The Most Important Election In The History Of The World

This November 3, 2020 Presidential Election is the most important election in the history of the World.  The whole history of mankind, our evolution, experiences, development, discoveries, knowledge, technology, wars, exploration, and expansion has gotten us here to where we are now.  Will we be able to go any further, to continue on, or is this as far as we will go?

The United States for the past two hundred years has been the most free, the most open to discovery, innovation, expansion, invention, prosperity, and individual success.  This Republic/Democracy combined with Capitalism, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights has allowed more individual freedom, more opportunity for every individual, and more equality for every individual than at any time in history, anywhere.

I have lived long enough, experienced enough, read, learned, and became educated enough, to know that Communism and Socialism does not work.  There is an appeal to Communism and Socialism, that the World’s resources can and should be shared more equally.  However the mechanisms by which Communism and Socialism must seize and redistribute resources, are totalitarian governments with brutality, intolerance, injustice, and inhumanity.

Ever since the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917, Communism and Socialism have spread to various countries:  Russia, China, East Germany, Cuba, and Venezuela.  Very soon after the establishment of Communism in Russia and the confiscation of private farms, which were turned into cooperatives, there was widespread famine.

Under Communism, everyone was supposed to work equally, and receive an equal share.  However, this inspired the newly liberated Russian populace to perform as little work as possible, since there was no incentive to do more.  Plus, what was produced by some, was confiscated for use elsewhere.  This resulted in shortages of food, clothing, necessities, tools, equipment, and supplies, because there was no motivation or reward for people to produce anything or work hard.

In Russia, China, East Germany, and Cuba, there was no freedom of speech, freedom of the press, or freedom of religion, because once Communism was installed, and the government was responsible for everything, there could no longer be any dissension, disobedience, criticism, or disagreement with Communism and the government.

This Communism worked so well in Russia, China, and East Germany, that guards with automatic weapons would shoot the citizens as they tried to climb over the barbed-wire fences to escape to a Western country.

The millions and millions of low-income city-dwellers who inhabit places like Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, they look forward to the day when they have free health care, day care, housing, utilities, food, and higher education provided for them by the government.  So they voted for Joe Biden.

However, once the government is in complete control of providing health care, day care, housing, utilities, food, and higher education, people will not be permitted to disagree with the government.  It will be mandatory for people to do what the government tells them to do, as the government is responsible for the well-being of everyone, people will not be permitted to go against and disrupt the government system that provides everything to everyone.

Initially, all of the money that will be required to pay for health care, day care, housing, utilities, food, and higher education, will be paid for by taxes on the rich, upper-middle-class, and middle-class.  But once the rich, upper-middle-class, and middle-class don’t have any more money to pay these taxes, the government will confiscate their private property.

Once the private property and companies of the rich, upper-middle-class, and middle-class are confiscated, and owned by the government, who will take over and run these companies, farms, mines, and manufacturing?  The government will run these companies, a few educated people will be administrators, a few brutes will be managers, and all you urban city-dwellers who voted for Joe Biden will be working on farms, in mines, and manufacturing for slave-wages.

Attention all you city-dwellers!, when the government provides everything for you, taxes then confiscates the property and companies once owned by the rich and upper-middle-class, how do you think the government is going to continue to supply you with food, clothing, and utilities?  You people are going to have to work all day on farms, in coal mines, in manufacturing plants.  How else is everyone going to be provided with everything?  Do you think that you will have any choice or say once all of you are provided for by the government?

All of you people in Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, once the government begins providing you with everything, your health care, child care, housing, utilities, food, and higher education, why do you think that your life will be any different than the people in Russia and China?

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