Watch The Beautiful Young Russian Girl Milana

A couple of days ago, I was watching YouTube videos of young girls performing yoga partner exercises in imitation of experienced yoga practitioners.  These videos were all similar in that these girls could hardly stop laughing long enough to accomplish any of the poses that they were imitating.  They were also similar in that they all had on shorts that were way too short and revealing, and they didn’t care.

I left some comments to their videos making fun of them, but not in a mean way.  I wanted to taunt them some more, because they were kind of looking for trouble and attention anyway, but I didn’t want to get into trouble with my comments, because these girls were about 16 years old.

Later, YouTube included in my list of recommended videos, a Russian video that I thought could have been classified as child pornography.  For those of you not familiar with the internet website YouTube, they are very strict about prohibiting videos with nudity, but it sometimes happens that videos get uploaded to YouTube that haven’t been complained about and removed yet.

I was unsure what was going to happen in this Russian video with a young girl of about 12 years old.  As this video ended, it turned out to not have any nudity, and it was not pornographic, but I wondered what they were doing with this young girl, it looked like she was being exploited.

It turned out that I was wrong, she was not being exploited, I got the wrong impression from the first video of her that I watched.  After watching about five more videos of her, I found out what was going on.

This Russian girl is named Milana.  She is the youngest child, and perhaps she came as a surprise to her parents, a middle-class Russian couple, because their other children are full grown.  Her mother and father are rather large portly Russians, sturdy, with dark features.  It must have come as a surprise to them that not only did they have one more child late in their life, but that this child would be such a fair, delicate, beautiful girl.

Because this girl Milana was such a surprise to her parents, especially her beauty, they began video recording her, and posting these videos to YouTube showing her when she was eleven or twelve years old.  Rather than exploiting her, her father and mother are very proud of her, watchful, and protective.

This first video below, I originally planned on including this video in a blog post without much explanation, just to anger women, who would be sure to think the worst, like I did.  Please note that this video shown below has been deleted several times by YouTube, because many people got the wrong impression:

Once I had watched about five of these videos with Milana, my purpose in showing her videos changed.  Her mother and father who are in their fifties, who are not glamorous looking people themselves, realized how remarkable looking their daughter was, and wanted to capture this on video, and share it.

Her parents frequently take her on outings, and it is fun to see how she reacts to things, experiencing sights and places for the first time, as a young new person, unburdened by care, worry, fear, or self-doubt.

In this second video, this is a better representation of what her parents are trying to do with her videos.

What is also interesting to me, is that due to the way that Milana’s parents are, she is not focused on material possessions, cell phone, celebrity news, money, or wanting things.  There are many more videos of her and her family, which show a much different way of life than we have in the United States.

Update 2/25/2019:

A couple of days ago I became aware that the two Milana YouTube videos that I had inserted into this blog post article were no longer appearing.  I went to the Milana YouTube channel, and I saw that YouTube had deleted this entire channel.  Milana’s channel, then her father’s channel, and then her brother’s channel were deleted.

This was not too big of a surprise to me, though I think that YouTube may have been mistaken in their decision.  Yes, there were a lot of videos where Milana was wearing a small bathing suit, and she is only about 12 years old.  However, these videos were made by her mother and father when their family went on vacations.

If someone would have taken the time to watch about five Milana videos in their entirety, they would have seen that Milana’s parents, who are both in their 50s, that they are actually very watchful and protective of Milana.

As far as Milana often wearing small Bikini bathing suits, in some of the vacation areas in Europe where they went, it would have been normal for women or young girl bathers to not wear a top at all.

On the way to work a couple of days ago, I heard on the radio that AT&T had removed their advertising from YouTube because their ads had been placed along side videos of “child pornography”, which prompted YouTube to begin deleting channels with videos exploiting minors.

I doubt that YouTube had any channels with child pornography, or channels that were exploiting minors, because YouTube is pretty strict in monitoring content.  But I think that YouTube is going overboard lately in giving warnings, deleting videos, and deleting channels altogether in order to not offend anyone, even if there are thousands of views to a video and only one or two complaints.

Update 4/9/2019:

I didn’t write about it, but at the time that YouTube first deleted the “Milana” channel, her father began uploading some of these same videos to the YouTube channel “Happy Family”.  I didn’t want to say anything about this, because I didn’t want someone to complain about her videos again, and get the “Happy Family” channel deleted too.

Whoever keeps complaining about Milana’s videos isn’t doing her any favors.  With the number of subscribers her “Milana” YouTube channel had, I think that the revenue from her videos was paying for the family vacations that she went on with her mother and father to the Mediterranean Sea, that they otherwise might not have been able to go on.

Update 8/5/2019:

If you click on and read the comments below, followers of Milana find and post the links to Milana’s videos when they find them.

Update 3/1/2020:

It appears that currently YouTube has reviewed Milana’s videos and YouTube finally realized that these were family vacation videos, recorded by her own father, mother, and brother on family outings, get togethers, and visits.  Here is Milana’s current YouTube channel :

Update 3/31/2020:

It has come to my attention that once again YouTube has deleted Milana’s official YouTube channel.  The more that Milana’s family uploaded all of her old videos to YouTube, the same thing happened again, someone complained.  My personal opinion, is that when the videos of Milana wearing short shorts, small bathing suits, or clinging light summer dresses get uploaded, the same uptight people get triggered, and they can’t handle it.

