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Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 43 & 44

Chapter 43

Rachel woke up feeling nauseous and sick to her stomach again.  Her father, mother, and sister were all out of the house by this time in the morning.  Rachel went into the living room to the old desk where the computer was.  She typed in to the website browser, “How soon do you get morning sickness after becoming pregnant?”  Rachel went to several different websites that had an answer to this question.  Most of the websites, and the comments that women wrote, said that you can get morning sickness within two to three weeks of becoming pregnant.  Morning sickness would normally follow the first time that you missed your period.

Not only had Rachel had morning sickness for the past week, she had missed her period too.  Somehow, even though Rob the United Express Delivery driver had worn a condom, she had gotten pregnant by Rob.  She was not about to tell Rob, she would never tell Rob.  Rachel realized that Rob was probably having sex with other women on his delivery route, that he was going home with women that he met in bars, and that he was doing all of this while he had a girlfriend too.  He would likely never change, he would always be like this.

Rachel decided to not let anyone know that she was pregnant, if she was.  She would buy a pregnancy test kit today to make sure.  Rachel decided that the best thing to do if she was pregnant, would be to marry Tracy Fisher.  She would have to work fast.  She would have to start dating him, have sex with him right away, and then blame him for her pregnancy.  Even if Tracy did not want to marry her, his family would pressure him into it, insisting that it was the right thing for him to do.  If he didn’t marry her, his family might even kick him out, and take his truck away.

If Tracy did marry her, his family would help them buy a nice house.  Tracy would always have a good income working for his family business TnT Oilfield Service.  Tracy’s family would always make sure that she and her child were always taken care of.  And if Tracy acted like an asshole, she could just divorce him after a couple of years, and everybody would feel sorry for her.  She would probably get to stay in the house, and Tracy would have to pay a high amount of child support.

Chapter 44

Rachel left Belfield for work in Dickinson about an hour earlier than usual so that she could buy a pregnancy test kit.  She went to the store where she would be least likely to be seen or recognized, and paid for the pregnancy test kit at the pharmacy counter.  She drove to the Prairie Hills Mall and went to the public bathrooms.  She used the pregnancy test, and it showed positive, she was pregnant.  Rachel walked out to her Jeep Wrangler in the parking lot.  She did not want to dwell on what being pregnant meant, or she might start crying.  Seeing her bright blue Jeep Wrangler that she had gotten after her junior year in high school, reminded her that she had only had two or three years of freedom in her life, and now it was over.

Rachel sat in her Jeep, and telephoned the Astoria Hotel.  She told the clerk that she and her family were attending the wedding reception of Amber and Cory at the end of the month at the Astoria Hotel, that she wanted to reserve two hotel rooms for that Saturday night, was there a discounted rate for the wedding guests?  O.K. then, she would like to reserve two double occupancy rooms.

Rachel would call Tamara Fisher later and tell her that she reserved a hotel room for her and her sister Christine.  Rachel would not tell anyone that she had reserved a hotel room for herself, because she would need that hotel room, to take Tracy back to.

Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 41 & 42

Chapter 41

Rachel had decided that if she ever ordered anything over the internet again, it was going to be delivered by any method other than United Express Delivery.  She did not want to see Rob ever again, she now thought of him as a “man whore”.  Rachel was glad that her mother, father, and sister were all gone from the house this morning, and that there were not going to be any deliveries, because she was feeling very nauseous this morning and had to go throw up.  It was a good thing that she didn’t have to be at work at Herbergers in Dickinson until 2:00 p.m.  Rachel went back to bed.

When Rachel finally did get up at about noon, she felt better.  When Rachel’s mother Susan came home for lunch, she noticed that Rachel had been staying in bed very late for the past several days.  Susan asked Rachel if she was feeling sick, and Rachel replied, “Just in the mornings sometimes.”

Rachel took a shower and got ready for work.  She arrived at Herbergers in the Prairie Hills Mall just before 2:00 p.m.  A little after 3:00 p.m., Tamara Fisher, Tracy Fisher’s younger sister walked in the west entrance of Herbergers by the cosmetics counter where Rachel worked.  Tamara thought highly of Rachel.  Rachel had graduated from Belfield High School two years before Tamara, and Rachel had been the homecoming queen.

