Do Not Interfere With Black Men Impregnating As Many Women As Possible In Dickinson, North Dakota

Please do not interfere with black men impregnating as many women as possible in Dickinson, North Dakota.  If 500 black men can each impregnate 10 women in Dickinson in 2017, 2018, and 2019, they can create 15,000 black babies.  These black men, and these 15,000 black babies, can finally change Dickinson for the better.

There was an oil boom in western North Dakota in the 1950s, the late 1970s, and most recently in the late 2000s.  The white men that came to western North Dakota during these oil booms haven’t changed anything in Dickinson, North Dakota.  I recognize that the only thing that can change Dickinson, is for black men to impregnated as many women as possible, as quickly as possible, and for as long as possible.

The main societal influence in Dickinson, North Dakota has been the Catholic Church.  The Catholic Church for the past 100 years has taught, instilled, and fostered in these people here in Dickinson: hatred of others, hatred for each other, hostility, lack of cooperation, not being helpful, that you win when other people fail, taking advantage of other people, and hatred for educated people.  You only have to live in Dickinson, North Dakota for a couple of months to find that this is true.

During the most recent oil boom, I saw firsthand how the local people in Dickinson mistreated each other and the out of state workers.  The rent and housing prices were increased by 400% to 500%.  There was collusion among the local people to not create affordable housing.  In particular, there was more vacant, barren, unoccupied land outside of Dickinson, than almost anywhere else in the United States.  But, the local land owners refused to sell this land for less than $80,000 per acre, and required that the entire 30 acre to 300 acre parcel of land be purchased at this price.

When there isn’t an oil boom, the local company owners and manufacturing companies pay slave wages, so that their employees never have a chance to get ahead or escape.  The employees in Dickinson are paid so low that they can’t save up enough money to leave town, get an education for themselves, or provide an education to their children.  They are instead taught to hate education, and to hate people with an education.  This helps the Catholic Church and the employers to maintain control of the people in Dickinson.

In order to break the choke hold of the Catholic Church, the inherited companies, and the inherited land owners, black men must impregnated as many women as possible, as quickly as possible, and for as long as possible, so that the heirs of these companies, and the heirs of this land will be the black babies.  Once blacks begin inheriting these local companies and local land, then everyone in Dickinson will no longer be at the mercy of the greedy corrupt Catholics that try to take advantage of everyone.

So please do not interfere with black men impregnating as many women as possible in Dickinson, North Dakota.  They are going to change Dickinson for ever.  White men should get out of the way of these black men.

I came up with this idea of black men impregnating as many women as possible, when I began to realize that most of the women in Dickinson did not like white men, and that they wanted to be with black men.  Causes of this were over exposure to thousands of white men workers who all looked and acted the same, women watching movies, women watching professional sports, and women watching pornography.  The combination of women in Dickinson wanting to be with black men, good advertising for black men to come to Dickinson, encouraging black men to impregnate as many women as possible, and black men not having to pay for things at businesses in Dickinson, should make this program a success.


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