Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 39 & 40

Chapter 39

Cheryl quickly drove back to the Arbuckle Lodge in Gillette where she had already checked into a hotel room earlier in the day.  She was upset about her date being ruined, but she was more concerned about losing her security clearance.  You are not supposed to take a gun into a bar, even if you have a concealed weapons permit, but she had one in her purse, and she had taken it with her into the nightclub.  Knowing this, she had made sure to get out of the nightclub as quickly as possible, before the police arrived.  Now what she had to worry about, was if the person who got hit by Tracy, was going to try to press criminal charges.  Cheryl was worried about the nightclub security cameras and the witnesses.  Cheryl wondered where, and how many, security cameras were there, and if her Subaru or its license plate would show up on a security camera video.

Cheryl knew that if a person or a nightclub security camera had even a glimpse of her getting into a light green Subaru wagon, the police would then be able to look at the city stoplight cameras at about the time she left that night, to get her license plate number.  Cheryl was imagining now, how her yearly interview with the Air Force investigator would go, “You were involved in an assault in a bar in Gillette, Wyoming, with a Mr. Tracy Fisher.  How did you meet this Mr. Tracy Fisher?…In your most recent questionnaire, you did not disclose any membership in an internet dating site.  When did you enroll in this internet dating site?  How many men did you contact on this internet dating site?  How many men contacted you on this internet dating site?  I will need you to give me your username and password for any and all internet dating sites that you have enrolled in or participated in for the past ten years.”

Cheryl had worked at military facilities for the past twelve years, and at Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming for the past four years.  She was always so careful, and always so careful about who she associated with.  She could not believe that she had been so stupid to let this happen to her.

In her hotel room, Cheryl took off her shoes, pants, and turtleneck, revealing her new black silk panties and bras.  She had not wanted to let Tracy come back to her hotel room, that is not how she had wanted this date to go.  She would not admit to herself that this is something she wanted, she would only allow herself to think that this was a remote possibility.  What should have been, or could have been, Tracy undressing her like he was unwrapping a present, was instead Cheryl climbing under the covers alone, and hiding herself.

Chapter 40

Tracy left Gillette quickly, and tried to get as far away as possible as quickly as possible.  He wasn’t sorry about what had happened.  He was sorry that his date had ended sooner than he wanted it to, but he was not sorry about what he did to the white trash man.  He would not have handled it differently if he had it to do over.

Tracy did not see any point in calling Cheryl this night.  He might call her late in the morning on Sunday and ask her if she was O.K.  He was not ready to ask her out on another date.  He did not know where to meet her for another date, or what to do on another date.

Tracy thought that Cheryl was pretty and nice enough, but he did not get much information about Jews.  Other than not acting as irritating as most women, Cheryl did not act that much different than other people.  He thought that the time and effort that he had spent on this date might not have been worth it.  It had forced him to buy some new clothes, and to study Jewish religious practices, traditions, and customs, which he would later need to know when he moved to New York City.  The new clothes that he bought at Herbergers, he would get to wear at Amber and Cory’s wedding that was coming up soon.

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