Tamara said hello to Rachel, and Rachel said hello back.  They both wanted to talk to each other.  Rachel asked Tamara if she was here to buy something to wear at Amber and Cory’s wedding next week, and Tamara said that she was.  Rachel said that her brother Tracy had been there about four or five days ago.  Tamara said that she knew, she had seen Tracy come home with a bunch of shopping bags, but she didn’t think that they were all for the wedding, because Tracy had gotten dressed up last Saturday afternoon and went somewhere all day and didn’t get home until about 1:00 a.m. Sunday.

Rachel asked if Tracy has a girlfriend.  Tamara said that she didn’t know, she didn’t think so, but Tracy had been going out to his truck at night and talking on the telephone to someone.  Tamara said that she, all the other women in the office, and all the other workers wished that Tracy would get a girlfriend, because he was always an asshole at work.  When he got back from wherever he went on Saturday, he was still an asshole, no change.

Tamara asked Rachel if she was getting a hotel room at the Astoria Hotel where the wedding reception was being held, and where the out of town guests were staying.  Rachel said that she was thinking about it, for her and her sister Christine.  Tamara said that she wanted to.  Rachel, Rachel’s sister Christine, and Tamara were all under 21.  They did not get to drink in bars.  Weddings had always been an occasion where older teenagers could get drunk, because all of their friends and relatives had alcohol.  It would not be any fun if they were forced to ride back to Belfield with their parents at 10:00 p.m. on a Saturday night, and all of their friends got to stay and dance.

Tamara said to Rachel, “Can you do me a favor?  Can you get one of your girlfriends to be like a date for Tracy?  He always acts so uptight, and he ruins weddings for all of us.  He doesn’t want to stay, he doesn’t want to drink, he doesn’t want to have any fun.  I know he’s weird and all, but maybe you could find someone who doesn’t know him.”  Rachel said that she would try to think of someone.

Rachel had someone in mind already, herself.

Chapter 42

Tracy had telephoned Cheryl the day following their date in Gillette.  Although, Cheryl did answer her telephone, she was not very friendly to Tracy.  She said that she was O.K., but why did Tracy hit that guy like that.  Tracy said that he had been working with people like that for eight years, and had been living and working with people like that every day since the oil boom came to North Dakota.  Tracy explained that when somebody like that has made up their mind to get in a fight, there is no reasoning with them or talking them out of it, it is better to teach them a lesson right away not to challenge you.  Cheryl listened to Tracy, and thought about what he was saying.  She asked Tracy if he considered that that guy might want to press assault charges.  Tracy said that he did not think that he would.

Cheryl was not rude, she was just not friendly, and she said that she did not want to talk anymore right now, and she ended the phone call.  On her drive back to Cheyenne, she thought to herself, I guess it wouldn’t matter to Tracy if he had assault charges filed against him and had to go to jail.  He works for his parent’s company, and he lives on his family’s farm, it is not like he would lose his job or his house.  It wouldn’t affect him at all.

Cheryl was not happy with Tracy.  But when she would think about what happened in the days following, it would occur to her that Tracy was not a coward, he was polite to her, respectful, and gentle.  He was not a worrier, a whiner, or a complainer.  He did have a lot of good qualities.

Tracy did not know what to think.  He did not know if he would ever see Cheryl again.  When he thought about her in the days following, he did remember how attractive and sophisticated Cheryl looked, and he missed her.

Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 39 & 40

Chapter 39

Cheryl quickly drove back to the Arbuckle Lodge in Gillette where she had already checked into a hotel room earlier in the day.  She was upset about her date being ruined, but she was more concerned about losing her security clearance.  You are not supposed to take a gun into a bar, even if you have a concealed weapons permit, but she had one in her purse, and she had taken it with her into the nightclub.  Knowing this, she had made sure to get out of the nightclub as quickly as possible, before the police arrived.  Now what she had to worry about, was if the person who got hit by Tracy, was going to try to press criminal charges.  Cheryl was worried about the nightclub security cameras and the witnesses.  Cheryl wondered where, and how many, security cameras were there, and if her Subaru or its license plate would show up on a security camera video.

