Will Donald Trump Remain President Or Not

Leading up to the November 3rd Presidential Election, I believed that Donald Trump would win, but I wasn’t certain. The West Coast states and the Northeast states have voted Democrat in my lifetime, the interior states vote mostly Republican, but it was hard to tell what Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin were going to do.

On election night, the reporting was showing that it was going to be a close race, but once Florida was called for Trump, and Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan were edging toward Trump, I thought that he had it. As I waited for the final results, it bothered me that several states like Georgia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin didn’t get their vote counting done by midnight of the election.

In the days following the Presidential Election, there was all kinds of evidence of fraudulent voting and vote counting: Republican poll observers being barred and blocked from voting places; very suspicious transport of large containers full of ballots to polling places after midnight of the election; hidden suitcases full of ballots being pulled from under a table in Atlanta; U.S. Postal Service truck driver reporting incident with shipping pallets full of ballots being transported from New Jersey to Pennsylvania; Dominion voting machine data showing huge spikes of votes counted for Joe Biden on machines not capable of processing that amount of ballots in that time frame; Dominion voting machine data showing a run of several hundred thousand votes for Biden and three thousand for Trump, a 100:1 ratio in an area where the vote had been close to 50%-50%. Plus thousands of sworn affidavits from witnesses.

I was shocked at the obvious, blatant vote fraud in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. When these state courts refused to hear legal arguments about vote fraud, these state legislatures refused to hear complaints about vote fraud, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear any legal complaint about vote fraud, and the U.S. Attorney General William Barr said that there was no evidence of widespread vote fraud, it was like I was watching the President Kennedy assassination. These conspirators are criminally overthrowing the U.S. President right before our eyes.

When I was expressing my disbelief and astonishment at what was happening to a friend of mine, he explained to me that in 2018 Donald Trump had drafted and signed a Presidential Executive Order that was to be used in case of “Foreign Interference In a U.S. Election”. Under this Presidential Executive Order of 2018 regarding Election Interference, on December 16, the Director of National Intelligence was required to submit a summary report concluding whether there was election interference, and if so, under this Executive Order, the President could implement Martial Law as needed to investigate and restore a fair election.

Not long after this was explained to me by a friend of mine, I did begin seeing within various news organizations, some reporting about this particular specific Presidential Executive Order, that it did in fact exist, it did stipulate the required December 16 Report from the Director of National Intelligence, that it did provide for Martial Law, Military investigation, and so forth. You can read for yourself, this actual, real Presidential Executive Order here: https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-imposing-certain-sanctions-event-foreign-interference-united-states-election/

Within a few more days, it was pointed out to me that because some of the Dominion voting system computer servers were located and seized in Germany, plus the foreign ownership of the Dominion voting system company, that these things alone constituted proof of “foreign interference in a U.S. election”.

However, I could not believe it when December 16 arrived, and the Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, informed the President that the Report on Foreign Interference in the Election was not complete yet, his subordinate directors and department heads said that they needed more time to investigate. Holy Shit! How could the DNI tell the President the report was not ready? This seemed like just more of the same election fraud and corruption shown by the state courts, state legislatures, U.S. Supreme Court, and U.S. Attorney General William Barr. Is everybody involved in this coup d’etat?

I asked why didn’t President Trump just go ahead and institute Martial Law now, because so many people in the courts, legislatures, U.S. departments, and U.S. agencies, seemed to be corrupted through greed, bribery, or blackmail? It was pointed out to me, that the longer Trump waits, the more that he tries to proceed one step at a time through each legal channel, the more these perpetrators and traitors publicly out themselves through their own criminal or traitorous actions.

If I were President Donald Trump, I would have instituted Martial Law by now, because I would not have been able to stand or put up with the amount of corruption, criminal behavior, and treason, especially once people like U.S. Attorney General William Barr and Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, maybe even the Director of National Intelligence appeared to be in on the plot.

However, as all of these different events have taken place, been reported, and analyzed, what looks to me like is happening now, is that some of the state legislators are waking up to the fact that they could end up in front of a Military Tribunal before long, so they are back-pedaling and trying to make things right, by doing such things as making two sets of State Electors, or either refusing to certify or de-certifying their State Electors.

Here is a short 3 minute video showing what the Pennsylvania State Legislators are now trying to do, in order to makes things right:

Whether the State Legislators pick a different set of State Electors that are pro-Trump or not, a different process opens up if several states refuse to certify their election results or State Electors. If this happens, Joe Biden will have less than 270 State Electors in the Electoral College, which will trigger there no longer being an Electoral College vote to determine who is elected President, but instead each U.S. State will cast one vote for President, which would most likely result in Donald Trump continuing to serve as President.

In other words, it looks like there is a legal U.S. election process that is currently unfolding, where because of the way that this Presidential Election will be contested because some states will not certify their election results or State Electors, instead each state will get one vote, and because there are 26-27 Republican states, Trump will win. In this case, Martial Law, Military investigations, and Military Tribunals will not be necessary, which is probably preferable to all of the guilty perpetrators who could face imprisonment or execution. No Civil War either.

However, I am still completely in favor of Martial Law and Military Tribunals to get rid of all of the corrupt career politicians, bureaucrats, judges, criminals, and traitors.

Please watch this 2 minute video from December 16, and read the comments below this video, to get some additional perspective on this:

1 thought on “Will Donald Trump Remain President Or Not

  1. As far as Secession goes…. just check how it went for the South by 1865, try to learn from that. “VOTER FRAUD” in the World according to Donald Trump didn’t exist in the 2016 elections as the results were agreeable to him, at that time he didn’t dispute the Electoral College, also because Hillary Clinton conceded, and did not cry foul or moaned long and hard as Donald Trump is doing now when he not only he disputes the Electoral College but the SCOTUS where his own appointees have made it clear that it is time to move on. “VOTER FRAUD” is a “thing”, a tool of misinformation a belief and a hope against hope Hail Mary. being hammered by the minute to inveigle the gullible, directly injected like Heroine into the mind of those who choose to believe in the face of the overwhelming and inexorable reality as true as Death: Come January the 20th a new President will be Sworn in and the “VOTER FRAUD” conjecture feverishly pushed on willing listeners will be gone and forgotten, a thing of the past. You will probably continue amplifying such speculations and fantasy. Because its your job, like it is Rush Limbaugh’s to stir up fear and despair among the most vulnerable of poor white Americans sending them in desperate hopeless quixotic quest like ND Secession, and not wanted to look clear-eyed at the hard-nosed pragmatic realities of life in America, Most Americans weather White, Brown, Black or any other color, are slaves of the Corporate masters through the politicians they own. Corporate Billionaires are your Masters Hold them responsible.


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