A Brief Warning To The People In Dickinson, The Surrounding Areas, And The Rest Of The U.S.

Back on August 4 of this year I wrote a blog post article where I tried to warn people in western North Dakota to hurry up and begin buying emergency supplies and stocking up on the everyday consumer items that they normally use. I tried to give an explanation of what was happening, so that people didn’t have to just blindly do what I was saying, they could check this information for themselves.

Due to changes in workplaces and industry following the first Covid outbreaks more than a year ago, very large Distribution Warehouses have steadily become increasingly empty, to where many are almost completely bare. For example, due to increased scrutiny and delays at the largest commercial shipping ports in California, for almost a year there has been a growing waiting-line of ships anchored off the coast of California, unable to unload. Here is a short 60-second CBS News station story showing this, but downplaying the significance of what this is causing:

I encourage readers to go look up other sources regarding the inability of very large cargo ships to unload, that has been going on for almost a year.

Commercial truck drivers across the United States have been trying to warn friends and family for almost six months that the large Distribution Warehouses are becoming nearly empty, with no ability or expectation of being able to catch-up any time soon. Although I can find comments written by individual commercial truck drivers describing their experiences at nearly completely empty Distribution Warehouses, where sometimes their scheduled pick-ups have been cancelled because there is nothing to load, the Mainstream Media chooses to stick to the narrative that empty grocery store shelves are the result of “a shortage of truck drivers”.

Here is a recent August 2021 LA Times newspaper article that describes some of the Distribution Warehouse shortages, where it places blame on a labor shortage in both production and warehouse workers, a delay in receiving imported goods, a shortage of truck drivers, but does not go so far as to admit that there is an actual food shortage: https://www.latimes.com/business/story/2021-08-24/u-s-food-suppliers-are-having-trouble-keeping-shelves-stocked

I hope that the people reading this blog post article can understand that due to the delay and back-up of large cargo ships waiting to unload, the shortage of food production workers, warehouse workers, and truck drivers, that there is an actual shortage of food and supplies at Distribution Warehouse that will not be solved any time soon, but will continue to become worse.

Once again, I will give my list of items that I believe people need to stock-up on at this time, to not wait until later:

Canned food like soups, chili, spaghetti & meatballs, beans, corn, carrots, peas, peaches, pears, pineapple, mixed vegetables, mixed fruit; Boxes of rice, pasta, ramen noodles; Powdered drink mixes like tea, lemonade, gator aide; Bottled individual water, larger gallon bottles, and bulk water that you keep in five gallon water jugs possibly with added bleach or iodine as a preservative; Canned or bottled fruit juice drinks. Extra pet food.

Hygiene & Cleaning supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, plastic garbage bags, bleach, windex, dish soap, bath soap, laundry soap, hand-sanitizer, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodine solution, ibuprofen, pepto-bismol, cortizone cream, skin lotion, shampoo, deodorant, razors, toothpaste, toothbrushes, bandages, your own personal medications, your pet’s medications.

Household supplies like batteries, light bulbs, flashlight, candles, matches, duct tape, hatchet, hammer, nails, miscellaneous plywood & boards; Depending on your housing situation, one or more 5-gallon cans of gasoline possibly with Stabil added to preserve it longer.

One or more firearms with extra ammunition. If you are inexperienced with firearms, or you are a female who is reluctant to own a firearm, I would recommend a Ruger 10-22 rifle, which is probably the most common rifle sold in the U.S. Ruger 10-22 rifles are usually sold at any gun store or Walmart, they are inexpensive, very reliable, easy to use, make the least amount of noise, have the least amount of recoil, and ammunition is available and inexpensive.

Note: One of my goals in writing this particular article and a similar article six weeks ago, is to get as many people as possible to understand what is happening and become prepared ahead of time, so that there isn’t sudden frantic panic and a “run” on stores. Especially in sparsely populated North Dakota where I live, if the majority of people are somewhat prepared for the coming shortages, there will be much fewer problems.

4 thoughts on “A Brief Warning To The People In Dickinson, The Surrounding Areas, And The Rest Of The U.S.

  1. Very helpful post. I’m over here in CA/AZ. We have always had extra supplies we keep up on for that “something “ that could happen.


  2. I have been working to rebuild stocks after moving again. I recently purchased an LBV-88 rig to go with my us pistol belt and bianchi universal holster. I can comfortably carry a full size pistol and provisions or rifle ammunition if needed.

    US surplus equipment is readily available on ebay and great stuff once you know how to set it up.

    I recommend the SecurityGuy42 channel on YouTube for no nonsense survival and militia information.

    Countering the Catholic militias, snowflake fascist regimes, and roving hordes of idiots will not be easy if you are unprepared.


    1. In reply to Rusty Shackleford,

      Rusty, I am going to reply to your comment in two separate comments, because I didn’t get the chance to look at each of your links. A year or two ago I thought that you mentioned in one of your comments something about a “fiancee”. In my mind, I was sorry to hear that you were getting married, marriage can be such a disaster, at first the woman begins to try to assert her will here and there, then gradually begins trying to take over everything, with the threat of destroying absolutely everything, like a grenade, if she doesn’t get her way. I hope that you didn’t get married in the first place, or if you did get married, you are not having to move because of a divorce. Having to move because of a change of employment can be about as bad though.

      I had never thought about getting an LBV-88, I had to look up what you were talking about https://youtu.be/0HJQXnYVM_I . I have two law enforcement officer duty belts that I got from OfficerSupplyDepot, where I also bought holsters, ammo pouches, and other items. With very much weight on these LEO duty belts, pistol, ammo magazines, flashlight, other items, you have to have the belt adjusted tight enough on your waist so that it doesn’t slip off, this thick heavy tight belt cuts off my circulation, tightens and stiffens my back, hip, and leg muscles. Just in the past several days I was considering what load-bearing vest I could get to carry some of the things from my LEO duty belt, but nothing as extensive as the LBV-88 you mentioned. One of the “concealed carry vests” that I bought from OfficerSupplyDepot a year ago sucked because it was so much like a regular wind-breaker jacket, but one of their “ranger vests” that I bought from them several years ago was better.

      Now that I think about it, Runnings Farm & Fleet in Hettinger had one very good “concealed carry vest” that was almost like a “ranger vest”, six months ago.


      1. I moved from my apartment to a normal house, on a normal street, with normal neighbors. No diesel trucks, naked children, domestic violence, or trailer trash nonsense.

        I could barely afford a very modest starter home in Dickinson until I lost my job, but in my current situation I can live like a normal middle class human.

        I am getting married, but I very deliberately stayed away from the “oil babes” that just want free meal ticket and shopping money. I am bitter about sacrificing 6 of my prime youth years in Dickinson with practically no normal women around.

        The reason I tried this LBV is what you described with belts being too heavy. You need some sort of suspenders for your belt…not the stretchy old man diabeetus ones either…solid canvas straps with steel clasps. US surplus Vietnam or WWII style suspenders might be what you need to find.

        I see it as my patriotic duty to be squared away in provisions and armaments for the purpose of defending individual freedom as well as the “real” American fabric of society. One can’t exist without the other. Load bearing equipment is the necessary part of “bearing arms.”.


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