Cheryl knew that if a person or a nightclub security camera had even a glimpse of her getting into a light green Subaru wagon, the police would then be able to look at the city stoplight cameras at about the time she left that night, to get her license plate number.  Cheryl was imagining now, how her yearly interview with the Air Force investigator would go, “You were involved in an assault in a bar in Gillette, Wyoming, with a Mr. Tracy Fisher.  How did you meet this Mr. Tracy Fisher?…In your most recent questionnaire, you did not disclose any membership in an internet dating site.  When did you enroll in this internet dating site?  How many men did you contact on this internet dating site?  How many men contacted you on this internet dating site?  I will need you to give me your username and password for any and all internet dating sites that you have enrolled in or participated in for the past ten years.”

Cheryl had worked at military facilities for the past twelve years, and at Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming for the past four years.  She was always so careful, and always so careful about who she associated with.  She could not believe that she had been so stupid to let this happen to her.

In her hotel room, Cheryl took off her shoes, pants, and turtleneck, revealing her new black silk panties and bras.  She had not wanted to let Tracy come back to her hotel room, that is not how she had wanted this date to go.  She would not admit to herself that this is something she wanted, she would only allow herself to think that this was a remote possibility.  What should have been, or could have been, Tracy undressing her like he was unwrapping a present, was instead Cheryl climbing under the covers alone, and hiding herself.

Chapter 40

Tracy left Gillette quickly, and tried to get as far away as possible as quickly as possible.  He wasn’t sorry about what had happened.  He was sorry that his date had ended sooner than he wanted it to, but he was not sorry about what he did to the white trash man.  He would not have handled it differently if he had it to do over.

Tracy did not see any point in calling Cheryl this night.  He might call her late in the morning on Sunday and ask her if she was O.K.  He was not ready to ask her out on another date.  He did not know where to meet her for another date, or what to do on another date.

Tracy thought that Cheryl was pretty and nice enough, but he did not get much information about Jews.  Other than not acting as irritating as most women, Cheryl did not act that much different than other people.  He thought that the time and effort that he had spent on this date might not have been worth it.  It had forced him to buy some new clothes, and to study Jewish religious practices, traditions, and customs, which he would later need to know when he moved to New York City.  The new clothes that he bought at Herbergers, he would get to wear at Amber and Cory’s wedding that was coming up soon.

Who Is This Klayton Oltmanns Person In Dickinson, North Dakota? And Why Is He In My Novel?

Like me, you may have been wondering, “Who is this Klayton Oltmanns person in Dickinson, North Dakota?”  I have seen him at the downtown Dickinson summer concerts, but who is he?  What does he do?  Where does he come from?

On the internet, doing a Google search, it says that Klayton Oltmanns is a City of Dickinson Commissioner.  From the City of Dickinson website it says:

“Klayton Oltmanns is a financial advisor with Edward Jones. His investment office is in north Dickinson…

He is currently the president of Arts on the Prairie, a civic organization with the mission to foster talent in southwest ND through the arts. He enjoys judging the organization’s popular fundraiser “Dickinson’s Got Talent.” He has also has served as president of Kiwanis and is an active member.

Mr. Oltmanns is a graduate of Dickinson State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in secondary education with an emphasis on communications. He and his wife Melanie are recent recipients of the “Young Hawk Award” from DSU. This award is bestowed on alumni of the University who have had an impact in their career, community and college. After Melanie completed her Doctorate of Optometry, the couple returned to Dickinson in 1997. They have two children, Austin and Alyssa…”

When I continued to search the internet using Google, it showed that Klayton Oltmanns was a candidate for Mayor of the City of Dickinson for the June 2016 election.  However, Scott Decker was elected Mayor.

The Stark County website says that Klayton Oltmanns is one of the Board Members for Stark County Planning & Zoning.

Gosh! No wonder he was too busy to speak to me or respond to my e-mail!  Oh well, that is all water under the bridge now, it wasn’t important, evidently.

However, I am delighted to know that Klayton Oltmanns is president of Arts on the Prairie, whose goal is to foster talent in southwest ND through the arts.  I am an artist, I am a writer!  I am currently about 30% complete with my “Western North Dakota Romance Novel”, which not only is about western North Dakota, it is about a struggling artist from Belfield, the character Tracy Fisher!

