Hostility In Dickinson, North Dakota

In about half of my blog posts, I have written about or mentioned the hostility in Dickinson, North Dakota.  In my previous blog post, I wrote that the unfriendliness and lack of hospitality in Dickinson was partially due to how difficult it had been to survive in this area of North Dakota in the past, people living in 10’x12′ grass sod houses and burning dried buffalo dung for heating.  Life had been so hard, people in North Dakota never reached the point where they could engage in friendliness, hospitality, higher learning, recreation, or leisure.

It is time for me to write about something that I have been thinking about for a couple of years in regards to why people in this area of North Dakota are so hateful.  I think that it is genetic.  Most of the local people in Dickinson have German ancestors.  Have you ever heard of German people being extremely hateful to a group of people before?  Yes, that’s right, the Jews.

I have been reading about the Germans rounding up the Jews in Germany, for about thirty years.  Back in the late 1930s in Germany, there were many Jews who were painters, writers, musicians, professors, scientists, engineers, architects, bankers, doctors, and merchants, and apparently many Germans hated them and were jealous of them.  I believe that the Germans blamed the Jewish bankers for inflation of the currency and bad economic conditions.  O.K., so round up the bankers, we have the same problem with the bankers right now.  Civilization needs painters, writers, musicians, professors, scientists, engineers, architects, and doctors, especially the best and most talented ones, these groups contribute greatly to the advancement and well-being of humans.  It seems obvious to me that the Germans wanted to kill all the Jews just out of hatred and jealousy.

Why did the Germans hate the Jews so much?  Is it because the Jews value education, seek education for themselves and their family members, respect those with higher learning?  I see all these local German people hating people with an education right now here in Dickinson.  Did the Germans hate the Jews because they valued art, architecture, music, and literature?  I see all these local German people here in Dickinson hating these things right now.

In Nazi Germany, the Germans couldn’t stand to see what they considered to be people who didn’t belong, getting ahead and prospering.  This is exactly how local people in Dickinson feel about out-of-state workers.  They can’t stand to see out-of-state workers getting high wage jobs, and getting ahead, especially if they have specialized training or education, because that is something they have no use for.  Just like the Nazis mistreated the Jews, and confiscated the wealth of the Jews, these local people here in Dickinson try to do the same thing to out-of-state workers.


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