48 thoughts on “I Found A New Attractive Young Girl Named Isabel Paige

  1. Memoirs of a yondering pedophile. Your words are so eloquent. So mooth. Probably from all your hand lotion on the keyboard. You must have studied under the penthouse forum.


    1. Sweet Water,

      Isabel just turned 23 years old. For someone my age, Isabel would be a fun girl to date or have a relationship with. On the one hand, she would be like a daughter, you could give her useful advice, pass on practical knowledge, teach her how to do things, take her places she had never been, do things with her like go fishing or canoeing, but on the other hand, you could also have sex with her.

      Also, maybe if I was having sex with Isabel, and her older sister started liking me too, maybe I could accidentally unintentionally have sex with Isabel’s older sister and there wouldn’t be any penalty because it was accidental, and didn’t happen very often. Like if I was taking a shower and Isabel’s older sister needed to take a shower at the same time, or some other similar situation.


  2. Maybe you could have their mom rub your feet and legs as you have a 3 way with the sisters. That family’s fortunate to have such a fine stalker. Carry on.

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    1. Sweet Water,

      No, no, no. Their mother is probably my age. I don’t even want to have sex with both Isabel and her older sister at the same time. I don’t think that either of them would like that, and I wouldn’t either. I want to pay complete attention to one of them at a time, not just for their sake, but for mine.

      If I had enough money, I would like to just show up and get to know both of them, begin having sex with both of them, and get both of them pregnant within a month of each other. I don’t think that either of them have any immediate plans to have children, but maybe they would both accept it if I could pay for everything.

      As long as I could pay for the house, their automobiles, their food and clothing, furniture, their medical costs, and the costs of their children, I think that they might go along with this without protest, because they could live the rural domestic family lifestyle that they desire, without having to worry about money or survival.

      They would have each other for company, to talk about the things that they wanted, to talk about their problems, to share in the housework, to go shopping together, to take turns watching the kids, to give each other breaks from things that they didn’t want to do or if they weren’t feeling well.

      I think that a man would need about $500,000 to keep Isabel and her older sister happy and not worrying about money for the next fifteen years, to be able to pay for everything and about six children. The man would probably have to work some here and there, and Isabel and her older sister could take turns working about twenty hours per week just to have the chance to get away from home and have a work aspect to their life.


    2. You are so fucking creepy the way you talk and immediately romantasize a girl who’s just minding her business doing what she enjoys as if she’s some sort of fucking object. Jesus Christ get a life, your creepy pervy gross comments make females extremely uncomfortable. What’s even more repulsing is the fact that you think what you’re saying is ok and perfectly normal. Get help 🤮


      1. Taylor,

        I don’t think that you meant to reply to the commentor “Sweet Water”, but to the author of the blog post article. “Sweet Water” is a Native American of the Three Affiliated Tribes on Lake Sakakawea, whose villages were submerged and destroyed when they dammed up Lake Sakakawea.

        To address your remarks that Isabel Paige was just minding her own business, and that there is no reason to sexualize her.

        Imagine if you were standing on the side of the road at the exit to a Truck Stop. Every time that a truck driver exited the parking lot of the Truck Stop, you lifted up your shirt to show your boobs. When the truck driver came to a stop, and hollered out the window, asking you what you wanted, you yelled, “I was just minding my own business! Leave me alone, I’m not here for sex!”

        Unbeknownst to you, the Police Officers and Police Detectives are sitting at the Denny’s Restaurant across the street having breakfast, and looking out the window watching you. Watching you bend over to show your crotch to the truck drivers exiting the parking lot, and when the truck drivers stop to talk to you, you yell, “I was minding my own business! Stop trying to sexualize me!”

        After the Police Officers and Police Detectives have finished eating breakfast, and having received complaints from the other diners at the Denny’s restaurant, they walk over to you and place you under arrest for “Solicitation of Prostitution” and “Lewd and Lascivious Behavior”.

