Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 23 & 24

Chapter 23

Cheryl Rosenfeld was a melancholy person.  Years had passed with her living in Cheyenne, Wyoming, feeling lonely and alone.  She would have liked to have met someone that she was compatible with, but she never did.  Realizing that her life was passing before her eyes, she wanted to try to do more, and make more of an effort to meet someone.  That is why she created a user profile on the internet dating site for Jewish people, JDate.com.

Creating her user profile on JDate.com had initially given Cheryl some hope.  But when she did a search for men in her area, there were very few men, and they were men that she could tell just from looking at their photograph, that she was not interested.  She was even more depressed when these men began sending her messages.  She did not want to communicate with them, or deal with them.

It was a big surprise to her when she checked her messages one morning and she saw the photograph of a very handsome man from Belfield, North Dakota, Tracy Fisher.  He looked like the actor Warren Beaty when he was young, only bigger, 6′-1″, athletic build, never married, no children.  At first, Cheryl thought that this was too good to be true, this must be some gimmick from JDate.com, a fake profile created by them in order to make her not lose interest and remain a member.

Cheryl re-read all of the profile information for the user Tracy Fisher.  There was some discrepancy between what JDate said his age was, 20 years old, and what Tracy wrote about himself in his description, saying that he was 30 years old.  Everything else was very appealing to Cheryl.  She thought there must be something wrong, he is too good looking, maybe that isn’t his real photograph, I bet that isn’t really how he looks.  I wonder why he used his actual first and last name as his user name?

Before Cheryl was going to reply to Tracy Fisher, she was going to try to find as much about him on the internet as she could.

Chapter 24

Cheryl spent about forty minutes before work, and forty-five minutes at lunch, looking up Tracy Fisher, Belfield, North Dakota, on the internet.  On the good side, she was not able to find any record of any criminal activity for Tracy Fisher. But she was not able to find out very much information about Tracy Fisher at all.  There was a construction company owned by Tom Fisher in Belfield, but there were more than several companies owned by the Fishers in Dickinson.  It came to the point that she felt she had just better message Tracy back, and ask him some questions.

That evening when Cheryl got home from work, she sent Tracy a message acknowledging that she had received his message, and that she wanted to know more about him.  She wanted to appear that she was just being civil and polite in asking him about himself, but she actually wanted to catch him in his lies.

If Tracy seemed truthful enough, she would not mind driving the three hours to Gillette, Wyoming to meet him for a date, which is what Tracy had proposed in his very first message to her.  He would have a four hour drive to get there from Belfield, North Dakota.  She wouldn’t mind meeting him far away from where she lived in Cheyenne.  She would not have to be at all concerned about someone she knew witnessing her on a possible fiasco date.  She thought that she would probably get a hotel room so that she would not have to drive back to Cheyenne that night, but she wasn’t going to tell him that.

(The characters in this novel are fictional, and are not based on real or actual persons.  The events in this novel are fictional. Any resemblance to real or actual persons, or actual events, is entirely coincidental.)

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