All of the highest cultures in the history of civilization have idealized and celebrated the beauty of youth, the Mesopotamians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, all of the European countries during the Renaissance.  But thousands of years later, supposedly educated people like the CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki, can’t handle the sight of bare bottoms or breasts beneath clothing.

Here is a non-YouTube link to some of Milana’s videos:

Here is a non-YouTube link to Milana’s family website:

58 thoughts on “Watch The Beautiful Young Russian Girl Milana

    1. Richard,

      The Milana videos were being uploaded to a YouTube channel called “Happy Family” for about one month before this channel was deleted too. It seems like there is some woman or a couple of women that are on a crusade to report any Milana video they see.


    2. Richard,
      I clicked on the link that you gave in your comment about a month ago, and I watched the Milana video. I believe that the YouTube account belonged to “Simon”, who I believe is her older brother. The videos on Simon’s YouTube account showed family members’ birthday parties, Easter celebration, and visiting her grandmother’s house, I don’t know why somebody felt the need to complain again, but apparently someone complained and Simon’s YouTube channel got deleted a few days ago.


    3. i would guess that whoever is complaining is some girl or their family that is in competition for the subscribers or just jealous, you really don’t have to show much to flag a video or complain. i’ve been following her for quite a while. she shows nothing compared to what you see on the streets or swimming areas everywhere.


      1. grouchyroan,

        From what I have seen after publishing this blog post about Milana, my estimate would be that about 90% of Americans believe that if someone is making YouTube videos showing their 12-14 year old daughter, that something is wrong, this can’t be good, they must be trying to appeal to the interest of pedophiles.

        My belief is that there is a cultural difference between America and Belarus. In the 1950s prosperity in America following WW2, I believe that was a time when Americans took many vacations each year, to the beach, to the lake, to the mountains, to Disneyland, to the Grand Canyon, and they photographed everything, they took photos of their kids until their kids were sick of being photographed. I think that’s what is happening with Milana and her family in Belarus, it’s a time of freedom and prosperity, and the father is just over eager to film everything, especially because people like Milana and these videos.


  1. Yes, I’m also her subscriber and the moment her channel got terminated I already felt sad and sorry for the girl. She’s waiting for her first play button for 100k subs but this is what happened.


    1. Ron,
      After Milana’s YouTube Channel was deleted, her father began uploading some of her videos to a new YouTube Channel called “Happy Family”. When the “Happy Family” channel was deleted, Milana’s videos were uploaded to the YouTube Channel of her brother, “Simon”. Even though the “Happy Family” videos and the videos on “Simon’s” channel were mostly family gathering videos with Milana, her mother and father, brother and sister, and grandmother in them, they were still deleted. I think that the administrators of YouTube are crazy and fanatical to not allow Milana’s family get together videos.


  2. Richard Harvey,
    Thanks for the link to Milana’s videos. I saw a comment left by Milana, so her followers need to take note of her personal YouTube channel name, in order to find her in the future:
    Pulchra Flava
    2 weeks ago
    “The best part of this video is when I’m when I dance with my mother. Absolutely GREAT.”


  3. Its too bad that this young girl’s chan has been blocked at every turn… is she in North Dakota ?? If so, great… maybe we’ll see her expressive self soon again…


    1. Tony Segree,
      No, Milana does not live in North Dakota, she lives in Russia. She is probably about fourteen years old now, and I believe that she has been enrolled in art school for the past year, where she studies painting. She has so many family members, teachers, and friends who like her, that she is not suffering from having her YouTube channels taken down.


  4. Links in the description
    I found this blog a couple months ago, I used to moderate a small game modding site couple years ago, proxy hopping and watching the trends in different countries. As time passed I couldn’t forget about her and her family, A family party is as funny as any foreign comedy. Then as her popularity grew the fan base shifted. I never signed in or bookmark I just remember names and Search recent. I left it alone for a long time. Finding this blog comforted me that someone else saw the world for what it is. Feb 2nd Olga and Milana put a Notice on their Livejournal. I felt for them.


  5. I have seen some of her family videos which bordered on ponography ie the bbq scenes of milana on a bed , whoever was using the camera was determined so get shots of between her legs and down her top it was not her family as they were all in the other room


    1. Alex,
      In Milana’s videos, the only two people that I have ever seen using a video camera to record her are Milana’s father, and her brother Simon, who is supposedly a medical doctor. Yes, I have seen Milana wearing some short shorts, loose blouses, and light-weight thin dresses that are almost see-through. Why Milana is wearing some of these items of clothing, I don’t know, maybe her mother and father let her decide what clothing she wants to buy and wear, and live with the consequences of buying and wearing clothing that is too revealing, so that she learns and becomes aware.

      As far as the video camera being aimed down-blouse, up-shorts, at her breasts, at her bottom, or between her legs, I don’t know, yes and no. It could be that the camera person is centering the video on the center of Milana, which would make more sense than focusing on her head or her feet. Maybe her father and her brother are trying to irritate and annoy Milana. Or, it is possible that her father and her brother don’t have the same type of view of Milana as people in the U.S. would have toward their daughter or sister or women in general, believing that all women are available to arouse sexual interest or curiosity.