        See, it doesn’t matter what was taught in your Women’s Studies classes. In reality, when you show your boobs and crotch in order to get people’s attention, it is not called “minding your own business”.


  3. Dude, every beautiful girl you see is not “available for mating”. Especially on YouTube, you can not have what you see in a beautiful video

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    1. John Bottomly,

      Oh yes you can have everything that you see and you want. Go watch the YouTube videos of Dolores Cannon who spent forty years or more studying the results of her hypnotic regression sessions of thousands of subjects. If you can learn and understand what Dolores Cannon is explaining, in each of our lives, we write the “script” of our lives, we can choose to do whatever it is that we want to do. There are many ways to go about getting what you want.

      For instance, with Isabelle and her sister “Natalie” or “Natasha”, seducing either or both of them is just a matter of finding out what they want, and either providing what they want, leading them to believe that you can provide what they want, or convincing them that they want something else.

      Both Isabelle and her sister have seen the pitfalls of farming and trying to live off-grid. At this point, if some man showed Isabelle and her sister a beautiful sailing yacht, with a large wide teak sun deck with cushions, large comfortable pilot house, nice spacious cabins, and talk of leaving to sail the Polynesian Islands as per usual, showing them lots of photographs….it wouldn’t be hard to persuade Isabelle and her sister to put their farming plans on hold.


    1. Raymond,

      Isabelle would probably be your friend. Leave her comments on her YouTube channel, or e-mail her at her contact info for either her YouTube channel or her Yoga Instructor website.


    1. Dick Blick,

      I wonder about people. The way they behave, the things that they do, what they believe. The television show “The People’s Court” was interesting to watch in order to see the way other people’s minds worked, how did they asses situations, what was their thinking process, what was their rationale for believing that they were not in the wrong, liable, owing money.

      The FBI investigates serious crimes, such as murder, arson, racketeering, bank robbery, kidnapping, organized crime.

      In my first and second blog post articles about Isabel Paige, probably the most egregious things that I wrote was that Isabel has nice ripe young breasts, and that I went back and watched this video two or three times. This is not illegal. Even if I started writing about Isabel’s vagina, this would still not be illegal.

      In one or two of my commments, I might have written that I would have liked to go visit Isabel and her sister Natasha and get them both pregnant within a month of each other, that way when they were going through their pregnancies, births, and child rearing they would have each other for company. This is not illegal. Even if I started writing about having sex with Isabel’s mother too, this would still not be illegal.

      In the comment section of every one of Isabel’s videos, people ask where she is located. I wondered too, so I looked it up. This is not illegal. Even if I publicized the town and street address of Isabel, this would still not be illegal.

      There is nothing that I have written that is illegal, nor did I express any intent to do anything illegal. Why would the FBI be interested in reading my blog posts?

      What I am seeing about Democrats, liberals, and city dwellers, is that they don’t or can’t think even two or three steps ahead. You like to go and say things, because it’s catchy or inflammatory, but none of you can take the next step to consider if it’s true or false. Maybe that’s something additional, you will say anything and don’t care if it’s true or not.


      1. “aS LoNg as It iS nOt Illegal it Is fine” Bro you’re creepy as shit, who tf cares if it’s not illegal, you shouldn’t be publicizing a girls address/treating her like an object. You’re a keyboard warrior, you talk nice on the internet, and hide in the shadows of the real world, you’re a coward. You’re the most uninteresting and unintelligent person to exist. You can type a long reply, but no matter what excuse you make, I’m right and you’re wrong. I’d prolly argue with you, but it would just be too easy considering you’re the least intelligent person to exist. Nice try though buddy, I’d recommend putting mote effort on studying how to not be creepy af, then beating your mike and Ike dick to a girl on YouTube.


      2. Superior,

        If it is wrong for anyone to write about Isabel Paige, why are going looking for things to read about Isabel Paige?

        Publish her address?? Can you read, seriously, can you read? I didn’t even publish the name of the town that she lives in.


