The Mischievous Deeds Of Stark County Commissioner Ken Zander

On July 22, 2020 there was a Dickinson Press newspaper article that began like this: “Multiple Stark County officials have confirmed that longtime Stark County Commissioner Ken Zander has been accused of a serious human resources violation by a female county employee and that the matter was forwarded to Stark County Human Resources for action.”

I am not a fan of sexual harassment claims or complaints.  I don’t like hearing them or hearing about them.  When I graduated back in 1995 with a degree in mechanical engineering, there was a mechanical engineer in his fifties who I worked with named John, who was a mentor to me.  John who had been much more successful than me with his career in engineering, said to me, “There is no such thing as sexual harassment.”

What John meant was this:  One of the main purposes of human beings is to procreate.  Without this strong persistent drive in human beings to reproduce, human beings would have gone extinct a long time ago.  From the beginning of human kind, males have used whatever means necessary to try to obtain a female to mate with.

Gradually over thousands of years, more civility has been introduced into the mating process.  Abducting women is usually not acceptable anymore.  Brute force has been replaced with other things, such as courtship and dating.  But what hasn’t changed, is the fact that men are still required to take the initiative and solicit women’s attention if they want to be able to mate.

It is ridiculous and absurd that the necessary step of men seeking the attention of women should or could be outlawed.  Most of you readers exist because some form of “sexual harassment” took place.

Now back to the story of Ken Zander’s mischievous deeds.  An October 7, 2020 Dickinson Press newspaper article outlined some of the complaints that were filed against Ken Zander by a female Stark County employee:

“According to the investigation report, a probe conducted by investigator KrisAnn Norby-Jahner into each of the 19 allegations levied against Zander by a female county employee — whose identity is being withheld for this article — outlined the nature and scope of the investigation as stemming from complaints involving sexual harassment and retaliation.”

“The employee alleges that Zander grabbed her buttocks and leaned in to kiss the woman during a work hours meeting, and that when told “never touch me again” Zander allegedly responded by yelling at her, “You better do what I tell you to do.”……

“The employee alleges that Zander sent multiple text messages with lewd, inappropriate and non-work-related images and text.”……

“The employee alleges that Zander pulled his vehicle next to hers and gestured with his hand in a motion going in and out of his mouth while using his tongue to push his cheek out.”…..

“The employee alleges that Zander placed a plate of pumpkin bars on her vehicle seat and made a statement concerning sex, to which she responded that it was inappropriate for him to say that, to which he laughed.”…..

“The employee alleges that an anonymous person informed her that they had a recording of a conversation occurring in a bar between Zander and other prominent members of the community, and that the audio recording captured Zander referring to the employee’s “fat ass” and that she “waddles around” her place of work.”…..

“The employee alleges that she was retaliated against for reporting sexual harassment.”….

The investigator looked into each of the allegations, and found that there was evidence of varying degrees to support some of the allegations, but no evidence in support of other allegations.  Ken Zander did partially admit to some of the alleged events, to the extent that he was just playing a joke.  In the end, this was the official determination as reported by the Dickinson Press:

“An investigation into allegations against Stark County Commissioner Ken Zander has concluded the longtime commissioner did not engage in unlawful harassment, workplace harassment, sexual harassment, retaliation or violations of the county’s payroll policies. The investigation did conclude, however, that Zander violated the county’s electronic tools policy.”

You can read the entire Dickinson Press newspaper article here

I want to acknowledge that I believe that the female Stark County employee who made a formal complaint with these and other allegations, might be devastated that there was no finding of misconduct by Ken Zander.  But I don’t know her.  I don’t know if she will take this in stride, like water off a duck’s back, as if this was mostly just an unwanted nuisance to her, or if this conduct was ruining her job and her life.

I was getting ready to write the following words, “An obvious lesson from this is….”, but the whole point of this blog post article is that there is no obvious lesson from this, because men and women see this completely differently.

I began this article by explaining that men are required to take the initiative and express their interest in women in order to mate.  Men try to speak to women, joke with them, show an interest in them, do things for them, do things to them, in order to gain their attention and affection.

In the real World, for men, in order to get anything, they must put in time, effort, work, energy, thought, and planning.  Hard work, dedication, persistence, sticking to it, not giving up is what is required.  Why would trying to acquire a female to mate with be any different?

Up until about forty years ago, time, effort, work, energy, thought, planning, dedication, persistence, and not giving up did pay off for men in finding a woman to mate with.  Every two months, the very popular syndicated newspaper columnist “Dear Abby” would publish letters from many of her married women readers.  These letters went something like this:

“Dear Abby,

I read your column last week where you published a letter from “Frustrated in Fresno” from a woman who didn’t know how to handle an unwelcome suitor who showed up at her place of employment every week asking her out on a date.

I had the exact same thing happen to me twenty years ago when I was working at a bank.  This construction worker man would come in every Friday and make sure to wait in line for me to cash his check.  Every Friday he would ask me out on a date, and I always refused as he was not my type.

It went on like this for a year, each Friday he asked me out.  Finally, just to get him to quit asking me out and having to tell him no, I agreed to go on one date with him.  To my surprise, he was very intelligent, funny, and had his whole life planned out what he wanted to do.

This November, we will have been married for twenty years, and we have had four children together.  I am sure glad that he never gave up on asking me out.”

Like I said, “Dear Abby” would publish many letters like this every couple of months, so that women could hear it straight from the mouth of other women, that persistence counts, it worked on them, and they were grateful that it did.

Today, women do not see things the same way they did forty years ago, which is a mistake and a detriment to them.  Feminism, Equal Rights, No-Fault Divorce, Mandatory Child-Support, Government Welfare, cosmetic surgery, online dating sites, women’s sex toys, sexual harassment claims, and sexual harassment lawsuits are tools and devices that women have begun using to supposedly help themselves, but these things have broken down society, civility, romance, relationships, marriage, and the happiness, safety, and security of women.

Lastly, in order to keep men out of trouble, especially with the shortage of women in Stark County, why can’t we have something like this, and women in Stark County won’t have to be harassed anymore.

5 thoughts on “The Mischievous Deeds Of Stark County Commissioner Ken Zander

    1. Ali,

      Once again you have provided me the opportunity to make a point. I have read about this type of thing from other women. If your vibrator is so loud that you can’t hear people over it, you have become desensitized to normal stimulation if you are using a device with that large of an electric motor. Women’s sex toys have helped to ruin normal relations between men and women.


      1. It was actually probably the fact that most men can’t please a woman that resulted in the invention of sex toys. Maybe you wouldn’t have to pay for sex if you weren’t so boring and maybe introduced some sex toys into your previous relationships.


      2. Ali,

        Soon I will write a blog post that is an introduction to the YouTube channel huMAN that explains women more thoroughly than I ever could. People who are wiser, more experienced, and more intelligent than me, even the psychiatrist Dr. Laura Slesinger, advise men that it is by far cheaper in the long run for men to pay cash money for sex.


      3. If you need someone wiser, more experienced and intelligent about women than you, all you have to do is ask me


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