      In different countries and different cultures, the sexuality of people, especially women, is not hidden or suppressed, not treated as something to be ashamed of, but is just as important as physical health, physical fitness, mental learning, or emotional maturity. I could go on explaining how people in the U.S. do not see things the same way as people in the rest of the World, and how we in the U.S. think that we are always right, but no one wants to read a comment this long.


      1. Thank you, You saved me a longer comment. I cried the other day, Trying to translate “pride” to well any slavic language at the end.. Only honor. No hubris. Selfish pride was like an oxymoron. Also In reading my YT comments for that. I see Many of my comments are being removed/reported. I waited to long to print that one,,
        Sad that a small group bent on making things perverted, dragging people to their level. Strike down (Mass report, Thank you API)even her artful compilations, birthday video.Thumb down her nephews baptism.
        For the comment from alex that hit my email. So many young people,who had their brother or cousin holding the camera…
        If that happened with Milana, it was not on those videos. And is not happening now.
        I was a carpenter. I always preferred winter work, you can add layers for warmth but in the summer. You can only take so much off..
        Seen people comment on how their blogging may have helped vacations,, I saw grandmas house had mended gate on the fence, and fresh paint.

        Such a mix fan base, mostly perpetuated by YT, as its algorithm suggest based on attribute analysis and previous viewers. I get recommended far worse than he mentions and if been clicking do not recommend for weeks.
        Thank you again, whoever wherever. For again proving to me. That “human beings” are not lost to the world. Just to the eyes of men.
        Peace, Love, and Empathy


  6. For some reason i believed Milana was been used by her family I have see disturbing videos of the young girl on a bed in i believe their house with ehr camera man or women getting the girl to spread her legs I am sure she was only 12 years old at the time the other on was in a sleazy hotel room idressed in a very sexy night dress during the video there was a glimps of her mother in a mirror I felt they were setting her up for a career in phonography which is quiet common in Belaruse glad it was banned but what will happen to the pretty young girl I dont know .


  7. I have seen several videos of Milana. I’m not surprised that her channels have been removed. Of course, the videos are beautiful, interesting, well done. We can see this girl growing up in her family.
    However, I do not understand the behavior of her family. It gave me the impression that the videos were made to add more and more possible viewers. They did not see the risk.

    For example, in several videos, the girl prepared the meal. She was leaning over the sink, her blouse a little open. Why did the recorder move a little to get a better view of her small breast? Why these plans drag on. Often, we show Milana in detail, we don’t show what she does.

    Another example, the girl was on her bed with a short dress. The camel’s toe was visible. This family owns video software. It is easy to cut such a sequence.

    The comments on her channel were with tense sequence marks. Thus, the family was aware that their daughter was seen by a number of people attracted to the children. I don’t understand why the comments weren’t turned off quickly.

    Being their own child, I think they should have cut off each “dubious” sequence to avoid inappropriate comments.
    It is surprising that they did not see the risk rise. It’s a shame, because the videos are interesting.


    1. Dan,
      Some of the things that you wrote about what Milana was wearing when she was being recorded, or what was shown, have been considered by other viewers, and ultimately resulted in her videos being deleted. You raised some questions, so here are some things to consider in answering your questions.

      Some parents in the U.S. enter their very young children in beauty pageants and talent shows. In these pageants and shows, the clothes, makeup, hair styles, and demeanor of these young girls is usually meant to create a miniature version of an adult woman. Is this a good thing for a very young girl to be doing, mimicking the sexuality of an adult woman? In a way it’s funny, cute, adorable, just make-believe or play, it could help the young girl become more confident. However, this could be harmful too, what if this young girl pageant contestant continues this sexually suggestive play-acting with grown adults at school, other children’s homes, summer camp, etc.

      You would have to step back and distance yourself from being human to recognize some other things. Whoever created human beings, God, or whoever, made them a certain way, for a reason. Female human beings have long hair, soft skin, full lips, enlarged breasts, bulbous asses, and other anatomical features. Please note that reptiles, birds, fish, and insects do not have long hair, soft skin, full lips, enlarged breasts, and so on. It is instinctive and biologically ingrained in human beings to be attracted to long hair, soft skin, full lips, etc. So, when an artist, photographer, videographer, even a parent, captures the beauty of a child, and we the viewer, or they the parent, focus on hair, skin, lips, breasts, asses, and other anatomical features, is this wickedness and evil, or is this just what we as human beings focus on? How much time do we spend staring at turtle asses or lizard crotches?


    1. Sam Sosa,

      I am not sure if they are charging $6-$7 per view, or to purchase each video. I thought the fee was to purchase each video.

      A YouTube channel for Milana was up and running a month ago. It began to contain more and more of her older videos, some of the best ones. I didn’t write about this, because I didn’t want to be the one bringing attention to it, and the cause of having it shut down again. About ten days ago Milana’s latest YouTube channel was once again taken down by YouTube, for the same old reasons.


    1. Bob,

      I think that you are probably a woman, because you sound like a woman that is trying to lay some kind of trap.

      I have watched some of the Milana videos and I think that they are interesting and amusing. Most of the people who watch her videos find them to be fun, interesting, entertaining, and amusing. There is not that much more to it.


  8. “”Honi soit qui mal y pense” (Evil to him who thinks evil of it)

    As Edward the third remarked when the lady with whom he was dancing had her garter slip down to her ankle…causing her to be mocked..