  4. Name withheld

    Where do I start….
    I am not defending you here at all on your blog and feel some of the things you say about Isabelle is really out of order and shocking to speak of and to her siblings in the manor you do. This I am saddened as she probably has read this blog and now feels so uncomfortable and somewhat fearful of what you have said.
    Isabelle is a beautiful and an amazing young woman who enjoys the lifestyle she aims to build for herself on her family’s land. She is a free spirit and does what she does on YouTube to show others how life can and should be. Yes, she does Yoga, cooks delicious vegan meals, goes for swims naked in the river and is building a small house… but this is her sense of freedom and empowerment for herself.

    Now for the tricky part…
    What people need to know is…Isabelle tells her life on YouTube and at times is too honest of what she is up too. This said, I admire her for doing this but does leave her open for people like ‘name withheld’ to speak the way they do about her. I am not condemning Isabelle but either she is aware of what she is doing or simply not paying any attention to her online presence or vlogging. She has an online social network presence, that being a website, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram and others. She naively leaves clues in her YouTube video clips to her location/town namely where she lives and works e.g. on one of her clips by showing the premises window to name a few. Are people aware that Paige is not her second name, again this is a bit of an oversight and tells more about her when searching online. As swimming naked and inviting friends over for a ‘circle’ is open for interpretation and I dare wonder what the neighbours are saying…and distracted drivers on the river road.

    I am concerned for Isabelle’s wellbeing but happy in the knowing she has a very close and loving family network.

    To ‘name withheld’….it is disrespectful and incorrect to speak of Isabelle in a sexualising or degrading way on a public blog and either delete your words or this entire blog to stop embarrassing Isabelle and her family!


    1. Concerned,

      You are concerned for the wrong reasons. I think that it is wrong to deceive people, and you have been very deceived, in several ways.

      The life that Isabel is demonstrating, as you wrote “to show others how life can and should be”, is based on living off of her mother and father’s wealth. I am angry at how stupid and blind you are. How can you not see and understand that Isabel’s mother and father purchased a $300K-$400K piece of land, spent another $150K to build and furnish a house on this land, put in a water well, pay the utilities, pay the property tax, pay the homeowner’s insurance, and Isabel gets to live there for free?

      Are you so stupid, and her other young viewers so stupid, that you think that other people can get up in the morning do yoga, go on a hike, go bathe in the river, make videos, work part-time at a farmers market for about $150 per week, and live someplace with an initial cost of $500K and monthly continuing costs of utilities, taxes, and insurance of $600 per month?

      To put it into perspective, if viewers wanted to buy someplace that costs $500K, a $500K mortgage at 5% interest would require $2,700 per month payments for the next 30 years. That $32,400 every year in mortgage payments. Then there is another $7,200 per year in utilities, taxes and insurance.

      “To show others how life can and should be”. “…freedom and empowerment…”. No, this is how you can live if your mother and father pay for everything.

      Where I have lived in Florida, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and North Dakota, young people have to take shitty, low-paying jobs, where they barely can afford a shitty vehicle, and live with roommates in a cheap apartment, manufactured home, or house. For more than 50% of Americans, they continue to live paycheck to paycheck for the rest of their lives, barely able to afford their vehicles and homes, hardly ever able to take a vacation, devastated by an unexpected car repair or health problem. How are these people supposed to get up in the morning and do yoga, take a hike in the woods, bathe in a river, take an hour or more to prepare a meal, video what they are doing, when they are barely able to earn enough working 50 hours per week to pay their bills?

      Right now, there is some dumb mother fucker pot head saying, “But if you live like Isabel, you wouldn’t have to work 50 hours per week to pay your bills.” That’s right you dumb pot head mother fucker, not after someone else is paying for the $500K property and the ongoing $600 utilities, taxes, and insurance each month.


      1. Name withheld

        I don’t really want to start an argument here but would like to add further to this.

