Outlaw Lowell Kern, Stark County’s Most Notorious And Wanted Fugitive

Outlaw Lowell Kern is Stark County’s most notorious and wanted fugitive.  Currently at large, spotted here and there, and then there, Lowell moves at will from one hide out to the next, taking what property and women he wants along with him, no matter who they belong to.

Some say that women are the cause of all of this, others say he was born this way.  Whether in Belfield, South Heart, Dickinson, Killdeer, Taylor, or Richardton, wherever Lowell is, soon there is stolen property, stolen vehicles, and pregnant women.  Ex-wives think that he has eleven children, but the real number is closer to twenty.

Lowell’s modus operandi is to first locate a secluded area to work out of, where his activities can’t be seen or will go unnoticed.  This could be a farm, a trailer on some land, or a house with a bunch of junk already in the yard.  Then, Lowell begins stealing property, equipment, and trucks that he can use, sell, or part out.  He brings the stolen items back to a secluded location, and he hides them out of sight.  Within a few days, he will deliberately stay away from where the stolen items are hidden, in case someone is watching him, the location, or the stolen items.  Lowell does not want to be connected to the stolen items.

Because Lowell is in the habit of constantly moving himself to a new location every few days, he is difficult for law enforcement to find.  In time, the locations that Lowell was at are found, but Lowell hasn’t been there for days or weeks.

Depending on their mood and state of mind, some girlfriends, ex-girlfriends and ex-wives don’t mind Lowell visiting, and they keep his whereabouts and activities a secret.  Other times they are so mad at him that they tell on him.

Lowell’s freedom right now is dependent on which woman, girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, or ex-wife is mad enough at him to send him back to prison.

7 thoughts on “Outlaw Lowell Kern, Stark County’s Most Notorious And Wanted Fugitive

    1. Brady,

      If he has not been bailed out of jail, he is still in jail, awaiting trial. I don’t know why the court would allow bail, because when he was out on bail for some of his most recent charges, he fled, got into trouble, and law enforcement had a difficult time apprehending him. Don’t know why the court and the police would want to go through this again.


  1. It’s just as confusing to the police as to anybody else. He gets arrested for fleeing and the judge gives him time served from fleeing for possession of stolen property. Also the women you speak of whether mad or not feel justice should be served regardless. He takes from hard working people!


    1. Unknown,

      After having been convicted of about six felonies over a twenty year period, and while on parole from prison for a felony, Lowell got caught on a 7th and 8th felony, and there was evidence for a 9th and 10th felony.

      Judge Herauf gave Lowell “time served” 148 days, and allowed the 8th felony to be expunged. Elsewhere in the United States, someplace normal, not like Dickinson, they have a Three Strikes Law, where on or after a 3rd felony conviction, an additional 10 years sentence can be imposed, it may be even more than 10 years.


  2. He steals from his own family and yet they still baby him and ignore his children as if they have done wrong. He is treated like a victim by the courts. He gets a slap on the wrist whiles on parole and his son gets put back in prison and he was only on probation.


    1. Unknown,

      I am not going to write it in this blog post, for several different reasons, but if you ask some more people, maybe a bunch more people what is going on, you will be given an explanation. You will know what I mean, when you hear it.


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