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Watch The Beautiful Young Russian Girl Milana

A couple of days ago, I was watching YouTube videos of young girls performing yoga partner exercises in imitation of experienced yoga practitioners.  These videos were all similar in that these girls could hardly stop laughing long enough to accomplish any of the poses that they were imitating.  They were also similar in that they all had on shorts that were way too short and revealing, and they didn’t care.

I left some comments to their videos making fun of them, but not in a mean way.  I wanted to taunt them some more, because they were kind of looking for trouble and attention anyway, but I didn’t want to get into trouble with my comments, because these girls were about 16 years old.

Later, YouTube included in my list of recommended videos, a Russian video that I thought could have been classified as child pornography.  For those of you not familiar with the internet website YouTube, they are very strict about prohibiting videos with nudity, but it sometimes happens that videos get uploaded to YouTube that haven’t been complained about and removed yet.

I was unsure what was going to happen in this Russian video with a young girl of about 12 years old.  As this video ended, it turned out to not have any nudity, and it was not pornographic, but I wondered what they were doing with this young girl, it looked like she was being exploited.

It turned out that I was wrong, she was not being exploited, I got the wrong impression from the first video of her that I watched.  After watching about five more videos of her, I found out what was going on.

This Russian girl is named Milana.  She is the youngest child, and perhaps she came as a surprise to her parents, a middle-class Russian couple, because their other children are full grown.  Her mother and father are rather large portly Russians, sturdy, with dark features.  It must have come as a surprise to them that not only did they have one more child late in their life, but that this child would be such a fair, delicate, beautiful girl.

Because this girl Milana was such a surprise to her parents, especially her beauty, they began video recording her, and posting these videos to YouTube showing her when she was eleven or twelve years old.  Rather than exploiting her, her father and mother are very proud of her, watchful, and protective.

This first video below, I originally planned on including this video in a blog post without much explanation, just to anger women, who would be sure to think the worst, like I did.  Please note that this video shown below has been deleted several times by YouTube, because many people got the wrong impression:

Once I had watched about five of these videos with Milana, my purpose in showing her videos changed.  Her mother and father who are in their fifties, who are not glamorous looking people themselves, realized how remarkable looking their daughter was, and wanted to capture this on video, and share it.

Her parents frequently take her on outings, and it is fun to see how she reacts to things, experiencing sights and places for the first time, as a young new person, unburdened by care, worry, fear, or self-doubt.

In this second video, this is a better representation of what her parents are trying to do with her videos.

What is also interesting to me, is that due to the way that Milana’s parents are, she is not focused on material possessions, cell phone, celebrity news, money, or wanting things.  There are many more videos of her and her family, which show a much different way of life than we have in the United States.

Update 2/25/2019:

A couple of days ago I became aware that the two Milana YouTube videos that I had inserted into this blog post article were no longer appearing.  I went to the Milana YouTube channel, and I saw that YouTube had deleted this entire channel.  Milana’s channel, then her father’s channel, and then her brother’s channel were deleted.

This was not too big of a surprise to me, though I think that YouTube may have been mistaken in their decision.  Yes, there were a lot of videos where Milana was wearing a small bathing suit, and she is only about 12 years old.  However, these videos were made by her mother and father when their family went on vacations.

If someone would have taken the time to watch about five Milana videos in their entirety, they would have seen that Milana’s parents, who are both in their 50s, that they are actually very watchful and protective of Milana.

As far as Milana often wearing small Bikini bathing suits, in some of the vacation areas in Europe where they went, it would have been normal for women or young girl bathers to not wear a top at all.

On the way to work a couple of days ago, I heard on the radio that AT&T had removed their advertising from YouTube because their ads had been placed along side videos of “child pornography”, which prompted YouTube to begin deleting channels with videos exploiting minors.

I doubt that YouTube had any channels with child pornography, or channels that were exploiting minors, because YouTube is pretty strict in monitoring content.  But I think that YouTube is going overboard lately in giving warnings, deleting videos, and deleting channels altogether in order to not offend anyone, even if there are thousands of views to a video and only one or two complaints.

Update 4/9/2019:

I didn’t write about it, but at the time that YouTube first deleted the “Milana” channel, her father began uploading some of these same videos to the YouTube channel “Happy Family”.  I didn’t want to say anything about this, because I didn’t want someone to complain about her videos again, and get the “Happy Family” channel deleted too.

Whoever keeps complaining about Milana’s videos isn’t doing her any favors.  With the number of subscribers her “Milana” YouTube channel had, I think that the revenue from her videos was paying for the family vacations that she went on with her mother and father to the Mediterranean Sea, that they otherwise might not have been able to go on.

Update 8/5/2019:

If you click on and read the comments below, followers of Milana find and post the links to Milana’s videos when they find them.

Update 3/1/2020:

It appears that currently YouTube has reviewed Milana’s videos and YouTube finally realized that these were family vacation videos, recorded by her own father, mother, and brother on family outings, get togethers, and visits.  Here is Milana’s current YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDig1Ekh4AwuVh3-eKfK0uA/featured

Update 3/31/2020:

It has come to my attention that once again YouTube has deleted Milana’s official YouTube channel.  The more that Milana’s family uploaded all of her old videos to YouTube, the same thing happened again, someone complained.  My personal opinion, is that when the videos of Milana wearing short shorts, small bathing suits, or clinging light summer dresses get uploaded, the same uptight people get triggered, and they can’t handle it.

All of the highest cultures in the history of civilization have idealized and celebrated the beauty of youth, the Mesopotamians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, all of the European countries during the Renaissance.  But thousands of years later, supposedly educated people like the CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki, can’t handle the sight of bare bottoms or breasts beneath clothing.

Here is a non-YouTube link to some of Milana’s videos: https://t.me/s/milanafamily?before=43

Here is a non-YouTube link to Milana’s family website:  https://www.milanafamily.com/

Once you go to the website linked above, MilanaFamily.com, look at the top menu bar, and click on the “play” icon buttons to the far right, to see videos like this one: https://www.dailymotion.com/Milana2006