        Your reply although blunt, I somewhat take offence to what you said toward me personally. That said I appreciate your comments towards Isabelle on how she is perceived on YouTube and how she is misleading viewers to her lifestyle. Granted yes, she is ‘feeding’ off her parents yet I guess the viewers already knew that? She is 22 and still exploring her options for the future and making the best for what she can do now. Her parents had the choice to let her stay and live on their land until she was able make a move or saying no and completely denying her and letting her make her own way in life. This to me shows how caring the parents are and yes, they are financially well off to support their daughter for now. However, I somewhat admire Isabelle and how brave a young girl (and with financial backup) travelled the world at an early age. Looking at her Instagram photos she has travelled as far as Europe and Iceland at the tender age of about 17/18. Isabelle is young and hopefully will have a long life ahead, I guess this is not a phase for her but at some point, she will realise that bills will have to be paid.

        Name withheld, I have read several of your posts/comments on your blog and they are quite interesting. I don’t know you personally and you seem very knowledgeable about life and all that is around in the US.
        A few of the things you comment on are about women. This leads to me thinking that you have had issues or bad experiences with women in the past. I go further and perhaps with your mother? It is well documented that males who dislike or are harsh towards women have had a dominating mother. I would suggest you reassess your thinking of women and stop being so negative or sexually suggestive towards them, think about what you say before you post something! These women could be your Grandmother, mother, daughter or your sister. Also please stop using vulgar/swear language in your posts as it will get you nowhere.

        Keep safe!


      2. Concerned,

        You are letting Isabel off the hook a little easy, for misleading young viewers and naive viewers into believing that the life she lives was funded by her working as a waitress for one year in Seattle, saving her money, and this allowed her to go live on ten acres, build a tiny-house, and work part-time. This is just a longer drawn out version of showing stupid YouTube viewers how you can safely drink green radiator coolant, by lifting up a jug of radiator coolant, opening the cap, pouring a glass, and drinking it down. The stupid YouTube viewers would go and try it, not knowing that the YouTube creator had substituted Gatorade for the radiator coolant. Fun, fun, ha? Trick the stupid people.

        On Earth currently, the most deceitful, untrustworthy, unreliable, dishonest, scheming, plotting, treacherous, underhanded, parasitic thing, is women. This has been a long road getting to this disastrous state of affairs, but the deterioration has accelerated very quickly since women gained the right to vote in the U.S. in the 1930s, not that long ago.

        What’s that saying, “The road to ruin was paved with good intentions.” Once civilization became more modern, educated people and political leaders probably viewed it as fair, just, and right to try to give equal rights to women. I do not know exactly why this has been such a failure, it probably comes down to the biological nature of women.

        Here are some examples: Why do women demand equal rights, equal pay, equal employment, equal education, but only men are required to register for the U.S. military draft and go die in combat? If women are just as strong, tough, and capable as men, and they are just as capable as firefighters and police officers, why don’t women have to register for the U.S. military draft?

        If women are just as strong, tough, and capable as men, and can have and do any job that a man can do, why is it that women expect to be able to insult men or assault men, and it is supposed to be not permissible for men to punch women in the face, like they would do if insulted or assaulted by a man? Why is it that women insist that they are just as strong, tough, and capable as men in getting a position and pay, but they hit that switch all of a sudden and claim weakness when faced with having to actually face danger, difficulty, or getting hurt? Because they are liars, deceivers, and dishonest that’s why.

        I am so fucking sick of having to point out that women wear make-up, lip-stick, push-up bras, get breast implants, wear breast revealing clothing, short skirts, short shorts, high heels, in order to be as sexually attention-getting as possible in order to gain attention, gain favoritism, gain some advantage, act like they are seeking a mate. Then complain that they do not like being sexualized or looked at.

        If we tolerate women acting the way that they do, why don’t we just let the World be run by a bunch of monkeys? Oh wait, ….


  5. Name withheld

    An interesting read…I am not from the US but UK actually, so I am not fully aware of the state of affairs on how US treat women. I am saddened by your lack of trust in them…. One thing you missed, can men give birth to a child? You are so lucky to be here on this earth…

    Anyway, get some therapy!

