Who Is This Klayton Oltmanns Person In Dickinson, North Dakota? And Why Is He In My Novel?

Like me, you may have been wondering, “Who is this Klayton Oltmanns person in Dickinson, North Dakota?”  I have seen him at the downtown Dickinson summer concerts, but who is he?  What does he do?  Where does he come from?

On the internet, doing a Google search, it says that Klayton Oltmanns is a City of Dickinson Commissioner.  From the City of Dickinson website it says:

“Klayton Oltmanns is a financial advisor with Edward Jones. His investment office is in north Dickinson…

He is currently the president of Arts on the Prairie, a civic organization with the mission to foster talent in southwest ND through the arts. He enjoys judging the organization’s popular fundraiser “Dickinson’s Got Talent.” He has also has served as president of Kiwanis and is an active member.

Mr. Oltmanns is a graduate of Dickinson State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in secondary education with an emphasis on communications. He and his wife Melanie are recent recipients of the “Young Hawk Award” from DSU. This award is bestowed on alumni of the University who have had an impact in their career, community and college. After Melanie completed her Doctorate of Optometry, the couple returned to Dickinson in 1997. They have two children, Austin and Alyssa…”

When I continued to search the internet using Google, it showed that Klayton Oltmanns was a candidate for Mayor of the City of Dickinson for the June 2016 election.  However, Scott Decker was elected Mayor.

The Stark County website says that Klayton Oltmanns is one of the Board Members for Stark County Planning & Zoning.

Gosh! No wonder he was too busy to speak to me or respond to my e-mail!  Oh well, that is all water under the bridge now, it wasn’t important, evidently.

However, I am delighted to know that Klayton Oltmanns is president of Arts on the Prairie, whose goal is to foster talent in southwest ND through the arts.  I am an artist, I am a writer!  I am currently about 30% complete with my “Western North Dakota Romance Novel”, which not only is about western North Dakota, it is about a struggling artist from Belfield, the character Tracy Fisher!

I try to post two chapters of “Western North Dakota Romance Novel” on this website every day.  I have decided, to include Klayton Oltmanns in an upcoming chapter about the characters Amber and Cory, at their wedding reception at the Astoria Hotel.  This should increase Klayton Oltmanns popularity, and increase interest in my novel.

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