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The Treachery Of Women And Why You Can’t Trust Women In The Workplace

For the past 2-1/2 years I have worked at an industrial site far outside of Dickinson, North Dakota.  At times there has been as may as 150 personnel working on this site, but most of the time there are not very many people around, especially December through March when the weather is below freezing.

On many days, the only personnel on site are just a couple of us from our company.  And sometimes on a Saturday or Sunday there might only be one of us on site, we are working by ourselves all day.

Typically in the oil industry and other industries, company employees are not permitted to carry a concealed firearm on their person at work, in their company vehicle, or on their job site.  When I was working in the oil field in Texas, if you were carrying a concealed weapon on a site that could be considered a distribution facility or a refinery, not only was it against company policy, but it was also a felony if I remember correctly.

However, the majority of the people that I met working in the oil field of west Texas on the Mexico border, they told me that they would not go into this oil field without a firearm.  They said things like, “Which is more important, having your job or having your life?”  I always had my 9mm semi-auto pistol with me in my vehicle.  This was the most dangerous area that I have ever been in.

When I began working at the industrial site where I am now, I spoke to my predecessor co-workers, and they told me that they either had a firearm on their person or in their vehicle.  To explain it another way, two of the best long-term male workers and two of the best long-term female workers that remain in very good standing with the company that I work for, they always had a firearm with them.

These four workers and myself, we each had a concealed weapons permit.  Several years ago the State of North Dakota legislature passed a law specifying that employers could not interfere with employees keeping a concealed weapon inside of their vehicle on company property.  About one year ago the State of North Dakota passed a law that said all legal firearm owners could carry a concealed weapon without having to obtain a concealed weapons permit.

The State of North Dakota is permissive about individuals carrying a firearm on their person or in their vehicle, but most oil companies are very, very against the possession of firearms in the oil field and work locations.

Many readers are probably wanting to know what the fuck am I talking about, why do we need a firearm at work?  The shortest answer that I can give, is that each of us experienced an incident that was life-threatening, that we realized we weren’t prepared for, and that going forward we probably needed to have a firearm available to us in an emergency.

To give an example, there is a woman co-worker of mine who is older than me, who started working at this site about 1-1/2 years ago.  She was working by herself on a Sunday afternoon about one year ago, when a vehicle with two males in it drove up to the site entrance.

Our company office trailer is close to the site entrance, and whoever is working is responsible to not allow unauthorized people onto the site, the site is closed to the public.  This woman went out to the vehicle to see what these two men wanted.  They were asking her questions, and as they began to realize that she was at the site all alone by herself, they began to act very, very creepy and frightening to her.

Since this is an industrial site that is closed to the public, it has no beauty or entertainment value, and it is shut down on weekends, it was very questionable and suspicious why these two men were driving down the entrance drive on Sunday in the first place.  Then they began giving the lone female employee a hard time and were frightening her.

When she told me about this incident and a second incident at this site, I had a talk with this female employee about her experience with firearms and her comfort level with firearms.  She was comfortable and familiar with firearms, but she did not currently own a pistol to take with her to work.

I discussed with her what I could do, did she want me to do this, was she in agreement?  Since this was mostly for her benefit, and she agreed to everything, this is what I did:  I bought a small locking gun safe and installed it in a hidden location inside of our office trailer.  I bought a woman’s 9mm semi-auto pistol.  I showed her the gun, I went over with her several times its features and operation, she understood.  We agreed to leave it inside the gun safe with its safety off, but with no round chambered.  To fire it, all you had to do was pull back the slide and release the slide.

I bought a canvas carrying case so that she could take this 9mm pistol home with her at night, because I already had my own Beretta .32 that I carry, but she wanted to leave it in the gun safe at work.

She understood, and I understood that if the site owner’s representatives ever found out or heard that we had a gun safe in our office trailer with a pistol inside of it, that roughly half of the site owner’s representatives would not have a problem with it, whereas the other half would.  Just one of the site owner’s representatives pitching a big enough fit about it could get me fired.  My co-worker was going to keep her mouth shut about it, because she liked it being there and she wanted it to be there, it benefited her.

The other female co-worker at this site was even more scared of being at this site by herself.  She was about 55 years old, and I didn’t know if I could trust her or not.  She seemed like at tattle-tale, most women are.  The other female co-worker who I had given a key to the gun safe, she cautioned me to please not tell anyone else.

I discussed with the other gun safe key holder, what is the worst that could happen?  Probably the worst thing that could happen, would be for this other woman to march up to the site owner’s representative and say, “They have a gun!  They have a gun in the office!”  I came close to broaching this subject with the other female co-worker to get an idea of what her reaction and thoughts would be, was she afraid of firearms, does she think that firearms are bad?

A couple of months went by, and thanks to a commentor to this blog website, “Rusty Shackelford”, he recommended buying an Italian Law Enforcement surplus Beretta Cheetah .32 for $210, and this is what my female co-worker bought for herself to carry with her.

About this time, the other female co-worker who I wasn’t sure that I could trust, she began acting like a bitch, so I removed the pistol from the gun safe in the office trailer, because it wasn’t really needed anymore, and I began to fear the possibility of being ratted out.  The bitch acting female co-worker, it became the case that whatever we asked her to do or instructed her to do, she did the opposite.  It was as if no matter what we told her, she knew better.

When we came back to work after being gone for a few days, the bitch acting female co-worker had broken and damaged four pieces of equipment, but she denied doing it.  We took photographs of the broken and damaged equipment and sent them to the owner of our company, and he had to ask her what happened, it was hard to deny that these things were broken and damaged.

Like a typical women, resorting to treachery, the bitch acting female co-worker began trying to tell her grievances to one of the site owner’s representatives.  I don’t know if the readers know how bad this is, when a low-level, fairly new employee, the least experienced employee in the company, does not take her grievances to the owner of the company that she works for, but instead takes her grievances to the company’s customer, this usually leads to termination.

But see, looking back on this, I have my own firearms, concealed weapons permit, and various concealed carry holsters, I didn’t need to buy a woman’s 9mm pistol and install a hidden gun safe in our office trailer.  I did this because my female co-worker was frightened and she probably was in danger by working alone out in the middle of nowhere and being unarmed.

Had I tried to help this other woman co-worker by explaining and allowing her access to this firearm in case of an emergency, because of the treachery of women, my reward for trying to help her would have been her tattle-telling to try to get me fired for keeping a firearm inside the site office trailer.

This other woman co-worker, like a lot of women, once they get a job, they begin thinking that they know more than the people who have more experience, and whatever they are told to do they do the opposite.  Then, when they reap the disaster that they have sown, their next tactic is tattle telling to try to get other co-workers in trouble who had nothing to do with the actual immediate work failures under investigation.

My trying to help her, would have had nothing to do with her current work failures, but she would try to use what I did to help her, against me.  This is why you can’t help or mentor women, whenever they have work problems, a work failure, or they don’t feel like doing their work, they go and try to get other people in trouble to deflect attention away from their failures.