    I have watched this channel (.. it was just “Milana” then), for a long time, as I am fascinated by Russia… remember, it was locked from the west for decades.
    I found the videos a bit boring / same-ish before Milana started to travel outside Belarus.. Egypt, for example.
    However, the insight into Russian (Belarus) daily life was very interesting.
    A time of writing, Sept ’20, there seems to be an individual copying her videos.
    In the two or more years I watched her original videos, (shot by her father), there had been no attempt to sell anything!
    As with almost all Utube videos, contributions via Patreon would be appreciated.

    At present there are these video channels : “Milana : The Real One”, “Milana Chasingsun”, “Milana Mermaid” (which I think is someone stealing the videos and trying to commercialize them).
    Its unfortunate that the USA is so hypocritical about demonizing the European standard of teen clothing, when, on their own doorsteps even worse lies in wait.
    I had family living in Bismark once, and all I was told was ‘its cold’ !


    1. Tropical Angel,

      A couple of years ago it seemed like Milana’s YouTube channel was growing so quickly and steadily, that it seemed like it would eventually generate $1,000 per month more or less. This would have been helpful to Milana and her family.

      As I explained a little in my blog article, and you explained in your comment, Russia and Europe have a different culture than the U.S. In Milana’s videos, it appears that much more time is spent with her grandmother, older brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, just sitting, talking, visiting, and cooking together. Entire days just spent visiting with family members.

      Unlike the U.S., these people in Milana’s videos don’t have to be “entertained” by waiting in line at Disney World, Sea World, an NFL stadium, an NBA arena, or a NASCAR track, or make two trips to Walmart every day.

      The women who I grew up with in Florida, they would think that it was nice that Milana’s father took her and her friends to the beach to go swimming, or took Milana to the Mediterranean Sea, or they would admire the nice Egyptian cloth dresses that Milan wore. But the uneducated, ignorant, know-nothing, never-been-anywhere people can only exclaim, “I can see her breasts beneath her clothing! Child pornography, Child pornography!”


      1. For me, it’s …(redacted)…., it’s a family who uses her daughter’s beauty to make money. It’s different.

        Early, money came from the Youtube’s videos. When YT closed the Channel, they opened new Channel and so one.

        What’s more, I discovered recently they sell Milana’s videos ! Who is able to buy 6$ a 10 minutes video where you see a beautiful young girl cleaning her bedroom, cooking pastas ?

        I persist thinking this girl is exploited by her parents. Milana rarely smiles. It’s seem that Milana is bored for being recorded in many too much long sequence videos

        It was my opinion. Maybe I am wrong


      2. Dan,
        As I wrote in the article, Milana’s mother and father were probably surprised that they had one more child, when Milana’s older brother and sister were adults or nearly adults. Further, Milana was fair-haired, light skinned, tall, and thin, whereas all of the other family members were not like this. Her father and mother were surprised, but in a good way.

        Perhaps over-enthusiastic, over-doting, and proud, Milana’s father began video recording her. Her father who is in his fifties, he doesn’t seem to have other hobbies that demand his time, like golf, tennis, hunting, fishing, motorcycles, etc., he spends much of his free-time taking his family on outings, which many families probably wish that they had a father like this.

        When Milana was pre-pubescent, 11, 12, she had great enthusiasm for going on family outings like swimming in the river or going on a tour boat. However, once Milana started getting into her teen years, 13, 14, like most teenagers, she began going through an awkward phase and a transitional phase. Her body was changing, she was no longer seeing everything as a child, she was beginning to be faced with real-world important decisions, like what kind of career would she choose. She didn’t want everything that she did being filmed anymore.

        At the same time that Milana was feeling awkward and changing, feeling like keeping to herself more, wanting privacy, Milana’s father was feeling or realizing that he was losing his daughter, soon she would be gone, just like her older brother and sister. At the same time that Milana’s father wants to capture the last moments before Milana is grown and gone, Milana wants to be left alone.


      3. Ok, withheld, i agree with your comment.

        However, how do you explain the selling videos ? I have a nice daughter. I make some vidéos when she was 11, 12, …
        I did’nt record all thé Time liké they did.

        Moreover, i am pretty sure my wife did’nt accept I post these videos on Line, Because these videos are private.


      4. Dan,
        In my previous comment, I could have or should have elaborated further about Milana’ father. Some parents, like Billy Ray Cyrus the music performer, they try to publicize and promote their daughter like “Hanna Montana” aka Miley Cyrus, wanting them to become a famous celebrity. I believe that Milana’s father has tried to promote and publicize Milana’ in the hopes that she could become famous, a celebrity, or at least get some recognition. Money is a motive, but money allows opportunity for his family and/or his daughter. “That’s showbusiness”.