I try to post two chapters of “Western North Dakota Romance Novel” on this website every day.  I have decided, to include Klayton Oltmanns in an upcoming chapter about the characters Amber and Cory, at their wedding reception at the Astoria Hotel.  This should increase Klayton Oltmanns popularity, and increase interest in my novel.

Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 31 & 32

Chapter 31

Tracy and Cheryl messaged each other back and forth for a couple of days.  The only time that Tracy sent a message or replied to a message was in the evening after he got home from work.  Cheryl, would send and reply to messages both before and after work, though she knew that Tracy would not get back to her until that evening.

Tracy got in the habit of not ever writing anything that would in any way reveal that he was only 20 years old, not 30 years old, that he lived at his parents’ house, and that he was not Jewish.  Every day, Tracy researched and studied Jewish beliefs, figures of speech, culture, and religious practices.  He went over and over these things that he learned in his mind.  It came to the point, that from time to time, he began using Jewish figures of speech at work, to the administrators, his sister, and to the crew workers.

Soon, it came time where Cheryl wanted to exchange telephone numbers and talk on the telephone.  Tracy explained that he would only be able to talk after he got home from work.  In order to not be overheard by his brothers or sisters, or worse, have them yell at him in his room while he was on the telephone with Cheryl, Tracy had to go out and get in his truck to talk on the phone with Cheryl.

When Cheryl thought that she could hear a truck engine running in the background, she asked Tracy where he was, she thought that he was at home.  Tracy answered that he was home, that he lived on a farm, he had to go check on the horses and cattle, that he preferred to sit out in his truck and watch the animals, watch the sun set.  Cheryl thought that this sounded very romantic, that Tracy was very responsible to get home from working all day, and then go look after the farm and the animals.  She also thought that he must be very successful and have money, to be both the operations manager of a company, and also own and operate a farm.

Cheryl asked more about the farm.  Tracy said that it was his grandparents’ farm.  Cheryl began to ask in a round about way if it was all his.  Tracy replied no, that other family members had a stake in it.  Cheryl asked how big was the farm.  Tracy answered that it was four sections.  A section of land is one mile by one mile, one section is 7oo acres.

Tracy did not mind answering Cheryl’s questions.  He understood that women want to know what you have, they are curious, they want to know.  But in the questions that they ask, you can tell a lot about them.  They ask about what they care about, what they don’t care about, they don’t ask about.  So Cheryl could ask him as many questions as she wanted, for every question that she asked, it answered one or more questions that Tracy had about her.

After the small talk and chit chat, Tracy asked Cheryl if she would like to go out to dinner with him on Saturday in Gillette, Wyoming at the Prime Rib Restaurant & Wine Cellar.  Cheryl said, yes, she did.

Chapter 32

Tracy had to leave Belfield at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday in order to make it to Gillette, Wyoming for his dinner date with Cheryl at 6:30 p.m.  Tracy had been to Gillette, Wyoming with his father many times during his childhood to pick up construction equipment, to drop off construction equipment, to buy a horse from time to time.  When Tracy became a teenager, and got his driver’s license, that was just when the oil boom was getting started.  Tracy’s father began sending him on his own, down to Gillette with a Dodge 3500 dually and a long gooseneck trailer to pick up oil field equipment.

The dinner date was at the Prime Rib Restaurant & Wine Cellar on Douglas Highway.  If he could get Cheryl to go, he wanted to take her dancing after dinner at the Boot Hill Nightclub.  Tracy was not nervous or anxious, this was easier than when he was a young teenager driving a big truck and big trailer by himself to go pick up equipment in Gillette.

Tracy had gone through the car wash with his silver Dodge diesel 2500 mega cab 4×4, and he had made sure that everything that didn’t need to be in the truck was taken out, and that it was clean inside.  Tracy was wearing his new black dress shoes, new dark blue Carhart jeans, black dress belt, long sleeve white dress shirt, his new Pierre Cardin dark grey wool coat, and no hat.  He looked very handsome, and he could easily pass as being 25 years old, but he didn’t quite look like he was 30.

