Women Want Black Men In Dickinson, North Dakota

Women want black men in Dickinson, North Dakota.  And why wouldn’t they?  Black men are bigger, taller, stronger, more muscular, leaner, and have bigger penises than white men.  Women in Dickinson, North Dakota are sick and tired of white men, and have had to put up with white men for far too long!

A typical woman in Dickinson, North Dakota has a white boyfriend or husband who is overweight, flabby, smelly, and dirty.  They always wear t-shirts and jeans, never nice clothes.  They spend all of their money on their truck, four wheeler, snow mobile, boat, or guns.  Why can’t they ever buy them jewelry?  Why can’t they ever take them out to some place nice?

All of the women nurses and staff at the St. Alexius Hospital in Dickinson want to know why they can’t hire more black men.  They are sick and tired of there not being any black men at work that they can have sex with.  Why should they have to drive all the way to Minneapolis to have sex with black men?

Why aren’t there more black men at Dickinson State University for the white girls to date?  It is not fair that some white girls get to have black boyfriends and others don’t.  College is supposed to be a time to have fun.  The white girls can’t have any fun if they don’t have a black guy to have sex with.

All of the women working at the oil companies and oil field service companies are tired of being asked out by white men.  It is like some kind of conspiracy, all the oil companies and oil field service companies keep hiring white men, like they are trying to force them to date white men or something.  This is racist!  Why can’t the women at the oil companies have black boyfriends?

The women in Dickinson are tired of all the companies only hiring white men, because they know that if they hired black men, all the women would want to be with the black men, and they can’t stand this, because they are jealous!

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