If Attractive Women Don’t Want To Be Forced To Have Sex With Me, They Better Start Buying Their Own Ramen Noodles

One week ago I wrote my first blog post article warning the people in Dickinson, North Dakota about the novel coronavirus outbreak.  No mainstream media source has divulged the fact that this novel coronavirus had been stored in a secure Canadian government microbiology lab, that it was transported to the Wuhan Institute of Virology without authorization, and it apparently got loose.

A very learned PhD in virology, Christopher Martenson, has been giving daily reports about the spread of the novel coronavirus.  Due to the number of people infected in China, the number of infected Chinese people and international travelers who left China prior to the quarantine, the incubation period before showing any symptoms, and the high transmissibility of the disease, all contribute to an almost certainty that the novel coronavirus will be spread across the United States.

The fatality rate of the common flu in the U.S. is about 0.1% of those infected.  The fatality rate of the novel coronavirus appears to be about 3% of those infected, thirty times higher than flu.  However, the novel coronavirus requires much greater medical care and hospitalization for patients than the flu, which could overwhelm emergency medical services in the U.S. as it spreads.

It is likely that both voluntary and involuntary quarantines will come into effect in the U.S. shortly in order to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.  This means that individuals and families will need to have enough food, water, medicine, necessities, and supplies in their home to last for about two weeks.

I wrote my first two blog post articles about the novel coronavirus in Dickinson and North Dakota in order to get people in North Dakota to go to the store now and buy their emergency food, water, medicine, and supplies before the panic, before the store shelves are looted.

I don’t think that enough people have read my two previous coronavirus blog posts.  The only encouraging thing that I have seen, is that the Family Dollar store in Dickinson has sold out of all their cans of Spam.

In order for ding-bat women to understand the seriousness of the situation, I want to call to their attention, that since they have not heeded my warning and purchased emergency food and supplies, when they and their children are starving not long from now, the only way that I might give up any of my Ramen Noodles, is if they have sex with me.

I figure if some woman or housewife is attractive enough, I might be persuaded to give them one bundle of five Ramen Noodle packages, which I paid $1 for, if they have sex with me.  You are not getting any of my Spam, it’s your own fault, you should have prepared.

4 thoughts on “If Attractive Women Don’t Want To Be Forced To Have Sex With Me, They Better Start Buying Their Own Ramen Noodles

    1. Ali,
      You, perhaps more than other women, had better go buy your emergency supplies now. I am not sure anyone is going to want to trade with you. On the other hand, maybe after you lost some weight you might have a better chance.


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