Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 29 & 30

Chapter 29

When Tracy got home to his parents’ house in Belfield, and got out of his truck with his shopping bags from Herbergers, his younger sister Tamara was watching him through her bedroom window.  She met him in the hallway as he climbed the stairs and said, “Did you buy clothes to wear at Amber and Cory’s wedding?  If I would have known you were going to Herbergers, I would have gone too, I need to get something to wear.  Why didn’t you tell me you were going?”  Tracy didn’t say anything.  Tracy knew, and Tamara knew, that the last thing either of them wanted was to go shopping together, Tracy was too uptight and impatient.

Tracy went into his bedroom, shut the door behind him, put his shopping bags down, and checked his messages.  He did have a message from Cheryl, it said, “Before I send you any photographs, there is something that I want to know.  You wrote that you are 30 years old, but JDate.com says that you are 20 years old.  I need to know, are you 20 years old?”

Tracy thought about it for a minute.  If he hides his driver’s license, and says that he left it back in Belfield in a company truck, Cheryl will not have any way of knowing how old he is.  Besides that, he’s not Jewish either, he can’t let her know that either.  If she did find out, what’s the worst that could happen?

Tracy sent a message to Cheryl that said, “I am 30.  Here are some additional photographs of me, as you requested.”

Cheryl read Tracy’s message, and looked at the photographs that he had sent.  She saw him sitting behind the desk in his office.  She saw him standing beside his truck.  That was a really big, new , expensive truck.  Cheryl thought, “There is no way that he could be 20 years old, he could never buy or afford a truck like that if he was only 20 years old.”

Cheryl then sent Tracy several photographs of herself.  She looked very attractive to Tracy in these photographs.  Both Tracy and Cheryl were happy this night.

Chapter 30

After work at Herbergers, Rachel and two of her coworkers went to Don Pedros restaurant to eat.  Don Pedros restaurant is brightly lit, with booths along the walls, and tables in the center of the dining area.  Rachel and her two friends were seated at a booth at the middle of the far wall.  Not long after they were seated, Rob and a young lady were seated at a booth on the opposite side of the dining room.

Rachel had enough time to clearly watch the girl that Rob was with.  She was clearly a simpleton.  She was wearing an inexpensive light pink dress, and she was all smiles, very pleased to be on this date with Rob.  She looked like a dork.  Besides that, Rachel already knew who she was, she worked at the costume jewelry store in the Prairie Hills Mall.

Rachel felt sorry for her.  Rachel knew that this girl was not very smart.  She might actually really like Rob, she probably did.  This girl probably had no idea what Rob was like, and what she was getting into.  She would just be used by Rob, and inevitably be hurt.

Rachel was not jealous of this young lady, she felt sorry for her.  Rachel knew that there was nothing anyone could say to her to warn her about Rob, she would just have to learn the hard way, that Rob was just using her for sex.

As for Rob, Rachel was beginning to dislike him more and more.  Yes, she had had sex with him, several times.  It had seemed like something she had wanted to do at the time, but now she didn’t know what she had been thinking.  From the reaction of her friends to Rob the other night at Applebees, she could see that somehow women found him attractive.  That night, she even wanted to see him, she went and got his attention at the bar that night so that he would come sit at her table.

After she and her friends each smelled women’s perfume on him, they each realized that he had recently been with some woman.  Although this made Rob seem more intriguing to her friends, it made Rachel feel put off at first, and then later disgusted.  After Rob left their table that night, Rachel’s friends had all been talking about how many housewives Rob probably has sex with while working as a driver for United Express.

As Rachel drove home alone from Applebees that night on old Highway 10 back to Belfield, she felt stupid and disgusted.  If many women were attracted to Rob, and apparently they were, and Rob was having sex with any women that would let him, it was really stupid to like Rob, or to let him have sex with her.

This night, when Rachel got done eating with her friends at Don Pedros, and had to drive home alone back to Belfield, Rachel made up her mind that she didn’t want to have anything to do with Rob ever again.  He just uses women for sex, he will have sex with any women who will let him, he will probably never stop being like this, and she could never trust him.

(The characters in this novel are fictional, and are not based on real or actual persons.  The events in this novel are fictional. Any resemblance to real or actual persons, or actual events, is entirely coincidental.)

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