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More Than 500 Black Men Needed In Dickinson, North Dakota

More than 500 black men are needed in Dickinson, North Dakota.  There are at least 500 newly completed, never lived-in, vacant apartments in Dickinson, North Dakota.  The white women real estate agents love black men, and will help them any way they can with money and a place to live.

The young white women at Dickinson State University want to have sex with black men, and they are angry and frustrated that there aren’t enough black men.  All of the single women and housewives in Dickinson want to have sex with black men, and they are angry and frustrated that there aren’t enough black men.

It is now recognized and acknowledged, that there are so many problems in Dickinson because of white men.  The white men in Dickinson have all the good jobs, they manage all of the businesses, they own all of the businesses, they control everything and they elect white men to city and county government.

If at least 500 black men move to Dickinson now, and if each black man impregnates 10 women, by the end of 2017, there could be 5,000 black babies.  In 2018, if at least 500 black men each impregnate 10 women, by the end of 2018, there could be another 5,000 black babies.  These 10,000 black babies, could begin having their own children by the year 2032.  Considering that the population of Dickinson is only 25,000 right now, if at least 500 black men move to Dickinson, they could make Dickinson mostly black.  It wouldn’t be hard to do, because all of the white women in Dickinson want to have sex with black men and have their babies.

Why Women In Dickinson, North Dakota Want Black Men

Warning, this blog post contains some subject matter that may be offensive to some readers due to biologically explicit material and psychologically explicit material.

During the Oil Boom which occurred in Dickinson, North Dakota from approximately 2007 through 2015, there became a much greater number of men than women.  At the peak of the Oil Boom in Dickinson in approximately 2011, the ratio of men to women may have been as high as 5:1 or 4:1.  Currently in Dickinson this ratio may be 3:1 or 2:1.

Housewives began the routine of doing shopping and errands between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to avoid being propositioned for dating or sex by male workers.  Single women and working women also had to adjust their activities when being propositioned for dating or sex was not wanted.   All women in Dickinson became aware that there was a shortage of women in Dickinson, and that men were being more aggressive and desperate in their attempts at dating and sex.

Women in Dickinson became aware that they had an advantage in dating and mating.  An attractive woman working at a convenience store, restaurant, or bar may have had ten propositions from men per day.  A plain, ordinary, or overweight woman may have had five propositions from men each day.  Housewives that tried to avoid men completely, may have had several propositions from men each day.  Women in Dickinson became aware that they were in a position to pick which men they wanted.

Two things happened to shape the psychology of women in Dickinson.  The first, was that women in Dickinson came to believe that they were in a position to select or pick out which male they wanted, from an abundance of males to chose from.  The second, they were unable to select a male because none of the males in Dickinson stood that much apart from the others.

The majority of males in Dickinson were white, between 18 years to 40 years, 5′-7″ to 6′-1″, thin to overweight, slight build to heavy build, and usually slightly dirty to very dirty.  All of these white males were very similar, none was that much different from the other.  Why would a woman want to pick any one of them when they are all the same?

In watching Dickinson State University basketball or football, or in watching professional sports on television, women could see that black males were bigger, taller, faster, and stronger than white males.  In popular magazines, women could see that black males were leaner and more muscular than white males.  In pornography that is easily found on the internet, women could see that great big tall black men have enormous penises.  So women in Dickinson decided that they wanted black men.

To summarize these two key psychological elements, first, with the over abundance of males in Dickinson, women came to believe that they could select which ever male they wanted from a multitude of men.  Second, having the ability to chose whichever male they wanted, and the white males in Dickinson being all so similar, why not chose a male that was bigger, taller, stronger, more muscular, leaner, and had a much bigger penis, which was the black guy.  This is why women in Dickinson want black men.

If You Are Black, And You Have A Criminal Record, Please Come To Dickinson, North Dakota

We all know that blacks are unjustly and unfairly convicted of crimes and incarcerated for no good reason.  We all know that blacks have been discriminated against for housing and employment.  This is unfair and backwards from the way it should be, because it is obvious from watching professional sports, that blacks are better than whites at most things.

The white women, the employers, Dickinson State University, the real estate agents, apartment communities, the bars, and the restaurants in Dickinson, North Dakota have all decided that they want more black men.  They are sick and tired of white men.  Everybody now acknowledges, that white men are the source of all the problems in Dickinson, North Dakota, and this has got to change.  Dickinson needs more black men!

In Dickinson, North Dakota, the white women and the business owners are sick and tired of white men getting paid $25 to $40 per hour for being an equipment operator, electrician, welder, mechanic, or rig hand, when all they do is just stand there and do nothing.  It is unfair and wrong, that all the white men do with most of their money is buy a truck, and pay their bills.  Black men can do these same jobs, and they would probably get done and get off work at 3:00 p.m., not 6:00 p.m. or 7:00 p.m. like theses white guys that are slow.  Black men should be making this money, because black men know how to treat women, spend money, and have a good time.  More black men need to be hired in Dickinson, not white men!

If you are a black man with a criminal record, the white women here in Dickinson want you here, and the white women here will help you with a place to live and money.  The white women real estate agents in Dickinson love black men, and they have all kinds of newly completed, never lived-in, apartment units available for black men.  They will find a way to rent these new apartment units to black men for little or no cost.  The developer was an asshole white man that was always trying to tell everybody what to do.  During construction, there was nothing but white men standing around every day doing nothing, all these white men plumbers and electricians standing around these apartment units all day doing nothing.  The white women real estate agents hate white men,  these white men got paid a lot of money for doing nothing, they are stupid, and they are assholes.  The real estate agent women love black men, and they want as many black men as possible.

All of the convenience store clerks, retail workers, bartenders, and waitresses are sick and tired of white men coming in and buying things, and saying something to them.  Where are all of the black men, this isn’t right, something has got to be done about this!

You should see all of the problems that these white men cause in Dickinson.  All of these white guys buy trucks, then they have to make payments on these trucks.  Then they have to buy fuel for these trucks.  They have to buy tires and parts for these trucks.  Sometimes these white guys buy snow mobiles, motorcycles, or boats.  They should be tipping their waitresses $20 to $50 considering how much money they make.  They should be bringing women jewelry and taking them on cruises, selfish pieces of shit!  Black guys know how to spend money, they know how to treat women and have a good time!  Why aren’t there more black men?  This is racism!

All of the wives of the business owners in Dickinson are sick of their husbands and hate them, stingy, selfish, racist pieces of shit!  Why can’t they hire more black men!  All of the women in Dickinson are stuck with stingy asshole white men, because their husbands keep hiring white men!  But that is going to change!  All the white  women in Dickinson have decided that they are going to force the white, stingy, racist business owners to hire black men!  The white women in Dickinson want as many black men as possible to move to Dickinson, North Dakota, and they will make sure that black men get hired, have money, and have a place to stay.