Cheryl was more nervous than Tracy was.  She had only been to Gillette, Wyoming once or twice.  Cheryl had called the Arbuckle Lodge on Thursday to make reservations for a hotel room on Saturday, she was not going to try to drive back to Cheyenne, Wyoming on Saturday night.  But she was sure not going to tell Tracy that she had a hotel room reserved in Gillette, she did not want him coming back to her hotel room.  That is not how she wanted this date to go.  She was looking for a serious relationship, and hopefully marriage.

Once Cheryl knew that she was going to get a hotel room, she thought that she would like to drive to Gillette, and get there at about 3:00 p.m. to check into her hotel room.  She would then go and see where the restaurant was, and look inside.  Then go back to the hotel, and take a shower and get dressed.   She would bring a couple of different outfits, and decide what to wear when she arrived in Gillette, depending on how cold it was that evening.

Cheryl had spent some of her time looking forward to this date, buying some new clothes, getting her hair done, buying some new cosmetics.  She even bought some new lingerie.  Just in case she thought, she might as well she thought.  Cheryl took her mint green color Subaru wagon to get washed and vacuumed at the car wash.

Cheryl had spent some of her time worrying about this date.  At times she was very angry about this date, was this guy going to show up and be some horny 20 year old?  Some times she was fearful about this date, was this guy Tracy some kind of serial killer?  Cheryl made sure to bring her.38 caliber Bersa semi-auto pistol that she usually carried in her purse.  And she wanted to check out the restaurant before the date to make sure she could park where she could be seen,  and she wanted to see if she would be able to excuse herself to the bathroom, and leave through a side door in case Tracy was very creepy in person.

Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 29 & 30

Chapter 29

When Tracy got home to his parents’ house in Belfield, and got out of his truck with his shopping bags from Herbergers, his younger sister Tamara was watching him through her bedroom window.  She met him in the hallway as he climbed the stairs and said, “Did you buy clothes to wear at Amber and Cory’s wedding?  If I would have known you were going to Herbergers, I would have gone too, I need to get something to wear.  Why didn’t you tell me you were going?”  Tracy didn’t say anything.  Tracy knew, and Tamara knew, that the last thing either of them wanted was to go shopping together, Tracy was too uptight and impatient.

Tracy went into his bedroom, shut the door behind him, put his shopping bags down, and checked his messages.  He did have a message from Cheryl, it said, “Before I send you any photographs, there is something that I want to know.  You wrote that you are 30 years old, but JDate.com says that you are 20 years old.  I need to know, are you 20 years old?”

Tracy thought about it for a minute.  If he hides his driver’s license, and says that he left it back in Belfield in a company truck, Cheryl will not have any way of knowing how old he is.  Besides that, he’s not Jewish either, he can’t let her know that either.  If she did find out, what’s the worst that could happen?

Tracy sent a message to Cheryl that said, “I am 30.  Here are some additional photographs of me, as you requested.”

Cheryl read Tracy’s message, and looked at the photographs that he had sent.  She saw him sitting behind the desk in his office.  She saw him standing beside his truck.  That was a really big, new , expensive truck.  Cheryl thought, “There is no way that he could be 20 years old, he could never buy or afford a truck like that if he was only 20 years old.”

Cheryl then sent Tracy several photographs of herself.  She looked very attractive to Tracy in these photographs.  Both Tracy and Cheryl were happy this night.

Chapter 30

After work at Herbergers, Rachel and two of her coworkers went to Don Pedros restaurant to eat.  Don Pedros restaurant is brightly lit, with booths along the walls, and tables in the center of the dining area.  Rachel and her two friends were seated at a booth at the middle of the far wall.  Not long after they were seated, Rob and a young lady were seated at a booth on the opposite side of the dining room.

Rachel had enough time to clearly watch the girl that Rob was with.  She was clearly a simpleton.  She was wearing an inexpensive light pink dress, and she was all smiles, very pleased to be on this date with Rob.  She looked like a dork.  Besides that, Rachel already knew who she was, she worked at the costume jewelry store in the Prairie Hills Mall.

Rachel felt sorry for her.  Rachel knew that this girl was not very smart.  She might actually really like Rob, she probably did.  This girl probably had no idea what Rob was like, and what she was getting into.  She would just be used by Rob, and inevitably be hurt.

