Why I Like Young Women

I don’t remember ever seeing where it was explained in detail why men like young women.  In the Old Testament of the Bible, there are histories of people like King David continuing to take additional wives after his first wife, when new young women caught his attention.

In Greek history, Roman history, histories of the Middle Ages, histories of the Renaissance, and in modern times, there are stories of men taking younger women as their second, third, or fourth wife, as concubines, or as mistresses.  Men’s interest in and desire for young women has occurred throughout history, and perhaps there has not been a thorough explanation of this in the past, because there didn’t need to be, because it was self evident.

Now that our modern society in the United States is becoming undone and dysfunctional, I think that there needs to be some logical explanation of human behavior and life, in order to put an end to the nonsense, stupidity, and dysfunction.

In short, and I am not going to go into it in detail, at this time in the United States, what for thousands of years of human history was treated as deviant behavior, is now trying to be normalized, and what used to be completely normal behavior for thousands of years is now being made criminal.  For instance:

  • Homosexuality is now supposed to be normal and accepted, whereas in the past it was considered abnormal or deviant behavior.
  • Transgenderism, used to be called “cross-dressing”, and was considered deviant behavior, but now this is supposed to be accepted.
  • Men pursuing women in the past throughout history was considered noble, romantic, and completely normal, however now this is being criminalized as “harassment”, “sexual harassment”, or “stalking”.

One of the things in society in the United States that has changed greatly or drastically in the past one hundred years, is that women gained the right to vote, women gained equal or greater access to higher education, it became completely acceptable for women to work outside the home, women gained almost equal access to all occupations and professions, and women gained almost completely equal opportunity in the military.

In the process of women gaining equal rights, equal access, and equal opportunity there has been some error, and some things not accounted for.  For instance, women demanding equal access to all-male military academies, military duty, police duty, and firefighter duty without being able to pass or keep up with the physical requirements.

A more difficult error to explain, is the fact that women demand that opportunity or access should be blind to sex in regard to work, occupations, military duty, hiring, admittance, and promotion, but then, at the same time, women try to use their sex and sexuality as an advantage, a tool, leverage, or excuse for standards or requirements being lowered.  And, lately, women have been using “harassment”, “sexual harassment”, and “sexual assault” allegations as threats, blackmail, coercion, extortion, leverage, retaliation, and revenge.

One of the reasons for this error and things not accounted for, and also the current dysfunction in modern society in the United States, is the lack of sound logic, reasoning, understanding, and thinking things through to their logical conclusion.  But in this particular blog post, I am just trying to clearly explain why men like young women.  In doing so, I hope that women will see and understand some things about themselves that no one has dared to point out lately.

Some young women, are healthy, because growing up under the supervision of their mother and father, they have not been allowed to over eat, eat unhealthy food, drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, use illegal drugs, and stay up late at night drinking coffee, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and using illegal drugs.  They are healthy because they have been required to walk places, ride their bicycle places, participate in recreation, participate in sports, and do household chores.

Some young women who are healthy because of growing up under the supervision of their mother and father, are not rebellious, impolite, defiant, disrespectful, treacherous, scheming, dishonest, immodest, crude, vulgar, promiscuous, or trashy because this was not permitted or allowed by their parents.  Nor were they permitted to get tattoos, piercings, or hang around with people who were a bad influence.

Given what I have just described in the two paragraphs above, who wouldn’t like a young lady who was not overweight, in good health, in good physical shape from exercise, who was polite, respectful, honest, courteous, modest, cooperative, who didn’t object to participating in activities, outings, or doing chores?

Now think about this concerning the attractiveness of young women, what if you began to take away good physical health, good physical condition, politeness, respectfulness, honesty, modesty, cooperation, and began to replace these things with a woman who smokes cigarettes, drinks coffee, drinks alcohol, gets tattoos, is argumentative, treacherous, and contentious?

I am attaching a Saturday Night Live video of a comedy skit titled, “Meet Your Second Wife”.  This skit is funny, and it was meant to be a biting satire on men taking much younger second wives.  The actors Tina Fey and Amy Poehler believe that they are pointing out some absurdity in society, but as smart as these two women are, they don’t even know why men like younger women.

Something else that we all need to understand, which lately in the United States none of us do, very few of us think things out to their logical conclusion:  Yes, it may be fun, funny, entertaining, or attention getting when women drink alcohol, get high on drugs, get tattoos, use bad language, are crude and vulgar, dress immodestly, are promiscuous, are argumentative, and contentious, but would you want to live day to day with someone like this, stop and think about this.

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