Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 7 & 8

Chapter 7

Rob and Rachel were both sweating and panting, Rob more so than Rachael.  After sitting on the side of Rachel’s bed for less than a minute, Rob pulled his pants up, he hadn’t even taken off his pants or his shoes.  He had learned from experience, that this is the way you do it when you are at work.  Rachel figured as much.

No words were exchanged.  Their breathing returned to closer to normal within a few minutes as they both sat there.  Rob got up and walked out without saying anything or looking back.  Rachel didn’t look out the window after him as he got into his delivery van and drove away.

Rachel wanted to take a shower right away and she did.  She took longer this time.  She thought about different things and paid no attention to time.

As Rob drove away from the house, he tried to collect and straighten himself out.  Seeing if his shoes were tied, making sure his shirt was tucked in and his pants buttoned and zipped.  Looking at his face in the mirror, fixing his shirt collar.  Making sure that he was all in order and not missing anything.  It was not until he reached Highway 85 that he remembered to remove the aluminum foil from the GPS tracking unit under the dashboard of his delivery van.

Chapter 8

Rachel’s mother Susan had to take her lunch break early this day.  Her co-worker had to leave at noon and would be gone for the remainder of the day due to a doctor’s appointment in Bismarck.  Rachel’s mother worked in Belfield for a gas company.  It was about a twenty minute drive home if it wasn’t snowing or raining.  Susan drove south on Highway 85 until she came to where she turned right to head west for about ten miles on an unpaved gravel road.  There were very few houses out that way once you turned off of Highway 85, only about six families.

About five miles from her house, Rachel’s mother passed the United Express delivery van.  Susan saw that the driver was young, about the same age as her daughter.  She had a queer and unsettling feeling about the way the driver looked, and she didn’t know why.

When she arrived home things were quiet.  There was a small cardboard box on the front porch that was addressed to Rachel that the United Express driver must have just delivered.  She entered the front room and could hear that Rachel was taking a shower.  She entered Rachel’s bedroom, her bed was a mess, and she could see that there were items that had been knocked off of their wall shelves.

When Rachel emerged from the bathroom after a few minutes in her robe, her mother called out to her, “I found a package on the front porch for you.  That cat must have gone crazy in your room.”

Rachel was surprised to hear her mother’s voice, and she wondered what she was doing home so early.  At the same time she was processing in her mind that her mother must have passed Rob out on the gravel road, and that she was saying something about him going crazy in her room, though it was awfully nonchalant if she was saying that Rob had just gone crazy in her bedroom.  She said, “What’s that you said mom?”

“I said, that cat must have gone crazy in your room.  There are all kinds of things knocked off of your shelves onto the floor.  I wonder what must have gotten into that cat.”

(The characters in this novel are fictional, and are not based on real or actual persons.  The events in this novel are fictional. Any resemblance to real or actual persons, or actual events, is entirely coincidental.)

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