Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 5 & 6

Chapter 5

Rob was able to complete all of his deliveries in Belfield shortly before 10:00 a.m.  It helped that he had something to look forward to.

As he drove southwest from Belfield towards Rachel’s house on the edge of the badlands, cell phone reception became worse and worse.  Rob knew from experience that although the GPS tracking unit installed under the dashboard of his delivery van was working fine, the transmitting signal was barely reaching any cell phone tower the closer he got to the badlands.  Just to make sure that his delivery van tracking unit wouldn’t allow his supervisor Gary to see that he was stopped for too long, Rob reached under the dashboard and wrapped a sheet of aluminum foil around the GPS tracking unit.  In case it became necessary, Rob also had a plan “B”, and a plan “C”, to explain to his supervisor where he had been and why he had been delayed.

Rob had been looking forward to making this delivery to Rachel ever since he had loaded his delivery van this morning.  Unlike some of the other women customers that Rob had sex with, Rachel was younger, she was only twenty, and unmarried.  He had not known her before he started working for United Express.  He had gone to Dickinson High School.  Rachel had gone to High School in Belfield probably.  He thought that from the looks of things where she lived, she was probably into FFA and rodeo, things like that, not what he was into.

The married women that Rob hooked up with, most of them didn’t say a word about birth control, and he didn’t say anything about it either.  Whether they were on the pill, had their tubes tied, were already pregnant, he didn’t care, it was not his problem. They were already married.  But Rob was used to unmarried women his own age making him use a condom.  On work days he carried several condoms in the knee pocket of his black cargo pants.

As Rob got closer and closer to Rachel’s house, he became more and more excited and aroused.  As he drove down the gravel drive way to her house, his heart was beating faster and faster, his thoughts all focused in on one thing.

Chapter 6

Rachel opened the front door with her bath robe partially open, revealing that she was completely nude.  She was intending to be provocative and alluring, but Rob reacted to this like a green light at the drag races.  He dropped her cardboard box package on the front porch without slowing down, grabbed her around her torso and forced her backwards through the front room, making a left turn with her into her bedroom, where he pushed her backward onto her bed.  Rachel had been tripping backwards off-balance all the way to her bedroom, but at least he hadn’t stepped on her bare feet.  When she landed on her back in her own bed, she bounced about a foot in the air, as the headboard and footboard of her cheap old metal bed flexed and squeaked.  This was funny to her and she kind of liked it.  It wasn’t romantic at all, but neither was he, he wasn’t really handsome enough for her to be really into him or deeply in love.

With him, the quicker the better she thought, and he was quick.  She hadn’t even come to a stop yet from bouncing off her mattress before he was climbing on top of her with his pants down.  He was so in hurry that the metal headboard slammed into the wood paneling wall behind her head and knocked several knick knacks and items from her wall shelves.  She thought this was funny and she didn’t care, she liked it.  This bed was some old cheap bed from her childhood that she didn’t care about, those knick knacks and souvenirs on her shelves from her childhood she didn’t care about, she didn’t care about any of this stuff anymore.  His affections were like a voracious attack from an animal, which was what she was expecting and wanting.  The fact that her unwanted belongings continued to fly off her shelves and break on the floor, only pleased her more.

(The characters in this novel are fictional, and are not based on real or actual persons.  The events in this novel are fictional. Any resemblance to real or actual persons, or actual events, is entirely coincidental.)

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