Rachel was not jealous of this young lady, she felt sorry for her.  Rachel knew that there was nothing anyone could say to her to warn her about Rob, she would just have to learn the hard way, that Rob was just using her for sex.

As for Rob, Rachel was beginning to dislike him more and more.  Yes, she had had sex with him, several times.  It had seemed like something she had wanted to do at the time, but now she didn’t know what she had been thinking.  From the reaction of her friends to Rob the other night at Applebees, she could see that somehow women found him attractive.  That night, she even wanted to see him, she went and got his attention at the bar that night so that he would come sit at her table.

After she and her friends each smelled women’s perfume on him, they each realized that he had recently been with some woman.  Although this made Rob seem more intriguing to her friends, it made Rachel feel put off at first, and then later disgusted.  After Rob left their table that night, Rachel’s friends had all been talking about how many housewives Rob probably has sex with while working as a driver for United Express.

As Rachel drove home alone from Applebees that night on old Highway 10 back to Belfield, she felt stupid and disgusted.  If many women were attracted to Rob, and apparently they were, and Rob was having sex with any women that would let him, it was really stupid to like Rob, or to let him have sex with her.

This night, when Rachel got done eating with her friends at Don Pedros, and had to drive home alone back to Belfield, Rachel made up her mind that she didn’t want to have anything to do with Rob ever again.  He just uses women for sex, he will have sex with any women who will let him, he will probably never stop being like this, and she could never trust him.

(The characters in this novel are fictional, and are not based on real or actual persons.  The events in this novel are fictional. Any resemblance to real or actual persons, or actual events, is entirely coincidental.)

Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 25 & 26

Chapter 25

When Tracy  got home from working at TnT Oilfield Service all day, the first thing that he did was check to see if he had received any messages from JDate.com.  He did!  The woman that he liked in Cheyenne, Wyoming had messaged him back.  She wanted to know more about him.  Where did he work?  What did he do?  She asked if he could send her a couple more pictures, pictures tell a lot about a person she said.

Tracy did not mind answering her questions, he was glad that she was interested in him.  He wrote that he worked for his father’s company, TnT Oilfield Service, that he was an operations manager.  Sometimes he worked in the oil field at oil well locations, but most of the time lately he worked in the company office.

Tracy had some digital photographs that he had taken of cattle guard installations, containment barrier installations, and Ajax motors that he had repaired and installed, and he uploaded those and sent them to her.  He said that tomorrow he would send her a couple of photographs of himself, if that is what she meant that she wanted.  Could she please send some photographs of herself, she only had the one profile photo, and what was her name?

Tracy sent her the oil field installation photographs partly to stall.  He did not want to send her any photographs of himself that had been taken in the past because he was worried that he would look too young.  He had written in his profile description of himself that he was 30 years old, not 20 years old.  She was 36 years old and she would not be interested in him if she found out that he was only 20.

Tracy wanted her to send him more photographs of herself.  Her one photograph showed that she was very attractive.  Her profile said that she was 5′-8″, athletic build, never married, no children, non-smoker, social drinker, bachelors degree, professional.

Chapter 26

Cheryl was waiting for Tracy to send her a message that evening.  She was glad to see that Tracy did in fact work for TnT Oilfield Service, and that this was his father’s company.  When Tracy had first sent her a message, apparently using his real name as his user name, she spent over an hour trying to look him up on the internet, and saw that Tom Fisher owned TnT Oilfield Service in Belfield.  Where Tracy worked, what his job position was, and the photographs that he sent of the oil field installations, all made sense and seemed to be true.  She did not want to seem over eager, so she intended not to reply or send him any additional photographs of herself until the following morning.  Also, she was going to have to dig up some photographs of herself, or possibly take some.

Cheryl was happy to be involved in this preliminary date activity.  She was looking forward to driving to Gillette, Wyoming on a Saturday afternoon to meet Tracy for a date.  She was thinking about what to wear, would it be cold then?  Maybe she should buy something new to wear.

It dawned on her that she had not resolved whether Tracy was 20 years old like JDate.com said, or was he 30 years old like he wrote in his description.  Could it be that he mis-typed “1993” instead of “1983”?

