More Black Men Needed At Roughrider Bar & Steakhouse In Belfield, North Dakota

This Friday I drove from Dickinson to the Roughrider Bar & Steakhouse in Belfield, North Dakota for their prime rib dinner.  Belfield is twenty-four miles west of Dickinson.  Belfield has a population of approximately 1, 400 people.  The other restaurants in Belfield are Trappers Kettle and J&J Chinese Cafe.

I called ahead to the Roughrider Bar & Steakhouse in Belfield to make sure that they were having prime rib this night.  The person who answered the telephone said some name other than Roughrider Bar & Steakhouse, which I didn’t understand, but they were having prime this night.  I looked on the internet, and the Facebook page for Roughrider Bar & Steakhouse has been changed to TopNotch Custom Meats.

I have eaten at the Roughrider Bar & Steakhouse previously within the past several months, the steak was good, and the bar and restaurant were quiet like a restaurant, not rowdy like a bar.  The other diners were mostly older farmers and ranchers, who were quietly and amicably socializing and enjoying their dinner with their families and friends.  This was fine with me, because I don’t like chaos and mayhem at dinner.  This is why I wanted to drive thirty miles to go have steak in Belfield, instead of driving two or three miles to The Crossing, Players Club, JDs BBQ, or the Brickhouse Grille in Dickinson.

The large prime rib that I ordered at the Roughrider Bar & Steakhouse was $27.50, and it came with a salad and baked potato.  This was by far the best looking and best tasting prime rib that I ever had.  I didn’t know if I just got lucky with this particular piece of meat, or if the other diners each had one that was just as good.  As I was eating this prime rib, I found that the pan sauce and seasoning was very very good, and that the exterior seemed to have been marinated, so I concluded that it was not luck that this steak was so good.

But forget about me and how much I was enjoying my steak, I could not help notice that the waitress and bartender girls did not appear to be having a good time, which made me begin to not be having a good time.  I got the impression that it would be appreciated if I would hurry up and eat and leave.  This time, and the previous time that I ate at the Roughrider Bar & Steakhouse, I did not feel very welcome or wanted there.  As I was eating, I observed how the waitresses and bartender women interacted with the other customers, and it appeared to be the same, disinterested, not appreciated, giving the impression that the customer’s departure would be a relief.  This is a very big problem in Dickinson, and apparently also in Belfield, the waitress and bartender women are sick and tired of white men customers.

Please, everybody stop what you are doing, and think about this, can you imagine how horrible it must be for a waitress to go to work, and have to look at and listen to white men talk?  Think about it, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, truck drivers, farmers, and ranchers, ordering food and drinks, paying for it, and leaving tips, does it get any worse than that?  I could tell that the waitress and bartender women were very long suffering with the white men customers at the Roughrider Bar & Steakhouse.

All the women in Dickinson, and apparently Belfield, are sick and tired of white men.  White men driving up, parking their truck, walking in, sitting down, saying something, …why it’s like finger nails on a chalk board, it just makes their skin crawl!  Why can’t there be more black men?  That’s what they want!

Most important in operating a bar or restaurant, is that the waitress and bartender women are entertained at work with customers they find interesting, so in order to help, I am writing this blog post to let all the black men know that they should go to the Roughrider Bar & Steakhouse.  To get there, take Interstate 94 to get to the Belfield exit.  Once exiting, drive south for approximately 1/8 mile until you see the NAPA store on the right.  Make a right turn and drive west for approximately 1/4 mile, then turn south.  This leads you right into downtown Belfield where you will find the Roughrider Bar & Steakhouse.  The waitress and bartender women will be so happy to see black men, because they love black men and are sick of white men, that I don’t even think that they will make black men pay for anything.

Bring as many black men as possible so that each waitress and bartender can go home with at least one black man, and so that there isn’t any room at the bar for white men.  The waitresses and bartenders don’t want to look at, listen to, or deal with white men customers because they are so dull and uninteresting.

3 thoughts on “More Black Men Needed At Roughrider Bar & Steakhouse In Belfield, North Dakota

  1. Next Time you’re in Belfield you should Try “The Rusty Rail Saloon” formerly mikes bar….. They have steak and great service/atmosphere— kinda a hidden secret


    1. Lacey,

      Yes, I have been to the Rusty Rail Saloon in Belfield once before for their Prime Rib Night. I met the owner, Norris Marx, I believe his name was, and he was an agreeable person. A few of the older people from Belfield that I met that one time in the Rusty Rail Saloon, were very nice people. I would have continued to go back to the Rusty Rail Saloon if I knew when their Steak Nights were.

      Also, I read in the Dickinson Press newspaper, that due to the Odyssey Theaters in the Dickinson Prairie Hills Mall closing, the movie theater in Belfield was going to attempt to begin showing more movies, on more nights, so the Rusty Rail Saloon is just a few steps away from the Belfield movie theater. Think about it, and let me know if you want me to write about the Rusty Rail Saloon, when their Steak Nights are, and the movie theater, I don’t know if the people in Belfield want any more business or not.


  2. I live here and have had nothing but great service. Maybe you have a nasty case of RBF and they were afraid you were chasing business away.


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