      5. Dan and Withheld,, Tropical Angel and the others who see the,, Brighter side…
        However many of you are real, aside from me ,CHUCK and Olga/Milana…
        There is some STRAIGHT BULL SHIT going on here.. The Girls name and persona are used to track “new Talent” by someone adept in SEO and,,, having obtained Scores or HUNDREDs of Yt channels. I fear to think about TG/IG.FB/VK all one conglomerate with one data collection… GOOGLE Makes money when shit is sold on the black market…
        ford all the new videos,,, Even IF i could for the PREMIUM,, i feel,, like licensing,, i would not be permitted by the Middleman…

        Someone Adept in SEO and ,,, Glitching,, has run over all the old YT Girls from the PBJ spread.. many monetized channels either bought or acquired.
        Their wix site, is NOT Ran by them,, neither the Spam sites that put YT next to Porntube,, Or the Thousand non existent sites listing her as porn..
        The chat bot, i think leads to them,,, They upload videos to vimeo by proxy account…… I HOPE, that is Milana editing the audio.. otherwise… Well whoever is the only person to follow All i say and write…
        Funny Roustus infers She gave links to that site,, Not Sold individual links.. But..
        Another inferred they deleted their facebook before making it public and adding “bart” as a friend.. they had 400 friends,, Not ONE,, that is the True kind of friend..
        She does not leave “Why is there a pedophile ring on FB, i look to you for answers” beneath Javier is a pedophile peice of shit. Without REASON
        Jordi escarp,,, Instagram cleaned house,, but the words are burnt in my mind…
        “Every person is a human being” but only 6 or 8 or her commenters on FB are human beings,,, Robots are forgiven..

        I would wonder, if things like that,, or even Princess Vika on TG,, on her way to school now…
        Little things,, only those who read would notice.. Multilingual…

        Arg,, whether you buy from Their store,,, TG “childstore” or VK, other Stolen, black market… Google makes SOME MONEY,, Milana,, Gets none…
        Or, a gamble on the percents.. maybe, ironically, she only gets commission for the “Sexy” videos,, hence “leaking them” adding the third time,, “AT HOME” as though insinuating the father sets up the “skank girl” episodes…
        All those are old videos… the newer ones i have seen (be it i choose the outdoorsy, or,, Like Kamisodo,, i “Remembered: the password and,, hadnt seen a new video in months,, so…

        Extorted,, old videos licensed “as is” something…
        Maybe she does just want to be left alone,,, Keep pushing the “Biqle” search,, people will stop.. Taboo and Torture are not fun when They KNOW it is fake…

        The prices jump at the store as well, and not with monetary markets…
        Almost like the automated .pl/ .live./ .pw Porn sites that include her name…
        Only a small denomination,, but,, funny to those who notice..
        Or did COCO get 50 cents worth of updated sound?
        She gave the password to that.. and a few others.. in her YT videos,, which apparently,, that being her channel was Wrong,, they cleand LJ of links before it went down,, but the Coco Embedding is what got the top ranking on these porn sites… it would appear that those permitted could watch that and Others from Livejournal…
        Only that,, in HD, the vein in her forehead,, shows her Stress.. I want nothing more to do with that… I KNOW what the fans say it is…and google will sell it that way..

        and patreon did not sweep clean the banning of 1200 families for skimpy Bikinis..
        I love Milan and all of them,, but i am compelled to wonder, what of the other thousand girls… CocoScope? OnlyFans? so on,,, All availible on TG for 70 a month,, all captured so you do not have to search,,, so they say..

        Showbusiness, If, ,you know your daughter is sold as porn,, and Reaction video as an “edging orgasm” video,, this,, show business? only if they do not look…
        I knew the fathers YT channel a lie,,, A SOLDIER, knows what KUM is,,, and as people explained innuendo,, i Fucking lost it…

        I hope they are as angelic as i claim them to be.. Like my brother says “they probably don’t know”
        Anyone understand what difference a DNS makes to search results? how about Off region Languages?
        Our HOST here does,,,
        anyone who runs Indexes has to.. I have had Many things, right in front of me, ,copy , search,, no result…
        Maybe the really believe they have a good patron running the show in USA…
        Maybe,,, Milan has put a thousand small cries for help…

        It is not what is SEEN that i worry about… Extortionists… are Greedy…

        DEAR SISTERS,(Olga Milan),, I WILL SUPPORT YOU Forever,,but Not Buying any more videos from this,,,,Pervert FROM Texas. was it??
        they said it for YT,, but, felt DEEPER..
        Certainly Milans Vimeo is just hidden,,, Sorry,, Silly Fans ,,, lose lips on SCAM Ships and all that…

        If people are Silly enough to fall for it what should they care,,, save,, a Phoenix, begging to Fly Free

        Peace,love and EMPATHY
        Tomorrow is a brighter day


  9. After Reading the whole thread, I think the problem is that Platforms like YT pay videos showing children.

    I think milana’s vidéos should be accepted but never been retributed.

    In my opinion, children and money is a bad thing.


  10. Withheld, I understand your point of view. I understand people want their children become a celebrity, especially if the girl is beautiful. There are agencies for that. They know what to do or what to avoid with children.

    I think remunerate YT videos showing children is a very bad idea. Parent see the money coming and later, it’s more and more videos posted. It’s Milana’s case.

    Moreover, many videos scenes are needlessly too much longer, boring. These videos are private.

    We have a beautiful girl, too. I am sure my wife would not accept I post videos showing the daily routines of our daughter when she was Milana’s age… And sell these videos ! Incredible ! Money is money !


  11. Milana got pregnant by (redacted). The last photo shows an unhappy Milana, showing all the signs of being pregnant.
    What a waste of a young life ….. (redacted).


    1. Alfred,

      I don’t know if you left this comment because you wanted to inform me personally, or if you wanted to object publicly to Milana’s videos.

