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Coming Soon On Yellowstone, Lloyd And Jimmy Join Negan, Rip Gets Locked In The Closet

As I already wrote in yesterday’s blog post article, I hate the cast of the Paramount TV series “Yellowstone”. Ranch owner John Dutton, his family, his minions, are all a bunch of arrogant, self-important, self-absorbed, assholes. At this point, a good way to fix this, and something that I am looking forward to seeing, is “Negan” from the AMC TV series “The Walking Dead” taking over the valley and the Yellowstone Ranch.

After pretty much the entire cast of Yellowstone has been stalked, rounded up, tied up, kidnapped, sack on head, and dropped on the ground frightened and disoriented in front of Negan, Travis and Monica get beat to death by Negan using his barbed wire wrapped baseball bat named Lucile.

Negan is a “people-person” and he can tell that both Lloyd the oldest Yellowstone ranch hand, and Jimmy the youngest Yellowstone ranch hand, have been continually mistreated by both John Dutton and the ranch boss Rip. In particular, as per John Dutton’s instructions, Lloyd was severely beaten by Rip recently. And Jimmy is always treated like a good-for-nothing idiot.

So, Negan takes Lloyd and Jimmy with him back to his compound, where Lloyd and Jimmy are each taken to their very own furnished studio apartment, with their own bed, recliner, refrigerator, microwave, TV, and stereo, a big improvement over the shared bunk house on the Yellowstone Ranch.

And for Rip, Rip gets stripped naked and locked inside the concrete block closet, forced to listen to the song “Easy Street” over and over again, just like Daryl Dixon on “The Walking Dead”. Jimmy or Lloyd can bring Rip a canned dog food sandwich occasionally. You have to imagine Rip in place of Daryl in the video clip below:

Rip from Yellowstone is fixin to take Daryl’s place in the closet.