Preface To Paranormal Oil Fields Article For Steph Young

About a week ago, I was logged on to my Facebook account, and I scrolled through the list of “People You May Know”.  This list is usually comprised of people whose Facebook profiles I have viewed, people who have viewed my Facebook profile, and people from the same town or the same school.  There were a couple of Facebook users on the list of “People You May Know” that stood out, because they were not from this area, and I had never looked them up on Facebook.

“Steph Young” was one of these Facebook users, she lives in London, United Kingdom.  When I read her Facebook profile, it was a professional/commercial profile, she is a writer, researcher, and author of books on the paranormal.  One of the subjects that she has been researching recently, is the disappearance and drowning of male college students in the United States and the UK, that are sometimes categorized as the “Smiley Face Killings” due to graffiti that had been found at some of the crime scenes.

I had written a blog post about a male college student drowning that was very suspicious and fit the profile of the “Smiley Face Killings”, that involved a family from this area of North Dakota.  Since I had never looked Steph Young up on Facebook, and the only thing that we have in common is that I wrote some blog posts about unexplained deaths and the paranormal, it appeared that Steph Young looked me up on Facebook.  I was flattered, and I would like to continue to think that this is what happened.

There are some other paranormal subjects that Steph Young writes about, such as the unexplained disappearance of people in National Parks and forests in the United States and the UK.  If you are unfamiliar with this subject, there are several researchers that have uncovered a tremendous number of cases of people who have just “disappeared” in National Forests without any trace whatsoever, without any explanation whatsoever.  The number of unexplained disappearances became so high, that long time National Park Service employees began to secretly seek out police investigators on their own, in order to clear their conscience after realizing that this phenomenon was frighteningly widespread throughout the National Park system and that something needed to be done about it.

What I don’t like, because it makes life much more complicated, and it means that our science and our understanding is so far behind and inadequate, is that there is growing evidence that much of paranormal phenomena must be the result of portals to different dimensions.  I don’t like this explanation, I don’t want this to be true, but this appears to be the case.  I can give specific examples, and explain why.  But first, I will give a brief general overview.

During the past two hundred years, newspaper reporters, journalists, and paranormal researchers would write about and document strange happenings that occurred in their local area, personally interviewing witnesses and reading witness statements.  For incidents that occurred further away, or further in the past, paranormal researchers would first learn about an incident from a newspaper report, and then have to go and track down witnesses in different states, or locate witnesses several years later, or many years later.

Because of the efforts of paranormal investigators, there are many strange and unexplained incidents that have been thoroughly documented, researched, and written about.  Even though these strange incidents can not be explained individually, taken together, they provide evidence that certain phenomenon are occurring, have been occurring throughout the world, and suggest certain possibilities of what is happening.

One of these very well documented cases, occurred in the United States on a farm in 1854, where a farmer named Orion Williamson disappeared in broad daylight while standing on his flat open yard in front of his wife, children, and an adult visitor to their farm.  These witnesses quickly ran to where the farmer had been standing, frantically searching for some hole that he might have fallen into, but there was none.  He just disappeared, and never returned.  It appeared that he unintentionally slipped into a different dimension.

The reason why I am citing this case of the farmer who just disappeared in broad daylight while standing in front of multiple witnesses, is because several of the disappearances of visitors in National Parks occurred in the same manner.  The park visitors were on a hiking trail several paces behind their companions in broad daylight, and then they were gone in an instant.  Their companions immediately searched the entire area, finding no trace whatsoever, and no concealed areas where they could have gotten to on their own or been abducted to in a brief amount of time.

It appears that some people just unintentionally disappear into a different dimension.  Because I am trying to write just a brief introduction to something that I want to elaborate on in more detail later, I will mention now that in England there are a couple of well documented cases involving prominent and respected people, where they passed into a different dimension or time, where they were briefly flying in a plane over Roman soldiers and encampments where there should have been modern English towns, or where they visited towns and shops that no longer exist.

Some of the disappearances of planes and ships in the Bermuda Triangle without a trace appear to have been passages into a different dimension.  In particular, the case of the missing half dozen Navy torpedo bomber planes that were on a training mission together that disappeared off the coast of Florida after sending strange panicked radio messages, and the subsequent disappearance of the large Navy sea plane that went searching for them that also disappeared.  There was never any wreckage from any of these planes found, or any sign that any of these planes had crashed at sea.

Besides the unintentional disappearance of people, planes, and ships, possibly into another dimension or time, there appears to be the intentional disappearance and reappearance of UFOs, strange beings, and strange animals throughout the world, that have the ability to pass in and out of this dimension or time.

We have all heard and read about UFO sightings, Alien abductions, Bigfoot sightings, the Lochness Monster sightings, and sightings of other strange creatures.  In the past, I had always dismissed the idea that UFOs and Bigfoots were entering and leaving this dimension through portals.  UFOs are representative of highly advanced technology, and Bigfoots are representative of a surviving, reclusive, primitive ape-like creature possessing no technology.

It was not until later in my life, after reading paranormal reports for many years, reading more detailed accounts of local histories, talking to people about their experiences, travelling to many different states, and visiting paranormal locations, that I began to realize that there are many undisclosed details about what goes in the world, that we aren’t informed about because it would be too confusing and too unsettling for us, supposedly.  It was confusing and unsettling to me, what I began to find out, and I had to re-orient my thinking, and re-evaluate and reconsider my beliefs.

Later, I had irritation and resentment that all these phenomena are not more widely publicized so that they are part of everyone’s common knowledge.  That way, civilization could make more progress towards understanding the world and reality, which I now know we ordinary people do not fully understand.  Nor does mainstream science, physics, engineering, anthropology, history, or any branch of academia understand either.

In my next blog post, titled Paranormal Oil Fields Article For Steph Young, I want to report on, explain, and tie together, various phenomena which have occurred and are occurring in the Oil Fields of North Dakota and Utah where I have worked.  Some of these things have already been publicized extensively and are known world-wide, but I have found out more information which is not widely known, and in some cases only a few people know about, and I need to make it known.

I hope that what I write will give Steph Young more things to consider, research, and write about.  Everything that I am writing about, I don’t consider it to be mine or have any exclusive right to it.  I hope that the subjects and the details interest people, and that they will find out more themselves, discuss it, and share it with others.

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