      I can’t allow some of the things that you wrote in your comment to be published because they would be slander and libel if they weren’t true. How do you know Milana is pregnant? What signs are you talking about, does she have an enlarged belly? What specific photo or video are you referring to that shows she is pregnant? And really think about this one, how do you know for a fact who got her pregnant?

      Alfred, you and other people do not like the Milana videos, because you say that you think that Milana is being exploited. But when you and other people write the kind of things that you wrote in your comment that I removed, there is no doubt about it that what you wrote would hurt Milana quite a bit. What is it with people where they want to “help” Milana by causing her all kinds of difficulty?


  12. ***(This website owner is allowing most of this comment below, but is redacting some of this comment. Explanation in the response.)***

    You all either no nothing about the history of these videos or you are all playing dumb… and I don’t think many people would know of her or be talking about her unless they are playing “dumb.”

    There were dozens of videos originally. Every video was shot by her “dad” and every video showed her ….(redacted)

    And not accidentally. The girl would be cooking or cleaning or playing with her nephew on the floor or sewing at her grandma’s – and in every video her dad would very purposefully move to the side, the back, the front, wherever the shot was best, and maneuver to the only spot visible to zoom in on and have the camera linger and follow along to keep the subject in frame – the subject being what you find when ….(redacted)

    YouTube banned them several times, let them back on after dad begged innocents, then they continued their peep show, then tried to open many other channels, then moved to doing the same on other various sites, only to be banned.

    Come on, why do you think people are now paying to watch her videos on a private members only site… because she’s such a pretty young girl? Ahem… cough cough… yeah, sure.


    1. Bad Snarky,

      I have already discussed in previous comments that most of Milana’s videos were filmed on family outings or vacations with her mother, father, brother, sister, sister-in-law, younger nephews, or grandmother present. The fact that Milana was centered in the camera frame while filming, may be that the camera person was trying to film Milana, it may be YOU personally that is paying too much attention to Milana’s anatomy, maybe her family members and other people are not so focused on Milana in a sexual way.

      To my knowledge, the only site that has removed Milana’s videos is YouTube. I am not aware of any “private”, “members only” site where people pay to watch Milana videos. I am aware that the site where Milana’s family uploaded many of her family vacation or family outing videos, that anyone can purchase one of these family vacation or family outing videos. To people in the West, this may seem odd, that someone would try to sell their family vacation videos, but people in the U.S. are guilty of the same thing, such as the popularity of the old television show “Different Strokes” where the adult dwarf Gary Coleman played a little Black child adopted by White people, or the television show “Webster” where a dwarf played a little Black child adopted by White people, or the television show “Family Affair” about the adopted twins “Jodi” and “Buffy”, or the television show “The Wonder Years” about adolescents, it’s the same thing, people wanting to watch these little kids because they are cute and innocent.


    2. No, I think I AM THE ONLY ONE to buy single videos.. and the LIVE STREAM, Blond TALK,, all the other “Subscriber” services… Go to the sight and the “OWNERS” not the “talent”
      where the hell were you when i Put out a bit of truth Ey?

      I am autistic, and HAD Suffered Migraines.. a year ago i found Google Classified me as a Woman.. google is pretty smart… Google ,,, Showed ME what Others watch her for… i thought that was hate or spam,
      Damned if they DO NOT want Any Help..
      “Let’s Get acquainted”
      Feel any better i do not think that the Don truly shares the Intimate moments..
      i am NOT a “Super Adventurer” the shit for sale at seventy dollars a week,, VPN required…
      some of her PERSIAN Fans,, stipulate the BEST Videos are in that Club…
      maybe see for sure who the Father is NOT…

      Near two months,, i have known,, but nine months..
      Justifying them.. Double standards. Hypocrisy.
      Some channels selling worse,, Get Disney ads… and have NO connection to the girls on VK that they advert,,, or the Water Parks where they take videos..

      No,,, o,, you said redacted.. so not sure which one to “Fuck YOU”
      Milana and the :Hurts so good blues”
      Milana on face books “GOOD FAN CHANNEL” says Milan is still doing Peace Sign Challenge Eh… well no.. it is ..
      Fully Clothed..
      i have some ACTUAL Women,, i made compilations to music..
      BLEW MY MIND.. this is what she has been doing,, and.. these are just the “Tasters”
      Hippies know how Drugs Work..
      I thought it were just taboo of skin.. like Ankle was and Nipple still is..
      Deeper is it not..
      Funny though. Apple has records..
      Fedyor must have DEEP Connections for this to keep going on.
      The others banned from patreon have a gag order about the Request that banned them..
      BUT.. Thank good for this loyal collection of Video Pilfering perverts..
      It would appear… She had MANY “great influencers” to imitate..

      There may be a dozen more naive than the autistic trans women.. but no more..
      over five hundred are friends on face book..
      i still have print outs from before they hid it..
      HER FAMILY IS NOT Among them

      and they have.. few friends on VK
      but telegram is FULL of “Silent Participators”
      beings said.. i have been trying to shine light on the .. whatever Innocent and Family moments there may have been..
      Venya makes it seem like Fedya has been doing this since she could read..
      maybe not by remote.. but.. Thanks Apple for advancing the human species.

