Black Men Wanted In Dickinson, North Dakota!

Good News!  Black men are wanted in Dickinson, North Dakota!  All of the grown women, all of the school children, all of the employers, the real estate agents, Dickinson State University, all of the stores, and all of the restaurants want black men in Dickinson, North Dakota!  Yes, it’s true, it’s absolutely true!  I have lived here in Dickinson for four years now, and they absolutely do not like white men here!

You can get here by train, plane, car, or bus, even if you have to hitch hike, you need to get here!  Once you get to Dickinson, pick up a free real estate guide, there are hundreds and hundreds of newly constructed, never lived-in apartments to chose from.  These real estate women can’t wait to see you!  They want to get you in an apartment like you can’t believe!  These white real estate women don’t like white men, they are sick and tired of dealing with white men, they will make sure to get you in an apartment for a low rate, and they probably will want to have sex with you!

As far as jobs, the St. Alexius Hospital, Steffes, Fisher Industries, and Taco Johns usually have job openings advertised.  But you don’t need a job!  Dickinson State University is very easy to get into, the classes are not hard, you don’t have to study, you can play on their football team or basketball team, and you can get student loans to pay for it all, and end up with a college degree.  All of the professors, coaches, and female students want black men!

You can get all the white girlfriends you want at Dickinson State University, but if you want more women, just go to the West River Community Center and you can take your pick of young girls, professional women, and housewives!  They want black men so much, you can be rude to them, insult them, belittle them, they won’t complain!

All the employers, real estate agents, retail workers, restaurants workers, single women, college women, professional women, and housewives want black men, and there aren’t enough black men to go around.  The black men who come to Dickinson, North Dakota will live like kings!

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