White Men Not Wanted In Dickinson, North Dakota

If you are a white man, do not move to Dickinson, North Dakota, because all of the people and all of the businesses are sick and tired of you.  They know what you are about, and it’s always the same.

You call a hotel, and you ask a bunch of questions like, “How much for a hotel room?  Is there internet access in the room?  Is there a weekly rate?”  Then, when you get to the hotel, you ask for towels, and expect someone to clean your room.  They are sick and tired of this bullshit!

You go to restaurants, and you expect the waitress to wait on you and bring you things.  Who the fuck do you think you are?  They have to deal with assholes like you every day!  Trying to hit on them with that same stupid fucking line, “Can I have some silverware?”. Then, then, when you leave, you leave them four dollars, four dollars!  What the fuck are they going to do with four dollars?  Loser!, spending $15 dollars, and leaving them $4!

It’s the same thing at the convenience stores, all day long.  White men driving up in trucks.  Buying drinks, buying snacks, buying sandwiches, buying fuel, saying something stupid, with some stupid look on their stupid faces.  Nobody wants them here!  Nobody asked them to come here!  Why don’t they leave us the fuck alone!

The bartenders hate you.  The bartenders can’t stand you.  You are a loser!  If you’re so smart, how come you’re in Dickinson?  If you had a nice house, you wouldn’t be here.  If you could get a wife or a girlfriend, you wouldn’t be in the bar.  You are probably thinking about raping them, you are probably going to try to rape them.  You sick pervert!  Fucking asshole pervert coming in the bar to stalk them, waiting for them to get off work, waiting to follow them home to see where they live!  Trying to order chicken wings to go like some sick psychopath who just got out of prison!

They can’t stand white men.  That is why all the women in Dickinson like black men and want to have sex with black men, because of people like you!

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