There Are Two New Chapters Below this Brief Interruption In “Western North Dakota Romance Novel”

I had wanted to write and post the “Western North Dakota Romance Novel”, without interruption, so that readers could just scroll up and down through it.  In my blog website I had covered most of the subjects and topics that I thought were important, and I wanted to tell about what living in Dickinson was like, in a different format, a novel.

Most of the subjects and topics that I wrote about in my blog website came up at the top, or near the top, of the first page of Google search results.  I was happy about this, because I wanted people from out of state to know what living in Dickinson and other areas of western North Dakota was like.  I especially wanted people from out of state to know that hardly anyone makes $100,000 per year in the oil field, housing prices are very high, if you buy a house right now you could lose half your money, there is a shortage of women,  the police are the ones posting the ads for “escorts”, you are very likely to get a DUI, the people here will hate you, and the people here hate each other.

About six weeks ago, my blog posts about one of my most important subjects went from near the top of the first page of search results on Google, to “missing”, overnight.  This did not happen due to natural causes.  Some one thought that they could eliminate my blog posts by complaining to Google, and these blog posts were temporarily removed from the search results while Google reviewed them.  Because the content of these blog posts was not illegal, they were dumped back into the Google search engine and they worked their way back to the top of the first page of the search results, only in a much more consolidated way.

A couple of days ago, my blog posts on another important subject went from the first page of Google search results where they had been continuously for one year, to “missing”, overnight.  Even typing in the exact unique title of these blog posts in the Google search would not bring them up.  Again, someone thought that complaining to Google would eliminate my blog posts.  However, these blog posts only disappeared for several hours, because they did not contain illegal content.

The first group of blog posts to completely disappear six weeks ago were about the Catholic Church in Dickinson.  The second group of blog posts to disappear several days ago were about the Chamber of Commerce in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Because these blog posts did not contain illegal content, they went right back to where they had been, the first page of search results.

This underhandedness and treachery, by the Catholics and the Catholic Church in Dickinson, and the Catholics and real estate agents at the Chamber of Commerce in Dickinson, North Dakota, is exactly, exactly what I have been writing about, which only proves my point even more.

In response, I will have to write an updated, more complete, more thorough Summary of Wickedness, Perversion, Underhandedness, Treachery, Hostility, Hatred, Greed, and Corruption in Dickinson, North Dakota, and recommend that people do not move here, and especially that they do not buy a house in Dickinson at this time.

Again, my goal in pointing these things out that are wrong in Dickinson, is to let people from out of state know what Dickinson, North Dakota is like before they move here, so that they know what they are getting into, and are not tricked.  By pointing out the things that are wrong in Dickinson thoroughly, things that are so wrong that people will not want to move here, these things will have to be considered and possibly changed.


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