As Cheryl looked for photographs of herself to send Tracy, her mind was more and more working on the subject of whether Tracy was 20 years old, or 30 years old, until it came to the forefront of her mind, and she became angry.  “Fuck!, what is that pervert up to!  I swear, if I drive all the way up to Gillette and find out that he is 20 years old, I will cut his balls off!”

Cheryl went and sat on her bed, trying to calm down and settle down.  After about five minutes of thinking things over, she resolved that if Tracy was 20 years old, she was not going to cut his balls off.  That would not be appropriate.  If somebody did something like that every time a 20 year old man did something stupid, there wouldn’t be any adult men.  Maybe he has high hormone levels.  Maybe he read somewhere that women in their mid-thirties are the most horny.  I guess that I am supposed to be his “cougar”.

Cheryl became angry again.  She was not about to be anyone’s “cougar”.  If Tracy turned out to be 20 years old, Cheryl planned on telling him to get a hotel room.  Cheryl planned on persuading him that she liked Sadism & Masochism, for him to get undressed and let her tie him to the bed.  Then she was going to leave him there, naked and tied to the bed, to teach him a lesson.  This is what she thought about before she went to sleep that night.

(The characters in this novel are fictional, and are not based on real or actual persons.  The events in this novel are fictional. Any resemblance to real or actual persons, or actual events, is entirely coincidental.)

Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 21 & 22

Chapter 21

In the year and a half since Tracy had graduated from High School, and been forced to remain in Belfield and work for his father’s business TnT Oilfield Service, Tracy thought about composing music, writing musicals, doing the choreography.  You could say he partly got these ideas in his head from watching the live outdoor musicals every summer at the Medora amphitheater that was built into the side of a mountain over looking the badlands.  In Tracy’s last years of high school, he came to understand more and more that the center of composing, writing, and choreography was New York City.  Tracy could also not help but notice that many of the best and most famous composers, writers, and choreographers were Jewish.

Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern, George and Ira Gershwin, Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein, Kurt Weill, Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim, and Stephen Schwartz, ….all of them Jewish.  What was it about the Jews?  Tracy read about the ancient history of the Jews, and the modern history of the Jews.  The book that most shaped Tracy’s understanding and impression of the the Jews, was the book Exodus, by Leo Uris.  This book was about the formation of Israel after World War II.

Two things that stood out in Tracy’s mind from the book Exodus, was that everyone always seemed to be getting in the way of the Jews and not cooperating in the formation of Israel, something that he felt that he could personally relate to, people getting in your way and interfering with what you wanted to do.  The second thing that stood out in Tracy’s mind, was that the leaders of the formation of Israel, as part of their new homeland, decided that they could not and would not allow their women to be coquettish from that point forward.

The founders of Israel, had everyone against them, and they were completely surrounded by people who did not want them there.  The leaders realized that the only way that they could survive, was that every man, woman, and child, would have to defend Israel.  There could be no time and energy wasted, no division, no strife caused by Israeli women playing stupid head games with people.  In the formation of Israel, it was not allowed for women to play psychological games with people.  It was stated that if a woman loved a man, to not withhold themselves, or play any kind of games.

To Tracy, this made perfect sense.  The young men and women of Israel from an early age, approximately 8 years old, began their training: physical fitness, self-defense fighting, military order and discipline, living in dormitories, military drilling, fire-arms assembly and repair, marksmanship, fortifications, patrols, guard duty.  It was very logical, no nonsense.  And, when girls were turning into young women, the women leaders all instructed the young women to not waste people’s time with games, Israel could not afford to have these distractions and strife.

Tracy wanted to meet some Jews, and in particular, he wanted to meet some Jewish women, he thought.

Chapter 22

Tracy wanted to meet some Jewish women.  This would kill two birds with one stone he thought.  He wanted to know about the Jewish culture, way of doing things, and he wanted to meet a Jewish girl that would not be, “difficult”, not be a lot of trouble and waste his time.  Tracy did not know of any Jews in Belfield, South Heart, Dickinson, or New England.  On the internet, he became aware of the Jewish dating site “JDate.com”.