      Where were you on my birthday when i needed someone to push me off the edge…
      Four hundred subscribers and a dozen who comment,,, four people outta hundreds
      and on TG.. they talk of anger for facebook…
      When i figured out.. what they are doing. and planning for stefania.

      The Conglomerate of Social Media Supports the “super adventurers club”
      and the family DOES not wish to license her content for ANY Other reason.. OR>>> they are STUCK.. and Forbade to talk LMAO

      My pain my friend…
      if i were a pedophile super adventurer,, i could have at least asked that question… who is behind those eyes.
      Who are you that i Risk MY LIFE, and MY FREEDOM , over a Slave… a Princess as WELL… this is Slavery..

      Poor thing.. if she did hate me Screaming that would be bad.
      I might break and reveal… a bunch of shit i am guessing because..
      these groups.. have had too much fun with me..
      Google said,, then i accept. after Venichek says “It is ALL ONE Man and HIS FAMILY”

      Astaroth and all
      Since 2011 with Milan… and 2018 with infection to social media.. maybe longer..
      i was always blocking infected google servers when moderating the forum..
      People thought “Google, well that one MUST be Safe.”” amazon and Conglomerate named servers… they are FREE for a reason
      Like Milan’s videos..
      When all their other material is Shattered data.. and all the competition is blocked..
      Business plan..

      shame to me…. the person i knew.. was very ambitious and intelligent..
      She may be an Echo within Milana… just a memory o when the “RIGHT THING” mattered.. because it was right.. Love is love and Freedom is Choice

      We couldn’t tell her merry christmas if we wanted to

      I WISH, it were an AMERICAN Owning the site, Running the Channels.. FUCKING with the Autistic Trans Girl and the Belarusian “Jewish Princess”
      A Very Long stay at a very “prestigious’ hotel
      No friend i was naive,, i found spirit,.. then i had to accept… We are the most REVOLTING Excuse for “NATURAL CREATURES” on the planet

      Everyone,, who laughed as a MILLION people saw and Cannot unsee..
      it is alright i am pretty sure milan is just a character they made of two or three slaves they own.. so,, no one person is actually being ,, , , all the time
      Who would know or care…

      do not worry the fan only section is about to disappear from the west…
      Because i can afford it..
      i doubt they would send me dvds but.. that is alot of cleanup..

      OH,, BTW at Puppet number five..
      Dude leaves a comment on the Discussions of METRO..
      Telling Volha and Fedyor,, “it is a SHAME YOUR FACE BOOK Channel was taken Down,, maybe you will upload more videos Here” September..
      j have records..
      I.. I want to trade places with aristotle and drink the damn hemlock

      i have hundred reactions,, and where i did not consciously KNOW,, i see it in my eyes,,,

      war of the roses…
      Kill me first


      1. Hippie Dude,

        The previous comment that you submitted, and this comment that you submitted, I read them both about three times to try to understand them, and I still had difficulty understanding them. Some of your thoughts you expressed so briefly, that I didn’t know what you meant. It was like you were assuming that the reader would know what you meant, but there wasn’t enough info to know.

        In this comment of yours, you stated that you had Autism, maybe to explain the way that your comment was written. I was considering removing/redacting part of your comment because I think that it could lead more people in the direction of thinking that Milana is involved in child pornography. I am 99% sure that Milana has never had a nude photograph shared, or been photographed engaged in sex. She has a very close-knit, involved family that includes her mother, father, grandmother, and adult brothers and sisters, I do not think that her family would allow or engage in pornography of Milana.

        There are at least several European and American pornography sites that use the name “Milana” and even seem to refer to “Milana of Belarus” or “Milana of Minsk”, but in every case that I have seen, the pornographic model is an adult woman who looks absolutely nothing like Milana.


  13. Hi.

    “I am 99% sure that Milana has never had a nude photograph shared, or been photographed engaged in sex. ”

    I saw some of the Milana-vids back when the youtube-channel existed. After it got deleted, i searched for it and found that for example: https:…(redacted by Dickinson58601)

    Seems her father would like to make much more money by selling his daughter. As far as i noticed, several videos on yt got deleted in their first version and reuploaded after Mr. Milanadaddy cutted out the very exposing scenes. After keeping on edinging the rules they deleted the channel.


    1. henkslap,

      I read your comment, and I clicked on the website link that you included, which took me to a website that was titled to make it look like it was just an innocent collection of children’s activity videos, but it was actually set-up and intended for adults. This website appeared to have collected the vacation and activity videos of families from all over the World to use them for a purpose these families never could have imagined. The families who created these videos of their children, had no idea, and sometimes no control over other people copying their family vacation, activity, or sport videos off of their Facebook page or YouTube channel.


    1. User1,

      How do you know that Milana is pregnant? It would not be good if Milana is pregnant, she is only about 15 years old, she did not appear to be mature enough for this to happen, some girls yes, but Milana seemed to still have a lot of growing up to do.


  14. I keep reading from everyone that the family did this to her, someone keeps taking pictures/videos of her like this, blah, blah, blah! I guess none of you know that Milana does all this herself! Including, editing and everything! She just has a lot of videographers/photographers who take orders from her, and has… since she was about 10 or 11 yrs old. Anything that Milana puts out is put out by her and none of her family! The only reason that YT has been deleting her and other people from Belarus is because of the political view of that country! They are still considered Communist! And because YT is considered an American business, YES, business, and In the interest of American businesses, they will not get into anything that is Communist! Haven’t any of you been watching the news lately (plane hijacked and stopped in Belarus?)? Yeah, go ahead and Google it! It just happened! Just because the Soviet Union fell doesn’t mean it’s not still around, and YT has probably been advised to avoid anything from that political view!


