1 thought on “This Is Why Women And Men Are Not Equal

  1. wanna see how women act under severe stress ? watch the police show On Patrol or check-out some YouTube videos on Police audit channels. That’s where citizens record the dirty corrupt criminals with badges. whom on a regular basis violate the constitutional rights of citizens. Most times the woman cop causes more chaos then she alleviates. I have to step back and laugh as I watch the liberal agenda in action. Female police are most often the ones being disarmed by criminals who don’t know they should not disobey a female with a badge and a Vag. ( suppose to rhyme with badge) Then the men officers have to risk their safety to fix what the special hire quota female screwed up. Yet another example of females never paying the price for their own actions and poor decisions. I noted on last night’s On Patrol show, a female with a badge, she was about 4 ft 9 inches tall and she was really trying to be in charge. No wonder people resist cops . This is like watching a cartoon. BTW, I’d probably make the same height comments on a male cop, but in reality a short man is not to messed with.

    Ray ,
    land of endless blacks with guns but it’s okay cuz their black
    Annapolis Md .
    Formerly U.S.A.


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