    Keep safe


  6. Watch out Isabel. This dude went from creepy in love to hating women/you real quick. I smell a stalker Murder soon. This is a scenario where some authority really should watch this guy. Hes one lonely night away from a collection of youtube women in his closet.

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      1. Thanks. Whats interesting is the guy has better grammar and sentence structure than me. Lol. Book smart, but lacks emotional maturity and peace of mind. If hes still around this page…. my friend, all jokes aside. This is not the way. We all have demons in our closets. Logical people keep them to themselves or seek counsel. If u are willing to create a whole page dedicated to your own personal perversions and frustrations, something inside you is trying to escape. I pray you address the volume level of ur demons before they replace you with something i imagine you do not want to become.

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    1. I know right!!! He’s a psycho path!! Notice he mentions this guy who drove on property and asked for eggs…he was probably that guy….


      1. In reply to MamaBearRN,

        From this comment, and your other two comments today, I can tell that you are a fat-ass, know-it-all nurse, who probably tries to tell flight attendants, pilots, auto mechanics, plumbers, electricians, building contractors, police officers, truck drivers, commercial fishermen, school teachers, morticians, engineers, and attorneys how to do their jobs, because you think that this was covered in six semesters of nursing school.

        Meanwhile, ordinary people can look at the title of this blog website “Dickinson58601.com Living In Dickinson North Dakota”, and figure out that I live in Dickinson North Dakota. Then, ordinary people can look on a map and see that Idaho and Montana separate Washington from North Dakota.


    1. Watcher. I hope you really did. Seriously. This is the type of stuff you find online. Then a bunch of people get shot. And we blame the FBI for not investigating. Are we not liable for not notifying aswell?

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      1. I am blown away at the stupidity of this Blog. Funny tho how everyone thinks they no everything about Isabel’s financial well being. Somehow forgetting she is MONETIZED and has been making more than enough money to where she could probably quit her little part time gig at the store BUT chooses not to maybe for the simple fact she likes the job and the people that work there and keeps her somewhat connected to society.


      2. Jeff,

        Most people in the U.S. have to work at a job for 40 hours per week or more, just to keep up with their bills and how much it costs to live. The majority of people in the U.S. do not have any money saved to cover the cost of a medical emergency, or a major car repair, even after working five days a week.

        From what I have seen, from Isabelle’s part-time job, and her YouTube channel, her combined income from these two things is about $300 per week before income taxes are paid, which would leave about $275 per week, $1,100 per month, $13,200 per year. Most adults could not live on this amount of money per year. Especially if they own a vehicle, let alone are travelling daily, and building a “tiny-house”.

        It is screwing with young people’s minds, fooling them, misleading them, making them believe that they can by-pass and skip working a 40 hour plus week, and live the way that Isabelle lives.

        I am really starting to wonder what the intention is of people like you, to want young people to get the totally wrong idea in their head, to point them in a direction to which they are going to fail, and suffer horrible consequences.

        I think that I just answered my own question, the people who are really going to fail the worst by following Isabelle’s example, are the poor kids. So I guess that you think that it will be funny when the poor kids have to go begging and pleading for help when they are penniless, with no food, water, electric, and gas because they have spent their entire $5,000-$10,000 savings to buy a piece of land out in the middle of nowhere, and their car breaks down, or they find that there are no jobs out in the middle of nowhere.


  7. Your numbers are so way off its ridiculous . Do some research and get back to me. She makes about that PER VIDEO. Also the videos keep generating the more people watch. She has 1 single video that has over 1.5 million views which probably netted her between 5 and 10k. Millions of people now do exactly what she does and make a good even great living.I mean seriously you haven’t seen an 8th of all the Youtubers out there. It’s time to realize that IT IS A JOB. I think you are jealous you have to do a boring 9 to 5 job and with all your BITCHING about the ”Women” where you live , you don’t have the balls or ambition to change it and move! I bet you still live with your parents…..


