Note to Readers About My Anonymity

The things that I write about in this blog, couldn’t very well be put in a local newspaper.  Businesses would withdraw their advertising, readers would cancel their subscriptions.  I also need to be able to write anonymously.

This is my 70th post, and I believe that I have written enough to offend many people.  I have also written enough, to where people think that they know who I am.  I was prepared for this.

Someone contacted me today and asked me about my blog.  My answer had to be,”What blog?”  The person is a friend of mine, and he said that he enjoyed reading my blog, and that he would not tell anyone that it was me.  I didn’t have to say to my friend again,”What blog?”, because he went ahead and said that he understood that I have to deny ownership.

In order to stop me from writing, and in order to try to force me to delete my blog, I believe that people will try to figure out who I am.  If anyone asks me about my blog, I have to say,”What blog?  I don’t have any blog.”  If they persist, and it seems to be getting them nowhere, they may try to contact my employer to try to persuade him to get me to stop.

There are about three possibilities:  One, my employer may say that what I do in my free time is my own business, as long as it is not illegal.  He may stick to that, even if he reads my blog.  Two, he may read my blog, talk to me about it, ask me to tone it down some, ask me to get rid of some posts.  Three, he may fire me immediately after reading my blog, saying that he can’t have me working for him.

As you can see, in scenario number one, there is nothing I need to do, everything is O.K.  In scenario number three, there is nothing I can do, because it is already too late.

In scenario number two, I just need to keep saying,”I don’t have any blog.”, because my employer is not that mad about it, and he can just say,”He says he doesn’t have any blog.”

I already have three jobs, the most public one is not that busy, it is not going to be the end of the world if I lose one of my three jobs that is not that busy, especially if there is nothing I can do about it.

I have already spoken to a friend of mine, who feels the same way I do, he reads my blog pretty regularly.  In a worst case scenario, I can just turn this blog over to him.  I will then have no control over the blog content, I couldn’t “force” him to delete anything, it will be completely out of my hands.






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