Tracy began to think that the quickest, easiest, and best way to meet a Jewish girl was to create a user profile on JDate.com.  Tracy entered in all of his information, pretending to be Jewish, and uploaded a picture of himself.  Tracy did not hesitate to use his real first name and last name as his user profile name, because he had every intention of meeting and dating a Jewish girl, the quicker the better.  He immediately began to search the profiles of the Jewish women in North Dakota.  Finding no suitable matches, he extended his search to 500 miles.  The most attractive woman to him, was a 36 year old Jewish woman in Cheyenne, Wyoming, that was who he decided on.

Tracy sent a message to this attractive 36 year old Jewish woman in Cheyenne, offering to drive half-way to meet her for a date in Gillette, Wyoming.  Tracy was familiar with Gillette, he had driven there many times with his father to pick up oil field equipment for TnT Oilfield Service.  Tracy realized that this 36 year old woman probably would not want to date him if she knew that he was only 20 years old, so Tracy tried to change his user profile and self description to show that he was 30  years old.

(The characters in this novel are fictional, and are not based on real or actual persons.  The events in this novel are fictional. Any resemblance to real or actual persons, or actual events, is entirely coincidental.)

Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 3 & 4

Chapter 3

Rob’s delivery route with United Express began on the west outskirts of Dickinson, and extended to Buffalo Gap and Medora to the west, as far north as the Missouri River, and as far south as Bowman.  He would start out in the morning from Dickinson heading west, making his first deliveries on old Highway 10 through the South Heart area and continuing westward to Belfield.  Once the Belfield deliveries were completed, he could head north toward Grassy Butte on Highway 85, or he could head south on Highway 85 toward Bowman.  But today, he needed to get southwest of Belfield by 10:00 a.m.

Rob’s delivery van was equipped with a GPS tracking and sending unit, that constantly transmitted his van’s location back to United Express via cell phone towers.  His location was always known, except for when there was no cell phone coverage, or when he wrapped the GPS tracking unit in aluminum foil.

On Rob’s second day working for United Express, he had witnessed a coworker get reprimanded for his delivery van being at a stand still for fifteen minutes at one particular address.  The driver admitted and explained to his supervisor Gary, that the homeowner had a four wheeler for sale in his front yard, that he had asked about it, wanted to know if it ran, and had the owner start it up and show it to him.  The supervisor Gary, angrily explained that under no circumstances can you stop making your deliveries for this amount of time.

Later that day when Rob stopped for lunch, he searched for and found the GPS tracking and sending unit underneath the dashboard of his delivery van, to the right of the steering column.  When he got home, he did an internet search for how to block the signal, and how not to be tracked.

Chapter 4

Rob quickly got through his deliveries on the west outskirts of Dickinson and through the South Heart area.  He never had a reason to become delayed in this area, the houses were too close together, the neighbors saw and knew each other’s activities, and his big white delivery van was very noticeable.  It was usually in the more remote areas that the women customers wanted him to come inside.

From a young age, Rob had the ability to sense when women were interested in him.  He was not overly handsome, exceptionally cute, tall, charismatic, or charming.  Yet there was something about him that women liked.

The circumstances of meeting women alone in remote areas, and his gift at detecting when women had an interest in him, made him a very prolific lover.  He did not put a lot of thought into women or care about them.  He had very little to say to them, nothing that he wanted to discuss, and he did not have an interest in listening to them or asking anything about them.  This worked out fine.  In the moment, the women did not want to know if he was married, if he had kids, what his future plans were, and they sure as hell didn’t want to answer too many questions about themselves, they just wanted to have sex.

Though Rob never thought too deeply about why so many married women customers wanted to have sex with him, their “reasons” varied.  Mostly, these married women had been wondering and thinking about being unfaithful for some time, but they just did not have the opportunity.  Their only time in town was spent grocery shopping and doing errands.  Everyone knew everyone.  There was no chance to meet anyone, to talk to anyone, without being overheard and being noticed, no place to get away with someone.  This young and willing delivery driver showing up when their kids were at school and their husband was at work was like an answer to their prayers.

(The characters in this novel are fictional, and are not based on real or actual persons.  The events in this novel are fictional. Any resemblance to real or actual persons, or actual events, is entirely coincidental.)