    1. In reply to Bob,

      Bob, I have been watching Milana on several other YouTube channels and other locations since I wrote this blog post article about her. There was no point in me continuing to update the locations where a person could watch Milana’s videos because so many people kept complaining and getting her videos taken down.

      In Milana’s immediate close family, there is her father and mother, her older brother and his wife & children, her older sister and her husband & children. Milana’s last name is “Rudnik”. Her brother’s name is Simon Rudnik, and he is a medical doctor.

      The people that are most often shown in Milana’s videos are her mother, her older brother and his wife & children, her older sister and her husband and children. The main people who consistently video Milana are her father and her brother Simon.

      The more that commentors called attention to it, that some of Milana’s videos might show a down-blouse, side-boob, or buttox cheek, I began to see that it is mostly Milana’s father that is videoing when this happens, and that Milana has become more aware that she might be revealing her anatomy on camera, she doesn’t like it, and she straightens her dress or pants when she realizes it. I don’t know if Milana’s father is trying to irritate her, or if he thinks that this is funny. I don’t know. But Milana is surrounded by her family, and it doesn’t look like she is being harmed or exploited.

      As some commentors have written, I have not seen any indication that Milana was ever pregnant or gave birth.


  15. I tried so many times to remind her family. these shots of her will come back to haunt her in future years . people record and keep these as a future blackmail project. but sadly they continued to film and use her body for their own success. she would have made a beautiful model but no agency would touch her now.


    1. In reply to Andrew Vortis,

      I have never seen a photo or video of Milana that she should be ashamed of, or embarrassed by, or could be blackmailed with. I have never seen a nude photo or video of Milana.


      1. Ummm, several of her earlier videos were an obvious attempt by her father to show downblouse, side boob, and upskirt shots of her. Whether she was aware of those shots when they were taken is unknown, but I’d say she did, in fact, know what was going on. This is why Youtube banned her….several times.


      2. In reply to Ben Chan,

        What you are referring to in your comment, this aspect has been discussed multiple times. You might as well have pointed out that Milana was sometimes wearing a small Bikini, see-through light cotton summer dress, short skirt, or night-gown.

        In my opinion, people might as well go ahead and complain about animals being naked, if they are going to complain about a father making home videos of his daughter.


  16. I think the real reason her account has been deleted was so YouTube doesn’t have to pay. Let’s face it, nobody has quit watching YouTube videos because she is gone. YouTube would much rather you watch videos they don’t have to pay for.


    1. I don’t agree with you. More YT videos has viewers, more ads YT sells.

      On the contrary, I am pretty sure YT was afraid that most of it’s advisers went out due to a unexpected videos of children.

      In my opinion, I am quite sure Milana knew the tip of her father to get much more viewers for a single reason : in the later times, it was Milana who edit her videos with her computer . She could cut the unexpected pictures and she didn’t did it.

      It would be intertesting to know how much money they did with YT and how much money they get now by selling their videos I bet they loose a lot in my opinion…


    2. I don’t think YT deleted his account to avoid paying the authors. I think YT is afraid of losing big advertisers and… a lot of money with these ads.

      Nowadays, many brands avoid being involved in miners’ cases. I don’t think Milana didn’t know her father’s trick to attract more and more viewers to YT. Later, she cut her videos with her computer. So, obviously, she saw all the video scenes.

      It would be interesting to know how much YT paid the videos and how much the family earns with the videos sell on their site


  17. First of all, I want to clarify that Milana Chasingsun is not Russian. She is Belarusian She and her family are living in Minsk the capital of Belarus. As a long term devoted fan of her myself, I am going to miss her badly from now on as she is no longer coming back to You Tube anymore. She and her family must have had enough of You Tube who stupidly keep deleting her video channels again and again.


  18. If you access and search Milana you will find a channel for fans of milana. Perfectly safe and free to access and no need to register


    1. That is a very good news Richard. I found all the home made videos of Milana’s this morning after I read the message of yours and then typed the website you show me. I want to say ” Thank You Very Much ” from the bottom of my heart.


  19. If anyone wants to see new stuff of Milana, check out her channel on boosty

    You have to pay some bucks for the videos, but they are worth it. And she added some payment methods that are practicable outside russia or belarus (paypal or creditcards)


    1. In reply to henkslap,

      I thought that the early Milana videos on YouTube were funny and interesting, partly because Milana was cute, they showed everyday Russian life, Russian middle-class vacations, and a different outlook on life and values. I don’t see how some people would want to pay for these short five to ten minute home-movie videos of Milana visiting her grandmother, brother & sister, or a park.

      One of the reasons why I promoted and supported the early Milana videos on YouTube, was because they infuriated adult women in the United States because Milana was shown wearing a bathing suit or light summer dress. U.S. women were outraged that men or anyone would be admiring the beauty of Milana, but for the whole history of mankind, historians, writers, poets, kings, queens, noblemen, musicians, and artists have been expressing appreciation and admiration for the beauty of youth.


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