appliances, and building a 10’x12′ living quarters, without a building permit, hidden behind an existing house in order to plug into its water, electric, and sewer.

What the daughter has in mind, is that once Dad has built her private living quarters on her parents’ property, she will not have to pay for rent, water, sewer, electric, gas, garbage pickup, property taxes, or insurance. And she has access to her parents clothes washer & dryer, or whatever else they have that she might need.

Once her father has bought all the material, hardware, fixtures, cabinets, appliances, built the tiny-house, hooked up all the water, sewer, electric, and gas to his existing utilities, to create this living quarters for his daughter, everyone will say how “independent”, “resourceful”, and “self-sufficient” his daughter is.

With her own separate, private living quarters on her parents’ property, her parents can’t kick her out of their house, scrutinize who she is inviting over, learn what kinds of drugs she is using, getting high, who she is having sex with.

A give-away or tell, that shows what a scam and schemer the daughter is, when planting her so called “off-grid”, “eco-friendly”, “self-sustaining farm”, she plants a hundred garlic onion bulbs, and that’s it.

Keep in mind, that since the daughter is living off-grid, sustainable-living, eco-friendly, she won’t have a job, and won’t have money to pay for car repairs, car insurance, medical care, health insurance, so somebody else is going to have to pay for that. But she’s very independent, and self-sufficient, according to other women.

4 thoughts on “Parents, Watch Out For The “Sustainable Living” Scam From Your Children

  1. Referring to Isabelle Paige I presume?

    Money plays a big factor on how you can live this lifestyle and granted having helpful parents may seem unfair to some, she has and is able to live it comfortably in her ‘TinyHouse’. You can now make a living off YouTube and she is not stupid knowing this. Is she spoilt? perhaps but she has a plan and these are coming. Is her YouTube channel a scam and a facade, in a way… but there is a lot that she does not disclose. It’s not wrong living on your parents land and all, but this leaves a lot of the responsibilities and bills out. We all need to pay towards society and in actuality having a career makes us feel good, having a routine to our day, and the social side too.
    Anyone interested, these are freely viewable websites about her.

    Creative ideas?

    and interestingly.


    1. In reply to “neowithheld”,

      Is this blog post article about “Isabel Paige”? Partly this article was a result of the responses and comments that I received after writing about Isabel Paige. Many of these responses and comments that I received showed me that people, especially women, were being fooled by the “Off-Grid”/”Sustainable Living” movement that uses many other catchy phrases and language like “low carbon footprint” and “eco-friendly”, appealing imagery, glamorizing and presenting a care-free life of leisure.

      What the “Off-Grid”/”Sustainable Living” movement does not show, is that farming is very, very labor intensive, hard, tiring, dirty work, that does not always yield a good crop. If you combine subsistence farming with no or very little cash income, a tiny-house, non-reliance on public utilities, what you get is Appalachia with poverty, no cash money for clothes, shoes, health care, dental care, home repair, car repair, it’s poverty, that’s what you get.

      I want to try to break the illusion and fakery that “Living Off-Grid”/”Sustainable-Living” is glamorous, care-free, leisure, when in fact farming is very hard, tiring, dirty work, with many long days, with no guarantee of a successful crop, and without substantial cash income from elsewhere, a person living this life would go without new clothes, shoes, eyeglasses, health care, dental care, health insurance, home repair, or automobile repair, and be very, very poor. Maybe even die without the charity and intervention from others.

      In wanting and trying to dispel the myths about “Off-Grid”/”Sustainable Living”, I tried to respond to similar comments from Isabel Paige’s viewers, who would often describe Isabel Paige as “independent”, “self-sufficient”, and “resourceful”. I don’t know what is wrong with women, other than being incredibly stupid, brainwashed, or trying to be deceptive, to mis-use or not understand the meaning of words, that they are using the words “independent”, “self-sufficient”, and “resourceful” for the exact opposite of what they mean.

      “Independent”, means being able to live on one’s own, with no assistance, or outside help. Isabel lives on her parents’ property, where they pay most of the bills, she is hooked up to her parent’s electricity, she uses their water, she goes up to their house when she needs to, she received a great deal of help from her father in building her Tiny-House, and she continues to receive her father’s help. She is “dependent” not “independent”. An example of “independent” would be if she was a nurse in Alaska earning $70K per year and paying all her own bills.

      “Self-sufficient”, means being able to provide for yourself. Please see explanation above for “independent”. A “self-sufficient” person would not be living on her parents’ property, where her parents pay most of the bills, relying on their utilities, living in a Tiny-House that her father did most of the work on, continue to receive help from her parents, have a couple of Go-Fund-Me charity donation internet pages, and a Patreon donation account. This is relying on the help of others, the opposite of being “self-sufficient”.

      “Resourceful” means being able to solve your own problems yourself. Please see explanations for “independent” and “self-sufficient” up above. “Resourceful” is not relying on your parents for a place to live, relying on their utilities, relying on their help, relying on Go-Fund-Me accounts, or Patreon account, this is relying on the help of others. An example of “resourceful” would be living in the wilderness of Alaska with no outside help from others in money, food, housing, equipment, labor assistance.

      Hopefully, this blog post article warning others and parents about this “Sustainable Living”, “Self-Sufficient” bullshit, will prevent women from pulling a confidence-artist scam on people, where they get other people to provide them with property to live on, electric, water, building materials, hauling building materials, planning-layout-constructing a tiny-house for them because this is so-called “eco-friendly”, “small-footprint”, “sustainable-living”, when it’s getting other people to pay for them so that they don’t have to work.


  2. You pinpoint a particular scam or deception here, and it is an interesting one, but it is indicative. **Everything** without exception is a scam these days (in no particular order):

    fake money
    fake news
    fake videos
    fake financial markets
    fake plandemic
    fake elections
    fake politicians
    fake medicine
    fake science
    fake genders
    fake electric cars
    fake space flights
    fake environmentalism
    fake sh0 0tings
    fake b0mb ings

    The list goes on and on…


    1. In reply to Jacobson,

      Thank you for your comment. I read your list of “fake” things, and I agree with your list, I think that you are correct.

      I am just about to turn 52 years old, and what I have learned that is real and not fake, I have seen that it has been valid for my entire lifetime, is that young people who learn a skilled trade, and work at a skilled trade, have very little difficulty earning plenty enough money throughout their lifetime.

      Everywhere that I have lived, and from everything that I have seen in my lifetime, electricians, plumbers, HVAC techs, auto mechanics, truck mechanics, heavy equipment mechanics, lock smiths, cabinet makers are always employed, and heavy equipment operators and welders can usually find work. People in these occupations earn enough to buy a single-family home, nice vehicles, fishing boat, motorcycle, pay for their children, go on vacations, and have a decent retirement.

      So, I don’t want anyone ruining young people’s lives by pointing them in the direction of believing that they can live in a van, or in their parents’ backyard, and not understand that they are going to spend their life in poverty.


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