My Facebook “People You May Know” Is Becoming Very Peculiar

My Facebook profile is kind of boring.  I don’t have very many photographs of myself, maybe six, and these photographs aren’t too interesting.  I also have about five photographs of some of my vehicles.

I didn’t include very many photographs of myself, things in my life, places that I go, or write very much about myself or the things that I do, because I wanted to have some privacy.  I didn’t want Everybody, to know all the details of my life, and I didn’t want to cause problems for myself.

One thing that helps me, is that I have a fairly common name.  There are several of me in telephone books from any town.  There are probably several hundred people with the same name as me on Facebook.

For this blog website, I write anonymously, I don’t ever mention my name.  WordPress, the hosting service for this blog website, uses a proxy service to register this website, so that my name is not associated with this website.  However, I have contacted several people in the past, in order to write a blog post about something they were involved in.  And, I have written blog posts about people, who know who I am.

It was a surprise to me about ten days ago, when I saw on my Facebook page on the list of “People You May Know”, a well-known British author who writes about the paranormal, and a radio talk show host who has a radio program about the paranormal.  Both the author and the radio talk show host have recently been researching and discussing a topic that I wrote about.

The only way that I know that people get added to the list of “People You May Know” on Facebook, is if you viewed their Facebook profile, they viewed your Facebook profile, they are friends of your Facebook friends, they live in the same town, or they went to the same school.

Recently, I have been getting more and more people on my list of “People You May Know”, who are from very far away places, and I have never looked them up on Facebook, and they are not friends of my Facebook friends.  Which leaves, they have been looking at my Facebook profile.  Why would this be, my Facebook profile is not very interesting?

My blog website does get views from many different countries every day, I don’t know why exactly, but it does.  When I go and look at my blog website statistics, there are approximately thirty different countries that have viewed my blog.  I am starting to wonder if somehow in other countries, the WordPress proxy registration of my website, hasn’t completely hidden my name?

This is just my speculation on why people from very far away places are now being added to my list of “People You May Know” on Facebook.  What is even more strange and peculiar, are the people and the places that they come from.

I scroll through the list of “People You May Know”, and I can tell from their names and towns, that they are in Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Romania, and so on.  The first ones that I look at, are the beautiful women in bikinis.

Unlike Dickinson, North Dakota, the women in Argentina, Brazil, Spain, and Turkey, are very conscious about how they look, what they wear, and how sexually appealing they are.  They are actually very competitive about being attractive and sexually appealing.  They are proud of how they look, and they like to show people what they look like, with hardly any clothes on.  It is almost like, this is their job.

The women in France, Greece, and Italy are also very conscious and aware of how they look, and how they dress.  They want to look nice, and it is important to them to look nice, but they are more subtle in showing off their attractiveness.

All of these women from these foreign countries, except England, are much freer, natural, and uninhibited in showing their beauty, and seeking beauty.  I like to look at their photographs of themselves, but also the photographs that they take of the places that they go.  These women typically have photographs of beaches, harbors, gardens, picturesque towns and streets, jewelry and clothes that they like.

Eventually, I get around to looking at the Facebook profiles of other “People You May Know” from far away countries.  In my mind, I have always thought of other countries as being poorer than the United States, and the people there having a lower standard of living, but from looking at their photographs, they have lives that I am envious of.

I have always thought of Romania as being a poor country.  I looked at the Facebook profile of someone from Romania, and I was astonished at how beautiful and civilized it was:  beautiful mountains, lush forests, picturesque villages, clear lakes and rivers, many public gardens, property owners taking enormous pride in their homes and towns.  It was completely different than the United States, in a good way.

All of the Facebook profiles that I looked at of these people in these other countries, showed some things that are missing from the United States.  I would say that these people have a greater appreciation for beauty, a higher sensitivity to beauty, and a more highly developed sense of beauty.

Everywhere in the United States, and here in Dickinson, we have crowded four lane highways with tacky plastic looking McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, Arbys, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and then this repeats every few miles.  Overweight unkempt women in sweat pants with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth in a Chevy Suburban going through the drive thru to get a McRib sandwich.

In other countries, women try not to be overweight, to not over eat and eat junk food, to walk where they are going, to get dressed, to put on ear rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, to have a nice appearance.  To have homes, yards, streets, parks, public gardens, and towns that are beautiful.

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