Strange Dream, Explaining Life

I hurt my eye first thing Saturday morning, and it continued to hurt, be red, and produce tears.  I had to go do several work related errands in town in Dickinson.  After the errands, I talked to a lawyer who had been practicing law for about fifty years, and asked him what he thought about the blog post that I wrote about the death of Eric Haider.  Among other thoughts he had about it, it appeared that he thought it had been an accident.  I said that when there is an accident, your coworkers just don’t get in their cars and leave with someone buried at the jobsite, this is more like murder actually.

I was going to write a blog post about how it must be the case, that people who have not worked in construction, like the state attorney and the detective, must think that accidents happen on construction sites, and that this must have been an accident.  I don’t know why they can’t make the distinction, that when a loader bucket full of dirt gets dropped on someone’s head, that’s an accident.  When the workers see an unconscious worker crouching against a pipe, keep adding bucket load after bucket load of dirt on top of him, leaving without him, not telling anybody, that is murder.

A police officer or attorney would say,”You don’t know that’s what happened.”  I do know that’s what happened.  Eric Haider went missing at work, his coworkers did not go looking for him and find him, they kept on filling in the trench, and at the end of the day they just got in their cars and left, and didn’t say anything to anybody.

I arrived home, and this stupid dog living in the house where I live, got all excited and knocked over a glass of tea onto my computer.  I went and took some allergy medication because at this point, I don’t know if my eye is stilling hurting and tearing up due to scratching it, or due to allergies.

I was angry, my eye hurt, and I wanted to go to sleep.  Maybe things would be better three hours from now.

I fell into a deep sleep, and I had a dream.  The dream did not seem implausible or irrational as it was playing out, it was merely how things were.

Towards the end of the dream, as I was still asleep, I realized that all of this was symbolism and metaphor mostly, what my brain could use to explain something to me in a short amount of time.  Before I woke up, I was able to ask questions in my mind, about a few additional things.

At first I was shown in general, a few people that had ordinary jobs: a Gardener, a Baker, and a Barber.  The Gardener, the Baker, and the Barber had small children that went to an ordinary school, where they were well looked after by ordinary Teachers, Lunch Room Ladies, and Teacher’s Aides.

In the course of their work, the Gardener, the Baker, and the Barber had to have contact and dealings with people who were the Elites.  Whereas the Gardener, the Baker, and the Barber lived and worked in a village-like setting, the Elites occupied a central area that was somewhat like an Embassy or Castle.

The disturbing part of the dream, was that the Elites practiced and participated in every kind of wickedness that you could think of.  I won’t go into it.

The Gardener, the Baker, and the Barber, these individuals had all seen to some extent what went on with the Elites, and they did not want any part of it, however they had in the daily course of their jobs, to serve the Elites.  The Gardener, the Baker, and the Barber all just kept thinking in their minds that they just wanted their kids to be O.K., for no harm to come to their kids, who were safe back in the school.

One of the Elites explained matter-of-factly, that they can involve anyone they want, whenever they want, and that they really don’t have a choice.  I asked what for.  The Elite replied, if someone caught their interest, like an attractive girl or woman, or someone who was talented, or amusing, they could summon them to come.

I asked who were the Elites.  The Elite replied, some people have money, some people have power, which is traded back and forth.  When a woman who came from the ordinary people became involved with an Elite, she would have some power by virtue of knowing that person and his secrets, and being able to trade that.

I was shown a woman who was physically beautiful, who had come from the ordinary people to live with the Elites.  In time, the workers at the school did not want her to come visit her child, the ordinary adults did not want her to come visit her child, they thought of her as wicked, and as possibly corrupting her child and all the other children, they wanted to protect the children, lest they become like her.

I asked if there was such a thing as Evil, and God.  The Elite showed me that there was no such thing as Evil, they did whatever it is that they wanted to do, there was nothing that was barred.  The Elite said, can’t you really see that what God is, is knowledge of everything.  Having knowledge of everything, that is God.  I thought to myself, that at the highest levels of Masonry, that is what they believe also, and that at the highest levels of Masonry, they behave like these Elites.

I asked a few more questions, then I woke up.

I believe that a person takes in everything that happens to them in life on a daily basis.  In a person’s waking mind, their conscious mind, they develop opinions, beliefs, theories about life, which they use to guide them and make decisions.  Also, I believe that a person’s unconscious mind stores everything that happens to them in life, and that whether you know it or not, want it to or not, your unconscious mind is working on formulations too.  This I believe is why you have dreams that seem to have validity and relevance to you, because they are based on what happens to you everyday.  The shocking part of your own dreams, is when they show you conclusions and possible realities that you didn’t know.

What this dream showed me, is that if you are an ordinary person, you may just want to live your life, do your job, raise your children, and hope that nothing bad will happen to you or your children.  What this dream showed me, was that you have no assurance that either you or your children will be safe.  What this dream showed me, was that the people with power or money, do whatever they want, they do not believe in Evil, so nothing is barred to them, knowledge and knowledge that they can do whatever they want without prohibition, is God to them.





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