500 Black Men Needed At Davis Refinery West Of Belfield, North Dakota

Meridian Energy Group is building the Davis Refinery west of Belfield, North Dakota.  If you go to the company website, http://www.meridianenergygroupinc.com, it says, “The plant is currently in the design phase with groundbreaking set for summer 2017. Plant completion is expected by 2018.”  The company website also says, “During the construction phase an estimated 500 workers will be needed and 200 workers will be hired permanently after the refinery is completed.”

The reason why these workers need to be black men, is because all the women in Dickinson and Belfield are sick of white men, they hate white men.  White men spend all their money on stupid four-door four-wheel drive trucks, ATVs, hunting equipment, and tools, then that’s all they want to talk about.  The women are sick of looking at and listening to white men.  The women in Dickinson and Belfield all want black men, and currently there aren’t nearly enough black men to go around.

Dickinson is 20 minutes east of Belfield.  In Dickinson, there are at least 1,000 new apartments that were recently completed, and only half of them are occupied.  All a black man has to do, is talk to the leasing agent woman when she is alone, and say, “Yeah, I want to get an apartment, but I don’t want to pay any rent.  You know what I’m sayin?”  You just watch the leasing agent woman’s face light up, this is like a dream come true for her.

The reasons why the leasing agent women and the real estate women are so quick to want to provide free housing to black men are as follows:  1) If they don’t get the black man right away, some other woman will, so they have to provide him with something he wants in order to get him.  2)  The leasing agent women and the real estate women are tired of the white man property owner always telling them what to do and ordering them around.  3)  The women want to have some control for once, they want to be the one that is providing for the man.  4)  The women have watched professional sports, movies, and pornography, and they know that black men have something more to offer than white men.

In order for black men to meet other women in Dickinson who will willingly provide more things for them, the West River Community Center is full of women that don’t have any interest in white men.  Especially in the mornings and evenings, women get dressed up in provocative and revealing clothes to go to the West River Community Center to try to get the attention of black men and hopefully take them home with them.

According to the Meridian Energy Group website, their press release from July 14, 2016 states, “Meridian Energy Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has closed on the purchase of the O’Brien Ranch, an agricultural and residential property located near the site of the Company’s Davis Refinery, and to the communities of Fryburg and Belfield. The O’Brien property will be used as a conference and training center, and as a residence for Meridian staff as they transition to the new company headquarters near Belfield, North Dakota in the coming months.”  At this time, I don’t think they have any offices in Belfield yet, so I guess that you will have to apply at the O’Brien Ranch.  I am working on getting you the address and drive directions to the O’Brien Ranch.  Also, I highly recommend to black men, the Roughrider Bar and Steakhouse in downtown Belfield.  The Roughrider Bar and Steakhouse has prime rib night on Friday and Saturday night.

2 thoughts on “500 Black Men Needed At Davis Refinery West Of Belfield, North Dakota

    1. Peter,
      There are approximately 100 Blacks from different African nations in Dickinson, North Dakota. The Lutheran Church in North Dakota and Minnesota try to help, facilitate, assist, and sponsor Blacks from Africa to come to Minnesota and North Dakota. Try to look on the internet for Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota and North Dakota to ask for help in immigrating.

      Also, it may be easier to come to the United States on a Student Visa instead of a Work Visa. You can apply to be a student at Dickinson State University, in Dickinson, North Dakota, then get a job when you arrive in Dickinson.


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