North Dakotans Have Just A Few More Days To Calmly Purchase Their Supplies

On November 12, nine days ago, I wrote a blog post article explaining to North Dakotans that they needed to start buying emergency supplies due to coming civil unrest and corona virus lock downs. There was no need to panic, they just needed to begin buying extra supplies now.

Today, November 21, I read a Reuters news article that documented actual panic buying and shortages in California, New York, Arizona, and Washington. In these states, supposedly due to increasingly severe corona virus restrictions, stores like Walmart, Costco, Target, and Kroger have either sold out or experienced shortages of toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, Lysol wipes, and spam. You can read this article for yourself:

People in North Dakota need to realize, that when this type of behavior occurs on the west coast and the east coast, that it takes anywhere from several days to a couple of weeks to reach states like ND, SD, and WY.

It doesn’t matter that North Dakota is very different from California or New York, it’s the nature of people in North Dakota to read, hear, or see the news and what is happening elsewhere, to take it all in, to process the information, deliberate, and then come to many of the same conclusions as the people in California and New York came to, that no one wants to be without necessities during a time of emergencies.

There is no need for North Dakotans to begin panic-buying, however, North Dakotans do need to pay attention now to making sure that they have enough supplies of necessities, because pretty soon they will be more difficult to obtain.

1 thought on “North Dakotans Have Just A Few More Days To Calmly Purchase Their Supplies

  1. I don’t mind the uncomfortable shortages of “normal” goods again. It makes all of these ass holes in Bismarck finally get a taste of what we went through in the oil patch. My lifestyle is prepared for this…I always have a modest stock of good supplies at a good price.


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