  8. I wish some of you could sit back and see how absolutely insane your posts are. Looking up a youtuber’s address on Google earth is already going beyond what is sane. Talking about impregnating her or her sister, what the fuck?

    The smooth talkers saying how easy it would be to get them to like you by giving them what they want (money and attention?) are almost funny in how childish their stupid little brains think. There’s a reason none of you have girlfriends or most likely ever will.

    I picture a bunch of basement dwelling fat fucks who have never developed basic social skills involuntarily celibates who spend their time doing shit like this.

    The ones saying they need a man? None of you would pass as a “man” or know the first fucking thing about caring for someone. I doubt any of you have any real jobs in the first place but shit on her for making fun videos.

    She isn’t shaming others, or telling you how to live her life. Literally is sharing how she lives hers. Doesn’t matter how she got there. It’s a simple channel to watch aesthetic living and relax. Not a how-to get to her place in life.

    Jesus fucking christ dudes get a life.

    Honestly living a life like this will only end up miserable. Many of you need to seek help, of course you won’t do that and will continue to funnel hatred and continue stalking women you think your pathetic self needs to “save”
    Hahahahah. Screenshotting all of this you guys are absolutely hilarious, good to know you’ll be breeding yourselves out of existence.


  9. Dad is listed as Marijuana grower presume brother is as well as the original company was in both their names- that is why the “farm” which is 69.04 acres $500,000 purchase. You’ve got Isabella and two sisters and one brother mom and dad and a $2.4mil house in Seattle.

    If I had to guess they need a full time guard and Gardner for the Marijuana and Isabella said sure.

    She is friggin amazing even if it is somewhat BS. Very, very hot and the voice, yoga-news… Bendy and attitude In general is just nice. Looks like a hot and tiny Alexandra daddario


  10. This guy watches too much porn and probably yanks it so much his little pee pee now has erectile dysfunction. He needs to calm down and stop getting so emotional about women he doesn’t know and will never meet.


    1. Richard Mullhouse,

      I have watched so much porn, so many YouTube women, and just enough MGTOW videos to know that women are the most treacherous, scheming, plotting, lying, immoral, parasitical things on Earth. I have never been so disgusted with women in all my life, they are good for nothing, and cause nothing but havoc, disorder, and destruction.


      1. 51% of the population are ALL evil lying manipulators and you got this from….youtube videos? Get a grip man. I hope someone in your life cares about you enough to help you with your deprogramming.

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      2. As a woman I must say, oh, how flattered I am to see such fear inside a person. Be afraid, little man, women are no longer staying in the shadow. Unfortunately for you, you weren’t born in the times when we were burned as witches, but you were born among the rise of acceptance, compassion and feeling. Good luck feeling all this uncomfortable mindset – it suits you.
        Have one hell of a sunny day,
        may it open up your eyes.


  11. Dear Isabel Paige, l miss not seeing you on my tablet anymore. My name is Rolly and l am 75 years old and married to my third wife as 2 passed away. I like your giggleness, and being your age l would have loved dating you. You kept degrading yourself thinking that you were not attractive enough. Where are you now and what are you doing? I am Canadian from Ontario and my wife and I are now following Jake and Nicole.. l find it frustrating how the different shows of all of you are all mixed up and its hard to follow. For example Nicole has been pregnant for 3 months and that was a while ago now they sold everything and are heading to Europe and we don’t know if Nicole had her baby yet. And you who has disappeared off the face of the earth .l hope you are doing well and am curious to know what happened to you. There are all kinds of other programs of the same genre.RSVP


    1. In reply to Rolland Cassidy,

      I do not know why you can’t find Isabel Paige’s videos on YouTube. On any internet browser, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, first type in “YouTube” and click on YouTube. Then once you are on the YouTube site, type into the YouTube search bar “Isabel Paige” and her videos should come up for you to select.


      1. In reply to threatening comment,

        You are a good representation of an Isabel Paige viewer, very low intelligence, a Liberal Democrat who can’t stand for anyone to have an opinion that is different from their own opinion.


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